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Rift Apart script comprises the full verbal transcript of Rift Apart.

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Intro movie

Nefarious Trooper: Members of the Resistance, report to your nearest intake facility immediately. We promise nothing nefarious will befall you. We promise.

Nefarious Trooper: Resistance members, report to the VIP section of your nearest intake facility for cumpolsary behavioral modification. It will be fun. Fun.

Resistance Member: Your suit appears to be working nicely. Blending right in.

Resistance Member: There's the assistant... and there is the infobot.

Rivet: (sighs)

Resistance Member: Masterful work. Now get out of there and decrypt that thing.

Emperor's Assistant: Where is the infobot?!

Distressed Civilian: (screams)

Resistance Member: Go, go, go, your ship is up ahead!

Resistance Member: Where are you going?!

Distressed Civilian: (screams)

Nefarious Trooper: (laughs)

Rivet: (grunts)

Rivet: Hey, it's okay, see...? Just me.

Distressed Civilian: Rivet?

Rivet: Shhh. Gotta go. Here—it'll help you get home. I designed it to be one-size-fits-all, so it should...

Distressed Civilian: Thank you.

Megalopolis 1

Navigate the Parade Route

Captain Qwark: Yes, it is a fine day for the Festival of Heroes here in Megalopolis!

Ratchet: Don't you think it's weird to throw a celebration for us? I mean, we haven't done anything heroic in... years. What if everyone thinks we're washed up? What if we are washed up...? Hm?

Clank: Luckily, we will not need to perform any heroics... (chuckles) Unless you count smiling and waving.

Ratchet: (sighs) Right.

Clank: (chuckles)

Captain Qwark: Give a big welcome to the Grand Marshals of our parade...

Captain Qwark and Skidd: Ratchet and Clank!

Ratchet: (chuckles)

Captain Qwark: I, Captain Copernicus Leslie Qwark, will be your host!

Skidd: With me! Skidd McMarx!

Rusty Pete: And (hiccup) Rusty Pete!

Ratchet: Wow, haven't seen these guys in ages!

On-screen: Lua error in Module:Icon at line 13: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). to View Character Bios in Gallery

(After waiting by the crowd near the parade entrance.)
Ratchet: Hey, this is a pretty big turnout!

Clank: Even after all of these years. It is... exciting.

Ratchet: Yeah, it is, huh?

Civilian: We love you!

(After waiting near the pedestal before grabbing the wrench.)
Captain Qwark: Our heroes will now join us on their pedestal!

Skidd: Yeah, let's get this party started!

(Upon picking up the wrench.)
Skidd: Give it up for our heroes!

Captain Qwark: Yes, folks, we have a momentous day in store for you! Starting with me, and ending with a surprise gift from Clank to Ratchet!

Clank: Oh dear... Must he tell the entire galaxy?

Ratchet: Wait, a gift? For what?

Clank: Oh, you will see. It is awaiting us at the front of the parade route.

Ratchet: Well, we'd better get moving, then!

Captain Qwark: It all started on planet Veldin, with Ratchet, a restless tinkerer, hungry for adventure!

(Upon crossing the bridge on the Veldin re-enactment.)
Captain Qwark: That night, Clank's ship came crashing from the night sky! Ratchet rescued the defective warbot... and the rest is intergalactic history.

On-screen: X to Jump

(Upon reaching the button at the end of the Veldin re-enactment.)
On-screen: X and X in the air to Double Jump

On-screen: X then Square to Wrench Slam

(Upon hitting the button at the end of the Veldin re-enactment.)
Captain Qwark: And the crowd goes wild!

(Upon stepping on the pedestal to the Kerwan re-enactment.)
Captain Qwark: And now, our heroes will clear this festive barricade!

On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Wrench

(Upon destroying the festive barricade.)
Captain Qwark: Who could forget the blarg invasion of Kerwan?!

(Upon picking up the Burst Pistol.)
Captain Qwark: Show the crowd some of those world-class sharpshooting skills!

Captain Qwark: Well, once he grabs some ammo of course!

On-screen: R2 to Shoot Blarg Ships

(Upon destroying the blarg ships.)
Captain Qwark: At last, the Hall of Heroes is safe!

Goon-4-Less: Hey! I think I found the lombax!

Captain Qwark: What is this supposed to be a re-enactment of?

Goon-4-Less: You've got a sweet bounty on your head, lombax! And we want it!

Clank: Ratchet, I do not believe this is part of the show.

(Upon stepping on the pedestal to the Kalebo III re-enactment.)
Ratchet: Someone put a bounty on us?

Ratchet and Clank: (screams)

Clank: I hope this is not about your gift... Hurry, we must get to the front of the parade route!

(Upon reaching the mag surface on the Kalebo III re-enactment.)
Clank: Oh dear!

Ratchet: Activating Magneboots!

On-screen: Hold L2 and move Right analog stick to Aim

On-screen: R2 to Shoot

(Upon defeating the goon on the Kalebo III re-enactment surface.)
Skidd: C'mon, let's keep this show goin'! Catch a ride!

On-screen: L1 to Tethershot

(Upon Tethershotting onto Skidd's pedestal.)
Ratchet: So much for smiling and waving, huh?!

Clank: I would bet the blargs are behind this, or the cragmites, or... oh. Dr. Nefarious.

Ratchet: Ha! No way! Nefarious has been retired longer than we have!

Captain Qwark: And now our heroes traverse this intentionally laid path of balloons!

(After the balloon explodes when Ratchet bounces on it.)
Ratchet and Clank: (screams)

Rusty Pete: Welcome to (hiccups) Ardolis! Watch out for swashbuckling marauders...!

Goons-4-Less: Robomutts, attack!

Rusty Pete': Really brings you back to the good old days, don't it?

(Upon defeating the goons on the Ardolis re-enactment.)
Rusty Pete: Our heroes vanqu—(hiccups)—ished the enemy! Now ye must walk the dangerous plank of doom!

Clank: There, we can glide over!

On-screen: Hold X to Glide Down

(Upon gliding to the Great Clock re-enactment.)
Captain Qwark: Ah, the mysteries of the Great Clock...

Goons-4-Less: C'mon bros, get him surrounded!

Captain Qwark: Again with the fighting?! I had an emotional monologue prepared for this one!

Goons-4-Less: Hold up, bros. We just want the lombax, then you can go back to whatever this sick party is.

(Upon defeating the first set of goons on the Great Clock re-enactment.)
Clank: More goons incoming!

Clank: Oh no! They are landing on the back of the float!

Goons-4-Less: There he is! Let's get that sweet bounty cash!

(Upon defeating the second set of goons on the Great Clock re-enactment.)
Ratchet: Let's take out that dropship and end this!

(Upon defeating the Goon Dropship.)
Ratchet: A little rusty, but not too bad!

Captain Qwark: Are they gone? (coughs)

Captain Qwark: And now, we reach the present of our heroes' story. Ratchet, the last known lombax, whose kind is lost in another dimension, will receive a mysterious gift from Clank.

(Upon reaching the front of the parade route.)
Clank: I had a speech prepared, but considering that our event seems to be under assault, I will cut to the chase.

Clank: Ratchet, I do not know where I would be without you. You are my closest friend, my teammate, and you have given up a lot too... I have repaired the Dimensionator. So you can travel through dimensions and find your family.

Ratchet: Oh, pal, I...

Ratchet: What...? Dr. Nefarious?!

Dr. Nefarious: Ratchet and Clank! What a wonderful surprise! I didn't expect to see you here—considering my goons were meant to annihilate you eight minutes ago!

Clank: Oh. What do you want, Nefarious?!

Dr. Nefarious: This!

Dr. Nefarious: (laughs)

Dr. Nefarious: Can't anyone print instruction manuals anymore?!

Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Dr. Nefarious: (laughs)

(Upon latching onto the grind rail while pursuing Dr. Nefarious.)
Ratchet: We have to get the Dimensionator away from Dr. Nefarious!

On-screen: Left analog stick and X to Switch Grind Rail

Clank: Yes, and quickly! Whatever he has planned, it can not be good!

(Upon reaching the end of the grind rail while pursuing Dr. Nefarious.)
Ratchet: (screams)

Goon-4-Less: Here to turn yourself in, lombax?!

(Upon defeating the goons while pursuing Dr. Nefarious.)
Dr. Nefarious: You're still here?! Of course you are, why wouldn't you be?!

Clank: Wait! Perhaps we can put Qwark's pyrotechnics to use!

Ratchet: Let's light him up!

(Upon hitting the button to activate the fireworks.)
Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Ratchet: (screams)

Civilians: (gasp, scream)

Clank: I should have known Nefarious would try something like this.

Ratchet: Don't beat yourself up. This'll be just like old times! Come on, it looks like Nefarious landed somewhere near the train station.

Ratchet: Oh, Mrs. Zurkon! We should grab a weapon.

Mrs. Zurkon: Need a weapon? Mrs. Zurkon has it all.

On-screen: Use bolts to buy weapons from Mrs. Zurkon

(When Mrs. Zurkon approaches Ratchet during challenge mode.)
Mrs. Zurkon: Ratchet, my favorite customer. You now have access to the omega line of weapons. ‘’Very’’ exciting. Enjoy omega destruction.

(After purchasing a weapon from Mrs. Zurkon.)
Ratchet: More goons incoming!

(When only one goon remains at the train station.)
Ratchet: Last one!

(Upon defeating all goons at the train station.)
Ratchet: The train's pulling away, let's go!

(After running through the station.)
Ratchet: Put down the Dimensionator, Nefarious!

Dr. Nefarious: "Put down the Dimensionator!" Yeah. Right. Today, you will see what losing feels like! Spoiler: it's exhausting! As soon as I figure out these stupid coordinates...

Dr. Nefarious: Say goodbye!

Dr. Nefarious: (screams) What did you do?!

Ratchet: Whoa! What just happened?

Clank: We may have a slight problem.

Ratchet: The bridge is shot... there has to be another way across.

Clank: Hm... the rifts are reacting to the phase quartz in your glove. Try pointing it at one of them.

On-screen: L1 to Rift Tether

(Upon using the first Rift Tether).
Ratchet: Yeah, this is definitely gonna come in handy.

Ratchet: Did you see that?!

Clank: (laughs) That was rather exciting.

(Upon the Goon pulling up on the train.)

Goon-4-Less: The pain train has arrived!

Goon-4-Less: You ain't gettin' through here!

Goon-4-Less: Riding the train to Bountyville!

Goon-4-Less: You like my ride, bro!?

(After jumping off the train and proceeding forward.)
Civilian: Oh no, here they come!

Civilian: Go, go!

Goon-4-Less: Release the robomutts!

Ratchet: I wonder how much Nefarious is paying these guys?

Clank: Not nearly enough.

(Upon entering the train station building.)
'On-screen: Train Station

Ratchet: Whoa, watch your head!

