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Scuttle Crabs were small crabs that hunted on the beaches of Pokitaru. They usually hunted in packs and used a clawing attack with its pincers. They had low health, and were easily killed with one hit from Ratchet's wrench. Scuttle Crabs had one eye and blue skin with markings. Because of the Blarg dumpings in the previous games, they might have been a new mutation, similar to the ones seen in Ratchet & Clank (2002 game).

Giant Scuttle Crab

The giant scuttle crab, was a large form of the normal scuttle crab. There was only one giant scuttle crab, found in the entire game. It was found on Pokitaru when the player returned to the planet after completing its missions. The 4 crabs found before the "boat ride" area were replaced as the giant crab. It had the same health of a basic crab, but a somewhat powerful attack compared to its counterparts.


  • Usually only small enemies can be sucked using the Suck Cannon but because the giant scuttle crab had the same abilities as a normal one it could be sucked in the cannon and shot to an enemy.
  • The giant scuttle crab may had been an unintentional glitch.
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