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Save Veldin! is the first mission in Up Your Arsenal. In their apartment on Endako, Ratchet and Clank viewed a broadcast on Channel 64 News by Darla Gratch, reporting that Veldin, Ratchet's home planet, was under attack by invaders known as the "tyhrranoids", led by Dr. Nefarious. Ratchet then hastily installed an untested gravimetric warp drive that he had built out of blargian scrap metal to his ship, the Star Explorer, and successfully returned to Veldin to aid the Galactic Rangers.

This and the following missions are the only missions in which the player can explore Veldin.


When loading into the game, it is a good idea to choose a control scheme in the options mode. There are three choices: Third Person Mode, First Person Mode, and Lock Strafe Mode. Though Third Person Mode is enabled by default and is most convenient for players used to the control schemes from Ratchet & Clank and Going Commando, Lock Strafe Mode is the developers' preferred choice, and plays more similarly to a third-person shooter. First Person Mode is simply an extra mode for those curious and is not suitable for the platforming elements of the game. Unlike previous games, Clank will already have the Heli-Pack and Thruster-Pack enabled.

As the mission begins, Ratchet will immediately be facing two Galactic Rangers taking cover against two mecha-tyhrranoids, which fire their lasers in succession before recharging. These enemies will not attack Ratchet, and after running past them they will be destroyed by the Rangers. Ratchet will be attacked by a few one-eyed tyhrranoids, which are easily defeated by swinging the OmniWrench 12000 using the Square button. The Rangers will then run to the right up a few plateaus. Follow the Rangers to begin a short cutscene in which the Rangers greet Ratchet and hand you your first weapon: the Shock Blaster. This is a shotgun that is fired using either the Circle or L1 on Lock Strafe.

After receiving the Shock Blaster, a mecha-tyhrranoid will fire lasers at you from across the ground. The lasers are easy to dodge by jumping side-to-side, which is done by holding L2 or R2 to strafe and jumping left and right, or automatically done when holding the weapon and jumping left or right under Lock Strafe. Note that the Shock Blaster outranges these enemies. The mecha-tyhrranoid itself can sustain little damage and should just be destroyed with a few blasts of the Shock Blaster. Follow the path, defeating the one-eyed tyhrranoids and mecha-tyhrranoids that appear using the Shock Blaster, until you reach a group of Rangers outside the entrance to the next structure. Defeat the one-eyed tyhrranoids around them and approach them to initiate a cutscene after which the Rangers will provide the next weapon: the Nitro Launcher.

This weapon will be automatically equipped, though you can reselect the Shock Blaster by either tapping Triangle or holding Triangle to open the Quick Select. The Nitro Launcher is the best weapon to deal with the next enemy: inside the structure is a tyhrranoid attack ship, which will fire a rapid-fire cannon in front of it to anything that approaches, meaning that the Nitro Launcher should be used to fire at it from a safe distance. It has great power, but a limited ammo capacity and fire rate.

After destroying the attack ship, head into the crater below it to drop down to a small cave with one-eyed tyhrranoids, easily defeated with the Shock Blaster. Head forward through the cave to reach a circular room with an ultra mecha-tyhrranoid perched atop a platform in the middle; destroy it and then head right. Proceed up the staircase and destroy the mecha-tyhrranoid, then destroy the attack ship that appears outside. A tyhrranoid dropship will appear and release two mecha-tyhrranoids. Continue to head forward, defeating the one-eyed tyhrranoids and mecha-tyhrranoids, until you reach Ratchet's badly damaged garage, around which the Rangers will convene. Consider first heading left to defeat a group of one-eyed tyhrranoids and smash crates for additional bolts, then head into the garage to commence a cutscene, ending the mission.

After the cutscene, the mission continues in "Eliminate the Enemy Forces".

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