Clank: This is worse than I had imagined!

Civilian: What is going on?

Clank: Sandsharks, from above!

Civilian: Nice sandshark, nice sandshark!

(After defeating the sandshark the civilian is cowering from.)
Civilian: My heroes!

(Upon reaching the kraken portal at the end of the station.)
Goon-4-Less: Might as well give— (screams)

Ratchet: Was that—a kraken?!

Clank: Or at least a very large octopus.

(Upon crossing the bridge at the end of the station.)
Ratchet: (screams)

Ratchet: Nefarious's ship! We've gotta find a way up there!

Clank: The taxis leaving from that stand are driving right by him!

Ratchet: Then we'd better not miss our ride!

(While approaching the path towards the taxis.)
Ratchet: Hey, uh—when did you rebuild the Dimensionator?!

Clank: I have hobbies! And I know that finding the lombaxes has always been important to you. I thought perhaps we could go... together.

Ratchet: Wow. That's really thoughtful, but I—Why don't we get it back from Nefarious first?

(At the building next to the taxi stand.)
On-screen: L3 to Sprint

Goon-4-Less: Uh, so... we lost the lombax at the taxi stand.

Dr. Nefarious (hologram): You what?!

Goon-4-Less: Mad respect for hiring us, but we're gonna need, like, a bonus for all this weird stuff.

Dr. Nefarious (hologram): A bonus?! I'm already paying you generously!

(Upon attacking the goons by the taxi stand.)
Goon-4-Less: Yo! The lombax!

(Upon defeating the goons by the taxi stand.)
Ratchet: Our ride's here!

(Upon latching onto a taxi.)
Ratchet: Next stop: Nefarious!

Clank: These rifts are getting out of hand...

Ratchet: Nefarious is in way over his head!

Clank: What is that?!

Ratchet: Whoa, hey!

Civilian: You have my number, okay? So if— (screams)

(Upon engaging the goons in the final building before confronting Dr. Nefarious.)
Clank: Did Dr. Nefarious really resurface after all these years just to try and "take over the universe" again?

Ratchet: Yeah... I kinda wish he was doing a worse job.

(Upon defeating the goons.)
Clank: Nice work, Ratchet!

Ratchet: Couldn't have done it without you, pal.

Ratchet: Alright, now let's get to Nefarious!

(Upon reaching Dr. Nefarious' party crasher.)
Dr. Nefarious: You two?! These goons are useless! This is what I get for giving my assistant paid paternity leave!

Clank: Quickly, we cannot let Nefarious overuse the Dimensionator! We must lower his defenses!

On-screen: Left analog stick + X, X to Avoid Laser

(Sometimes when Dr. Nefarious hits Ratchet.)

Dr. Nefarious
  • Aw, did that hurt? Good!
  • Gotcha!
  • Watch your step!

Clank: That looked rather painful.

(Sometimes upon firing at Dr. Nefarious.)
Ratchet: Take that, Nefarious!

(Sometimes when Dr. Nefarious targets lasers.)
Clank: Oh dear! He is targeting us!

(When horned toads arrive through portals.)
Clank: Toads are... so unpleasant.

(When Dr. Nefarious attacks after his health is below 75%.)
Clank: His defenses are weakening!

(When Dr. Nefarious fires a first missile barrage.)
Dr. Nefarious: (laughs) Yes, run from me!

(When amoeboids arrive through portals.)
Clank: Amoeboids! Where did Nefarious find these?

Dr. Nefarious: Today my ultimate plan will come to fruition. It is perfect, flawless... and nothing will stop me!

Ratchet: How many times have we heard that?!

Dr. Nefarious: Probably around eighty... no—it doesn't matter! Today will be the last time!

(Upon defeating Dr. Nefarious' party crasher.)
Dr. Nefarious: You think a crushing defeat is all that it takes to stop me?!

Ratchet: I mean, yeah.

Clank: Yes.

Dr. Nefarious: Well, think again! We're going to a dimension where I always win, so you can finally know how it feels!

Ratchet: (screams)

Ratchet: Whoa!

Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Clank: The dimensions are weakening considerably!

Ratchet: How bad is it?!

Clank: Well, it is certainly not good!

Ratchet: Great!

Clank: Where are we?

Ratchet: Beats me...

Ratchet and Clank: (screams)

Pirate: Kraken!

Pirate: Back to the depths with ye!

Pirate: How many arms ye got, beast?!

Ratchet: A...hoy?

Pirate: What manner of trickery—?! Get off me ship, foul creature!

(After an explosion on the pirate ship knocks Ratchet and Clank away.) Ratchet and Clank: (screams)

Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Ratchet and Clank: (screams)

Dr. Nefarious: Did I do it or what?! Is this—what's with all the neon?

Ratchet: This is the part... where you lose.

Clank: Ratchet, the Dimensionator!

Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Ratchet: Huh?

Clank: Ratchet?

Clank: Oh dear. My arm, and—No. The Dimensionator, it... What have I done?

Rivet: ...what have you done?

Clank: Who are you?

Rivet: Someone with a lot of questions. Let's go for a ride.

Clank: Wait, I have to find my friend—!

Dr. Nefarious: Where am...—oh—...I? It's me? It's me! It worked! (laughs) It worked! I am the winner! (laughs)

Emperor's Assistant: Emperor Nefarious, you have returned early from your conquest!

Dr. Nefarious: Yes... Emperor... (triumphant laughter)

Emperor's Assistant: (nervous maniacal laughter)

Nefarious City

Find Clank

Ratchet: (grunts)

Ratchet: Clank? Clank?!

Ratchet: A lombax? What is this place?

(Upon gaining control of Ratchet.)
Ratchet: Where are you, Clank?

Ratchet: Maybe someone around here has seen him...

(Upon passing the citizens by the stairs at the starting area.)
Ratchet: Have any of you seen a little gray robot anywhere? Green eyes, red antenna, very charming?

Citizen: Sorry, all the charming robots I know have blue eyes, haha.

(Upon passing the citizens near the door from the starting area.)
Citizen: Was that a dragon that just flew by? Maybe it is time I laid off the hard oil.

(Upon riding the elevator to the first boltcrank.)
Ratchet: Please let there be good news behind here...

(Upon approaching the boltcrank.)
On-screen: Square to Attach to Boltcrank

(Upon attaching to the boltcrank.)
On-screen: Left analog stick to Turn Boltcrank

(Upon turning the boltcrank.)
Nefarious City PA: Welcome to the Nefarious City Bazaar! Please remember to thank our marvelous Emperor before, during, and after making your purchase.

Ratchet: Emperor? Does that mean... there are two Nefariouses now?

Ratchet: Clank first, Nefarious later. Maybe he's in this bazaar.

(Upon passing citizens by the door in front of the bazaar.)
Citizen: I love our magnificent ruler.

(Upon reaching the bazaar.)
On-screen: Nefarious City Bazaar

Ms. Zurkon: Hey, lombax!

(Upon approaching Ms. Zurkon.)
Ratchet: Wait a second—

Ms. Zurkon: You forgot your order? Well, come right in.

Ratchet: Huh?

Ms. Zurkon: Ms. Zurkon will sell you weapons, but you gotta be less conspicuous or the Resistance will not last.

Ratchet: The Resistance?

Ms. Zurkon: Ohhhh. Apologies, sugar; Ms. Zurkon is still new to all this... espionage. I—

Nefarious Trooper: Halt! Release the hostage!

Ratchet: Huh?

Ratchet: Clank! (screams)

Clank: (screams)

Ratchet: No...

Ratchet: I need to go after that ship! How can I get off-planet?

Ms. Zurkon: This a test? Only royal starships are allowed to leave. Anything else—Oh, but the Phantom can help! Just follow the beat to Club Nefarious and you will find him.

Ratchet: Club Nefarious, got it. Oh, and... nice work, secret agent Zurkon.

Ms. Zurkon: Ohohoho, this is so excitin'!

Ratchet: What's Club Nefarious gonna sound like...

On-screen: Lua error in Module:Icon at line 13: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). to Open Map

(While standing near Ms. Zurkon.)
Ms. Zurkon: Just listen for the beat and you will find the Phantom.

Ms. Zurkon: I hear Club Nefarious has a delightful sound system these days.

Ms. Zurkon: You should really tell the Resistance to stop sendin' their fuzziest members.

Ms. Zurkon: If Ms. Zurkon can notice you, so can everyone else.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): This button is what, a loudspeaker?

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Hello Nefarious City!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): I just wanted to let you all know that your Emperor has returned!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): And it is me.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): The Emperor.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): And I'm *very* excited to be here.

Ratchet: Dr. Nefarious?

Ratchet: So what happened to the real Emperor...

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Now that I'm back, I'm starting Operation: Dream Job. What does that mean?

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): We all get to role play as if I just became Emperor for the first time.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Let's see, I need an unlimited R&D, weapons, and science budget for my personal use, parties every day, and everyone to buy my upcoming memoir. (heeheeheehee) Isn't this fun?!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Hello, it is now a crime to disagree with and/or stop me from doing anything.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Unless that was already a crime, in which case, carry on.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Oh, if anyone is concerned about that enormous explosion earlier, it was just me... launching some fireworks... to celebrate me... so you're welcome!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Also please ignore the purple rifts floating in the sky. They are *boring* and *not* worth your time.

(While running around the bazaar.)

  • Gotta keep looking. The sooner I find Club Nefarious and this "Phantom", the sooner I can get to Clank.
  • I'm on my way, Clank. I just need to find this Phantom guy first...
  • Club Nefarious, Club Nefarious, where's Club Nefarious...

On-screen: Press R3 to view your objective.

(Upon approaching the bridge to Nefarious Plaza.)
Citizen (Male): Ah ah ah.

Citizen (Male): You need to *earn* the right to praise our Emperor.

Ratchet: Oh.

Ratchet: Great.

(Upon approaching Club Nefarious.)
Ratchet: That... sounds like a club alright.

(Upon reaching the Club Nefarious entrance.)
Citizen: Remember, drinks are half price with your Club Nefarious membership card!

(Upon entering Club Nefarious.)
On-screen: Club Nefarious

Ratchet: C'mon, Phantom, where are you...

(Upon passing citizens in Club Nefarious.)

