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Trophy: Lombax Magnetic
Complete "Search the laboratories" Bronze

Search the laboratories is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank received an infobot from the Commando with co-ordinates for planet Orxon after being unable to continue his mission to explore the walled city. Upon arrival, they found the air was so polluted that Ratchet could not explore without an O2 Mask, forcing Clank to venture out on his own.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the bronze trophy Lombax Magnetic.


Enter the passage with Clank, but take note of a lone toxic crab blocking a route on your left. After killing any alien swarmers you encounter, you can free the three Gadge-Bots in this small area. You must use them to kill the toxic crab blocking your only path forward. Command them to enter the teleporters to access different height levels, as they cannot climb on their own. Return to the crab and command them to kill it, followed by entering a bot part to unlock a door behind it. Move along on your own, noting another toxic crab that is not blocking anything, to find two new Gadge-Bots. Use their help to kill the two nearby swarmers and then jump down to the lowest level to find four more Gadge-Bots, hidden in the nooks and behind crates.

Command your half dozen robots to enter another teleport and bot port to open the gate. Two new Gadge-Bots can be freed, though ignore them for a moment and move around the door blocking them from following you. Step on the pressure pad behind it and order them to follow you, where after you must order them to wait on the second pad. Do not forget to free a third nearby Gadge-Bot, which you must also command to wait, after which you can head through the second door, step on the pad, and order them to follow you. You must free two more in the next area, and have them wait in front of another door after using a teleporter.

Use the nearby machinery to head around this door as well. Once on the other side, destroy the row of explosive crates, and call on your Gadge-Bots to follow you after opening the door using the corresponding pressure pad. By freeing the sixth Gadge-Bot and having them all enter the final bot port, you will gain entry into the laboratories seen in the infobot recording. Nearby, you can find the Magneboots, a new gadget required to continue the mission "Explore the walled city". Clank, from here on, can either return to the ship or continue to traverse the wilderness.

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