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The Shock Rocket is a weapon developed by Gadgetron Corporation in Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. The Shock Rocket was released by Gadgetron three months prior to the start of Size Matters, as a rocket-propelled explosive electrical charge designed to clear out packs of enemies.[1]

The Shock Rocket can upgrade to the Electro Rocket in Size Matters which electrocutes secondary targets along its path, and to the Shock Barrage in Secret Agent Clank, which performs the same function.


Size Matters

It was available for Ratchet to purchase upon reaching the Farming Cooperative on the Dayni Moon for 55,000 bolts. It could be upgraded to the Electro Rocket at V4. Two mods were available for purchase: the Lock-On Mod for 5,000 bolts that focused on specific enemies, and the After Shock Mod for 25,000 bolts. In challenge mode, the Titan Electro Rocket could be purchased, as well as the Multi-Launcher Mod for 2,000,000 bolts.

Secret Agent Clank

The Shock Rocket cake

The Shock Rocket could be purchased by Clank for Ratchet for 55,000 bolts upon reaching the Bolt Foundry on Fort Sprocket, and was delivered to Ratchet hidden in the Shock Rocket Cake. It could be upgraded to the Shock Barrage. Two mods were available for the weapon: the static charge mod for 25,000 bolts, which increased damage proportional to the number of steps taken before firing, and the taser mod for 35,000 bolts, which stunned enemies shocked by the rocket for a few seconds.


The Shock Rocket is an arm-mounted missile launcher with a red missile contained on its muzzle. The Electro Rocket and Shock Barrage feature a much larger internal capacitor, enabling the electrical discharge to arc between multiple opponents, compounding the damage dealt.[2] In Size Matters, the After Shock Mod incorporates reflexive anti-electrodes in a special compartment in the rocket's warhead that scatter into a sphere after detonation. Once positioned, they unleash a barrage of dark matter electrons, that will shock and damage any nearby enemies.[3]


Gameplay of the Shock Rocket.

The Shock Rocket fires a rocket with an electrical charge that explodes and damages enemies. It is useful both against packs of medium enemies, but also against singular, armored targets, due to the damage of the rockets. This makes it a broadly useful weapon, though as a weapon used against smaller enemies, it is outclassed by other weapons, and thus is best aimed at larger, armored enemies. The Shock Rocket has different upgrade paths in Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank.

In Size Matters, the Shock Rocket is the most useful weapon in the game after it is acquired right until the end, though upgrading it is crucial. It upgrades to the Electro Rocket, which causes it to electrocute nearby enemies on impact, and will also slightly but continuously damage hit targets for a few seconds afterwards. Its Lock-On Mod is a minor luxury pickup that can be useful against single targets, while the After Shock Mod damages enemies along the rocket's flight path, improving the weapon's ability to damage additional targets.

The Multi-Launcher Mod allows the weapon to fire four missiles for the price of one, but requires a lock on enemies to do so effectively. It is extremely pricey, and although it has the option to quadruple your damage output, the weapon will only lock-on to enemies more or less directly in front of you. A lock-on will also be removed if the enemy thus moves to the side, or if Ratchet turns, making it rather limited in scope. Lastly, due to the narrow lock-on window it is entirely possible one enemy blocks all missiles by itself if the others move behind it, of it it moves too far to the front.