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Robomutts[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank, the 2016 re-imagined game and Rift Apart. They are blargian robot canines used by Drek Industries that travel in groups, fought in one variant on Kerwan, and in a stronger variant on Drek's fleet (or the Deplanetizer in the re-imagined release). They are either led by blarg commanders, accompanying sentry-bots (warbots in the re-imagined release), or spawned from blarg generators. In Rift Apart they are used by the Goons-4-Less to assist them in hunting their bounty targets and are fought along with them in several locations, a counterpart to them are also shown to exist in Rivet's dimension under space pirate usage.


Ratchet & Clank

In the original release, robomutts were found accompanying blarg commanders during "Visit Al's Roboshack" and "Explore the rest of the city", and were fought by Ratchet around Al's roboshack. Later, a variant of robomutts were fought in Drek's fleet in the Veldin orbit during "Find the coordinates for Drek's laser", accompanying sentry-bots. These types were able to see through the Hologuise, and upon spotting Ratchet, their green eyes would turn to red and they would attack. Ratchet had to avoid or defeat them while infiltrating each of the ships in the fleet.


In the re-imagined release, robomutts were fought during "Find a route to the Hall of Heroes" and "Find a train to the Hall of Heroes" after Ratchet and Clank fell to Downtown Aleero City on Kerwan, accompanying blarg commanders around Al's roboshack and on the way to the grav-train. A few were later encountered in groups across the grav-train in "Ride the train to the Hall of Heroes". Later, larger hordes of upgraded robomutts were found onboard the Deplanetizer, accompanying warbots.

Rift Apart

Robomutts reappear in Rift Apart, being used by the Goons-4-Less as their factions swarmer type enemy. Originally having been created by Drek Industries, Goons-4-Less buy them in bulk to assist in hunting down targets.

A robomutt is also seen guarding a prison cell on Ardolis.


Concept art for re-imagined release.

Robomutts are metallic canines with large heads and large metal jaws, which they use to bite enemies. They also have large green eyes (yellow in the re-imagined release) and bark much like dogs. They are found in groups and will charge towards an enemy to bite them, taking orders from a commander.

The upgraded variants of robomutts have an antenna on top of their head and two on their cheeks, with eyes that glow red upon detecting an enemy or upon suspicion. These robomutts are capable of detecting an enemy through a hologuise, and used onboard blarg ships to defend them from intruders.


Robomutts, upon detecting an enemy, will bark loudly, and if reachable, charge towards them and bite. After their first bite, hit or miss, they will then pause slightly before attacking the next enemy, though on Kerwan in the original release, they will instead return to their original position before attacking again. In the original release, robomutts are best defeated either with the OmniWrench or the Pyrocitor before they get close. Strangely, the robomutts on Kerwan cannot be sucked up by the Suck Cannon, but the variant on Drek's fleet can. In the re-imagined release, robomutts are best dealt with using area-of-effect weapons, namely the Proton Drum, Pyrocitor, or Pixelizer, though Mr. Zurkon can also help defeat them before they get too close.


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