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Saur-beasts[1] are enemies in Going Commando. Barlowian saur-beasts[1] are encountered in the Vukovar Canyon, on Barlow, while Jobian saur-beasts[1] are encountered in the Megacorp Games area, on Joba. They are bipedal reptilian creatures trained by the tribesmen, both the Vukovar and Joba tribesmen respectively.


The saur-beasts were naturally harmless herbivores, but were trained by the Vukovar tribesmen to be savage attack beasts and mounts. A batch of these were sent to the Joba tribesmen, where they bred from the Barlowian saur-beasts and evolved a tougher outer shell due to Joba's harsh climate.[1]

Ratchet fought the Barlowian saur-beasts during "Find the Desert Riders", with a few tribesmen riding them as mounts. The docile saur-beasts also appeared on the hoverbike race course as obstacles. He and Clank later fought the Jobian saur-beasts during "Enter the Megacorp Games", in which they were used by the tribesmen in battle. The saur-beasts were also used in the Megacorp Games as beasts during the gladiatorial combat.


A patrolling mounted saur-beast.

Barlowian saur-beasts are large, bipedal creatures with purple skin, a massive head and jaw, and a stubby tail. They are naturally harmless herbivores, but were trained by tribesmen to be savage beasts,[1] and wear spikes and a saddle on their back. The Jobian saur-beasts have a thicker shell due to their adaptation to Joba's harsh climate.[1] They are identical in appearance to the Barlowian saur-beasts, aside from having a purple skin tone and additional armor covering the top of their head.

Saur-beast concept art.png

Trained saur-beasts can normally be found roaming around aimlessly, many accompanied by tribesmen. Upon seeing Ratchet, they will walk towards him to attack, though if provoked and at a distance, they will instead charge forward to headbutt. Many saur-beasts are used as mounts for tribesmen carrying ranged pistols. After taking damage, the tribesman falls off, angering the saur-beast and causing it to charge.

The Barlowian saur-beasts in the Barlow hoverbike race course seem completely docile, and take almost no notice of the racers, though a hoverbike will be destroyed if it crashes into them. These are likely saur-beasts in their natural, docile state, without tribesmen training.


The saur-beasts are very durable, and will either attack by walking to Ratchet and biting, or charging at him when encountering him from a distance and headbutting him. Some tribesmen also ride the saur-beasts, and after they fall off upon sustaining damage, the saur-beasts may then charge. The Seeker Gun is the best weapon against the Barlowian saur-beasts, as it can interrupt their charge, and deal focused damage to a single saur-beast. Due to the toughness of the Jobian saur-beasts, the Minirocket Tube is better against them, and has the same effect of interrupting their charge. The Pulse Rifle can also be used to shoot them from a distance, lessening the chance of Ratchet's harm.

In both cases, it is is possible to lure them to the edge of a cliff while charging at Ratchet, at which point they will fall to their deaths. This does not work in the Megacorp Games arena, but their sudden stop at the edge of the arena makes them a prime target until they have turned around.