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Pete, better known by his nickname "Rusty Pete", is a minor antagonist in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty (as well as the game's narrator), with a cameo in A Crack in Time as a space radio presenter. He is a space pirate and the first mate of Captain Romulus Slag's pirate crew, often appearing alongside his captain singing off-key pirate melodies or exchanging banter with him.


Pre-Tools of Destruction

Rusty Pete was a space pirate of Captain Angstrom Darkwater's crew, and was given wedgies by fellow crew member Fred on annual holidays. Alongside Romulus Slag, the first mate at the time, he helped betray Darkwater. When Slag took over, Pete became the new first mate.

Tools of Destruction

Rusty Pete burps after eating some Oyster Chili

Pete accompanied Slag in his campaign to find the fabled Lombax Secret. Ratchet and Clank first encountered him on planet Ardolis, where the two managed to steal a lombax artifact before Slag and Pete almost found them.

After battling the space pirates on multiple occasions and searching the Polaris Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank tracked the Lombax Secret, a device known as the Dimensionator, to planet Jasindu. When they obtained his, Slag and Rusty Pete took it from them, and returned to their fleet in the Ublik Passage. Ratchet defeated Slag, destroying his body and blowing his head off. Pete took his head, and mourned Slag's loss, before then naming Ratchet the new pirate captain, naming him the "Dread Pirate Ratchet".

Later on, Rusty Pete returned to the Apogee Space Station as an ally, and attempted to teach Captain Qwark to speak like a pirate.

Quest for Booty

Rusty Pete and Captain Slag in Azorean Sea

Rusty Pete pretending to be Captain Slag about to fire Ratchet and Talwyn from a cannon to help them in their search for Clank

Rusty Pete encountered Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee once again on planet Merdegraw, where he held onto Slag's head. At first, Pete alerted the pirates in their fleet on the Azorean Sea to Ratchet and Talwyn's presence, causing them to be shot out of a cannon onto Hoolefar Island. Pete later met them on the island, and took them to Morrow Caverns, carrying Slag's head on a stick which he had reanimated by rerouting his databank to his vocal processor (a setup he abruptly named "Slag on a Stick").

After leading Ratchet inside the Caverns to Darkwater's old ship, he then betrayed Ratchet by placing Slag's head inside Darkwater, causing both Slag and Darkwater to reanimate sharing the same body, due to a curse that Darkwater had placed on himself binding his soul to his body. Pete then helped Slag and Darkwater and their crew of undead pirates. Later, Ratchet defeated Slag and Darkwater in their fleet in the Azorean Sea, causing Slag's head to fall into the sea. Pete dived in to save Slag's head, and took hold of Slag's head and a crate.

Pete then narrated the events of the game to Slag in a book after Ratchet had left the planet, with Slag often interrupting. After telling his story, Slag scolded Pete telling him that he didn't want to hear the story the first time, and demanding he row to Hoolefar Island and find a new body.

A Crack in Time

Pete and Slag managed to return to Ardolis and become hosts of a space radio station known as Pirate Radio. The two plugged advertisements, played songs, took requests, and often bickered. Rusty Pete also made his own school called "Rusty Pete's School of Piracy".

Rusty Pete played a character named Slate McSteel in Captain Qwark's movie, My Blaster Runs Hot. He was a protagonist and district attorney who helped Qwark. He was also playable in the arcade adaptation, My Blaster Runs Hot - The Game.

All 4 One

Sometime prior to the events of All 4 One, Rusty Pete opened up his own burger shack in Luminopolis on planet Igliak. According to Kip Darling, Pete's veggie-burgers were beloved by hipsters everywhere. The shack was destroyed after Dr. Nefarious unleashed a Light Eating Z'Grute that destroyed much of the city.[1]

Into the Nexus

A model of Rusty Pete appeared in the pirate section of the Intergalactic Museum of History on planet Igliak.

Rift Apart

Rusty Pete reappears in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart alongside Captain Qwark and Skidd McMarx, co-hosting the Festival of Heroes in Megalopolis, which would be interrupted by Dr. Nefarious and his Goons-4-Less. It is revealed that Rusty Pete now leads the Space Pirates and made a deal with the galactic authorities, that they would only loot people when "nobody is looking".

He has a dimensional counterpart named Pierre Le Fer in Rivet's dimension, who looks almost identical to him but with a very different personality.

Character details

3d model of Rusty Pete

Rusty Pete has a very slim appearance, being much thinner than Slag. He has a small face with large eyes, long thin arms and very short legs. His spherical shoulders can slide up and down the sides of his body. He did not appear very threatening, though he wields a blade in combat and possessed a double barreled gun.

Rusty Pete is a drunken pirate who would often sing pirate melodies off-key. He served more often as comic relief, having a much lighter voice than his captain. He also frequently hiccuped during, before and after most of his sentences, a possible side effect of the grog he drinks. He was at one point a vegetarian.

Behind the scenes

Rusty Pete concept art

Rusty Pete was voiced by Wally Wingert.

Pete is an unlockable skin in Tools of Destruction and Full Frontal Assault multiplayer.

The name "Dread Pirate Ratchet" that Rusty Pete gives to Ratchet after defeating Slag could be a reference to the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.

Pete implies in Quest for Booty that he is Jewish, as he states that his pirate skiff's GPS was given to him by his mother as a Hanukkah gift.