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The Rift Inducer is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It is a small carbine which fires a black hole which suck up and kill enemies nearby. The Rift Inducer was available upon reaching Holostar Studios from any Gadgetron vendor. The Rift Inducer can be upgraded to the Rift Ripper with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Rift Ripper for 760,000 bolts from any Gadgetron vendor.

A modified Rift Inducer was released by GrummelNet in A Crack in Time, known as the Rift Inducer 5000. These versions launched a portal with a hungry alien called "Fred", which pulled in enemies within range.


The Rift Inducer is a small, light blue carbine with a polygonal nozzle and a left-hand grip. It fires black holes which pull in every enemy surrounding them and suck them into another dimension.[1] The Rift Ripper is a larger, dark blue and purple weapon, which is rounder and features rotating blades.


Ratchet using the Rift Inducer.

The weapon's black holes deplete the health of enemies nearby and suck them in once their health reaches zero. It is, therefore, most efficient when fired at clusters of enemies, and can eliminate entire mobs of enemies very quickly. The Rift Inducer is an extremely powerful weapon once acquired and can take care of the majority of threats. The main weaknesses of the weapons are that it is harder to aim the black holes in terms of their distance, less efficient against lone enemies, and that it is mostly useless against bosses or larger enemies such as the guard bots or 'noid commanders. The Rift Inducer is a very strategic weapon, and placing black holes in specific areas can provide it with both offensive and defensive utility.

The Rift Inducer's V2 upgrade allows it to combine with multiple black holes when near, making the black holes even more powerful. This can be useful if fighting in a smaller space or against more concentrated enemies, and provides the option to clear one cluster of enemies faster in addition to simply spreading the black holes. The V3 upgrade grants it the lock-on mod, though this adds little to the use of the weapon. The V5 upgrade allows the Rift Ripper to shock enemies nearby. This makes it even more devastating than it already was, though it does not make up for its weakness against bosses.

Behind the scenes

Concept art of the Rift Inducer.

The Rift Inducer was originally created for Going Commando, but was removed because it was too powerful and it would take too long to balance it.[2] It was replaced with the Bouncer.[3]

Early footage of Up Your Arsenal used by Insomniac Games during a presentation showcases the Rift Inducer, along with the Infector, being tested on the Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death from Going Commando.[4]



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