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The Seeker Gun is a weapon manufactured by Megacorp in Going Commando. It is a wrist-mounted glove which fires slow seeker missiles, which lock on to the first target to come in range of it before attacking and destroying them.

The Seeker Gun could be purchased from a vendor upon reaching Barlow for 5,000 bolts, and could be upgraded to the HK22 Gun with use, which fires three seeker missiles instead of one. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega HK22 Gun for 200,000 bolts from any Megacorp vendor.


Seeker concept

Concept art for the Seeker Gun

The Seeker Gun is a purple and grey wrist-mounted weapon. It is fairly short, featuring a large muzzle from which the missiles are launched, two energy highlights on its sides, and two purple and grey claws below. The seeker missiles are purple with two vertical claws that slowly hover forward before targeting an enemy.

The HK22 Gun has a similar appearance. It instead is orange and silver, with shorter claws, and one claw on top of the weapon, and more glowing highlights.


The Seeker Gun is a long range weapon, with moderate damage but relatively low ammunition. Its nature makes it useful both at long distance targets and point-blank range. Its ability to heat seek targets makes it very easy to use. While it is useful against larger enemies and bosses, it is very weak against large mobs of small enemies, as the missiles have a very low blast radius and do not have the ammunition to deal with large numbers of enemies. The Seeker Gun is quickly outclassed by the more powerful Minirocket Tube, which is much faster, deals more damage and has a greater blast radius.

The HK22 Gun's ammunition may be reduced, but as it fires three missiles rather than one, it is more powerful. Much like the Seeker Gun, however, it is weaker later on. The weapon has two weapon modifications: the shock mod and the lock-on mod. The lock-on mod causes the missiles to open and launch at enemies immediately upon firing, nulling previous risk of a missile hitting the wrong enemy. The shock mod increases the damage of the weapon and slightly alleviates its issue with large mobs of enemies, though the player should prioritise mods for other weapons as the Seeker Gun and HK22 become outclassed later in the game.

Due to a glitch that prevented enemies from taking damage for a fraction of a second, the lock-on mod is made useless for this weapon after it upgrades to the HK22 Gun, as the mod causes all three seeker missiles of the HK22 to hit simultaneously and deal the damage of one seeker missile instead of three, wasting ammo.

Behind the scenes

The Seeker Gun, Pulse Rifle and Minirocket Tube share the same crosshair.