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Ryllus is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Size Matters. It is a plant-covered world home to the Vetega Jungle, covered with purple flora that are incredibly dangerous and hostile towards outsiders. Aside from its plants, it is inhabited by the Pygmy tribesmen and razorbacks. The jungle is also home to a large technomite temple, within which is a map containing the planets colonized by the race.

Ratchet and Clank visited Ryllus after seeing its coordinates etched on the side of a technomite artifact. The two traveled to the planet as their only lead on finding Luna, a girl they had encountered on Pokitaru, though they were unwittingly followed by Captain Qwark. Leaving Qwark with the ship's computer to research his family history, Ratchet and Clank accessed the temple, and from the map, obtained coordinates to Kalidon to continue the search for Luna.


Ryllus was at some point colonized by the technomites, who constructed the temple in the midst of the Vetega jungle, in which a map to their other planets was located. The temple was abandoned over time, though coordinates to it were located on the side of a device for use in the map room within the temple. Ryllus was also populated by the Pygmy tribesmen. Captain Qwark claimed to have been to Ryllus before, though it is likely he was lying.[1] At some point, Professor Sprout had arrived on the planet, developing the Sprout-O-Matic.

Professor Sprout.

When technomite robots captured Luna on Jowai Resort, Pokitaru, she dropped the device that could activate the map room within the temple, allowing Ratchet and Clank to pick it up.[a] Having no other leads to chase Luna, the duo followed the coordinates to the planet, urging Captain Qwark not to follow them.[2] Qwark ignored their advice and stowed away on their ship, much to Ratchet's annoyance. Once they landed, Qwark claimed he could help as he had visited the planet before, and offered to give directions in exchange for something. Ratchet offered to let him use his ship's computer to research his family history, and Qwark directed them to the largest structure with the reasoning that "the good stuff is always in the biggest buildings", to which Ratchet sarcastically thanked him.[1]

During "Investigate the artifact", Ratchet and Clank fought through the planet's hostile native species to reach the temple. Along the way, they were recorded by floating cameras, though Clank advised to ignore them, suspecting they were part of an automated security system.[3] One camera was seen secretly recording Qwark's attempt to find his family. Ratchet and Clank also encountered Professor Sprout, who celebrated that his Sprout-O-Matic had been completed, and gave them a prototype to thank them for helping with the final test.[4]

Clank activating the temple device.

Upon reaching the temple and finding it locked, Ratchet was willing to turn back and give up, though Clank fit through a crevice. In "Unlock the temple", Clank made use of gadgebots inside to navigate through and eventually unlock the door from inside. There, the device activated the technomite map room, much to Ratchet's surprise, and gave them coordinates to Kalidon.[5]



The Vetega Jungle.

Ryllus is a plant-covered world, and no water can be seen from space, nor can the shape of continents be made out properly. On the surface, its sun is hidden by a dense cover of the tree canopy, giving the forests a purple-colored tone. The world has a great amount of biodiversity, and is teaming with hostile flora, fauna, and wildlife, all of which are in conflict with one another, such as the bury blossoms that prey on the local Pygmy tribesmen. The pygmies themselves live underneath the mountains, using small crevices to exit and enter.

Ryllus' Vetega Jungle is mostly comprised of plateaus and trees. Alongside the path are some stone structures, all of which lead to the technomite temple located in the center. The trees range from smaller white trees with large orange leaves to much taller black trees, and among the plants are glowing mushrooms as well as smaller purple plants. Atop the plateaus are purple plant growths, and orange grass is spread across the ground.

Vetega Jungle path

The Vetega Jungle path.

The Vetega Jungle area seen in "Investigate the artifact" comprises a path on a forested island. The path leads through plateaus and trees that leads towards the technomite temple, located beyond a cliff edge at the end of the path. Though much of the bending path is natural, it begins with stone steps from the landing pad, has stone gates guarding the path partway through, and has stone blocks built into some of the hills along the way.

The path initially leads straight from the ship up to a gate, from which it then curves right for the remainder of the path. Throughout it, Pygmy tribesmen can attack from the trees and structures, and the native razorbacks and bury blossoms attack explorers. At the end is another stone road towards the cliff edge overlooking the temple.

Technomite temple

The temple.

The technomite temple is a stone building located on an island in the forest. It has a pyramid-like shape with a cylindrical center, shaped as an enlarged version of the technomite artifact once expanded to activate the map room located within. Most entrances only allow small creatures, such as Clank and the Pygmy tribesmen, and the island on which the temple is built can only be reached by traversing the disparate stone platforms in front of the structure, using the Hypershot.

The temple interior.

In the interior, the temple conceals more advanced technology than its exterior would suggest. Though the narrow hallways and rooms of the temple are mostly built with stone, neon green lights light up the trims of the rooms, and hexagonal brown tiles are used for the surface. The walls are decorated by mosaic patterns, as well as faces on the doors, and statues of technomites which resemble their leader, Otto Destruct. In the map room, this is even more on display, with cogs moving behind the walls and holographic technology being used to display the planets. The temple is also defended by traps such as darts and a stone boulder that is teleported upwards after it reaches the end of its path, as well as the moving automaton technomite guard statues.




  1. As the technomites planned on capturing Ratchet, leaving behind coordinates to the planet was likely deliberate.