  • Ratchet: Hi, yeah. Are you the Phantom?
    Citizen (Female): Mmm, I am whatever you want me to be, fluffy.
  • Ratchet: You wouldn't be the Phantom, by any chance, would you?
    Citizen (Male): No, I am-- wait, that inquistive yet accusatory tone... you are a Resistance member?!
  • Citizen (Male): How does the Emperor find time to conquer planets, crush the resistance, and drop such bangers?
  • Ratchet: Is there a Phantom around here?
    Citizen (Male): Nope, only a dancing machine! Watch out now!
  • Citizen (Male): Music! Music! Music!
  • Citizen (Male): Louder!!! Louder!!!
  • Citizen (Male): I do not get it, how can a beat dropping be good? Is that not a computational error?
  • Citizen (Male): Whoa, look at all that fuzz! You got a serious mould problem, dude!
  • Citizen (Male): Was that the drop? Please, I do not want to miss it!
  • Citizen (Male): Only someone as brave as the Emperor could make a track this... robust.
  • Citizen (Female): What frequency is it playing on? Anyone?
  • Citizen (Male): With this song, it really feels like the Emperor has hit his retro-modernism phase.
  • Citizen (Female): Woo! Just plug me into this, baby!
  • Citizen (Male): Wow, I *love* music!

(Upon reaching Phantom in Club Nefarious.)
Nefarious City PA: Resistance alert! Resistance alert!

Citizens: (scream)

Phantom: Can't believe—first mission in forever and my cover's blown...

Ratchet: The Phantom... is Skidd?

Nefarious Trooper: (laughs)

Follow the Phantom

Ratchet: Better take care of these guys or they'll go after Phantom too!

Citizen: This is dangerous!

Ratchet: That had to be Phantom, right? Mysterious dude in a hologuise? Had to be Phantom.

(Sometimes upon encountering Nefarious Troopers while chasing Phantom.)
Nefarious Trooper: There! The Resistance dweeb from the club!

(Sometimes upon passing citizens while chasing Phantom.)
Citizen: The Emperor will not be pleased!

(Upon seeing Phantom after leaving Club Nefarious.)
Ratchet: Phantom, wait!

Phantom: Who are you?! I was just in the middle of a mission!

Ratchet: I'm Ratchet, I heard you were—

Phantom: No names! You gotta be smarter than that if you wanna join the Resistance, new guy!

Ratchet: Why does everyone think I'm with the Resistance?

(After defeating Nefarious Troopers by a patio, before using wall jump up.)
Ratchet: There has to be something around here I can use to reach Phantom.

(Upon reaching the wall jump slot.)
On-screen: X against a wall to Wall Jump

Phantom: Up here, new guy! Come on!

(Upon reaching Phantom after using wall jumps.)
Ratchet: Will you please! Stop! Running! Is this some kind of test?! It is, isn't it?!

(Upon chasing Phantom to Nefarious Luxury Tenements.)
On-screen: Nefarious Luxury Tenements

Nefarious Trooper (1): There he is! The fuzzball from the club!

Nefarious Trooper (2): (laughs)

Ratchet: Oh boy... I'll handle this, Phantom! You just get to safety!

Nefarious Trooper: Another Resistance member? Oh, I will make the Emperor proud today!

(Upon defeating the enemies at the Nefarious Luxury Tenements.)
Ratchet: Now where'd you go...

(Upon reaching Phantom at the Nefarious Luxury Tenements door.)
Phantom: Nice work, new guy.

Ratchet: Thanks.

Phantom: Shhhh.

Ratchet: What is this, some kind of secret handshake—hey!

Ratchet: What do I do with it?

Phantom: Alright, new guy; try out your Phantom Dash.

Ratchet: Phantom Dash?

Phantom: The enemy can't catch what doesn't temporarily exist.

(Upon approaching the blue gate by Nefarious Luxury Tenements.)
On-screen: Circle to Phantom Dash

(Upon approaching Phantom after Phantom Dashing through the gate.)
Phantom: Jump and Phantom Dash! The glove handles the rest!

On-screen: Scrap Alley

On-screen: X then Circle to Phantom Air Dash

(While following the Phantom's path forward using Phantom Dashes.)
Phantom: You're a natural.

Phantom: Don't be scared; use the glove to run along those panels!

On-screen: X onto a Panel to Wall Run

Phantom: Come on, that wall's not gonna bite.

Phamtom: You wanna go even further? Jump and Phantom Dash!

Ratchet: I need a royal starship to find my friend! I heard you know where to get one?!

Phantom: Shhhh. It's not safe here. Just stay close.

(Upon reaching Phantom on an eleavtor.)
Ratchet: Can you get a royal starship or not?!

Phantom: Uh... lombaxes. You are just as stubborn as she is.

Ratchet: Wait, you know that other lombax?! Where did she go?!

Phantom: Sargasso. She always goes there after a mission.

Ratchet: Sargasso...

On-screen: Highrise Rooftops

Phantom: I'll make you a deal, you see that blimp? You help me take control of it, and I'll help you get into Nefarious Tower. It's the only place in the city you're gonna find a royal starship.

Ratchet: What's so special about the blimp?

Phantom: Just find a way up to that rooftop. I gotta grab my gear, but I'll meet you up there.

Ratchet: Rooftop... How do I get to that rooftop...

Ratchet: I'm comin', Clank. Just hang on...

(Upon encountering Nefarious Troopers on the way to the rooftop.)
Nefarious Trooper: For Club Nefairous! The Emperor requires your cooperation.

(Upon reaching Ms. Zurkon on the way to the rooftop.)
Ms. Zurkon: Hold on, honey. Are you headed to the roof? You should use that raritanium in your pockets to upgrade your arsenal first!

(Upon unlocking an upgrade on the Tutorializer.)
Ms. Zurkon: O-ho, you are getting it. Upgradin' your loadout is not hard, as long as you've got the raritanium.

(After fully upgrading the Tutorializer.)
Ms. Zurkon: See? Why settle for a good weapon when you can make it magnificent?

(After closing the vendor.)
Ratchet: Thanks again for the help, Secret Agent Zurkon.

Ms. Zurkon: Good luck up there! And Ms. Zurkon was never here.

(Upon taking the elevator up to the Nefarious Day Spa.)
Phantom: So you made it after all. Impressive.

Ratchet: Wait, you can see me? Where are you? You got my starship ready?

Phantom: You'll get it, don't you worry. I just need you to help me with one last threat... The Nefarious Day Spa. If you can distract these Troopers, I'll hack Nefarious's propaganda blimp and give this city a message it'll never forget.

On-screen: The Nefarious Day Spa

Ratchet: Looks easy enough...

(Upon passing citizens by the day spa.)

  • Citizen: Ahhh, I do so enjoy a scalding hot oil bath... is what I am programmed to say.
  • Citizen: The Spa package comes with a show too?!
  • Citizen: Ahhhh this oil is hot! So hot!

(Upon engaging enemies in battle.)
On-screen: Left analog stick and Circle to Dodge

Phantom (over loudspeaker): Citizens of Nefarious City!

Phantom (over loudspeaker): This is the voice of the Resistance.

Phantom (over loudspeaker): This is the voice of truth.

Phantom (over loudspeaker): And the truth is, we need to talk.

Phantom (over loudspeaker): The Resistance...

Phantom (over loudspeaker): The growing collection of citizens who are sick and tired of your diabolical dictatorship.

(Sometimes while battling troopers at the spa.)

  • Nefarious Trooper (Female): The Resistance is here! First they come for our local music scene, now our spas?!
  • Nefarious Trooper (Female): Physical violence is against Spa rules!
    Nefarious Trooper (Male): Unless we are doing it to you!

(After defeating all enemies at the spa.)
Phantom: You know what? Forget the Code. Actions speak louder than words.

Ratchet: Finally! Nefarious Tower, here I come...

Phantom: Wow, where'd you learn how to—

Phantom: Looks like I touched a nerve. Alright, deal's a deal.

Phantom: That's Glitch. She'll help you get onto the Emperor's private shuttle to the tower. Access console's in that huge statue of Nefarious in the center of the city. Just hook her up, and she'll handle the rest.

Ratchet: What are you doing?

Phantom: Tearing this whole rotten world down from the inside.

Phantom: Stay strong, brother!

Ratchet: How'd he expect me to get to the bazaar from here?

Ratchet: Did Phantom think this bolt crank will help me get back to the bazaar?

(Upon using the boltcrank to create a rail to the bazaar.)
Ratchet: That'll work.

Ratchet: Looks like... yeah, this grind rail should lead back to the bazaar.

(Upon riding the rail to the bazaar.)
Ratchet: Alright, all I gotta do now—whoa, this is fast—is head to the statue, use Glitch, get a starship, and then... find Clank on Sargasso.

Ratchet: I'm on my way, buddy! Just hang in there for a little bit longer!

(Upon landing at the bazaar.)
Ms. Zurkon: Hey, sugar! I forgot to mention earlier; I hid a spybot in the factory for our Resistance friends. Maybe you could pick it up?

Ratchet: A Resistance Spybot? Sounds useful... Could be worth a look.

(While wandering aimlessly before traveling to the tower.)
Ratchet: Now where’s that statue again?

(Upon crossing the bridge to Nefarious Tower.)
On-screen: Nefarious Plaza

Ratchet: Aha! That has to be the access console!

Nefarious Juggernaut: Cutting in line is against the law.

Ratchet: Where did you even come from?!

(When Ratchet is pulled into the first portal of the boss battle.)
Ratchet: What the— Yikes, yikes, yikes!

Ratchet: Oh wow!

Ratchet: Oh no!

Nefarious Juggernaut: I am glad to see you have survived the journey! Now die!

(When Ratchet is pulled into the second portal of the boss battle.)
Ratchet: (screams) Not again! (screams)

Ratchet: At least it was a round trip.

Ratchet: Come on!

Nefarious Juggernaut: I am trying to destroy you as fast as I can!

(After defeating the Nefarious Juggernaut.)
Ratchet: There. Now I can finally plug Glitch into this access console...

(Upon interacting with the console.)
Ratchet: Ah, hi! You must be... Glitch. I'm Ratchet.

Ratchet: Sorry for all jostling around earlier. Things aren't exactly going well and—actually, I think you're the only one who can help me right now.

Ratchet: Thanks.

(Upon entering the console as Glitch.)
Glitch: Ratchet, huh. Seems like a nice guy. I probably just have to delete some files, and then he'll be alllll set.

On-screen: Left analog stick to Move, Right analog stick to Aim

On-screen: R2 Electro-Guns

(Upon encountering Viruses.)
Glitch: Whoa, whoa, there are Viruses here?! I don't have the training for this! Electro-Guns, please don't fail me now!

(Upon encountering a Virus Pod.)
Glitch: That Virus Pod's sucking energy from the computer! Hey, cut it out!

On-screen: L2 Blitz-Infectors

(Upon defeating the Virus Pod.)
Glitch: The infection is starting to clear! Good, good, good; I guess I... can try to take out the rest now.

(Upon encountering a capsule.)
Glitch: Huh, what's with the capsule? Did a Virus make that?

(Upon encountering the fourth Pod.)
Glitch: The Swarmers are coming out of that Pod?! Oh nonononono, I gotta delete them before I'm even more outnumbered!

(Upon destroying the final Pod.)
On-screen: Virus infection cleared. Host computer is back online!

