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The Robo-Wings are a gadget granted to Clank by the Zoni in Tools of Destruction. They allow Clank to fly in the air for an unlimited time once activated at a gelatonium fuel pad. The Robo-Wings are granted to Clank in Stratus City on planet Kortog, and function using zeptotech ("zepto" being smaller than "nano") more advanced than the Polaris Galaxy.


Ratchet gliding on Sargasso.

Robo-Wings are activated by pressing Triangle when Ratchet stands on a gelatonim pad. The player can steer the wings using the SIXAXIS, or analog stick depending on options menu, and gain altitude by flapping wings with X. Pressing Triangle can deactivate the flight.

The Robo-Wings is activated from gelatonium pads found on Kortog, throughout Sargasso, and on planet Igliak.

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