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Sarathos is a planet featured in Deadlocked. Located in the Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy, it is a swamp-covered planet with a very gaseous atmosphere, inhabited by monstrous scorpion-like creatures named leviathans. The planet was used for a battlecourse known as the Sarathos Swamp Romp for DreadZone.

Ratchet and Team Darkstar fought in the Sarathos battlecourse after fighting on the course in Catacrom Four. He fought several leviathans on the planet before then facing the larger King Leviathan. The battlecourse preceeded Kronos.


Little is known about the history of Sarathos prior to Ratchet's arrival during DreadZone. Vox Industries made use of the planet to build their battlecourse there at some point. It is known that some sentient beings named "Sarathosian Swamp Jaggas" are native to the planet, though little is known about them aside from their name and the colors they wore.[1]

Ratchet arrived for the Sarathos challenges as his second battlecourse. He and Team Darkaster were tasked with a series of challenges that would lead to battling the King Leviathan, the objective from the start.[2] After fighting through the aliens on the swamp, commandeering a Puma, and capturing a few control nodes, Ratchet was granted access to the King Leviathans' lair, defeated it, and completed the battlecourse.


Sarathos Swamp Romp map.

Sarathos is covered in swamp land, and has a thick green atmosphere, suggesting it is hostile to standard lifeforms without a gas mask. In addition to the swamp water in its rivers, several craters can be found in the ground that are filled with slime, with growths in the ground adjacent to them. The swamp of Sarathos is described as having a putrid smell.[3]

Sarathos is home to many bioforms, most of which are hostile to Ratchet and Team Darkstar. One example are the shriekers, small scurying pack hunters. These are found near the leviathans, more dangerous predators with stingers that shoot natural laser beams, and dwell in slime holes and the swamp water. In addition to these, jellyfish-like creatures are visible at the edges of the world, flying through the air.

The natural Sarathos swamp has several islands containing rocky hills and alien growths atop them. The DreadZone battlecourse adds many artificial features instead. Several arenas, maze-like structures, disparate platforms over the water, and bridges between them, are built from an alien material. Across the swamp's islands, many DreadZone metal tower constructs are situated. The King Leviathan's lair itself is surrounded by artificial constructs, in the form of an arena and audience podium built from the same alien material, surrounding the King Leviathan's natural habitat in the slime pit at its center.


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