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The Scorcher is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It is a flamethrower recycled from space cruiser engines after Gadgetron offered customers 10% off a trip to Pokitaru if they traded their engine in.[1] The Scorcher can be purchased upon reaching planet Kalidon for 20,000 bolts, and later upgrades into the Incinerator. In challenge mode the Titan Incinerator is available for 250,000 bolts.


The Scorcher is made of pieces of a space cruiser,[1] and has a long nozzle from which the flame is fired. The Incinerator takes the plasma exhaust look from the Scorcher and feeds it directly back through the intake manifold to produce a highly concentrated flame jet stream.[2] It barely resembles the Scorcher.

The Spitfire Mod adds a recursive loop after the tertiary sendback controller has finished firing, causing the Scorcher to release a plasma fireball when it stops firing.[3] The Sunflare Mod adds an extra, recurring feedback loop to the primary manifold of the Scorcher, increasing the output's range.[4] Both mod descriptions are also somewhat inaccurate, for the Spitfire's fireball's range and size does not increase, and nor does the Scorcher's damage output while using the Sunflare Mod.


Gameplay of the Scorcher.

The Scorcher has decent damage, but is severely limited by its very short range. This makes it effective at dealing with enemies you can handle up close, but not as useful against enemies relying on ranged attacks, as you will likely not have the distance to dodge them. The Incinerator fires larger and more intense heat than the Scorcher, directly addressing its range shortcoming. Beyond this, two mods can be purchased for the weapon: the Spitfire Mod for 15,000 bolts and the Sunflare Mod for 200,000 in challenge mode. The spitfire mod allows it to shoot a fireball after releasing the trigger, which merely acts as an alright damage bonus against faraway enemies, provided you hit them. The Sunflare Mod drastically allows the flame to grow in size the longer it is used, allowing the weapon to become extremely potent in challenge mode and keep up with the other weapons that become available later.


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