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The Shatterbomb is a weapon in Rift Apart. It is a glove that throws grenades at enemies. The grenades are tossed in an arc over Ratchet or Rivet's head to target an enemy from range and reach over shielding or cover they use.

The Shatterbomb is available early on from Mrs. Zurkon in Megalopolis, Corson V for 1,250 bolts. At level 5, it upgrades to the Shatterblast, a weapon which is more powerful and causes enemies hit by the Shatterblast to have a 10% chance to explode upon being hit. In challenge mode, the Omega Shatterblast can be purchased for 40,000 bolts.


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The Shatterbomb tosses targeted grenades at enemies. Pulling R2 halfway shows an arc of the bomb's trajectory being displayed before a full pull. As such, the bomb can be aimed to hit enemies over cover or shields, and carefully targeted to take advantage of its medium-to-long range. The Shatterbomb's blast radius is initially fairly short and its ammo begins relatively low, meaning that the weapon is best targeted at medium or large enemies rather than being used to take out waves of smaller enemies. Though still strong in this area, it should be avoided against fast enemies as its bombs are thrown fairly slowly.

Raritanium upgrades can improve the weapon's blast radius, max ammo, and the speed of the bombs. This, coupled with the Secondary Shatter bonus upgrade that causes the bombs to hit nearby enemies on impact, make the weapon considerably more versatile and stronger against groups of enemies. Nonetheless, it is still best used against clusters of medium enemies, where it performs better, rather than small enemies.

With use, the Shatterbomb upgrades to the Shatterblast, which causes enemies hit to have a 10% chance to explode, although this does not fundamentally change the weapon. The Shatterblast remains useful against medium-sized enemies, such as Goons-4-Less and space pirates, particularly against pirates using shields to target them over their shields. However, its damage is outclassed by the faster and more powerful Drillhound or Warmonger as the game goes on.


  1. Becomes 4 per pickup with Crate Ammo upgrade