Shoot down Captain Qwark

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Trophy: All Qwark'd Up
Complete "Shoot down Captain Qwark"
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Shoot down Captain Qwark is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank finished exploring Gemlik Base, running into Qwark at the end. Qwark taunted Ratchet, telling him to "come get me, hero!" while flying away using his starfighter. Clank suggested they could find a ship in a nearby hangar, leading to Ratchet chasing Qwark with the use of a jet fighter.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the bronze trophy All Qwark'd Up.


Qwark's ship will be too fast and agile to shoot with your missiles without aiming, so make sure to lock on to his engines before firing each of them. The machine gun does little damage, but sustained fire will nonetheless prove useful. Qwark will continuously fire his own missiles, which can be shot down but are more easily dodged by boosting. At fixed intervals, typically halfway through the first phase, he will flip it around and use a tractor beam to keep you in place in front of his ship. He will then begin firing his missile launchers again, shooting them one after the other from the bottom left and right sides, forcing you to switch back and forth to destroy them in time.

Once three sections have been damaged, he will suddenly gain shielding and accelerate, while a squadron of blarg space fighters will fly in, interposing themselves between you and Qwark. Shoot them down while dodging their rain of bullets, making sure to pick up any ammunition and health crates they drop. Once defeated, Qwark will deactivate his shields and slow down again.

Instead of missiles, he will now begin to deploy an immense number of large homing mines (though note that these do not appear to home in on you), forcing you to both dodge and shoot any in your way. Simultaneously lock on with your own weaponry to destroy Qwark's engines. He will again flip around and lock onto you with a tractor beam, which halts your movement. Otherwise, he has no remaining tricks and should be eventually defeated by your hands.

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