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Rivet is a playable character in Rift Apart. She is a lombax and an alternate dimension version of Ratchet. Rivet makes her debut in Rift Apart when Clank gets separated from Ratchet, taking him with her after finding him in Nefarious City, following the dimensionator’s destruction and later teaming up with him and Ratchet to help them stop the dimensional cataclysm.


Pre-Rift Apart

Little is known about Rivet's past, though she grew up on Sargasso working for the Morts' gelatonium refineries as a delivery person. At some point, she established or joined the Resistance movement along with Captain Quantum and Phantom, going against the tyrannical Emperor Nefarious. One day, she found a secret entrance into the Emperor's tower and attempted to sneak in alone, only to have a warbot sneak up on her and blast off her right arm before suddenly stopping its attack. Following this, Rivet built herself a robotic arm and had become wary of robots ever since.

At one point in time, Rivet met Space Pirate first mate Pierre Le Fer at an unknown location, and the two became recurring rivals and occasional collaborators, with Pierre sometimes providing Rivet with mechanical parts she needed. Rivet also may have been incarcerated in Zordoom Prison for some time before eventually coordinating an escape alongside other inmates, among them being Angela Cross.

Rift Apart

During a Resistance mission to steal an Infobot from the Emperor's forces, Rivet came across Clank, who had been damaged during his and Ratchet's dimension-jumping conflict with Dr. Nefarious. Her hesitance to trust robots due to her violent history with them made her highly suspicious of Clank when she found him after the Dimensionator exploded and she refused to believe his story of what had happened regarding the dimensional anomalies now threatening her universe and that his missing friend is a lombax, refusing to use his name and only referring to him by "Bolts". She abducted him to get answers and took him to her hideout on Sargasso to analyze his memory banks. There, upon discovering that Clank had been telling the truth about everything, Rivet felt very guilty for how she had treated him and fought to save his life from a Seekerpede attempting to retrieve the infobot but mistakingly taking Clank instead. From this point on Rivet begins to attempt to make things up to Clank and starts by finding the part to fix his communicator so he can contact his friend Ratchet. Over time, "Bolts" becomes an affectionate nickname Rivet refers to Clank by as their relationship grows. Upon speaking with Ratchet and forming a plan together, she decided to assist them in fixing the breaking dimensions. While Ratchet went on his own adventure to build a new Dimensionator, Rivet and Clank sought out the Phase Quartz needed to power it, putting them in conflict with not only the Emperor's army but also Goons-4-Less and Pierre Le Fer's space pirates.

After getting the Phase Quartz, Rivet and Clank met with Ratchet, who by this time has teamed up with a robot named Kit. They ended up walking into a trap set by Dr. Nefarious, who stole the Phase Quartz and the new Dimensionator. Rivet briefly battled Dr. Nefarious before the real Emperor Nefarious showed up and took the Dimensionator for himself. Rivet and Kit followed the Emperor back to Sargasso and stopped his invasion, and they later infiltrated the Emperor's flagship on Savali but were unable to stop him from getting the Dimensional Map. During this, it was revealed to Rivet that Kit was the warbot that blasted off her arm.

Rivet then traveled to Zordoom Prison to save Ratchet, Clank, and Kit after the two Nefariouses sent them there, saving the other members of the Resistance in the process. Rivet tried to forgive Kit for her past actions, but Kit's insistence that she isolates herself from other people (coupled with Rivet's own frustration) led to them angrily terminating their partnership.

At Zurkie's, Rivet, Ratchet, and the rest of the Resistance, while thinking up a plan of action, discovered through a broadcast that Emperor Nefarious was beginning his conquest of Ratchet's dimension, starting with Megalopolis. The resistance planned one final assault to stop Emperor Nefarious from destroying the dimensions and followed him through the rift he had made for his invading armies, with Ratchet, Clank, and Rivet leading the assault against his forces. After Ratchet disabled the Emperor's Imperial Power Suit, Rivet faced him one-on-one, and Kit returned to help fight off the bulk of his robotic army. Together, they finally defeated Emperor Nefarious and saved the dimensions from being destroyed.

In the end, Rivet apologized for what she said to Kit, how she reacted to her feelings and thanked her for coming back to save her in the fight. After realizing they became true friends over the course of their adventure, they decided to continue working as a team like Ratchet and Clank.



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Rivet is a lombax with white fur with pigeon blue stripes, thin dark eyebrows, a small light pink nose, and light blue eyes. The fur on her forehead resembles a tuft of hair. She wears a pair of black goggles with blue lenses on her head, silver hoop earrings in each ear (two on the right and one on the left), a black and gray jumpsuit with a silver belt, an orange scarf, a black left glove with two orange stripes almost at the end, and black boots with an orange detail. She also has a yellow bionic right arm. Unlike the only other known female lombax, Angela Cross, she has a long bushy tail similar to that of a raccoon’s or a fox's and noticeably different from those of Ratchet and Alister Azimuth, who both have tails similar to that of a lion. This may be because of her being from a different dimension, giving her anatomical differences. She also uses a hammer as her main weapon.


