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Sharpshooters,[1] also known as snipe bots,[2] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal, fought on planet Daxx, in the Zeldrin Starport, and in the crash site on planet Zeldrin. They are humanoid snipers that search for their targets with a red laser sight before firing a strong green blast of energy, and can lob grenades if they get close. Sharpshooters are often fought alongside soldier bots, scoutbots, and guard bots. A variant of the same species, elite sharpshooters,[3] are fought on Obani Pollux, and wield a different weapon that creates a wave of electric energy.


Ratchet and Clank first encountered sharpshooters on Daxx during "Infiltrate the Weapons Facility", in which they guarded the base alongside soldier bots, scoutbots, and guard bots. They would stand on elevated platforms and scope out Ratchet before firing. They also guarded a series of towers outside the facility that led to a titanium bolt. Later, on Obani Pollux, the elite sharpshooters were fought, which instead carried a weapon that fired a wave of electricity.

Sharpshooters were later fought in the Zeldrin Starport while Ratchet obtained the Bolt Grabber V2. After this, they were fought on the crash site on Zeldrin, during "Explore the Crash Site".


Sharpshooters are green humanoids with webbed feet and glowing yellow eyes. Their mouths are covered with a mask at all times, presumably allowing them to breathe in an oxygen-less environment. They are relatively agile and evasive creatures, taking cover when spotting Ratchet, and are often found taking advantage of vantage points and firing from a distance.

Sharpshooters carry a large rifle, either their sniper rifle or the electric wave rifle carried by elite sharpshooters. They can also lob grenades at Ratchet if he is closer. Some of them are capable of performing a spinning kick when in close quarters.


Sharpshooters mainly pose a threat due to their weapons having a powerful range to them, and being able to lay down suppressive fire from far away. They will track Ratchet with their red laser sight, and fire shortly after. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly be on the move to prevent their laser sight from ever locking onto Ratchet, and to defeat them from a distance with weapons such as the N60 Storm, Suck Cannon, or later the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun. One good strategy is to stay at a far distance before they can even spot Ratchet and simply use the Flux Rifle, as they can be shot from a distance on their vantage points.

Elite sharpshooters will fire electric waves towards Ratchet. These weapons are actually less of a threat than the sniper rifles used by normal sharpshooters, as they are much easier to dodge by jumping over. Elite sharpshooters often appear in pairs, making area-of-effect and crowd control weapons such as the Nitro Launcher useful against them.


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