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The Robot Lieutenant is a character in Ratchet & Clank, with a cameo in Up Your Arsenal. He was one of Chairman Drek's top lieutenants, and second in command for his robot army. He was responsible for Drek's deforestation of Eudora.

In the 2016 re-imagined game and movie, a new character, Victor Von Ion, is introduced, with a vaguely similar appearance and story to the Robot Lieutenant.


Ratchet & Clank

The Robot Lieutenant at some point became one of the highest in command, replacing his former commanding officer who disappointed Drek.[1] He was first seen onboard Drek's flagship in Drek's fleet, while discussing the destruction of Novalis with Agnogg Buckwash. After Drek lost his patience with Buckwash, the Lieutenant grabbed him and took him back to Novalis.

The Robot Lieutenant speaking on Planet-Cam.

Later, Drek sent the Robot Lieutenant to deforest Eudora, to harvest its trees for Drek's new planet. The Lieutenant and the deforestation robots completed this task slower than scheduled,[1] and barely completed his order.[2] However, Drek nonetheless asked the Lieutenant to remain on the planet and destroy its trees.

Ratchet and Clank eventually met the Lieutenant in "Confront robot lieutenant" on Eudora, while he was still destroying the trees. The Lieutenant appeared menacing at first, though after a few moments, he instead fled intimidated by Ratchet and his OmniWrench and dropped behind an infobot for the Blarg Tactical Research Station.

Despite apparently no longer working for Drek, the Robot Lieutenant appeared in later scenes, including one for Orxon in which he held a gun to the head of the Blarg Scientist to search for a new orbit for Drek's new planet, and one on Quartu in which he appears in the commercial for the Ultra-Mech Unlimited.

Up Your Arsenal

The Robot Lieutenant appeared at the premiere for the Secret Agent Clank movie.


The Robot Lieutenant is a large, intimidating robot with a protruding jaw, and green and gold paint resembling a military uniform. He has red eyes and smokes a cigar. Despite the Lieutenant's menacing appearance, he was portrayed as incompetent and unable to complete his orders,[1] and was not feared by Ratchet and Clank.[3] The Lieutenant, however, was fearful of them, fleeing them immediately before engaging, and he also appeared to be intimidated by Drek.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Robot Lieutenant was voiced by Neil Flynn.

The Lieutenant was going to appear as a boss level on Eudora, but he was cut due to budget constraints.[4]

In the 2016 re-imagined game and movie of Ratchet & Clank, Victor Von Ion's protruding jaw and large appearance somewhat resemble the Robot Lieutenant, though he has otherwise an entirely different role, personality, and appearance.