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Ryllus was a plant-covered, fairly inhospitable planet, in the Solana Galaxy. Both the planet's fauna and flora were incredibly dangerous and hostile towards outsiders. It was on this planet that the Technomites built a huge temple were they guarded a map revealing all the planets they had colonized.

Geographic features

Planet Ryllus' surface

Ratchet on planet Ryllus

Ryllus had a diversity of bizarre plants. The sun was hidden, due to the dense cover of tree canopy, and gave the forests a purple-colored tone. Razorback Cats were native to this planet, as well as the carnivorous Bury Blossom plants. A large number of ruined temples were also some of the features.


Ryllus was a wild planet, teeming with hostile lifeforms of all shapes and sizes. The planet was known to be occupied by a sentient species, known as Pygmy Tribesmans. Even with the sentients, the planet remained in the neolithic age for years.

Ryllus was eventually was discovered by the ancient Technomite race, who built the Ryllus Temple in the midst of the wild Vetega Jungle. As time went on, the Technomites abandoned Ryllus, possibly over a lack of interest in the planet. Technomites still monitor the planet with flying cameras, and their ancient temple is still defended by ancient machines that continue to function.

Ryllus remained relatively unknown, occasionally being visited by offworlders. During the events of Size Matters, Ratchet, Clank and Qwark were lured to Ryllus by robotic kidnappers who left clues about the existence of the Technomites while kidnapping a young girl named Luna. Ratchet and Clank search of Ryllus with a Technomite Artifact led them into the Ryllus Temple. The artifact turned out to be a holographic map of all the worlds colonized by the Technomites, and revealed the possible location of Luna, on planet Kalidon.

Later on, it was revealed that the flying cameras on Ryllus had been watching Ratchet in order to see him in action, so the Technomites could train their Ratchet Clones to fight like Ratchet. It was also here that Otto Destruct fooled the gullible Captain Qwark into believing that Otto was his father.

Clank exploring the technomite temple

Clank exploring the technomite temple

Native Wildlife

Ryllus is a jungle world teaming with creatures. Although it had been colonized by the Technomites and Pygmy Tribesmans the sentinent life-forms native to this world, Ryllus in many ways is a wild planet. The creatures here will feast on the local savages and explorers if given the chance. Here are the creatures Ratchet encounters on Ryllus.


  • Pygmy Tribesmans: The natives of this world long before the Technomites arrived an colonized, are incredibly, primitive savages. They live in the ruins outside the Technomite Ruins, apparently to afraid to go any further into the highly secured Technomite Temple. These creatures are food for a local predator, the Bury Blossoms. As their name suggests, they are very tiny, and only take one hit from the Wrench to take out. They are not completely harmless as they hunt in groups, using large swords to slash Ratchet with. Be wary as they can roll into balls out of small cracks in the ruins to ambush their prey.
  • Razorback Cats: These deadly felines are can be found lurking in the Technomite ruins outside the Technomite Temple. These cats often feast on the local savages, and they will do the same to Ratchet. They can maw their prey if it get close enough; however, theys cats prefer to shoot their razor back spines at prey instead.
  • Bury Blossoms: These flowers are the top predator on Ryllus, and for good reason. They can throw acid slimeballs at prey and it'll harm Ratchet badly if he gets hit. If Ratchet nears them, they will attempt to bite of his head. These creatures eats Pygmy Tribesmans. Heavy weapons are recommended.


  • Ryllus was the only planet in the series, other than Torren IV in Polaris, to feature a natural ring system.


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