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The Scorpion Flail is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a very powerful flail with a metal ball connected electrically to it that Ratchet swings at enemies in front of him to damage them.

The Scorpion Flail can be purchased for 75,000 bolts from a vendor when available. With use, it can be upgraded to the Leviathan Flail. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Leviathan Flail for 1,000,000 bolts.

This was the favored weapon of deceased Gladiator Quaternion X. He often referred to this weapon as "the old ball and chain."


The Scorpion Flail is a very small grip from which a ball is connected to it electrically. It is swung horizontally, discharged, and then slammed downwards upon enemies by Ratchet when used. The Leviathan Flail is identical, although its ball swung has sharp, light blue spikes. On impact, it creates earth-tearing shockwaves.


The Scorpion Flail has a very powerful short-to-medium range melee weapon which deals a lot of damage. It is useful against most types of enemies, with the possible exception of flying enemies and enemies that are further away. While it is less universally useful than other weapons, it is very strong against bosses and the majority of enemies.

The Scorpion Flail when upgraded mostly unlocks area mods, ammo mods, speed mods and impact mods, all of which play to its strengths. When upgraded to 9 and 10, it unlocks the jackpot mod and the nanoleech mod respectively, both of which provide useful and unique bonuses to the weapon. The nanoleech mod in particular is useful as the weapon must be used in close combat and deals damage, meaning it can slightly reduce the overall risks. When upgraded to the Leviathan Flail, using a jump-strike releases a very devastating shockwave.

In multiplayer mode, the weapon functions slightly differently. The player can swing it around their head by holding down the fire button. One swing caused 40 points of damage to an opponent, and an overhead swing caused 65 to 70 points of damage. It is useful for Juggernauts due to their increased vitality allowing them to take more damage while closing in on the opponent.

Behind the scenes

The V2 version of the Scorpion Flail in Multiplayer Mode

Concept art of the Scorpion Flail

As with many weapons, the Scorpion Flail features an alternate upgrade in the texture files of the demo version. This upgrade appears in the multiplayer mode, and is seen in the concept artwork for the weapon.

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