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Sasha Phyronix is a major support character in Up Your Arsenal, who appears also in Deadlocked and the comic series. She is the daughter of Solana galactic President Phyronix, and served as the captain of the Starship Phoenix, the greatest ship in the galactic fleet.

During the war in the Solana Galaxy against Dr. Nefarious, she served both as the captain of the Starship Phoenix, making her one of the leaders of the Galactic Rangers, and a member of Q-Force, the team led by Captain Qwark against Nefarious. She was also very close to Ratchet at the time, and was his love interest. After this, she served as the mayor of Metropolis on Kerwan. She later joined the cause against Artemis Zogg.


Up Your Arsenal

Sasha introducing Ratchet to the Phoenix.

President Phyronix asked Sasha to assist Ratchet and Clank in the war against Dr. Nefarious.[1] Sasha first contacted them once they had retrieved Captain Qwark from Florana to invite them aboard the Starship Phoenix. Sasha prepared a custom living area for Qwark and showed Ratchet his quarters, including luxuries such as a VG-9000 game system, greatly impressing him.[2] The Phoenix was used as Ratchet's base of operations and prime residence for the war, and Sasha from then on provided Ratchet logistical support for his missions.

After Ratchet took Qwark to his cage on the ship and met Sasha on the bridge, the ship received a distress call from the president about a surprise tyhrranoid invasion of Marcadia. She deployed the dropship to Marcadia to launch a counterstrike, with Ratchet and Clank assisting. Following this mission, Ratchet retrieved a Qwark vid-comic, Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder, which helped Qwark regain his memory. Sasha then informed Ratchet about Annihilation Nation, a combat sport offering a gadget known as the Tyhrra-Guise that could allow him to sneak past the tyhrranoids. Ratchet reluctantly agreed.

The Q-Force.

While Ratchet went to obtain the Tyhrra-Guise, President Phyronix appointed Qwark as the leader of the war against Nefarious, which Sasha was dismayed about.[3] Sasha joined Qwark's team, the Q-Force, but did not wear the green Q-Force uniform. On the Q-Force team, her main role was providing logistical support to Ratchet and Clank, and commanding the Rangers.

The transmission from Nefarious and Lawrence.

After Ratchet defeated the Momma Tyhrranoid on Tyhrranosis, he bragged to her about the battle, exaggerating events. During the conversation, Dr. Nefarious and his butler Lawrence beamed a transmission on board the Starship Phoenix, berating the Q-Force. Later, when Nefarious kidnapped Clank and replaced him with Klunk, Ratchet contacted Sasha to track down Nefarious' star cruiser, the Leviathan.[4] Sasha tracked it to the Zeldrin Starport, and both Ratchet and Qwark traveled to fight Nefarious. This was merely a trap, however, as Nefarious caused the Leviathan to self-destruct.

Sasha kissing Ratchet.

Sasha was relieved to see Ratchet return safely, but had not detected any escape pods leaving the ship, leading her to presume Qwark had died.[5] Ratchet then played the vid-comic Deja Q All Over Again, which led him to believe Nefarious would use his new weapon, the Biobliterator, to attack Metropolis. Sasha trusted Ratchet's instincts and sent the Ranger dropship to defend the city.[6]

The Biobliterators successfully turned the entire population of Metropolis into robots, which frightened Sasha.[7] After this, President Phyronix appeared to have given up on the war, expecting Nefarious to transform the entire galaxy's population to robots within a week. Sasha had not given up however, and suggested Ratchet travel to Zeldrin, where the Leviathan had crashed, to find the item Qwark had been looking for before the star cruiser self-destructed.[8] Ratchet successfully found the master plan, a data disk with plans for the Biobliterator, and took it to Al to decode.

Ratchet rescuing Sasha and the rest of the Q-Force.

Due to this, the Starship Phoenix was then attacked. Sasha sent out a distress call, in which she appeared to doubt her own survival, leading Ratchet to use the gravimetric warp drive and return immediately to defend the ship.[9] After reuniting with Sasha and the Q-Force, Sasha informed Ratchet that the data disk had been fully decoded, revealing that the Biobliterator was recharging on Koros, and its next target was Veldin.[10] Ratchet and Clank traveled to Veldin to destroy the Biobliterator, for which Sasha congratulated them, but informed them that a second had been built on Mylon, and that this time, Nefarious was prepared for their arrival.[11]

The premiere of the Secret Agent Clank movie.

Ratchet and Clank then defeated Nefarious and destroyed the second Biobliterator. Sasha appeared at the premiere of the Secret Agent Clank movie, and after this, warmly kissed Ratchet on the cheek.

