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Search the destroyed city is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet explored the Gorda City Ruins for equipment on his own, eventually finding the Morph-o-Ray.


Take the parked taxi from the central plaza to a different route, occupied by scoutbots, sometimes also being spawned by blarg generators, blarg heavy interceptors, which act as searchlights and will sound an alarm when Ratchet is detected, followed by the activation of the nearby machinegun turret. Follow this linear path, either dodging the interceptor or shooting it down from afar, and use the Swingshot after destroying two generators to reach a new platform, being careful to avoid the bullets from two turrets. Climb a nearby ladder to reach an area with several interceptors, being careful to avoid activating them, lest you subsequently activate the numerous turrets here.

At the end, you must wait for a ship to pass by, grabbing onto the versa-target on top, and then onto the one in the nearby building as you pass it by. Again try to bypass the interceptors patrolling here, followed by jumping across a series of unstable pillars while being shot at by another machine gun turret. Afterwards, you must use a series of three airships to reach a lone platform with a cylindrical tower on top. The platform is occupied by a few active turrets, numerous scoutbots, and a lone interceptor that will activate even more turrets if it detects you. Either fight or escape them entirely by climbing the tower to grab the weapon on top, followed by using a short grindrail to return to the landing pad.