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Sam,[1] also known as the Scrap Merchant, is a character in Ratchet & Clank, with a mention in the Going Commando menu and a cameo in Up Your Arsenal. He is a civilian from Gorda City on Oltanis, who sold scrap parts in his store and later founded a business, Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal.

Sam, much like many other people in the Solana Galaxy, has blue skin with black spikes growing out of his upper arms, has white hair, and wears glasses. As a result of surviving the blarg's bombing of the planet, he is deaf and covered in soot.

Sam is voiced by David Kaye, who also voices Clank, as well as Bob.


Sam selling Ratchet an infobot.

Sam was first seen on Channel 2 News, running around and screaming in terror in the background near Darla Gratch while his hair was fried. He managed to survive the blarg's attack on the planet but has lost his hearing due to the loud bombing. Ratchet later encountered him during "Find the survivors of the blarg attack," however, Sam misheard everything Ratchet said and offered him a broken turborator, a mangled carbonizer, or an infobot with coordinates to Quartu, for which he charged half price.[2] Ratchet purchased the infobot for 2,000 bolts and thanked Sam, though Sam misheard his thanks as a complaint.

Following Chairman Drek's defeat, Sam pursued a more exciting life outside of Solana after his brush with death, and moved to the Bogon Galaxy. Here, he founded Sam's Extreme Travel and Scrap Metal, a travel agency which offered tours to locations including the Maktar Resort and Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow.[1] Later in Up Your Arsenal, Sam appeared in the audience, watching the premiere of the Secret Agent Clank film.


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