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Gleeman Vox, he operates an underground media empire from within the Shadow Sector.

Sasha Phyronix, DL

The Shadow Sector?

Clank, DL

It's a lawless region of space on the fringe of the galaxy.

Sasha Phyronix, DL

The Shadow Sector was on the outer rim of the Solana Galaxy, and was known to be a largely lawless and unexplored region of space.[1] The Shadow Sector bordered very closely to the Polaris Galaxy, to the point that planets within the Shadow Sector could be seen with the naked eye on planets in the Polaris Galaxy.[2][3] The Shadow Sector was considered to be the universe's most hostile location, and consisted of many worlds filled with decaying ruins and ancient battlefields and loads of unstable or disturbed space stations. A trillion sentient beings resided in Shadow Sector, and the citizens of this region of space were free to do whatever they wanted because no laws existed to curb their actions, as no real government existed in the sector. Additionally, no government body from beyond the sector dared involve themselves in the goings on within the sector, and those that got kidnapped and dragged into the Shadow Sector had no hope of rescue.[1]

Its lawless nature made the perfect base for criminal elements, as one such enterprise existed within the sector: Gleeman Vox, a wealthy Slademan who had founded several businesses ventures formed his own little empire, unofficially known as the Gleeman Vox Media Empire. Headquartered on the DreadZone Station, his criminal organization prospered from Vox's business ventures, ranging from the sale of weapons, pharmaceuticals, toys, gadgets and his news and holovision shows, particularly DreadZone. 100,000 major locations throughout the Shadow Sector, ranging from ancient ruins and battlefields to planets and space stations were owned by Vox during the height of power.[1] This was backed up by a private army of his own to do his bidding; Vox had free reign to do whatever pleased him throughout the Shadow Sector, which was evidenced clearly throughout his show DreadZone, where cities were occupied, factories were destroyed and entire planets put into risk in the name of high profits and ratings for DreadZone. With Vox's death, his empire was greatly reduced in power, though business elements such as Vox Holo-Films and the Vox Network still managed to operate beyond his demise.

The Shadow Sector, particularly the DreadZone Station's Battledome, had a portrait in the Intergalactic Museum of History in the Hall of Villainy.



  • Clank was very popular in the Shadow Sector, which caused Vox Industries to produce Alpha Clank in order to attract more viewers to watch DreadZone.
  • According to the Vox Industries' description of the The Harbinger, this weapon was capable of laying a path of destruction from one end of the Shadow Sector to the other.


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