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Scout the ruined machinery, Free figure in ice (named Free Frozen Figure on the map), and Purchase the Thermanator (named Purchase Thermanator on the map) are missions in Going Commando taking place in the Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow. While searching the planet for the Desert Riders, Ratchet found an old abandoned Gadgetron factory, and searched it to find any useful gadgets left behind. He came across the Inventor, who was frozen in ice. After breaking the ice, the Inventor sold him a gadget he had invented known as the Thermanator.

"Scout the ruined machinery" is one of two missions that can be completed on Barlow, along with "Find the Desert Riders".


Between this mission and "Find the Desert Riders", there is no immediate advantage to completing one mission before the other. You can complete this mission before rescuing Clank, though he will make the mission significantly easier with his Hydro-Pack. Either way, you will need the Swingshot, meaning you should complete "Visit Clank's apartment" on Endako first. One new weapon is available in the Megacorp vendor: the Seeker Gun. However, this mission involves very little combat, so you will not need it. If you have not purchased the Miniturret Glove or Blitz Gun, both are useful against the enemies in this mission, though there are very few to watch for, and the main challenge will be platforming.

From where your ship lands, take one of the slopes up behind the ship up to a wall. You will immediately spot a versa-target, so use the Swingshot to cross it. The Swingshot is required to cross the next gap onto a cliff, as well as the gap immediately behind that one. The next is crossed by pulling the floating platform towards you, again with the Swingshot, jumping on it, and letting it take you across. In front of you is a machine with four platforms around it, which move around anti-clockwise every interval. Wait for it to take two turns and move 180 degrees so that you can jump to a small cliff filled with Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death. These are small melee enemies that can be dispatched by simply using the Miniturret Glove and throwing a turret to deal with them. Pull the platform on the other side towards you and use it to cross into a building with a pool of water.

In this building, jump into the water and dive down with Square, hold L1 to swim faster if you have Clank, then take the tunnel to the next room and use X to rise and jump up. Jump out and you will see another tower with four platforms; take it two turns to reach the other side, then use the Swingshot to cross the two gaps and reach another building. The building has another pool of water, so dive in and swim through the tunnel to reach more versa-targets. Once again, cross all of them with the Swingshot, and make sure you only swing from the last target onto a platform on the tower when it is not about to move or you will fall to your death. Land on the platform, and wait for it to move across three intervals. On the third, immediately, use the Swingshot to pull the floating platform towards you and jump across it to the next cliff. This cliff has a large horde of Hounds of Cuddly Death, so use two miniturrets or the Blitz Gun to take care of them. Next, use the versa-targets to swing into the factory.

When you reach the inside, you'll see a man here frozen in ice, so use the OmniWrench to break it and a cutscene will commence. After this, you can purchase the Thermanator for 1,000 bolts, or leave by taking the nearby elevator platform back up to a corridor to your ship. Buy the Thermanator, and use Circle to thaw the ice on the left-hand side of the room. Dive into it and swim through the tunnel to the other room behind, then jump onto the small platform. Use Circle again when aiming the Thermanator at the water to freeze it, and then cross the ice back onto the surface. The surface will lead you back to where your ship landed.

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