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Scorpio is a colossal gladiator in Up Your Arsenal. He is a cybernetic alien fought in Annihilation Nation, a gladiator combat sport taking place in Station Q9 in the Solana Galaxy. Scorpio was the champion gladiator of Annihilation Nation until defeated by Ratchet and Clank.

Defeating Scorpio using only the OmniWrench unlocks the skill point "Bash the bug".


Scorpio was the champion of the Annihilation Nation.[1] During "Meet with Courtney Gears", Ratchet fought in him the second challenge, "Meet Courtney - Arena", to defeat him and get a second chance to meet with Courtney Gears. In defeating him, Ratchet won the Qwark vid-comic Shadow of the Robot, and dethroned Scorpio as the champion.[1]

Scorpio then fought in various challenges after. In "Naptime", he is fought with Lombax Snooze Mist in the arena damaging Ratchet over time. In "More Cycling Weapons", he is fought while Ratchet is forced to cycle between weapons after using a set amount of ammo for each. Later, Scorpio is fought in both "Championship Bout II" and the "Qwarktastic Battle" as the final challenger at the end of two long endurance battles.


Ratchet fighting against Scorpio.

Scorpio is a large robot with a brain encased in a glass cap for his head, and moves on six wheels. He has a large scorpion tail which can deploy saw blades that move across the ground, two arms with flamethrowers in place of hands with a wide reach for its flames. Scorpio's attacks consist of deploying its saw blades to attack Ratchet from a distance, or moving closer to Ratchet to fire the flamethrowers.

Scorpio speaks with a French accent, taunting Ratchet with the phrase "Vive le Scorpio!", and uses the language of a chef. He claims he would like to cook a lombax "medium rare", and would cut Ratchet "like a quiche" with his saw blades. Scorpio also uses the language of a barber, remarking that whoever Ratchet's barber is must be terrible, and promising to cut "just a little off the top" with his blades.[1]


Behind the scenes

Scorpio is similar to the B2 Brawler but there is no evidence of a connection.

Scorpio's base challenge, "Meet Courtney - Arena", is bugged, and Scorpio will say no voice lines. In others, he says various throughout.