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Search Canal City for thief, Investigate wharf area, and Purchase Transmission are missions in Going Commando taking place in Canal City, Notak. Ratchet and Clank arrived on Notak after intercepting and tracing back a transmission from the Unknown Thief to the Thug Leader. They saw the Thief leave as soon as they arrived, and searched the Canal City for any signs. This led them to a large Megacorp factory, with robots who had some information on the Thief's whereabouts, and were willing to share it in exchange for a small fee.

This is one of two missions that can be completed upon arriving on Canal City, along with the mandatory "Explore the Promenade". Two platinum bolts can be obtained during this mission.


It is a good idea to complete "Explore the Promenade" first to earn bolts, and also because the nanotech boost earned from that mission is a good bonus. The Synthenoids becomes available at the Megacorp vendor upon arriving to this world, which creates a group of robots guardians that will shoot at nearby enemies when deployed. Though useful, it is not necessary against the enemies here, and is not affordable unless you have completed every single side challenge (space combat missions, hoverbike racing, and Galactic Gladiators arena battles) up until now.

The mission begins with the wharf area, and ends with the Megacorp chemical factory.

Wharf area

This mission is commenced by taking the bridge, seen after taking the elevator shaft down from where your ship lands. Across the bridge are Megacorp Chickenbots, and a platinum bolt can be obtained behind the first building on the left from the very start of the mission. Behind the bots are four Thugs-4-Less Henchmen that will ambush from both sides; dodge their electric attacks, and use the Blitz Gun or Seeker Gun to eliminate them. Next, head to the small entrance to the building on the left, with a large water pool inside. Freeze it with the Thermanator, then skate across the ice and use the Heli-Pack to get up to the ledge. Keep going to find a Megacorp Chickenbot Generator and other Chickenbots around; the Miniturret Glove can be effective in dealing with this. Head outside onto the pier to be ambushed by more Henchmen.

Further out in the pier are a group of Chickenbots and a Thugs-4-Less attack ship. The attack ship is durable, and fires ranged flame attacks at you. Simply throw down a miniturret to deal with the Chickenbots, and use the Seeker Gun or Pulse Rifle against the attack ship. Head up the slope to the right to find a pier with explosive barrels, Chickenbots, and Henchmen; the usual strategy works, though make sure you stand clear of the barrels before they explode. To the right is a Dynamo trigger, used to open a door to a building very close by, to obtain a platinum bolt inside; ignore it for now, as it is best to clear out the enemies on the path before using it. Instead, head up the slope on the left and then use the Heli-Pack across to the larger area with more buildings and explosive barrels. Defeat all the enemies here, and then use the Dynamo to open the door and obtain the platinum bolt. One of the buildings on this area (to the left after jumping across) has an elevator shaft up to the roof. Destroy another attack ship and jump across to the next roof. You will come across a telescreen with an ad for Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, giving you coordinates to the shack to upgrade the Star Explorer.

Your next objective will be the chemical factory. From where the commercial played, use the Heli-Pack to glide down to the street below, clear out the Chickenbots, and head around the buildings. On the left, a path will open up to a long suspension bridge across to the Megacorp factory. Clear out the Chickenbots and Generator on the bridge and reach the factory to commence the next part of the mission.

Chemical factory

The section inside the chemical factory is much more puzzle-oriented, focusing on the Thermanator, and has little combat. Turn the bolt crank to open the door and then head inside. Wall-jump up the ledge to go in further and you will reach the immense room inside. Use the Thermanator to freeze the water in the large pool in front of you, then skate across the ice to reach a ledge; Heli-Pack up the ledge and up the one behind it to get onto a higher floor, then turn the bolt crank to create a bridge. Cross the bridge to reach a water pool and thaw the ice with the Thermanator, then dive into it and swim through the tunnel to the right to get across.

Jump out of this water pool, and you will see an island with a bolt crank, in the middle of the frozen pool of water behind the fence. As the rest of this area is unreachable, jump down and turn the bolt crank to create a bridge across the two floors above you, then thaw the ice, and swim through the tunnel in the wall at the end. This leads into a small room with two floors; jump on the lower floor to the right, freeze the water, and then wall-jump up to the higher floor. Use the stairs on the left to return to the main room, and then cross the bridge leading left to reach an area with another cylindrical pool of water, that raises and descends over time. This pool also has a sharkigator in it that will eat Ratchet if he enters. Use the Thermanator up until the freeze gauge is almost full, and save the last bit for when it raises to its highest point; when it does, fire the last ball to freeze it and go across.

Behind it is another pool of water that raises and descends, but with a tunnel leading across to another pool. This time, freeze it when it is only half way up the tunnel, and then jump down and skate through the tunnel to the pool on the other side, then hop up the steps on the other end to the edge nearest to the main water pool. Turn back to the water and thaw it, and this time freeze it when it reaches its highest point, to get across to the edge on the other side. Take the steps up right to the final pool.

For this pool, freeze it when it is exactly half way up the tunnel; if you freeze when it is too low, you will not be able to reach the exit on the other side, and if you freeze when it is too high, you will not be able to use the tunnel. Head through the tunnel once frozen at the right point, and use the Heli-Pack to reach the ledge at the end. You will find a group of worker bots near a large screen. Pay them 6,000 bolts to gain coordinates to Siberius and complete the mission.

Before traveling to Siberius for the mission "Find and confront the thief", it would be wise to complete any side missions you have not yet completed. If you have not completed all the space combat challenges in the Feltzin System, they are made much easier if you purchase upgrades from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, while the Galactic Gladiators challengers are easier on account of having vastly better weaponry.