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Robot Ninjas were Number Woo's henchmen from Asyanica. They had an ability to disappear. Giant versions of the Robot Ninjas also appeared as enemys in Qwark's fake biography. They also seemed to use only use melee attacks. They served the ninja masters. 


Qwark claimed to have fought Giant Robot Ninjas and Giant Exploding Robot Ninjas during his battle with the mechanical monster. The Giant Exploding Robot Ninjas would explode when knocked into something else, which Qwark used to take down the power stations that the mechanical monster was using to power itself up.

List of known Robot Ninjas

  • Gilbert, Sword of the West Wind
  • Erazo, Granter of Anguish
  • Vengeful Blade Hampton
  • Poison Pen Martin
  • Six Jackal Kenneth
  • Baron von James
  • Super-Effective Bennet
  • Airbrushed Stratton'
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