Like Ratchet, Rivet is heroic, adventure-loving, sassy, quick to act, and prone to making witty jokes in tense situations. In addition, much like her counterpart, Rivet is willing to put her life on the line to protect the downtrodden and help those in dire need. Rivet is a strong optimist and maintains her fighting spirit in spite of the Emperor's numerous victories over her and her allies and always believes they can still win in the end. She is described as being a secret softie but attempts to hide it with a tough exterior. However, being a loner has left her socially awkward, skeptical, sour, jaded, and being unacquainted with teamwork. Despite claims of being used to working alone and preferring to not have a partner, Rivet is very lonely, at least until she meets Clank, Ratchet, and Kit. Throughout the story, Rivet manages to break through the barriers of loneliness to the point of accepting Kit as her partner, becoming a happier individual.

Rivet learns the truth about Kit.

Rivet suffers from some degree of PTSD due to losing her arm on a mission. Further, the loss of her arm to a warbot and constantly fighting the robotic empire of Emperor Nefarious or the robotic Space Pirates have left Rivet very distrustful towards robots, not exactly hating them but is suspicious of them, as she didn't believe Clank's story about being from a different dimension until seeing his memory bank. Clank noted that her wariness towards robots is a key difference between Rivet and Ratchet. Despite this, Rivet's journey with Clank would lead them to develop a friendship almost similar to Clank's with Ratchet, with Rivet building Clank a new arm at the end of their adventure. When she found out that Kit was the one who took her arm, Rivet was very angry that she kept this from her, even believing that Kit had lied to her about being her friend. Although Clank convinced Rivet to try to forgive Kit, Rivet only got even angrier when she realized that Kit just wanted to go back into hiding instead of helping in stopping Emperor Nefarious. When Kit finally returned to help defeat Emperor Nefarious, Rivet forgave her and the two developed a true friendship.

Rivet nervously meets Ratchet in person for the first time.

Rivet has an argument with Ratchet about Kit.

Similar to Ratchet, Rivet is naturally excited and awed at the prospect of meeting another Lombax. She expresses a desperate want to find other lombaxes and kinship with others of her kind and is shocked to hear of Ratchet's hesitance to go to the lombax dimension, with her saying she'd happily go in his place. In contrast, Ratchet is happy with the life he has in his dimension with Clank and Talwyn and doesn't consider finding the other lombaxes to be as important to him as Rivet. Rivet has lived a different life from Ratchet, fighting the Nefarious Empire for so long and losing friends in the many fights, she doesn't have the kind of relationships he has and as a result feels rather lonely, with her hope of finding others of her race being a great driving force for her. However, upon getting closer to the point of meeting Ratchet, Rivet showed a more clumsy and nervous side, becoming uncomfortable about finally being able to meet another Lombax, having never met another her whole life. Once they do meet, both Rivet and Ratchet felt a little embarrassed in each other's presence but got along well enough quickly, simultaneously saying the same words a few times. Even when they briefly argued when Ratchet accused Rivet of being too scared of Kit while Rivet claimed Ratchet was too scared to find their kind, the two Lombaxes were quick to forgive each other.

Upon reaching the giant excavation drill on Blizar Prime, Rivet remarks it has always been her lifelong dream to operate a drill a hundred times bigger than herself. She maintained this particular aim as in her own words she considers specific goals to be achievable goals. Some of Rivet's favourite foods include; deep fried zanky, toads in a blanket and flame-broiled sharkigator with a dash of zurp.

Behind the scenes

Development art


Rivet received a very positive reaction following her introduction in Rift Apart, both for her personality and for Jennifer Hale's voice acting performance. Steve Watts, writing for GameSpot, called Rivet the real star of Rift Apart and a strong addition to the series, to the point of wishing she had her own standalone game. He said that Hale's voice acting introduces a "disarming amount of emotional heft", successfully portraying tinges of self-doubt and loneliness even while Rivet maintains heroic determination.[1] Jonathon Dornbush, writing for IGN, concurred, praising Hale's performance and calling Rivet one of Insomniac Games' best-written characters, saying her distinctive personality made her more than simply a gender-swap of Ratchet.[2] Andrew Reiner, writing for Game Informer, said that the game delivered satisfying answers to who Rivet is and what happened to her, saying she energized the story, but felt that her moveset and arsenal in gameplay being a carbon-copy of Ratchet's was a missed opportunity.[3]