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Search the rocket silo is a mission in Going Commando that takes place in the Megacorp Armory, Todano. While exploring the weapons facility, Ratchet and Clank decided to look at the rocket silo, suspecting Abercrombie Fizzwidget had been brought here.

This mission cannot be begun unless the Infiltrator is obtained on planet Joba, from the mission "Win the Infiltrator". It is possible to obtain a nanotech boost during this mission.


To begin the mission, use the Infiltrator in the electric gate by the barbed wire fence. This leads to a minefield behind it, with several mutant test-squirrels and one Megacorp Robot Guard. The Robot Guard is best defeated with the Bouncer, Plasma Coil, or Minirocket Tube, while the test-squirrels can be easily dispatched with the Lava Gun, Sheepinator (if obtained from "Investigate the facility interior") or the same weapons. in the minefield, mines will rise from the ground and detonate, creating a shockwave around them; move quickly through the field, or jump over the shocks. At the end of it, you will take an elevator down underground.

This will lead to an area underground with a rocket in the center. Follow the path around, and you will encounter Megacorp Troopers, deal with them using the previous weapons. Head through the corridor on the end to a room with several Megacorp Troopers inside, defeat the troopers and move on to the corridor on the left. At the end of the corridor is a gap; before using the Heli-Pack to cross, destroy the Troopers first, until no more warp in. Follow the path to an Infiltrator port, then use it to open the door. Destroy the Robot Guard, and then head up the elevator on the right to commence a cutscene, completing the mission. A tunnel will lead outside back to the dam.

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