Saboteur render.png

The saboteurs, also known as bandit ships, are enemies in Going Commando, appearing in the Deep Space Disposal Facility, Hrugis Cloud. Twenty saboteurs attacked the Deep Space Disposal Facility's sixteen power generators, during "Take out the Saboteurs", though Ratchet and Clank destroyed them for a reward in bolts. It is unknown who the saboteurs were affiliated with, or their motivations for attacking the Disposal Facility. It is possible that they installed the virus that led the repair drones to become berserk in the following challenge, "Destroy the Berserk Repair Drones".

32 bandit ships also attacked Ratchet and Clank on planet Gorn during the space challenge "Fight the Bandits". They were virtually identical to the saboteurs, but appeared to solely conduct banditry on a local sector of planet Gorn.

The saboteurs pilot bulky, yellow fighter-craft with an orange cockpit window and three thrusters. They fire red lasers in short bursts, and their ships are relatively durable. The saboteurs focus on the power generators, ignoring Ratchet and Clank's Star Explorer, and move relatively slow.

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