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Robosquawkers[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank encountered in the Gemlik Base in the Oltanis orbit. They are bird-like blargian robots used by Drek Industries to provide security to the station and were encountered by Ratchet and Clank when they explored the station during "Explore base". Their behavior is similar to that of birdbots.

Robosquawkers are bipedal robots with two wings, a large jaw, a single blue visor serving as an optical sensor, large feet, and orange metal plating with white stripes. They are usually found in groups of about six, remaining aerial and descending to the ground after spotting a target, then returning to flight when no target is in sight. When running towards a target, they move in a slight zigzag pattern to attack with their jaws. They will quickly strike with a loud clank, rotating to follow their targets when biting but otherwise standing still. Their low durability makes them susceptible to the OmniWrench or weapons such as the Pyrocitor, posing little threat.


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