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Planet Sargasso was a dangerous and mostly uninhabitable primordial swampland. It was located in the Verdigris Sector of the Polaris Galaxy. This planet was infested with large, deadly creatures like Grunthors who would quickly make a snack out of any unwary explorer. It was also a rich source of gelatonium. The only advanced race known to inhabit the planet were the fiercely territorial Kerchu; however, the Kerchu were not native to this planet. Being advanced builders, they constructed gelatonium drilling derricks, refineries, and plants to take advantage of the large amount of the fuel available. The Lombaxes once had a testing facility for all their latest weapons and gadgets, the most notable being the Dimensionator, hidden in the swamp. Sargasso's environment was, for the most part, divided into patches of land in the large, muddy swamp. These patches of land were accessible only by using the gelatonium fueled robo-ignition pads scattered throughout the swamp to launch the Robo-Wings. Somewhere on Sargasso was a War Grok reserve, where Qwark's pet War Grok, Snowball, resided after Ratchet and Clank defeated Dr. Nefarious.[1]


Lombax and Kerchu Activity

Sargasso was remote prehistoric planet, which remained a relatively unknown to the greater galactic community has a whole. The first group to discover Sargasso were the Lombaxes, who set up testing facilities for various weapons to be used against the Cragmites, such as the Dimensionator and Alpha Disruptor. Following the Great War, the Lombaxes completely vanished, leaving their research facilities to fall into decay.

Many years later, the Kerchu arrived, discovering the planet was rich in Gelatonium. The Kerchu set up various outposts across the planet, which allowed them to bypass Tachyon's draconian rationing of the fuel source. This was made possible due to the fact that very few were aware of existence, which did not include Tachyon.

Tools of Destruction

Years later, Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr learned on Rykan V that Sargasso once contained research facilities that tested the Dimensionator. They then made their way to Sargasso, hoping to find the weapon responsible for the Cragmite defeat. Their journey did not go without notice, as an Imperial Cruiser orbiting Rykan V was able to follow their trail. Upon arrival at Outpost L51 on planet Sargasso that they encountered the Smuggler, who was trafficking Fossermites for the Kerchu. The Smuggler sold the Decrypter to Ratchet for a price of 3 Leviathan Souls, so that Ratchet could get the planet's robo-ignition pads working again. The Smuggler also bought Leviathan Souls from Ratchet for a price of 8,000 bolts each, the highest price he ever offered. The duo used Clank's Robo-Wings, and with Clank under the guidance of a Zoni, made their way to the planet's Lombax testing facility, passing through the Kerchu's Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery on the way. They encountered The Plumber in the testing facility, who gave then a 3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer. Ratchet and Clank were then promptly called to back to the Imperial Fight Festival by Qwark, who claimed he had a clue for the two heroes. Meanwhile, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr explored another section of the facilty for the dreaded weapon, only to be chased by Drophyd Gunships. They attempted to lose the gunships in the undergrowth, but the Imperial Army soon captured all three of them, and deported them to Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron, the Imperial Army; however, failed to capture Ratchet and Clank.

Ratchet gliding with Clank's Robo-Wings on Sargasso

Involvement in Time Crises

Sargasso was one of the victims of the time crisis caused by Nefarious. Time anomalies caused the extinct Slug Guzzling Swamp Weasel to reappear in Outpost Zulu on Sargasso in huge numbers. They created a big problem for the Kerchu workers of the gel plants, who arrived at work to see dozens of the creatures eating their stockpile.[2] Sargasso was later one of the planets stolen by Artemis Zogg during his effort to create the Artemis Galaxy.[3]

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Weapons first obtainable on this planet

The Lombax-engineered and super powerful Alpha Disruptor could be found on this planet. The also massively powerful RYNO IV could be obtained on this planet after gathering all 13 Holo-Plan pieces and giving them to the Smuggler.

Items found on this planet


A Troglosaur drinking from the sea

  • Anthropods: Found throughout the galaxy, Sargasso is most likely their homeworld. They creatures have eight legs, a shell on their back and two eye stalks. They live above and underground, and when they spot prey they attack in swarms to bring it down. A single hit from a Wrench will kill them, though it's better to use the Flamethrower on them instead. They are often found near bigger creatures, making them somewhat dangerous when fighting bigger creatures.
  • Sargassion Grubsnuckers:
  • Grunthors: Grunthors are the largest predator on Sargasso, an are not to be treated lightly. These creatures resemble a T-Rex with massive horns on their face and three potruding knob like structures on their backs. They breath fire, use their jaws and even stomp on their prey. Heavy weapons are recommend to bring them down. Grunthors tend to fight by themselves, but they might work together if given the chance. They also contain Leviathon Souls. 
  • Troglosaurs: These large saurpod like creatures with tenticles on their heads used to grab leaves off trees, they are the largest creature seen on Sargasso (alive). They are completely friendly, but are not careful when they put their feet down. Space Pirates often hide treasure on their backs. Their size keeps even Grunthors from attacking them.
  • Mature organic spores:
  • Wigwump:
  • Sargasso was home to the peaceful and huge Troglosaurs, which, though peaceful, could accidentally crush unlucky explorers under their enormous feet. The aggressive Grunthors that inhabited Sargasso were great sources of Raritanium and Leviathan Souls, plus, they yielded lots of experience when killed, making them excellent for weapon and nanotech upgrading. Large swarms of Anthropods could also be found on the dry patches of land, accompanied by Grubsnuckers. Kerchu guarded their gelatonium drilling derricks and plants, and would attack anyone who came close to them.

Behind the scenes

Many pre-release and demo screenshots included planet Sargasso, due to the various colors and brightness that could be shown as an example to the next-generation graphics and open levels the PS3 was capable of.



  • Sargasso is also the name of a sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The sea is often portrayed in popular culture as an area of mystery.


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