After Up Your Arsenal

Following the events of Up Your Arsenal, Sasha was appointed interim mayor of Metropolis by President Phyronix, after the former mayor stepped down following a scandal involving illicit funds from the amoeboid mafia. During her time, many of Metropolis' heroic citizens vanished, including Quaternion X, the Brown Ranger, and Captain Starshield. Vox News alleged that the President appointed her to distract attention from his own involvement in the scandal, and also peddled conspiracy theories from rumors suggesting that Sasha was a "shape-shifting Zygnonian robot vampire" who devoured the heroes and hid their bones in the black hole deep in the Cromquillian nebulae.[12] However, it is more likely that the citizens were simply kidnapped to compete in DreadZone.

Sasha gave command of the Starship Phoenix to Ratchet.[13][12] She and Ratchet also became a celebrity couple, dubbed "Satchet". A Vox News report cited rumors claiming that the two had split, speculating diverging career paths that forced them to spend long hours apart, Sasha's dislike of the name "Satchet", and a rumor that Ratchet admitted to voting against President Phyronix in his reelection campaign.[14]


Sasha messaged Ratchet to warn Ratchet, Clank, and Al about DreadZone, an illegal combat sport taking place in the Shadow Sector, following the death of Captain Starshield. She then gave them what little information she had about the Shadow Sector and Gleeman Vox, before the Starship Phoenix was boarded and Ratchet, Clank, and Al were all kidnapped and forced to compete in DreadZone themselves.[13]

After Deadlocked

Despite being very close to Ratchet, after Deadlocked, Sasha did not reappear for a while. When Metropolis was attacked by Emperor Tachyon at the beginning of Tools of Destruction, despite once being mayor, she was not seen during or after the invasion.

Comic series

Sasha appears first in Issue 3: Lost and Spaced and in Issue 4: Thanks for the Armories, Issue 5: Multiple Organisms and Issue 6: Bros Before Foes.

Sasha and the Galactic Rangers intervene with Artemis Zogg's plan to create an Artemis Galaxy when he begins to steal planets. She teams up with Talwyn Apogee to fight Zogg, who allows the Galactic Rangers to use the Apogee Space Station as a base of operations in the battle against Zogg. During their time staying together, Sasha trains by shooting of cragmites targets in the targeting room with her Combuster, though she was later seen wielding an unknown blaster to help Ratchet save Talwyn and Vorn.



Sasha is a cazar, a humanoid race with feline features including fur and a tail, similar to the lombaxes. She has dark brown fur like her father, and blue eyes. She wears a lilac and dark purple suit with golden highlights, along with a small golden hairband, to signify her position as a starship captain. Sasha wore this attire throughout all of her appearances, and when joining the Q-Force, she did not wear their typical green uniform.


Sasha is a passionate captain who remains loyal to her cause throughout, even when her own father appears to abandon it. While she remains focused on the objective at hand, she can often loosen up and become more relaxed.[8]

Sasha and Ratchet took an almost immediate liking to one another, and the two appear close through both Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked. Ratchet often attempts to impress Sasha through conversation,[8] though many of his attempts are awkward.[13] Sasha likewise has shown her affection towards him, referring to him as "hotshot".[9] She also showed concern for his well-being, and after he survived the Leviathan crash, she kissed him in relief. When reporting an attack on the Starship Phoenix, doubting her own survival, Sasha appeared to try to confess her feelings to Ratchet in case it was her last chance.[9]

Vox News reports claimed that Ratchet and Sasha became a celebrity couple known as "Satchet", but also claimed that they had split up, speculating it to be the result of diverging career paths, Sasha's dislike for the name "Satchet", and a heated argument in which Ratchet voted against her father.[14] However, the friendly interaction between the two at the start of Deadlocked suggests that this argument did not take place.[13]

Behind the scenes

Concept art of Sasha Phyronix from Up Your Arsenal.

Sasha is voiced by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph in both Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked.

Several unused voice lines were recorded for Sasha. Many of these lines were merely communicator lines to the player, either referring to missions that were unused, or providing help lines for things simply said in cutscenes.[15][16] However, there are also unused dialogue lines for a cutscene that would have taken place after completing a space combat mission with the Star Explorer. In it, Sasha thanks Ratchet for saving the Starship Phoenix, to which Ratchet tries to impress her first by brushing the compliment off, and then by exaggerating the danger he was in, before Sasha informs him that Qwark called another Q-Force meeting.[17][18]

Sasha's surname "Phyronix" is a portmanteau of "Phoenix", the name of her starship, and "Spyro", referencing the character created by developer Insomniac Games. Sasha's surname is incorrectly spelled "Phyronyx" in the News Update feature.[12]



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