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Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship is a mission in Going Commando taking place in Megapolis, Endako, near the end of the mission "Visit Clank's apartment". While traveling to Clank's apartment to find any missing equipment, the Thug Leader came in his helicopter to assassinate Ratchet, unsatisfied with his own employee's performance. The Thug Leader showed up twice during Ratchet's journey to the apartment, before finally confronting him.


The Thug Leader's helicopter has several forms of attack. He will open the fight by firing vertical beams of electricity that will fly towards you, which you can dodge by strafing around. He will then use the helicopter's machine guns on either side of its wings, which will sweep across the ground horizontally; jump over them, or take cover behind the walls while this happens. After losing about a third of his health, the Thug Leader will then fire missiles from the bottom of the helicopter, which can destroy the walls. These are best dodged by strafing and jumping.

All available weapons are somewhat useful against the Thug Leader. The new Pulse Rifle can do significant damage, but is difficult to aim in mid-combat, although firing point-blank is feasible. The Miniturret Glove also has potential, but has difficulty hitting the vehicle if it is moving. If available, the Seeker Gun is quite capable, but neither should the Chopper, Blitz Gun, or Gravity Bomb be neglected. Which also goes for the Heavy Lancer, Mini-Nuke, or Multi-Star if these are already upgraded, though they should not be used to deal the finishing blow, as that effectively wastes the experience gained.

Once the Thug Leader is defeated, a translocator appears, and the mission "Visit Clank's apartment" can be resumed.

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