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Shock troopers[1] are enemies in Size Matters fought in the Technomite City on Challax. They are small, armored technomite foot soldiers that attack using a baton in melee range. Ratchet and Clank first fought them during "Explore the miniature city", and again when groups of them invaded Clank, during the mission "Defeat all Technomites" in Inside Clank. They are often accompanied by technomite electro soldiers, whom can use their electricity arcs to electrify the shock troopers, making OmniWrench attacks on them backfire on you.

Shock troopers are surprisingly durable for their size, but they rely on melee attacks, meaning you can continuously outrun them while relying on your own weapons. Because they are often fought in groups weapons that deal area-of-effect damage are most effective. The Scorcher and Bee Mine Glove are useful, though a better choice may be to use mods to upgrade the Acid Bomb Glove or Concussion Gun against them.


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