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Search the Distribution Facility is a mission Going Commando taking place in the distribution facility, Smolg. After Angela Cross pickpocketed a log entry from the Thug Leader revealing that Megacorp was shipping potentially millions of Protopets from its distribution facility on Smolg, Ratchet and Clank decided to investigate the facility.

In doing so, from the platform where their ship landed, a jump pad took them to a warehouse filled with Protopet crates, prompting them to investigate it. After receiving a transmission from Angela Cross, the two then explored a structure adjacent to the warehouse, where they found one of three Hypnomatic parts.

This mission is concurrent with "Traverse the Warehouse", which happens at the start. Its path is continued afterwards.


The mission begins with the path for "Traverse the Warehouse". After reaching the warehouse balcony at the end, use the grind rail down to an adjacent structure to continue the mission. The grulch and the two-headed Smolgian snappers are joined by a new enemy type, the Megacorp Robot Guard, which was previously fought on Todano. As usual, the Plasma Coil and Minirocket Tube are the best weapons against it.

The path across the adjacent structure is relatively short. From where the grind rail reaches, head forward, fighting through the enemies across a linear path, jumping across platforms along the way, until you reach an Infiltrator port used to disable a force field. Use the Infiltrator, and then continue heading along the path, defeating the enemies, and you will reach another set of platforms down onto a freighter with two Robot Guards guarding it. Kill them and then reach another set of platforms going back to the structure. Jump up the small steps and head forward to an area with a force field behind it. Stand on the switch to deactivate it, and head inside a room, with a path right out to an open area. You will obtain the Hypnomatic part here, after which you can finish of the few remaining enemies. Head to the platform on the right to return to your ship.

Before you leave, complete the other mission, "Explore the docked ships", if you have not already.

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