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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Dev:Arguments' not found. Search the Blarg Warship for weapons is an optional mission in Ratchet & Clank taking place in the Blarg Tactical Research Station in Nebula G34. Ratchet and Clank searched a blarg weapons transport warship and found a Predator Launcher, though upon retrieving it, the warship self-destructed.


Upon arriving on the Blarg Tactical Research Station, use the vendor to purchase any Raritanium upgrades, weapons, and refill your ammo. From where the ship lands, head to the right, then take the door on the right again opposite the door opened by an Invinco-Lock that leads to "Find the top secret Blarg research project", and instead take a door that leads to a shuttle. Board the shuttle to travel to the weapons transport.

On this ship, you will notice it is slanted, making it difficult to move. Head through the door marked by yellow and black stripes and it will automatically open as you approach, revealing a blarg commander as your first enemy. There are then two doors you can take, though both take you forward and both contain a blarg space commando, an enemy which blasts a laser on the floor that then creates fire traveling outwards in an arc. Dodge it and shoot them, then travel onwards to a room with more space commandos. After this room, you will enter the command bridge, occupied by a blarg commander and a blarg trooper. Defeat these enemies and break the glass containing the Predator Launcher, then press Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Dev:Arguments' not found. to retrieve it. This will begin a self-destruct sequence, giving you only 40 seconds to leave the ship.

Immediately return the way you came and head towards the shuttle you arrived in. The Predator Launcher will be automatically equipped, and can be fired against the four blarg troopers that try to block your escape. Feel free to fire, though prioritize escaping the ship safely (you may want to summon Mr. Zurkon to also shoot enemies as you run past them). In the room containing your shuttle, two blarg commanders appear. Only shoot them if you are confident enough you can kill them before the countdown expires. Board the shuttle and you will complete the mission.

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