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Scourge of Polaris, and winner of Zordoom Prison's semiannual beauty pageant!

Captain Romulus Slag describing himself, QfB

Captain Romulus Slag is the secondary antagonist in Tools of Destruction and one of the two main antagonists in Quest for Booty, with a cameo as a space radio announcer in A Crack in Time. He was the leader of the space pirates in the Polaris Galaxy.

Slag was the space pirate leader who had become captain after double-crossing and killing Angstrom Darkwater, who had appointed Slag as first mate at the time. He became infamous for terrorizing and pillaging the Polaris Galaxy alongside his first mate, Rusty Pete, and his crew. He also hunted the Lombax Secret. When Ratchet eventually destroyed him and caused his head to blow off, Slag and Pete then became radio announcers for their own space radio station, Pirate Radio.


Pre-Tools of Destruction

Romulus Slag, alongside the other space pirates, was created by Percival Tachyon, the crown prince of the cragmites, to pillage the galaxy for lombax technology. When the pirates had gathered the technology that Tachyon required, Tachyon then banished Slag and the others to Praxus Seven.

Years later, Captain Angstrom Darkwater, the space pirate leader at the time, travelled to the Breegus Nebula and came into contact with the Zoni, whose leader gave him the Fulcrum Star, a device that could be used in an Obsidian Eye to contact the Zoni. Slag became jealous of his captain's success, and double-crossed him while they were pillaging Morrow Caverns and fought him. While Darkwater managed to know Slag's sword out of his hands, Slag stole Darkwater's blade and defeated Darkwater by decapitating him, leaving the blade stuck in his back. As per the pirate code, Slag then became the captain of the space pirates, and Rusty Pete, his long time best friend, became first mate.

Slag once stabbed a man over a cheeseburger, which he ironically didn't want.[2] Slag and his crew were believed to have raided the Apogee Space Station and stole a Lombax artifact from Max Apogee. Max went after them but never returned.

Tools of Destruction

Romulus Slag senses the presence of a Lombax

Slag and his space pirate first encountered Ratchet and Clank while leaving planet Fastoon on board the Aphelion, demanding they hand over the ship or be destroyed. Ratchet destroyed many pirate ships before eventually fleeing. Later, they encountered the two again on planet Ardolis with Talwyn Apogee to steal back a lombax artifact that the pirates had stolen from Max Apogee. Slag was able to detect Ratchet's scent when he had entered their treasure room, though Talwyn distracted him and allowed the two to escape.

Captain Slag and Rusty Pete in the Ublik Passage

Slag and Pete followed Ratchet to planet Jasindu, and fought both him and the kerchu. When Ratchet acquired the Dimensionator, Slag took it from him, daring Ratchet to follow him. Ratchet then followed him to his fleet in the Ublik Passage, and defeated Slag, causing his body to explode leaving only his head behind. Pete then mourned his old captain briefly, before embracing Ratchet as the captain. He nonetheless kept Slag's head around.

Quest for Booty

Slag on a Stick

Pete held onto Slag's head on planet Merdegraw, which Pete had named "Slag on a Stick". Pete managed to revive Slag by rerouting his databank to his vocal processor, allowing Slag to regain consciousness and talk. Slag was able to help Ratchet access the Morrow Caverns and help him pass through several puzzles, as well as helping him with passwords (including singing the "Song of the Dead"). Along the way, he mocked the dead crew for not joining in his mutiny, as Slag had killed them himself.

Slag's head on Darkwater's body

When Ratchet allowed Rusty Pete and Slag's head to reach Captain Darkwater's old ship, Pete double-crossed him and jammed Slag's head onto Darkwater's own body. As Darkwater had placed a curse on his body that forever bound his soul to it, both Slag and Darkwater had control over Darkwater's body, and often fought one another for full control of it. Slag then led a new crew of his own pirates and undead pirates to pillage Hoolefar Island.

Slag and Darkwater prepare to fight Ratchet

Ratchet then fought Slag and Darkwater in their fleet in the Azorean Sea, and managed to destroy Darkwater's body. Slag's head fell of once again, with Pete holding onto his head on a stick once again, as the two fell into the sea on a crate. Pete then narrated the story of the game's events from a book, with Slag interrupting at times. After finishing his story, Slag scolded Pete telling him that he didn't want to hear the story the first time, and demanded he find Slag a new body and row to Hoolefar Island.

A Crack in Time

Slag and Pete had managed to leave Merdegraw and return to Ardolis, where they then hosted a space radio station, Pirate Radio. The two broadcast advertisements, played songs, took requests, and bickered often over running the set, Slag still lamentably being a disembodied head. At some point, Rusty Pete also founded "Rusty Pete's School of Piracy", which was advertised on pirate radio, with Slag being one of the school's teachers.

Romulus Slag played a character named Gabriel Von Cabindish in Qwark's movie, My Blaster Runs Hot. He was the robotic villain who was evil for no particular reason.

Into the Nexus

Following this, Slag completely retired from his life of crime and moved to Stratus City on planet Kortog, where he acted as a semi-professional beat boxer. A model of him was on display in the pirate section of the Intergalactic Museum of History on planet Igliak.[3]



Slag is a large, metallic pirate with a huge belly, and his right hand can be swapped with a variety of weapons, including a hook. His belt also contains an apparent thermometer.

Slag shares some appearance traits with a swab pirate.


Slag is an often drunken pirate, who craved grog, women, and violence. He would often sing pirate chants with his first mate, Rusty Pete, and sought after treasure. He is also unnecessarily violent and selfish, betraying his own captain and pillaging ships.


In his original body, Slag's right arm could change into a variety of deadly weapons such as hooks and hammers. His hook could fire blue, crescent-shaped energy missiles that had the uncanny ability to follow his opponents until they vaporized them with an attack. The hammer could be used to crush enemies under its weight and create shockwaves. He also had a grog mug that allowed him to drink grog and then breathe fire from a distance. He was also electrified, making him a lethal opponent in close combat.

When using Darkwater's body, he showed skill in swordsmanship. However, he would find it hard to stick his blade out of the floor. This body also gave him the ability to fly and teleport, when enveloped in Darkwater's ghostly aura. Slag also wielded a pistol.

Behind the scenes

Captain Slag concept art

Romulus Slag was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in the English version.

Concept art of Captain Slag shows his design with some weaponry concepts, such as 'breathing' flames and an electronic power arm.[4]


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