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Shielded enemies will think twice about attacking after feeling the wrath of an electrified energy whip!

Tools of Destruction weapon description, ToD

The Shock Ravager is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. It is an electric whip that delivers a painful shock to those that come into contact with it. It also features "quantum changing", firing searing bolts of electricity from the whip at enemies.

The Shock Ravager can be upgraded to the Lightning Ravager with use.


Tools of Destruction

Ratchet receiving the Shock Ravager in Tools of Destruction

The Shock Ravager was found on planet Kortog in Stratus City early on, and cost no bolts. It could be upgraded with Raritanium mods, including more raritanium, more ammo, more damage and more bolts. Its special Raritanium upgrade was the Voltage Multiplier, which increased the range of the electric shock. With use, it could be upgraded to the Lightning Ravager.

In challenge mode, the Omega Lightning Ravager upgrade could be purchased from any weapons vendor for 4,000,000 bolts.

Quest for Booty

The Shock Ravager was available to Ratchet beginning at level 3, but was lost in the Azorean Sea after Rusty Pete fired him out of a cannon. The weapon was retrieved, along with the Tornado Launcher, from Mayor Worley when Ratchet defended Hoolefar Island from the Undead Pirates.

It could be upgraded to the Lightning Ravager with use. The Voltage Multiplier could be obtained again, but had to be found in the Morrow Caverns on Hoolefar Island. Ratchet had to dive into the underwater cavern, blow down a gate with a Fusion Grenade (where the Concussion Detonators upgrade could be found), then blow down the next gate to reveal the upgrade.


The Shock Ravager is held by a short grip, from which a large, light blue and electric whip extends. When used, Ratchet swings it over his head to crash it down on enemies. The Lightning Ravager's whip is bright red rather than blue, and its electricity more volatile.


The Shock Ravager is a melee weapon with a medium range. Its main advantage is not its damage, but its ability to stun enemies briefly, and particularly, to make shielded enemies vulnerable. It also is incapable of damaging electric enemies, and as a melee weapon, is ineffective against most flying enemies. However, it has a sizeable radius and a strong area of effect, amplified by its quantum chaining which fires bolts of electricity from one enemy to the next. The range and area of effect contrast it with the much closer range (but more focused damage-wise) Razor Claws. While the weapon is outclassed in damage, its strategic advantage at stunning crowds of enemies and weakening shielded enemies allow it to stay useful (albeit outclassed by the Groovitron).

The Shock Ravager can be upgraded with Raritanium in Tools of Destruction, improving its ammo, damage, Raritanium earned, and bolts. As the weapon should not primarily be used as a damage source, players may choose to prioritize ammo instead, with the rest being secondary. The Voltage Multiplier allows it to spread its damage even further across enemies, making it a very useful upgrade to have. Upgrades per level increase its damage by 15% each time. The Lightning Ravager upgrade improves the quantum chaining dramatically.

Behind the scenes

The Lightning Ravager appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a weapon that Ratchet and Clank can use.