Shard Reaper

Peforate your foes with high-velocity shards of trillium ore!GrummelNet weapon description

The Shard Reaper is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction. It is a shotgun that fires a blast of high-velocity shards of trillium ore. It is a close-to-medium range weapon which deals more damage the closer it fires to enemies, and has a medium rate of fire.

The Shard Reaper can be purchased upon reaching Mukow for 35,000 bolts, and can be upgraded to the Nitro Reaper with use, which fires shards that can freeze enemies. In challenge mode, the Omega Nitro Reaper can be purchased for 7,500,000 bolts.


The Shard Reaper is a blue and dark blue carbine, which fires blue shards. The Nitro Reaper is dark purple and light blue, with a longer design.


The Shard Reaper is a close-to-medium range weapon that deals more damage to enemies the more shards it hits them with. It can therefore be versatile as a close-range weapon (while not as limited as the Razor Claws) used against larger foes, or a medium range weapon used against multiple foes grouped together. To use the weapon optimally, the player must ensure that all shards it fires hit enemies. While the weapon will be outclassed by weapons such as the Negotiator which deal greater damage to clumps of enemies and single targets, it remains largely useful.

The Shard Reaper can be upgraded with raritanium to give it more ammo, more damage, wider shot and faster shooting. Faster shooting is very useful in improving its limited rate of fire, though all of its upgrades are useful. The Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters, its special upgrade, causes each shard to explode after attaching to an enemy or the ground. This both deals more damage, and also allows any shards not hitting enemies to not be wasted if they damage enemies in range, making it a very useful upgrade. With use, the Shard Reaper can upgrade to the Nitro Reaper, which fires shards that contain liquid nitrogen, freezing enemies and slowing their movement. This upgrade makes the weapon much more versatile and more useful against bosses, making enemies more vulnerable to allow the player to attack them with a weapon that deals more damage.

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