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Titanium bolts were collectable items spread throughout the game, which were used to buy new skins. This guide will provide you the info where and how to find them. There was a total amount of 23 titanium bolts.

Obtainable skins



Captain Qwark

Titanium bolt locations

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Boltaire Museum

  • Before you see the first guard in the hallway, you will see that above the sewer grate, there is an opening in the railing, jump and grab the ledge, pull yourself up and there it is.
  • When you manipulate the statue in the museum, double-jump and glide over to the other side of holo-wall and you will see it there.

Max-Security Cells

  • Beat the Mega Challenge.


  • In the area where the ninjas come out of the glass(the area right after the first laser obstacles) just hit the vent in the far left corner. The titanium bolt should appear.

Prison Mess Hall

  • Beat the Mega Challenge.

Rionosis, Azcotal Alley

  • Along the path while you are following the kingpin, there is one in an alley way. You can backtrack to get this one after the meter goes later on to make it easier to get.
  • In another alleyway along the path. Again, it may be easier to backtrack later in order to get it.
  • After the kingpin and Jack jump into the tunnel, instead of going to the door, go to your far left for a titanium bolt.

Rionosis, Gondola Ascent

  • In one of the rooms where you have to jump from gondola to gondola, instead of taking the right ledge to move forwards, the left ledge contains a titanium bolt.

High-Rollers Casino

  • When entering the back room from the kitchen, instead of leaving the kitchen straight, take a right and you will come across an omnikey door. It's in here.

Prison Exercise Yard

  • Beat the Mega Challenge.


  • In the room where you got the Blowtorch Briefcase there are two doors which require it's use to open. In one of them there is a conveyor belt that can be destroyed with a Cufflink Bomb. When you do, a titanium bolt appears.
  • In the last area before you move on when you can move all the platforms around, if you go to the shorter platform on the left as opposed to the one that advances the story you will find another titanium bolt.

Fort Sprocket

  • In the first area, once you make it to the top, there is another rock likethe ones you had to blow up to make it up there. Even though there is no target on this one it will still blow up. Make your way along the platforms by this wall, and then blow up another of those rocks. Jump across to the nook to get the bolt.
  • In the room with the elevator that you ride up and fight two groups of enemies on the way. Ride the elevator to the top, then jump and glide back down to the level below. Now that the elevator is out of the way, you will see another platform underneath where it used to be, on it is another titanium bolt.
  • In the vault where you must jump over the tops of the crates to avoid detection at the highest point you will notice a crate missing, drop down here for another bolt.

Prison Showers

  • Beat the Mega Challenge.

Spaceship Graveyard

  • Just after the area with the platforms with turrets and the exploding organic enemies there is an area with a big glass case in it. Go to the right of the glass and kill the turret. Then use the turret to easily jump on to the platform next to it, while avoiding the steam. After that, jump to the taller platform across from it to find another bolt.
  • In the room with all the fans, tie-a-rang the ropes and cut down the boxesto reveal a titanium bolt.
  • After coming up the large elevator, move to your right to see a hole surrounded by the organic mines. Kill the mines and drop down to get another bolt.
  • In the corridor with the fast re-growing mines jump to the last platform on the right. Instead of moving to the next platform, jump and glide down the tunnel heading for the hole in the wall. Once in here you will quickly see the bolt.

Prison Breakout!

  • Beat the Mega Challenge.

Underwater Base

  • Near the end of the level there will be the hallway that you have to turn to exit. Instead, walk over to the edge and open the door with the Omni-Key, turn a hard right so the spiders do not see you and you should see it.
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