Glitch: I did it! Oh man! In, I really... wow!

Glitch: Anyway, looks like the computer is back online!

Ratchet: You did it, Glitch!

Emperor's Assistant: Welcome back, your most majestic majesty.

Dr. Nefarious: Death traps, warbots, five planet-destroying cannons, and a surveillance state covering the entire city—if only that blasted Dimensionator still worked...

Ratchet: Clank...

Dr. Nefarious: Huh?

Ratchet: Sh.

Dr. Nefarious: (screams)

Dr. Nefarious: After him! Now!

Ratchet: I'm coming, Clank!

Ratchet: Nonononono!

Emperor's Assistant: Welcome, oh master of us all. Password please.

Ratchet: Why do I need a password I'm the emperor how about I obliterate you instead hahahahaha!

Ratchet: Wooooohooooooo!

Dr. Nefarious: Bring me that lombax!

Search the Factory (Optional)

There is reported Resistance Activity at the Factory by the Bazaar.

Locate the Resistance Spybot before the Empire

(Upon entering Nefarious Station.)
On-screen: Nefarious Station

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I have been saving my vacation hours for so long; where should I go?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Nefarious Suburbia? I would enjoy a commute!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Oh but Nefarious Farms could be fun too... I could help crush a union!

(Upon passing through the station turnstiles.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Did *someone* just jump the turnstiles?! Fare evasion is a criminal offense!

(After defeating the Nefarious Troopers in the station.)
Nefarious City PA: Caution! A Resistance Spybot has been sighted on the loading platform of the Factory. Please do not until our greeting squads have located and eradicated this threat to the empire.

Ratchet: Eradicated? I better head to the loading platform fast!

(By the boltcrank at the sealed entrance to the Factory.)
Citizen (Male): Hey! Watch it, Mac; I'm working here! We got a million Emperor Nefarious Commemorative Statuettes to ship out tonight! Plus that missing raritanium shipment to find. Tuesdays, am I right?

Ratchet: Absolutely.

(Upon entering the factory.)
On-screen: Nefarious Business Factory

(Working robot citizens in the Nefarious Business Factory.)

  • Citizen (Male): Shipment 110011-C packaged successfully!
  • Citizen (Female): Is that a lombax in the factory?
    Citizen (Male): Looks like it.
    Citizen (Female): Should we do something?
    Citizen (Male): You finish your work yet? ... That is what I thought.
  • Citizen (Male): Wait a second, is that... Get me Security on the horn!
    Ratchet: Oh no, better keep moving!

(After destroying the three attacking Nefarious Troopers and having not acquired any Spybots yet.)
Ratchet: This Spybot must have omega-level secrets inside of it or something if everyone's going after it...

(After destroying the three attacking Nefarious Troopers and having already acquired at least one Spybot elsewhere.)
Ratchet: If grabbing these Spybots can really get me a new RYNO… oh man, when was the last time I even had a RYNO?

(Upon entering the second main room of the Nefarious Business Factory.)
Ratchet: The loading platform must be just ahead...

(While in the second main room of the Nefarious Business Factory.)

Nefarious City PA
  • Congratulations, because of our new mandatory 23-hour shift policy, production is up 200%!
  • Remember, teamwork is the key to success. Please report any coworkers who are falling behind.
  • Emperor Nefarious appreciates all your hard work. It is the least you can do.
  • Take pride in knowing your work will help spread the Emperor's splendid visage throughout the galaxy.
  • Research shows, cramped work environments are great for team building!
  • Many hands make light work. If you only have two, please consider an upgrade.

(Working robot citizens in the second main room of the Nefarious Business Factory.)

  • Citizen (Male)(1): Thirty shipments in one day? How am I supposed to do this?
    Citizen (Male)(2): You saying it is impossible?
    Citizen (Male)(1): No... But... Maybe...
    Citizen (Male)(2): Then I suggest you reprogram your probability matrix. Immediately.
  • Citizen (Male): Keep it together Rob-Bot! Only 17 hours until your lunch break!
  • Citizen (Male): Do you mind? I am in a conference call. I can not hear you! Are you muted? Try to find the mute button!

(Upon approaching the wall running surface panels without having acquired the Phantom Dash yet.)
Ratchet: I don't think I have anything that can get me over there. Yet.

(Upon exiting the Nefarious Business Factory to the Shipping Depot.)
On-screen: Nefarious Shipping Depot

(Upon reaching the train with the spybot.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): The Spybot is here! Eliminate all trespassers with appropriate prejudice!

(After defeating all enemies by the spybot.)
Ratchet: Woo! That spybot's mine...

(Upon this being the players first collected spybot.)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): You found a Resistance Spybot! Hoo-wee! They contain intel on different planets, and plans for a secret weapon if you collect enough of them.

On-screen: Lua error in Module:Icon at line 13: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). to Review Spybots

(Upon collecting the Spybot and having already acquired at least one other Spybot elsewhere whilst sliding down the trash chute.)
Ratchet: Huh, wonder if this chute leads back to the bazaar?

Sargasso 1

Take Clank to Rivet's Hideout

On-screen: Sargasso, Outpost L51

Rivet: ...so, then this Dimensionator was stolen by *Dr.* Nefarious... who used it to bring you here...? Now you just have to find your friend who is also, miraculously, a lombax—to save the day?

Clank: And get home.

Rivet: (chuckles) You must seriously think I'm an idiot. Look—as real as I'm sure this "Dr. Nefarious" is, this has the Emperor written all over it.

Mort: Help! We...under attack! ...anyone—!

Rivet: Mort? What's going on—?

Rivet: Whoa!

Clank: Oh dear!

Rivet: Brace for impact!

Clank: Look out!

Rivet: What do you think I'm doing?! (screams)

On-screen: Crash Site

Clank: Where are you taking me?

Rivet: I was going to take you to my hideout, but first I gotta rescue my friends at their gelatonium factory.

(On the way to Ms. Zurkon near the Crash Site.)
Rivet: Great... there's a Seekerpede right over my hideout...

Rivet: I haven't been out this far in a while... Got a lot of swamp acid between here and the morts' gelatonium factory.

Clank: Those beetles appear to have no issue with the acidic swamp water.

Rivet: Speetles, yeah, that's why I'm gonna ride one—as soon as I can get close enough...

(Upon reaching Ms. Zurkon near the Crash Site.)
Ms. Zurkon: Long time no see.

(Upon opening the vendor.)
Rivet: Whoa, this wasn't what was in my account last time...

Ms. Zurkon: Oh, that is because I added our mutual friend on Nefarious City!

Rivet: Okay...

(Upon encountering fendersax wasps.)
Rivet: Needle wasps!

(Upon approaching the speetle in the cave.)
Rivet: Where is that speetle going?

Clank: It appears some dimensional distortion is emanating from that cave...

(Upon reaching the rift in the cave.)
On-screen: L1 to Open Rift

Rivet: And the last speetle runs into that rift...thingy.

(Upon entering pocket dimension 65-31-99.)
On-screen: Pocket Dimension: 65-31-99

Rivet: Alright, smartybot, what is this place?

Clank: I, uhm—a dimensional pocket? Perhaps a symptom of the Dimensionator's destruction.

Rivet: How do you come up with this stuff?

(Upon reaching Maynard.)
Rivet: Hey, it's Maynard, the morts' helperbot! Must have wandered in through the rift somehow.

Clank: There is the speetle!

(Upon approaching the speetle.)
Rivet: No no, don't hide! Urgh!

Clank: Hitting its nest might get its attention.

On-screen: Square to Disturb Nest

(Upon hitting the speetle nest.)
Rivet: Well, hello there!

(Upon riding the speetle.)
Rivet: Gotcha!

Clank: Oh dearrrrr!

(While following Maynard.)
Rivet: Maybe Maynard can lead me to the morts...

Rivet: Woooooooooo!

Clank: Now, if we could get away from this acid...

Rivet: C'mon, Maynard, let's find the morts!

On-screen: Hold L1 to Launch Off Ramps

Rivet: 'Scuse me!

Clank: Look out!

Rivet: I got it, I got it.

Rivet: See? Sometimes I don't crash!

(Upon reaching the end of Maynard's path.)
Rivet: Stop! Stop stop stop!

On-screen: Circle to Jump Off Speetle

(Upon reaching the gelatonium factory.)
Rivet: There's the gelatonium factory. I'm coming, morts!

Goon-4-Less: We didn't follow that lombax and his robopet 'cross dimensions just to get stopped by some fuzzballs. So you got like nine and a half seconds to tell us where they're at. One...

Mort: Ha-ha-hang on there now—

Clank: See? They are looking for Ratchet. I am telling the truth!

Rivet: Whatever, Bolts, I'm gonna save my friends.

On-screen: Gelatonium Factory

(Upon engaging the Goons-4-Less at the factory.)
Rivet: Hey! I know where you can find a lombax!

Rivet: Where are these doofuses coming from?

Clank: Perhaps they were sucked through the dimensional vortex as well.

Goon-4-Less: I don't know about you bros, but keeping two dimensions in my head is freakin' hard!

(Upon defeating the Goons-4-Less at the factory.)
Rivet: Mort! Good, you're okay...

Mort: Us?! Oh, when we heard those fellahs were after a lombax, we were worried about you! Next thing we know, you're here savin' our behinds.

Rivet: Wait, where are the others?

Mort: Well... some'a the morts are stuck inside'a that mess there. Not a clue what it is... All I know is it keeps gettin' bigger. Between that'n our new neighbor up there, we are not doin' too fine.

Rivet: (sighs) Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Oh, and to keep you all busy while I'm gone... Got this at Zurkie's. Mort can finally fix that ship she's been working on.

Mort: Zurkie's?! Oh, those pirates didn't give yah any trouble, did they?

Rivet: Eh, only a little.

Mort: You cam give this to Mort yourself once you get her from that purple mess over there.

(Upon crossing the bridge from the factory toward the hideout.)
Rivet: Next stop: hideout! Just have to lower the bridge somehow...

Goon-4-Less (1): Whoa! Bro, what?! Why is it attacking us?!

Goon-4-Less (2): Who cares?! Shoot it!

(Upon engaging the Goons-4-Less.)
Goon-4-Less: That's the lombax!

(Upon engaging the grunthor.)
Rivet: Uhh, hi! You sure are one big grunthor...

Clank: I hope you have enough ammo...

(Sometimes during the battle against the grunthor and the goons.)
Goon-4-Less: Think I pulled a hammy...

(Sometimes during the battle against the grunthor.)
Rivet: You're a stubborn grunthor too!

(After defeating the grunthor and goons.)
Clank: No more hostiles within range.

Mort: Rivet! We raised the bridge to your hideout for protection, but the controls to lower it are over there on that platform.

Rivet: Thanks for looking out! I'll find a way over.

