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Shriekers were alien swarmers that had giant fangs where their eyeholes should have been. They were very similar to Rhyno Swarmers in means of shape and attack. These short aliens attacked by crawling toward Ratchet and then attempting to bite him. They were easy to kill, so the OmniWrench 8000 was the perfect weapon while a medium range weapon such as the Magma-Cannon was good for clearing out large groups. Shriekers are often found with Leviathans, as they might eat the leftover scraps the Leviathans miss. They tend to get in the way when fighting Leviathans. The King Leviathan on Sarathos attracts endless numbers of Shriekers when Ratchet is fighting him. As the name suggests, Shriekers communicate with one another through loud shrieks. Shriekers are native to planet Sarathos; and first appear in the challenge Alien Soil. Dreadzone has also introduced the Shriekers to Maraxus, causing them to become a part of the local wildlife.

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