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Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg,[1] better known by his DreadZone stage name Shellshock, is an antagonist in Deadlocked. He was a famed cyborg, ex-soldier, Omega Series Warbot, and a member of the Exterminators, the most successful DreadZone team prior to Team Darkstar. He was also the Commander of DreadZone forces for Gleeman Vox, and was known to be very masculine and aggressive. He was defeated by Ratchet and Team Darkstar in the Avenger Tournament. He was the only Exterminator not fought by Ratchet in the Battledome.



Ivan worked for ten years as a greeter at a Go-Comet bot parts retailer, until a freak parasailing accident paralyzed him from the neck up and ended his career. Friendly Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Obanian Army, then offered him a fully mechanical headpiece as a solution, allowing him to enlist with the army.[1]

Ivan was hit in the head by a cruise missile six months later, and though the headpiece protected most of his head, his body was destroyed. He was then fitted with a fully mechanical suit, while the damaged brain tissue was replaced by a super-charged AI chip from a Mr. Headache Coffee machine, rendering him immune to pain. Ivan continued to fight for the army in battle after battle, though the deep pain left in what remained of his mind boiled over. This led him to go AWOL late in the Obani Moon War, and join DreadZone with the name Shellshock, now driven by vengeance against the worlds he hated.[1]

Shellshock then joined the Exterminators as its lowest ranked member, and became good friends with Reactor. The two used to carpool to work together and designed a DreadZone challenge named Air Drop, in which a fleet of DreadZone Dreadnoughts piloted by the DreadZone Volunteer Air Force would practice bombing runs on The Tower of Power, contestants would then run for cover while they fought DreadZone gladiators.

As with other Exterminators, he refused to fight Captain Starshield throughout his run.[2]


Shellshock utilizing a 360° Tomahawk finishing move on Plutonium Jones in the Battledome

By the time team Team Darkstar faced Shellshock in the Avenger Tournament, he had exterminated three contestants, including the Omega Twins and Plutonium Jones. His finishing move against Plutonium Jones was a 360° Tomahawk finishing move, which won him an Extermination of the Day Award from Vox News, who interviewed him after the fight. Following his defeat of Plutonium Jones, his next fight was with Ratchet.

Shellshock proclaiming to Ratchet that it's time to die

Preparing for his upcoming battle with Ratchet, Shellshock had his DreadZone forces take control of Dark City on the planet of Kronos as part of an episode of DreadZone. In order to win, he would need to finish Ratchet off in the dark forbidding city while the lombax proceeded to enter the locked down Dark Cathedral of Kronos. Ratchet and his two combat bots Merc and Green arrived, clearing through Shellshock's forces and managing to reactivate one of the spotlights to the Dark Cathedral, unlocking the front door.

When they arrived in the Dark Cathedral, Shellshock faced them. After a brief introduction from Dallas Wanamaker, he descended upon them from high above, taunted Ratchet, the fight commenced. After firing at Ratchet with a barrage of weapons, Ratchet and his combat bots fought back, sending Shellshock retreating. Shellshock later ambushed Ratchet following the activation of the second and final spotlight, though Ratchet fought back and forced him to flee once more. Finally, Shellshock ambushed Ratchet numerous times in the Dark Cathedral, and in the final room, Shellshock was killed by Ratchet, collapsing on the floor.

Shellshock was the first Exterminator to have been defeated by a normal contestant, growing Ratchet's popularity. Gleeman Vox at first expressed regret at the loss of "six million bolts of hardware", while Ace Hardlight believed that Ratchet had been lucky as Shellshock was "too slow and too stupid to be an Exterminator", lamenting that he should have been retired years ago.

Into the Nexus

Shellshock poster in the Prog's hideout

A poster of Shellshock is seen in the hideout of Neftin Prog, a nether who similarly made use of cybernetic enhancements to grant him greater upper body strength.



Shellshock is a large, green, and metallic warbot with an appearance similar to a Mega Bot. His face is similar to that of a skull, while his upper body is given thick armament covering his shoulders. Two missile launches also feature on both of his shoulder blades. He also carries a cigar with him on the left side of his face.

According to Juanita Alvaro, Shellshock was voted "Sexiest Robot Alive".


Chammon! How can I get crazy if you're not hitting me!

Shellshock, DL

Shellshock was an aggressive warbot, who enjoyed the thrill of battle he received from killing contestants on DreadZone. He mentioned also that the Obanian Army had considered him "too crazy" to fight at first, and was considered psychotic by Dallas. Shellshock was also extremely masculine, referring to his opponents as "girly men" and calling things he disliked as "sissy", even including the R.Y.N.O. and the Apocolator.


Shellshock's Exterminator card

Shellshock was very well-armored, and could fire a barrage of missiles at his opponent would also release a wave of fire after a ground pound, a move he referred to as his "Dishonorable Discharge".

As with many DreadZone contestants, Shellshock featured in DreadZone merchandise, notably featured on an Exterminator card. This gave him a strength of ammunition, a weakness of heat, and the element Libra. The card's ability was stated as "Helmet - Debris counters are reset at start of each round."

Behind the scenes

Shellshock Multiplayer skin

Shellshock is voiced by Jim Ward, who also voices Captain Qwark and Otto Destruct among other characters.

Shellshock has many similarities with real-world celebrity Arnold Schwarznegger, an actor and professional bodybuilder who was serving as governor of California, the state in which Insomniac Games is based, during development of Deadlocked. Shellshock's accent is very similar to Arnold's Austrian accent, and Shellshock makes use of Arnold's phrases "girly men" and "chammon". His face is also similar to that of a Terminator's face underneath the living tissue, a cyborg and a popular character that Arnold plays in the Terminator series.

Shellshock also appears in the multiplayer section as a skin. His image is also used for the trophy Shock-King in the high definition re-release of Deadlocked.

Cut content

Shellshock concept artwork

According to unused files, he was discharged from the military for incinerating his commanding officer on twenty-six different occasions. It is also mentioned that he served as a door greeter for Dallas's Dallas Loves Everything Charity Event. Apparently, the more people donated, the less he beat the guests on their way out. Unused files also state that Shellshock wasn't actually voted the "Sexiest Robot Alive" by Vox Magazine, and Juanita made this up to fool Dallas.[3]


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