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Ah, yes, I did make a suit modeled after my own creator. I thought it might be fun to order Nefarious around from time to time. Turns out, it's very therapeutic!

Klunk on Robo-Nefarious, SAC

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Robo-Nefarious was a robotic copy of Klunk's creator, Dr. Nefarious. It was created by Klunk on planet Mariona as part of a large scale evil scheme against Klunk's nemesis, Clank, his partner Ratchet, and all organic life forms in the Solana galaxy. Robo-Nefarious was part of the final boss fight against Klunk in Secret Agent Clank.


Following the defeat and disappearance of Dr. Nefarious, Klunk returned to his homeworld, Mariona. Here, he built two mechanized suits: Robo-Nefarious, and Robo-Ratchet. He had also built the Kingpin suit on Jorsey to disguise himself as a crime lord. He then stored his three suits in his base on planet Hydrano. Robo-Nefarious was designed to duplicate Klunk's creator, and possessed new abilities based on the doctor's own abilities. Klunk also apparently took pleasure in acting as a superior and giving orders to a substitute of his maker, finding the experience fun and quite therapeutic. When Klunk's use of the Kingpin disguise was finished, the three suits together would be utilized in Klunk's soon-to-be final battle with Agent Clank.

When Agent Clank confronted his evil copy inside his control room, Klunk teleported them both to a battle arena. Here, Klunk fought Clank with his hand-to-hand moves, and then called on his robotic suits to even the odds. The suits were all kept in cylindrical glass tube cases, rising up out of their non-visible containment slots and breaking through the glass when Klunk needed them. The Kingpin was the first suit used, but thereafter was damaged and powered down, Klunk abandoned it, was again bested in a close-quarters attack, and hopped inside the released Robo-Nefarious suit. As the battle went on, Klunk alternated between the three robot suits repeatedly in conjunction with his own Kung-Fu. Eventually, Clank put all three suits out of commission and defeated Klunk. After Klunk was put in Ratchet and Clank's custody, it is unknown what became of the Hydrano base or the suits.


While hovering around the arena with its wings, Robo-Nefarious utilized two attacks against Clank. It threw energy balls that formed triangular pads on the floor, which would make electrical spaces Clank needed to avoid stepping on. It also fired streams of blue energy from its palms.

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