Secret Agent Clank was a Holovision series broadcast all over the Solana, Bogon and Polaris galaxies. It starred Clank as the hero and Ratchet as his bumbling chauffeur. The series was actually a parody of the James Bond Movies. Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile gave the origins of the show and Ratchet and Clank's untimely delemour involving the MCGuFIN that occurred along with it.


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The Secret Agent Clank logo

The first Secret Agent Clank film was only mentioned by Nefarious once when he kidnapped Clank. He said it had to do with "Mind stealing snot beasts from dimension X." Another film was seen was at the beginning of the adventure. Clank was on a winning streak against crime boss Maximillian, who then sent saber wielding ninja bots to attack the agent. Clank defeated them both and electrocuted Maximillian with a hanging light. He then asked Jeeves (Ratchet), to bring the car around and to 'mind the ejector seat this time'.

The next film was being recorded during Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. After escaping an assassination attempt from Maximillian, Clank pursued him through the heavy traffic, eventually fighting The Terror of Talos who was guarding the Baroness (played by Courtney Gears). Also, Ratchet was fired for his clumsiness on stage (namely, constantly pushing the eject button instead of the one that activates the cloaking device) and was replaced by Skrunch as Clank's sidekick. The final part of the film [citation needed] was seen at the premiere at the end of the game. Clank fled Maxmillian's agents on a hoverboard while they were trapped by yetis. At the end of a cliff, Maxmillian confronted Clank in a helicopter, only to be brought down by Skrunch and the BGAMD. Ratchet was thus often disregarded as a mere chauffeur despite the fact that he did most of the work. Also, many inhabitants confused the show for being reality, among them the insane Nefarious and the Galactic President. It was the series that prompted Nefarious to attempt to bring Clank over to his side, thinking him to be a valuable ally in the fight against organic beings.

In Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile Ratchet and Clank were invited to preview the Bio Matter Converter technology but it trapped them in a Secret Agent Clank vid-comic. They needed to fight their way out of there. The vid-comic featured Security Tanks, Chickenbots, and Explodos as-well as introducing Maximillian, Secret Agent Clank's nemesis.

Before the events of Ratchet: Deadlocked, a new film named Androids Are Forever was postponed after Clank left on short notice to take part in an important mission on the Starship Phoenix.[1]



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The game Secret Agent Clank is based on Clank's Secret Agent Clank persona.


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