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Planet Rionosis was well known by its New Year celebrations. Because the planet moves round the sun at such a rapid speed, a new year comes in every 4.2 seconds. Clank followed the Kingpin in the Azcotal Alley in order to find the Eye of Infinity. The planet is also home to the Expatriots and Henchbots.

The terrain of the planet appeared to be mountainous, as mountains could be seen during the Gondola Ascent, as well as volcanoes, as one was seen in the Azcotal Alley, during Clank's chase of the Kingpin, and soon to come, Jack of All Trades.


Hawkers: Bird like beings known as Hawkers are the native intelligent life form here. They appear to chiefly live up in the mountains, living in small towns such as Azcotal Alley. To reach other mountain towns, they built flying Gondolas to get across. Due to the fact that a single year lasts only 4.2 seconds, Hawkers are constantly celebrating.

Rionosis City

Behind the scenes


The name "Rionosis" and the Azcotal Alley therein are both a reference to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, famous around the world for its carnivals.

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