(Upon encountering the Rift Tether target atop the nearby platform.)
Rivet: Don't tell me, my glove-thingy can interact with that rift-thingy.

Clank: Your Rift Tether, yes. Try aiming at the rift.

(Upon using the Rift Tether.)
Rivet: Whoa! That was fun!

(While Goons-4-Less are confronting morts on the Bridge Controls Facility.)

  • We know you're hiding the lombax!
  • Quid pro bro—tell us where he is and we won't pulverize you!

(Upon engaging the Bridge Controls Facility Goons-4-Less on the platform.)
Goon-4-Less: Oooh, no way! The lombax came to us!

(Upon reaching the Bridge Controls Facility.)
On-screen: Bridge Controls Facility

(Upon encountering a Zoom Goon.) Goon-4-Less: You think you're tough? But we can fly, dude! Er, dudette!

Rivet: I wish you had a jetpack feature, Bolts.

Clank: I... do as well.

(Sometimes during the battle.)
Goon-4-Less: Ahh uh oh! Trapped in a tree!

(After defeating all enemies at the Bridge Controls Facility.)
Rivet: Alright, now to lower the bridge!

Mort: Oh, thank you, Rivet. We'd just finished lockin' down your hideout when those troublemakers showed up! Don't yah worry about your hideout, no, everything's just like you left it. Now, if you talk to whoever's flying that Seekerpede, tell'em to stop making such a ruckus!

(Upon approaching the Hammercrank.)
On-screen: Square to Attach to Hammercrank

(Upon attaching and turning it.)
On-screen: Left analog stick to Turn Hammercrank

Rivet: C'mon bridge, seriously?

Rivet: There has to be another way across...

(Upon approaching a speetle near the hideout.)
Clank: I may regret suggesting this, but what about the speetle?

Rivet: What about it? ... Ohhhhhhh.

(Upon riding the speetle.)
Rivet: Let's goooo, Bolts!

(Upon reaching the island adjacent to Rivet's hideout.)
Rivet: Almost home! Annnd there's another grunthor in the way.

Clank: I do regret this!

(Upon fighting the grunthor on the island.)
Rivet: Come on, we both know how this is gonna end, big guy!

(Upon defeating the enemies on the island.)
Rivet: Woo! And now for my final enemy, the morts' pressure locks!

(After failing to unlock all three pressure locks at once.)
Clank: It appears that these locks must be hit quickly.

Rivet: Yep. Morts are funny like that.

(Upon unlocking the pressure locks.)
Rivet: There! Time to find out the truth about you.

Clank: If only I could talk with Ratchet...

(Upon reaching Rivet's hideout entrance.)
On-screen: Hideout Entrance

Rivet: Home sweet home...

Clank: Why are you so hesitant to trust me?

Rivet: Look, robots aren't really my thing. Especially when they're tearing my galaxy apart.

Clank: I am not. I was trying to help Ratchet find the other lombaxes.

Rivet: We'll see the truth soon enough. Once I scan you and the infobot I found in Nefarious City.

(Upon entering the hideout.)
Rivet: (sighs) Safe for now.

Clank: This is extremely unnecessary.

Rivet: A lombax...

Rivet: Okay. So, you were being honest.

Clank: As I have been saying. Repeatedly.

Rivet: Your Nefarious—he looks a lot like mine. Evil like him too. And that lombax... I know it might sound crazy, but...

Clank: ...you think he is your dimensional counterpart.

Rivet: Or something! (sighs) Look, whatever's going on here, we're gonna fix it.

Clank: We? I thought robots are "not your thing"?

Rivet: Not all of them, just... most. You know, like the Emperor, his stupid followers, pirates—

Rivet: ...yeah. I see the irony, too.

Clank: Oh, I apologize. I did not mean to, uhm...

Rivet: You feel bad? Even though I just watched your... brain—diary—thingy?

Rivet and Clank: (screams)

Seekerpede Pilot: Missing infobot located! Initiating retrieval!

Clank: Oh dear, no. (screams)

Rivet: No!

(Upon regaining control of Rivet.)
Rivet: Hey! That's my annoying robot!

Seekerpede Pilot: Deploying amphibious explosives to neutralize hostile furball.

Rivet: Hang in there, Bolts, I'm coming!

On-screen: Hold L1 to Speed Boost

(After following the Seekerpede on the speetle and reaching the open area.)
Rivet: That Seekerpede's flight stabilizer should be on its back. If I can get up there and hit it, I can bring the whole thing down!

(Upon landing on the Seekerpede.)
Rivet: Gotta hit the flight stabilizer!

(Upon hitting the flight stabilizer.)
Seekerpede Pilot: (screams)

Rivet: (screams)

Seekerpede Pilot: You must be so excited for annihilation!

Rivet: Honestly, I am not impressed!

Rivet: The Emperor's got some weak standards if that's all ya got!

(Sometimes when the Seekerpede prepares an attack.)

Seekerpede Pilot
  • You will not get away!
  • The Emperor appreciates your subjugation!
  • Think fast, lombax!
  • I cannot get enough of this laser! Can you?
  • I hope I can witness your demise!
  • Pardon my laser!
  • A present from the Emperor!
  • Prepare to suffer!

(Upon first firing at the Seekerpede.) Rivet: Gimme back my robot!

(After the Seekerpede falls to 70% health.)
Seekerpede Pilot: Ah, backup power has almost restored the flight stabilizer. How delightful!

Rivet: What? No, you're not getting away from me!

(After the Seekerpede falls to 50% health.)
Seekerpede Pilot: Time to change tactics! Deploying amphibious explosives!

Rivet: Throw whatever you want! You're not getting away from me!

Rivet: I gotta save Bolts!

(After following the Seekerpede on the speetle and reaching the open area again.)
Rivet: I can't get to the flight stabilizer until I jump on that thing's back!

(Upon hitting the flight stabilizer a second time.)
Seekerpede Pilot: Your destruction is most definitely assured now!

Rivet: Bring it!

Rivet: Why don't you let me drive that thing?

(After the Seekerpede is defeated.)
Seekerpede Pilot: This is unfortunate.

Rivet: (gasps)

Rivet: You okay, Bolts?

Clank: You... came after me. Thank you.

Rivet: Yeah, well, we've still got some unfinished business.

(If "Investigate the Dimensional Anomaly" was complete.) Rivet: Ooh, we should see if Mort fixed up the ship!

(Upon returning to the ship.)
Rivet: By the way... how about I hook you up with a signal booster to fix that communicator of yours?

Clank: That would be... delightful.

Rivet: Not as thrilling as what we're gonna find in this infobot, but it'll be close.

(Upon returning to the ship.)
Mort: Rivet! Ships' ready and waiting for yah!

Rivet: Mort, you fixed it! Thank you!

Rivet: Ready to go?

Clank: Absolutely.

(Upon entering the ship.)
Clank: What does it say?

Rivet: Phantom, MoyDoy, Captain Quantum, Clatchky—me.

Rivet: Attention, Resistance... I'm posting the Emperor's hitlist to our network.

Rivet: Come on, let's fix that communicator. We've got a dimension to save before the Emperor finds us, too.

Investigate the Dimensional Anomaly

(Upon interacting with the anomaly.)
Rivet: (screams) Ooookay, "do not enter", got it.

Clank: May I take a look? I have some experience with dimensional anomalies.

Rivet: I—sure?

Clank: (gasps)

Gary: Greetings! Welcome! How did you get in here?

Clank: Where exactly is... umm... "here"?

Gary: Oh! You don't know? Well—... I don't either. It appears to be a space between dimensions. Could be nothing, could be a cascading entropic fissure that will soon turn the entire universe into a formless soup... Time will tell.

Clank: Oh. Oh dear. Well, I am Clank, please allow me to help...

Gary: Right, yes, Clank! I am the All-Seeing Cosmic Prophet of Interdimensional Sector 2-2-5-5, Phase Omega! But you can call me Gary.

Gary: Here we are, Clank... Former warbot, teamed up with the lombax, became a hero—good for you—ooh, ooh, friend of my father... I see.

Clank: Your... father?

Gary: You might just be the one I've been waiting for. Would you like to help me fix the dimensions?

Clank: You know how to fix the dimensions? And why are there copies of me running around?

Gary: They're your possibilities! The key to repairing this anomaly, but first: pick up that nearby sphere.

(Upon grabbing the first Lift Sphere.)
On-screen: R2 to Throw or Recall Spheres

Gary: This is a Lift Sphere. It can reduce the gravity on any object it touches.

Gary: It seems your possibilities are what keeps an anomaly from collapsing. They look like you because that's how you interpret dimensionality, but as you can see, they've lost their way. If you can guide them to the Meta-Terminal ahead, you will begin to repair this anomaly.

(Upon crossing the gap after placing the first Lift Sphere.)
Gary: Those crates are blocking the path. Try clearing them out.

(Upon creating a path to the first Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: Now enter the Meta-Terminal, and you'll be one step closer to fixing this dimensional anomaly!

(Sometimes while more spheres remain.)
Gary: I hope I'm not interrupting your process, but I think there are more spheres left to find.

(While in the second room.)
Clank: Do you live on Sargasso too, Gary?

Gary: Savali, actually! I've been studying in the Archives; it's the greatest repository of dimensional knowledge I've ever seen.

(Upon entering the first Meta-Terminal.)
Clank: I feel... like things are slowly starting to make sense? Dimensionally-speaking?

(Upon obtaining the first Speed Sphere.)
Gary: Ah, a Speed Sphere! That'll get you moving.

(Upon approaching the barrier to the second room's Lift Sphere.)
Clank: Hmm. I bet some extra speed could make quick work of that barrier.

(Upon obtaining the second room's Lift Sphere.)
On-screen: Hold Triangle to Swap Equipped Sphere

(Upon crossing the gap to the second room's Meta-Terminal.)
Clank: That device may be able to redirect my possibilities. There must be a way to activate it.

(Upon creating a path to the second Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: Outstanding! You seem to be a natural at this, Clank!

Clank: I am cautiously optimistic.

(Upon entering the second Meta-Terminal.)
Clank: I feel myself learning something by completing these puzzles, but I cannot explain what it is...

Gary: The words will come to you when you are ready! Now, lead your possibilities to the final Meta-Terminal. And not to stress you out, but there's a lot riding on this... Like, a lot, a lot.

(While in the third room.)
Clank: If I fix this anomaly, will that fix all the damage that has been done in this dimension?

Gary: Oh, no. Anomalies are spreading too quickly to do that. I'm afraid a dimensional cataclysm is coming, and our only hope to stop it is with that which caused it.

Clank: The Dimensionator?

Gary: Indeed. But if repairing anomalies is helping you learn about dimensionality, I think you'll soon be able to learn enough to save us all! Hopefully.

Clank: I wonder... if I will be able to solve all of this in the end?

