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Trophy: Drek This!
Complete "Save Ratchet's planet"
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Save Ratchet's planet is the final mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank were on board Drek's fleet, searching for the exact location of Alonzo Drek's Deplanetizer, and found an infobot containing an advertisement for Blarg TV. This revealed Drek was on Kyzil Plateau, standing right outside Ratchet's garage, prompting the duo to set out and finish it.

Once accosted personally, Drek revealed he intentionally polluted his homeworld, all to force the blarg to pay for space on his new planet, for which he also had the intention to pollute it to repeat the cycle. Once defeated, Drek accidentally flipped over his Deplanetizer, followed by a panicked attempt to avoid being crushed, which resulted in him being tossed high up from the planet, causing him to crash land on his own instead. With the laser pointing upwards towards Drek's world, Ratchet and Clank followed up by firing the lethal weapon, which meant the final end for Drek and his planet.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the gold trophy Drek this!.


You begin the mission by following exactly the same path as you did in "Investigate crash site", with the addition of many elite blarg units. The most common are the blarg elite commandos, which are relatively vulnerable after their attack has been dodged, sometimes accompanied by armed transports. Make sure to spend any remaining bolts on ammunition and any remaining available weapons that might yet be useful. Traverse the area, fighting the horny toads as you go, while simultaneously watching out for any blarg opposition. Prior to reaching the crash site, you will encounter a patrolling rocket tank—a powerful tank that fires a near-continuous stream of rockets at excellent range. As with the prior blarg enemies encountered, trying to take it out at range with the Devastator or Visibomb Gun makes it easier to defeat them.

After taking down the lone transport behind it, use the Trespasser to deactivate the laser fence, followed by using the Magneboots to walk along the Magne-Strip that leads into a water basin. Restock on ammo at the Gadgetron vendor, and then use the Hydrodisplacer on the Insta-Faucet to drain the water in the basin, whereafter you must use the Thruster-Pack's power slam feature on a power slam switch to open a gate. You will then exit into a small cavern, occupied by horny toads, elite commandos, and a lone rocket tank. Following this, you must trek across a series of metal platforms, while repeatedly fending off groups of enemies, which means that taking cover is a must.

Eventually, you must use the Swingshot to cross a chasm, and use the Trespasser to unlock another Invinco-Lock. The area hereafter will give a short respite from the action, though it will not last long, as you will have to fight another group of elite commandos, accompanied by an armed transport that drops them off. Swingshot across another chasm to come face to face with an army of elite commandos and transports. Instead, ignore these entirely and head into the tunnel on the left.

Re-equip the Hydrodisplacer, still filled with water from the basin, and empty it into the Insta-Faucet. Swim through the now-filled basin to emerge back outside and in the vicinity of an Enlarging Machine. Use Giant Clank's fists to mash through the nearby walls that stand between you and the blarg army, then unleash an energy bomb to finish them off entirely. Once the area is clear, you can now make your move to the final destination, where you will confront Drek.

Ultra Supreme Executive Chairman Drek-Mech

Drek will be controlling his own Ultra Supreme Executive Chairman Drek-Mech, but it proves to be of little use against Giant Clank. Simply bash it, or hit it with an energy bomb, to trigger a short cutscene in which he transforms Clank to his normal form. Drek will flee elsewhere, firing missiles at a series of floating platforms, that subsequently fail and fall down if you land on them. Take note of the nearby vendor that allows you a final opportunity to restock if you do not have the Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant.

Drek will now alternate between firing missiles, with reticles on the ground marking their impact, and firing bombs that create a massive shockwave. The missiles are easily dodged by running away, and the bombs' shockwaves can be leaped over. Meanwhile, simply keep chasing Drek, while firing at him as you avoid his attacks. Once another section of his hit points has been depleted, he will destroy the plateau on which the fight occurred, causing parts of it to sink and fall into the depths below. Continue chasing him to a new plateau. He will now also begin to deploy homing mines, which might limit your movement somewhat. His own bombs will clear the entire minefield, however. Once another part of his hit points has been depleted, he will once again flee, to the Deplanetizer this time.

Drek will activate a timer, which you must terminate by using a power slam on the button in the center. Once done, he will surround the lower end of his mech with a ring of energy and proceed to try and hit you with it. His mech is too fast to avoid on-foot, but you can out-grind him with the Grind Boots and the grind rail surrounding the central platform. Aside from his missiles, bombs, and mines, he will also deploy Dark Gadge-Bots, which will chase and try to hit you.

Each time a part of his health bar has been depleted, Drek will activate the timer, and the time limit will decrease each time. Once Drek is down to only two parts of his hit points, he will begin using the larger electro cannon in his right arm. Its projectiles are quite fast and large, but can be dodged with a timed stretch jump. Once he only has one health bar left, he will release a swarm of green missiles, that randomly embed themselves into the floor, and then explode. They will do this during the remainder of the fight and are unpredictable, but also too infrequent to be a real threat.

Once defeated entirely, and after a cutscene, you must power slam a final button to activate the Deplanetizer and defeat Drek for good.

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