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Sasha Phyronix, occasionally spelt Sasha Phyronyx,[1] is a major support character in Up Your Arsenal, who appears also in Deadlocked and the comic series. She has served both as the captain of the Starship Phoenix, the greatest ship in the Solana galactic fleet, and a member of Q-Force. After this, she was elected as the mayor of Metropolis on Kerwan. She is the daughter of galactic President Phyronix.


Up Your Arsenal


Sasha Phyronix on the Starship Phoenix

Sasha first contacted Ratchet and Clank after they had secured Qwark from Florana, inviting them aboard the Starship Phoenix which would become their base of operations for the war and prime residency. Sasha would from then on work closely with Ratchet and provide him logistical support for his missions.

Shortly after arriving, Sasha received a distress call from her father, President Phyronix, about a surprise Tyhrranoid invasion of Marcadia, the home of the presidential palace, and sent Ratchet and Clank to rescue them. Following this mission, Qwark regained memory, and formed the Q-Force team which she became a member of, though like Ratchet and Clank she did not wear green Q-Force uniform and lacked the blind respect for Qwark that other members had. She was nonetheless a prominent member and continued to captain the Phoenix and provide Ratchet with logistical support.



Sasha remained a close ally to Ratchet and committed to the cause throughout the war, even following Qwark's presumed death following the self-destruction of Nefarious's flagship Leviathan and the Biobliterator attack on Metropolis. Sasha worked with big Al on deciphering the co-ordinates to the Biobliterator to destroy it, although this allowed Nefarious to track the Phoenix and led to an attack which Ratchet and Clank had to repel, and after the ship was saved, she sent them to destroy the first Biobliterator on Koros before discovering the existence of a second on planet Mylon.

When Ratchet and Clank destroyed the Biobliterator and defeated Nefarious, Sasha was invited to the premiere of the Secret Agent Clank movie, after which she warmly kissed Ratchet on the cheek.


Cap Sasha

Sasha while talking to Ratchet, Clank and Al

Following the events of Up Your Arsenal, Sasha had given command of the Starship Phoenix to Ratchet, and had been appointed interim mayor of Metropolis. During this time, many heroes disappeared from Metropolis, including Captain Starshield, abducted to compete in DreadZone. Vox News slandered her by speculating that she had been responsible, and also speculated that she was a "shape-shifting Zygonian robot vampire" and had been appointed mayor by her father to hide corruption involving illicit funds from an amoeboid mafia.[1]

A year after the defeat of Nefarious, Sasha messaged Ratchet to warn him, Clank and Big Al about heroes who had been kidnapped to compete in illegal combat sport DreadZone, and lost their lives. She gave him what little information she knew about the Shadow Sector where it took place, and Gleeman Vox who owned DreadZone, before the Starship Phoenix was boarded and Ratchet, Clank and Al were all kidnapped and forced to compete in DreadZone themselves. Sasha attempted to keep track of them, but was unable to communicate with them.

Despite being very close to Ratchet, after Deadlocked, Sasha does not reappear for a while. When Metropolis was attacked by Emperor Tachyon at the beginning of Tools of Destruction, despite once being mayor, she was not seen during or after the invasion.

Comic series

Sasha 1

Sasha training at the firing range

Sasha appears first in Issue 3: Lost and Spaced and in Issue 4: Thanks for the Armories, Issue 5: Multiple Organisms and Issue 6: Bros Before Foes.

Sasha and the Galactic Rangers intervene with Artemis Zogg's plan to create an Artemis Galaxy when he begins to steal planets. She teams up with Talwyn Apogee to fight Zogg, who allows the Galactic Rangers to use the Apogee Space Station as a base of operations in the battle against Zogg. During their time staying together, Sasha trains by shooting of cragmites targets in the targeting room with her Combuster, though she was later seen wielding an unknown blaster to help Ratchet save Talwyn and Vorn.



Sasha concept

Sasha Phyronix concept art

Sasha is a cazar, a humanoid race with feline features including fur and a tail, similar to lombaxes. She has dark brown fur similar to her father and blue eyes. She wears a purple and dark purple suit with golden highlights, along with a small golden crown, to signify her position as a starship captain. This is attire that she has worn throughout her appearances, and when joining the Q-Force she did not wear their typical green uniform.


Sasha is a passionate captain who remains loyal to her cause throughout, even when her own father appears to abandon it. While she remains focused on the objective at hand, she can often loosen up and become more relaxed, particularly outside of battle.

Sasha and Ratchet took an almost immediate liking to one another, and throughout both Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked the two are close. Ratchet often attempts to impress Sasha through conversation, and tends to flirt with her. Sasha likewise has shown her affection towards him by showing great concern for his wellbeing, including physically kissing him out of relief at his survival. When reporting an attack on the Starship Phoenix, Sasha claimed she had something to say to Ratchet in case she could not make it out alive, but was cut off, implying that she has feelings for him.

A Vox News update suggested that Sasha and Ratchet had stopped speaking following a heated argument when Ratchet allegedly admitted to voting against her father.[1] However, the friendly interaction between the two at the start of Deadlocked suggests that this argument did not take place, and was slander by Vox.

Behind the scenes

Sasha is voiced by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph in both Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked.

Sasha's surname "Phyronix" is a portmanteau of "Phoenix", the name of her starship, and "Spyro", referencing the character created by developer Insomniac Games.

Sasha's surname is incorrectly spelt "Phyronyx" in the News Update feature.[1]


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