Gary: What makes you say that?

Clank: It has been a long time since I have been a hero. And with everything that happened with the Dimensionator... I am concerned.

Gary: In times of great stress—which seems to be every day of my life, heh—I've always found it best to take things one step at a time. Focus on what's in front of you.

(Upon obtaining the second Lift Sphere in the third room.)
Clank: Zero-G on demand.

On-screen: Hold X to Glide Down

(Upon clearing a path to the third Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: That's it, Clank! You've repaired the anomaly! And now, we're one step closer to stopping the dimensional cataclysm!

(Upon leaving the anomaly.)
Mort: ...So then I says, Mort, you, Mort and Mort better hide that lemonade before Mort shows up!

Rivet: Whoa, you saved them! How did you do that?!

Clank: I—am uncertain.

Mort: Rivet! How the heck are yah?!

Rivet: Look who it is!

Rivet: You would not believe my luck today. My trip to Nefarious City went totally sideways, I wrecked my ship... and I—

Mort: Aha, you go on an' leave that one to ol' Mort! (chuckles) Well, assumin' you brought that part I asked for, hm?

Mort: I'll have this old thing in ship shape! (chuckles)

(If the player has not yet visited Rivet's hideout when the mission is complete.)
Rivet: Just gotta lower the bridge and then I'm taking you to my hideout.

Clank: What are we going to do there?

Rivet: You'll find out soon enough.

Help Trudi (Optional)

The Morts could use some help with their pet, Trudi.

Talk to Mort about Trudi

Trudi: (whines hungrily)

Rivet: What's the matter with Trudi?

Mort (Male): Oh hey there, Rivet. Ah she's just hungry for Zurpstones.

Trudi: (whines hungrily)

Mort (Male): Normally she nabs 'em from those rock islands up there, but I guess she's too tired to fly today.

Rivet: Aw, up late partying again? Don't worry, I'll grab them.

Mort (Male): Aww, you're a peach! We'll be waitin' right here when you get back.

Mort (Male): Aw, I know, I know. We're gonna getcha some grub real soon.

Collect Zurpstones for Trudi

On-screen: Zurpstones: 0/15

Mort (Male): Rivet'll be back with those big juicy Zurpstones anytime now.

Mort (Male): Aw Trudi, I know ya like Mort's parties, but ya can't just dance the night away and not eat!

Mort (Male): Maybe when Rivet brings those Zurpstones back, I'll sprinkle a little Flurtian Spice on 'em? Hm? Maybe even the whole shaker? (stifled laugh)

(Upon collecting a Zurpstone.)
Rivet: A Zurpstone! This is just what Trudi needs.

(Upon collecting 15 Zurpstones.)
On-screen: Zurpstones: 15/15

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Ya did it, Rivet! That should be more than enough Zurpstones to get Trudi here chirpin' again. Head on back to the Gelatonium Factory soes we can thank ya in-person!

(When riding a Speetle up the ramp back to the Gelatonium Factory.)
On-screen: Hold L1 to Launch Off Ramps

Bring Zurpstones back to Mort and Trudi

(Whenever Rivet has enough Zurpstones to make a trade with the Mort.)
Rivet: Hmm, I'm carrying a bunch of Zurpstones; might be worth stopping by the Gelatonium Factory to see Mort.

Mort (Male): Trudi, look! Rivet brought ya some Zurpstones!

Trudi: (screeches happily)

Mort (Male): Ya know, if ya ever wanted to grab some more, I'd consider trading those Ranger Boots behind me for 'em.

Mort (Male): I'll mark your map with all the Zurpstones in the area, just in case you're interested!

Collect Zurpstones to exchange for Ranger Boots

On-screen: Zurpstones: 15/30

On-screen: Lua error in Module:Icon at line 13: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). to View Zurpstones on Map

Clank: If we wish to look now, I bet this Speetle would prove quite useful.

Mort (Male): Ya feelin' better, Trudi? Now don'tcha worry, we'll getcha so many Zurpstones, we might have to start callin' ya Zurpi! Oh Zurpi!

Mort (Male): Atta girl! After Rivet brings ya some more Zurpstones, you'll be hecklin' Big Mort again in no time! Haha

Mort (Male): Aw, that tasted pretty darn nice, huh? And you got more comin' you lucky little Zurp sniffer you!

(Upon collecting some Zurpstones but not all 30 and returning to the Mort.)
Mort (Male): Wowzers; thank ya, Rivet! Now bring me more Zurpstones and those Ranger Boots are all yours!

(Upon collecting 30 Zurpstones for the Ranger Boots.)
On-screen: Zurpstones: 30/30

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Hey Rivet! Do ya like Ranger Boots? 'Cause ya just earned yourself a pair! Haho! Bring those Zurpstones over whenever ya got a second!

Rivet: Will do! Hey Mort, this whole Zurpstone delivery remind you of anything?

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Haho-- you mean the first time we met?

Rivet: (laughs) Making deliveries for the Gelatonium Factory so I could save up for my own place. Man, those hours were brutal.

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Well you've come a long way since then, Rivet. And I've never stopped feelin' lucky that we met that day. I'll see ya soon.

(If Clank is present.)
Clank: How long have you known Mort?

(If Kit is present.)
Kit: You have known Mort for a while, huh?

Rivet: Since I was a kid. They're, you know, a little odd, but they're one of the good ones.

Trade Zurpstones with Mort for Ranger Boots

Trudi: (coos happily)

Mort (Male): Hot dog, look at all those Zurpstones! These Ranger Boots are allll yours!

Rivet: Ha!

Mort (Male): Now Trudi here's got a biiig appetite so, if ya find the rest of the Zurpstones, I'll give ya this RYNO spybot too!

Trudi: (screeches)

Mort (Male): Oh what's that you say there, Trudi? You wanna help Rivet find 'em?

Trudi: (screeches affirmatively)

Mort (Male): Hoohaha! Well ya heard her! Just hop on her back when you're ready to go after 'em!


Collect Zurpstones to exchange for a Spybot

On-screen: Zurpstones: 30/60

On-screen: Fly between Trudi Perches to hunt for Zurpstones

Rivet: Woo! With Trudi's help I'll be able to scope out where the rest of the Zurpstones are!

Mort (Male): I tell ya, it just warms ol' Mort's heart to see Trudi up and soarin' again!

Mort (Male): Ah, there's nothin' like flyin' with Trudi! If I didn't have to work the day shift, I'd be lookin' for those Zurpstones myself!

Mort (Male): Now that Trudi's got her energy back, I know she'll be pleased as punch to help ya find the rest of those Zurpstones.

(Upon jumping on Trudi's back.)
Rivet: Alright girl! Let's go!!!

On-screen: Right analog stick to Steer Trudi

On-screen: Start to Invert Controls or change Flight Sticks in Settings.

On-screen: Hold L2 to Brake

(When Rivet jumps onto Trudi's back to fly again.)

  • Let's find those Zurpstones!
  • Let's fly!
  • Atta girl, Trudi!
  • And we're off!

(When Rivet is near an empty perch and Trudi flies down and lands on it.)

  • Rivet: Hey girl, ready to find more Zurpstones?
  • Rivet: Hey Trudi, ready to fly?
  • Rivet: There she is!
  • Trudi: (flattered screech)

(Goons outside Rivet's hideout.)
Goon-4-Less (1): Bro, come on! We gotta find that Lombax!

Goon-4-Less (2): But I'm starving! And I can't search *or* lift on an empty stomach!

Goon-4-Less (3): These fruits do look pretty tasty!

Goon-4-Less (1): Dawgs, I don't care if they're Blargian Protein Shakes, the Lombax is our priority!

Goon-4-Less (1): It's the Lombax!

Goon-4-Less (2): Yesssss! Blast her quick so we can finally eat!

Goon-4-Less (3): Don't let her snatch the fruit! That's our nosh!

(Goons on a rooftop.)
Goon-4-Less (1): Hey boss, we found this weird fruit thing. You want us to grab it?

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): What? You think I'm interested in locally-sourced fruit?

Goon-4-Less (1): The thing is, uh, it looks pretty tasty. And the guys haven't eaten in forever.

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): Imbeciles! You can eat when you find the Lombax!!!

Goon-4-Less (2): Dude, if we know the Lombax is on this planet, that basically means we found them, right?

Goon-4-Less (1): Chyeah it does! Smart thinking, dude!

Rivet: What are you idiots even doing up here?

Goon-4-Less (1): Get the fuzzball! And I call first dibs on the fruit!

Goon-4-Less (Zoom Goon): Hey! That fruit's ours!

Rivet: Then come and get it!

(Zoom Goons fighting a Grunthor for Zurpstones.)
Goon-4-Less (1): This Grunthor is real hungry, bro!

Goon-4-Less (2): Not as hungry as I am! I want that fruit!

Goon-4-Less (1): You sure they're safe to eat?

Goon-4-Less (2): Bro, look how stacked this Grunthor is! That nosh has gotta be loaded with protein.

Rivet: I thought I told you idiots to get off my planet!

Goon-4-Less (3): You did! We're just ignoring you! Haha!

(Upon returning to the wrecked Seekerpede with Clank.)
Rivet: That Seekerpede battle was something else, huh?

Clank: Thank you for going to such trouble on my behalf.

Rivet: Aw... It was nothing.

(Upon returning to Rivet's hideout with Clank.)
Rivet: Home sweet home.

Clank: I am sorry that it sustained so much damage during my abduction.

Rivet: It's not so bad... Now I have a view.

(On the route back to the ship crash site with Clank.)
Rivet: Ah, memories...

Clank: I am glad you trust me more now than you did back then.

Rivet: So am I.

Clank: Multiple indigenous threats incoming!

(Randomly encountering a Grunthor jumping out of the acid swamps.)
Clank: Evasive action recommended!

Rivet: Whoa! H-hey there, big fella!

(Upon collecting 45 Zurpstones and jumping on Trudi.)
On-screen: Zurpstones: 45/60

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Hey Rivet! I forgot to tell ya earlier; Trudi's strong enough to breathe fire now! All those Zurpstones made her belly as hot as Mort's party mix! Feel free to let her loose!

Rivet: Sweet! Now we can finally get the rest of the Zurpstones!

On-screen: Hold R2 to Shoot Fireballs

On-screen: Trudi can now shoot Zurpstones to collect them!

Mort (Male): You're so close to gettin' enough Zurpstones for this Spybot even I can taste them.

(Upon collecting all 60 Zurpstones.)
On-screen: Zurpstones: 60/60

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Holy moly, Rivet! That's all the Zurpstones! Guess I better get that Spybot ready for ya, oh boy.

Rivet: Woo! Gelatonium Factory, here I come!

Mort (Male) (over communicator): Uh, by the by, have you noticed anything different about Trudi yet?

Rivet: Besides her being even more radiant than usual?

Mort (Male) (over communicator): She's expecting!

(If flying with Trudi when collecting the final Zurpstone.)
Rivet: What?! Trudi!!! Congratulations!!!

Trudi: (screeches happily)

Rivet: I can't even-- Okay. I am throwing you the biggest baby shower this planet has ever seen.

(If not flying with Trudi when collecting the final Zurpstone.)
Rivet: What?! She is?! Oh my-- ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! (laughs joyfully)

Rivet: Oh I am going to throw her the biggest baby shower this planet has ever seen.

Trade Zurpstones with Mort for a Spybot

Mort (Male): Oh. My. Mort! Look at all that Zurp! You earned this Spybot and then some!

On-screen: RYNO SPYBOT +1

Rivet: How long will it take Trudi to eat everything?

Mort (Male): Oh five days, six tops, but ol' Mort will worry about next week next week.

Mort (Male): Trudi sure had fun collectin' those Zurpstones with ya! She hasn't been this excited since that time you two snuck into Big Mort's game night! ohaho!

Mort (Male): Well hey there, Rivet! How ya doin'?

Mort (Male): Ah thank ya again for findin' all those Zurpstones! Trudi and I couldn't have asked for a better pal.

Zurkie's 1

Locate the Part to Repair Clank

Rivet must find a Signal Booster to repair Clank's communicator.

Rivet: What's on your mind?

Rivet: (sighs) Come on, let's hear it.

Clank: I am... feeling a bit responsible for all of this. Perhaps it is because of me that the dimensions are falling apart, that Ratchet and I are lost...

Rivet: Oh. Yeah. Well... hey, your communicator's about to get fixed, so that's... something.

Clank: (sighs) Right.

(While heading towards the gastropub.)
Rivet: So! This is, uh, Zurkie's Gastropub and Battleplex. If there's anywhere in the universe we'll find a part to fix you up, it's here.

Clank: I hope you are right. The destruction of the Dimensionator seems to have caused a sort of... dimensional cataclysm... If I cannot find Ratchet...

Rivet: Don't worry, Bolts. I'll get you fixed-up. Promise.

(Upon entering Zurkie's.)
Clank: Do you spend much time here?

Rivet: Yeah. This place is kind of a safe haven for the Resistance... I hope the Emperor didn't find that out, too.

(Upon entering the reception.)
Citizen: Welcome to Zurkie's, your newly Intradimensional Gastropub and Battleplex. I will take your coat and also all your weapons!

Rivet: (chuckles) Think I'd be used to that by now.

Citizen: Thanks for coming to Zurkie's, where we slaughter with a smile!

(Upon entering the pub room.)
Rivet: Zurkie's usually behind the bar. He'll know where to find the pirate with the spare parts.

(While in the gastropub.)
Clank: Can we go talk to Zurkie? The sooner we fix my communicator, the better.

(Upon approaching the arena console before it is unlocked.)

Rivet: Whoa! The battle arena...

CLank: The universe seems even more unstable, unfortunately.

(Upon reaching the counter.)
Zurkie: Namaste and peace be with you, Rivet.

Rivet: Hey, Zurkie! Have you seen our "favorite" first mate anywhere? I need a signal booster.

Pierre Well, well, well, we meet again, my wee cherie.

Rivet: Give me the part.

Pierre: Did you follow me here? Another fruitless effort to win my affection?

Rivet: Give me the part, Pierre.

Pierre: Time and again I tell you my heart is taken, and yet—

Clank: Rusty Pete?

Pierre: Rusty? Mon dieu! Your friend has a suacy tongue! My name is Pierre Le Fer—pirate extradoinaire.

Rivet: I'll fight you for it.

Zurkie: Zurkie's is a violence-free zone. Take it outside.

Pierre: I am more lover than fighter... but for you, I will always make an exception.

Rivet: Ready to kick some robobutt?

Clank: I have many issues with that question... but, why not? Where do we sign-up to battle?

Rivet: There's a console on that big wall of windows over there. It's cool, I'll show you!

Rivet: We'll have to sign up to take out those pirates. Don't worry, I'll win you that part.

Clank: So this "hit list" of the Emperor's, are you...?

Rivet: ...at the top? You bet.

Clank: I hope *Dr.* Nefarious is not causing any trouble.

Clank: But knowing him- I doubt we would be so lucky.

(Upon selecting challenge "Welcoming Committee".)
Rivet: (screams)

Zurkon Jr.: Welcome, my friends, to Zurkon Junior's Slaughterplex! Are you ready to witness the excitement, the pain, the carnage?!

Zurkon Jr.: Tonight! Fiend favorite Rivet will fight the thieving, traitorous pirates! Countless enter. One leaves! Who will it be?!

Clank: Oh dear... Why must every dimension have a dangerous battle arena?

(Sometimes after taking damage during the battle.)

  • Haha! Take that! Touche! Hahahaha!
  • Ah! You are making our captain so proud!

(When wave 2 begins.)
Pierre: I would fight you both myself, but first, you must prove you are worthy!

Clank: The pirates—are coming through rifts?!

Rivet: Gotta admit them for always finding new ways to cheat!

Pierre: Ah yes, uhh... tearing through the fabric of spacetime, a true pirate signature!

(When wave 4 begins.)
Pierre: This is embarassing! If I were fighting, we would have won by now!

(When wave 5 begins.)
Pierre: As amusing as this is to watch... fire, my mates, fire!

(Upon completing the challenge.)
Pierre: (groans) Sacrebleu! I have sprained my ankle!

Pierre: But have no fear, my less attractive stunt double will battle in my stead! François!

Zurkon Jr.: Ahaoohoo! The weak and pitiful Pierre has tagged in his partner, who is built for crushing! (screams)

Pierre: Pitiful?! I am hurt! It is a, uh, an honorable discharge!

Clank François seems, uhm, large.

Rivet: Why am I surprised that Pierre's running from a fight? Doesn't matter. I'm getting that signal booster.

(After reducing François's health to 2/3.)
Rivet: Looks like you're gonna need a new partner, Pierre!

Pierre: Ha! Just because he is being horribly beaten does not mean you will win!

(After reducing François's health to 1/3.)
Pierre: Hahaha! He is fine! No one be concerned! Right, François? François?!

Rivet: Almost got him!

(After defeating François.)
Zurkon Jr.: What in the who now?! Rivet emerges victorious from the ravages of battle! Cheer, fiends, cheer!

Pierre: A... defeat?! But how?! Eventually and dramatically, I will get my revenge! But here, take your part!

Clank: (chuckles)

Rivet: Eureka! She's done it.

Clank: Ratchet? Can you hear me?

Clank (on communicator): Ratchet? Can you hear me?

Ratchet: Clank! Are you okay? Where are you?! I saw that lombax take you, and—

Clank: I am fine. In fact, I am with the lombax now.

Rivet: Hey, I'm Rivet!

Ratchet: Wha...uh, hi! Wow, this is... wait, okay. I—I have to tell you something! Dr. Nefarious just crowned himself "Emperor" of this dimension...

Rivet: He did what? Nononono, no, no! I've got my hands full with my own Nefarious.

Ratchet: That's the thing. We've gotta get him and us out of here, but without the Dimensionator...

Clank: ...I think we have to build a new one. I met a prophet from Savali named Gary. He would know what to do.

Ratchet: I'm only a few sectors away from there. I can go check it out!

Rivet: What can we do?

Clank: Do you have the planet Blizar Prime in this dimension?

Rivet: Yeah, why?

Clank: We can locate the phase quartz used to power the Dimensionator there. If I am right, we will be able to recreate the device in no time.

Ratchet: I guess we'd better get started, then! I'm glad you're okay, buddy.

Clank: You too, Ratchet.

Ratchet and Rivet: Be careful out there.

Ratchet and Rivet: Whoa, another lombax...

Rivet: Let's build this thing.

(While in the gastropub after the mission.)
Rivet: Nice work back there. Bet we could win the Bronze Cup before heading to Blizar Prime...

Rivet: Wouldn't mind the extra bolts to gear up.

Clank: So if your Zurkon-- er, Zurkie, is non-violent, why does he have a battle arena?

Rivet: (hehe) Weeelll, Zurkie's is a FAMILY business.

Rivet: He runs the gastropub, and *Ms.* Zurkon sponsors that arena.

Rivet: Zurkie *Jr.* is the -- charming-- arena announcer.

Clank: That is uhm- quaint?

(Whilst leaving the Gastropub.)
Rivet: You've gotten a little quiet back there... Everything okay?

Clank: I may have slightly misrepresented the difficulties of building a Dimensionator.

Rivet: Well I mean sure, we all knew it wasn't going to be easy!

Clank: Yes, um but, Phase Quartz is...

Rivet and Clank: One of the rarest minerals in the universe.

Rivet: (sighs) Right.

(On the way to the ship.)
Mort (Male) (over communicator): Hey there, Rivet, if you're hearin' this and can spare a moment or two, Trudi sure could use your help on Sargasso!

Clank: Trudi?

Rivet: She's a friend!

Rivet: Probably has nothing to do with saving the dimension, but Mort wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

(Upon entering the ship.)
Dr. Nefarious: Hello, dimension! I know I've been away for, ah... you know how long, so, I thought we should catch up! What have I been up to? Oh, just speaking with my adoring fans... enjoying my lovely scenery... and finding out that there are two, two insolent lombaxes running around trying to ruin everything!

Dr. Nefarious: So! I'm offering a bounty of three squillion Nefarious freedom coupons to anyone who can bring me those fuzzy miscreants, dead or alive! But preferably alive, so I can have some fun with them first. My elaborate spy network indicates that they'll be at Blizar and Savali very soon, so get to it!

Dr. Nefarious: And if those lombaxes are listening, just know that I'm going to crush you into dust, and then I'll blast that dust into a sun, and then I'll dump that sun into—

Rivet: Great. Now I'm on two Nefarious hit lists.

Clank: And he knows where we are going. Oh, dear.

Savali 1

Find the Dimensionator Blueprints

Ratchet heads to the Dimensional Archives to learn how to build a new Dimensionator.

On-screen: Savali, Urfdah Mesa

On-screen: The Plateau

Ratchet: If I knew how to build a Dimensionator, where would I be?

(Upon approaching Gary near the start of the map.)
Ratchet: Hey, uh, yeah, weird question: You wouldn't happen to know anything about building a Dimensionator, would you?

Gary: Ratchet? Ratchet! Gary. Your... your reputation precedes! You'll need to go to the Interdimensional Archives! My apprentice can help you. But, uh...

Ratchet: Town under attack?

Gary: How did you know?

Ratchet: I'll go check it out. I think I still remember how to stop an invasion.

Ratchet: So I'm guessing these Nefarious guys are looking for a lombax?

Gary: Well, yes, that did tip me off that you'd be coming. Good luck, Ratchet!

Ratchet: That building just beyond the town... It must be the Archives.

(Upon spotting the Nefarious Sniperbot shooting sandsharks.)
Ratchet: A flying... Sniperbot? That's a new one.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): It was not *my* fault that the Lombax got away!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I should be serving the Emperor but instead my humble colleagues put me on perimeter duty...

Nefarious Trooper (Male): This. Entire. Planet. Irritates me.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Stop coming over here and I will stop shooting you!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): An intruder! Something fun!

(Upon entering Monktown.)
On-screen: Monktown

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Has the lombax been located yet?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): No. The town is emptier than the Resistance's promises.

Nefarious Trooper (Male) and Nefarious Trooper (Female): (laughs)

(During battle against the enemies.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): An intruder! What a pleasant surprise!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): The Emperor demands you beg his forgiveness!

Ratchet: Mmm, nah!

(Upon defeating all enemies in Monktown.)
Ratchet: Another town saved! Now, about those Archives...

(While walking around Monktown.)
Ratchet: Gary said his apprentice is at the Archives...

(Upon reaching the Interdimensional Archives.)
Mystery Voice: Interdimensional anomaly detected.

Ratchet: No...

Apprentice: (screams)

Ratchet: Whoa! Hey!

Apprentice: So embarassing...

Ratchet: You alright? That was quite the landing.

Apprentice: Who are you?

Ratchet: Sorry, I, heh—you look so familiar. I'm Ratchet. I'm here to find—I think it was Gary's apprentice. I need to build a Dimensionator...?

Apprentice: Oh dear. Well, there is little I can do, seeing as my Archives are walking away. How do I get back up there...?

Ratchet: Oh! You're his apprentice! Maybe, uh... maybe we could work together?

Apprentice: I... do not make a great partner.

Ratchet: How about this: if things go badly, which they won't, we go our separate ways. No questions asked. Team?

Apprentice: Sure. Team. For now.

Apprentice: In order to reach the Archives, we must rescue the monks from Nefarious's forces. Here, these hoverboots will help us travel across the mesa quickly.

(Upon obtaining the hoverboots.)
On-screen: Hold L1 to Hover Boot

Ratchet: Fits like a glove! But uh, for feet.

On-screen: HOVERBOOT RAMPS: Maintain your speed over large ramps and gaps.

Ratchet: I'll need to speed up to make the jump off that bridge.

(Upon leaping off the ramp onto the mesa.)
Ratchet: Woohoo!

On-screen: The Badlands

Apprentice: We will need help from the monks, Gary's acolytes, to reach the Archives. They should be in their temples.

On-screen: Hold L1 and Press L2 Repeatedly to Accelerate

Ratchet: First stop: temples! Hey, I never caught your name!

KT-7461: Oh... I am KT-7461

Ratchet: It's a pleasure to meet ya.

KT-7461: There are three temples nearby: The Mountain Temple, the Primeval Forest Temple, and the Temple D'Badlands. We... call it the Badlands Temple.

(Ratchet and KT-7461 dialogue on the Urfdah Mesa.)

  • KT-7461: Do you mind if I ask you a question, as a lombax?
    Ratchet: Sure, but I'm not really an expert on the lombaxes... I'm kinda the last one in my dimension. Oh, I'm from another dimen—
    KT-7461: Yes, I know.
    Ratchet: You do?
    KT-7461: I am Gary's apprentice.
  • Ratchet: What did you wanna know about the lombaxes?
    KT-7461: We believe the lombaxes used, and perhaps built, the temples here. Do you know why they would have built them?
    Ratchet: Not really. I'd guess it was to keep knowledge about the Dimensionator hidden.
    KT-7461: I see. Thank you anyway.
  • Ratchet: So how'd you get to be Gary's apprentice?
    KT-7461: It is... a long story. I am lucky that Gary saw potential in me.
    Ratchet: You seem different from the other monks around here.
    KT-7461: (sighs) I know. I am smaller.
    Ratchet: Heh, don't feel bad. I'm usually the shortest person in the room except for Cla— for my best friend.
  • KT-7461: Who is "Cla"?
    Ratchet: Clank. He always has my back, no matter what.
    KT-7461: Where is he now?
    Ratchet: Helping me stop Nefarious, but we had to split up.
    KT-7461: Oh. I am sorry.
  • Ratchet: I gotta ask, what's inside the Archives?
    KT-7461: Knowledge from our galaxy and beyond. Everything from cross-dimensional scientific theories to best practices for maintaining your mustachio.
    Ratchet: Your... eh... really?
    KT-7461: All knowledge is worth preserving.
  • Ratchet: It would make things a lot easier if the Archives would just... you know, lay down!
    Kit: That would be convenient, but unfortunately it believes it is in danger.
    Ratchet: (hehe) It's not wrong.
  • Ratchet: Maybe this question is silly, but why do the Archives have legs?
    Kit: Defense mechanism.
    Ratchet: Huh! Well, I guess it's working.
  • Ratchet: Where are these force fields coming from?
    Kit: They are defenses built into the planet, but it appears Nefarious's troops have turned them against the monks.
    Ratchet: Don't worry, we'll help them.
  • KT-7461: Does Clank normally travel on your back?
    Ratchet: Sometimes. How do you like it back there?
    KT-7461: It is... bouncy. (laughs)
  • Ratchet: Have you ever read anything about the dimensions getting like this in your studies?
    Kit: Gary's uncles would play extensive practical jokes on each other across dimensions, but no. Nothing like this.
  • Kit: I have been spending too much time in the Archives. I did not know the dimensional tearing had gotten this bad.
    Ratchet: It's weird alright, but once we grab those Dimensionator plans we'll get everything back to normal.
  • Kit: I must admit I have not looked at the Dimensionator blueprints in some time, but I know we will find them quickly in the Archives.
    Ratchet: Me, too. The sooner we can save the day, the sooner Clank and I can get home.

(Upon approaching the lounging displaced Nefarious City citizens at the hotsprings.)
Citizen (Female): I suppose we should be trying to get back to Nefarious City. We were warped here so suddenly...

Citizen (Male): Shh, shh. Fate decreed we should enjoy the springs, so enjoy them.

Citizen (Female): Come on in! You know you want to.

Citizen (Male): I live here now. Forever.

Citizen (Female): Sometimes you just gotta get out of the big authoritarian city and just chill, am I right?

(Upon Ratchet jumping into the hotsprings.)
Ratchet: Ahhhhhhhhh.

KT-7461: I am glad you are enjoying our springs, but could we...

Ratchet: Right, yeah, sorry.

(Upon Ratchet entering the cavern with the crashed pirate ship.)
Ratchet: What is this?

(Upon Ratchet collecting the Spybot on the deck of the crashed pirate ship, an explosive booby trap is tripped and he is attacked by Cutlassies.)
Kit: It's a trap!

(After Ratchet destroys the attacking Cutlassies.)
Kit: Pirates. They frequent this sector.

Ratchet: Thanks for the warning.

Kit: You are welcome.

(Upon opening a raritanium forcefield on the Urfdah Mesa.)

  • Nefarious Trooper (Female): Your hunger for raritanium has lead you straight into our trap!
    Nefarious Trooper (Male): This is too valuable to fall into your tiny hands!
  • Nefarious Trooper (Male): I told you the trap would work! No one can resist raritanium!

(Upon approaching the Nefarious Trooper crash site on the Urfdah Mesa.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Next time, I land the dropship.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): This is not going to show up in my performance review, is it?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Not if you spring for breakfast for the next... oh, (laughs) year.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Really?! Ugh, fine.

(When spotted by the Nefarious Troopers at the crash site.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Hey, that intruder!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Now is our chance to capture him!

(The Troopers start being attacked by Savali Spitters and call in Nefarious Peacekeepers.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Behind us! Incoming!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Call in the tanks!

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(Peacekeeper): Now this is a target-rich environment!

(The Troopers then start being attacked by several sandsharks.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): We are being overrun!

(Upon Ratchet taking damage.)
KT-7461: Ah!

Ratchet: What?! Are you okay?

KT-7461: Yes, sorry, I have not been this close to fighting for a long time.

(Upon randomly encountering Sandsharks on the Urfdah Mesa.)
KT-7461: More Sandsharks!

(Upon reaching the Badlands Temple first.)
On-screen: Badlands Temple

KT-7461: They are holding the monks prisoner! Ratchet, we must save them! They are our only way to the Archives!

Ratchet: We'll get them out, I promise!

(Upon reaching the Badlands Temple second or third.)
KT-7461: Ratchet, we must save the rest of them!

Ratchet: We're going to!

KT-7461: May I suggest determining the best point to attack before you are detected?

(Upon engaging enemies at the Badlands Temple.)
Nefarious Trooper: Finally! Just what I was waiting for! Do not let him free the prisoners!

(After defeating the first group of enemies at the Badlands Temple.)
KT-7461: More enemy forces!

KT-7461: More of the Emperor's forces!

Ratchet: At least the monks are safe behind that shield, for now.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Let us interrogate the lombax. With an appropriate amount of pummeling!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): How much pummeling is that?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): As much as you can!

KT-7461: Sniper Bots!

(After defeating all enemies at the Badlands Temple.)
KT-7461: All Nefarious forces have been eliminated. Thank you, Ratchet.

Ratchet: Happy to help. And kick Nefarious Trooper butt.

KT-7461: Ratchet—that terminal. I must access it.

(Upon approaching the Primeval Forest Temple.)
On-screen: Forest Temple Steps

KT-7461: The Primeval Forest Temple. The Emperor has no respect for any of them.

Ratchet: Let's teach him some.

(Upon engaging enemies at the Primeval Forest Temple.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Intruders! They must be here for the captives!

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): Hold them off for the Emperor! Do not let him free the prisoners!

(Upon entering the Primeval Forest Temple Sanctum.)
On-screen: Forest Temple Sanctum

Nefarious Juggernaut: You cannot believe how honored I am to deliver the Emperor's glorious fury! First to you, and then to those monks!

(Upon reaching the monks at the sanctum.)
KT-7461: Do not worry, I will get you out of there! The monks are caught in another forcefield!

KT-7461: We must free them from the force field!

(After defeating all enemies at the Primeval Forest Temple.)
KT-7461: Ratchet, I must use that terminal to free my brothers.

(Upon using the terminal at the Primeval Forest Temple.)
KT-7461: Um... this system is quite old, and... intricate. It will take some time to disable the forcefield.

Ratchet: Take as long as you need, I'll handle these guys.

KT-7461: I will hurry!

Ratchet: Troopers coming in the main entrance! Oh, that's on me.

Nefarious Trooper: Take back the terminal! The Emperor will be most displeased if the Lombax is lost!

(During the battle at the terminal.)
Nefarious Trooper: I see a little bot at the console! Commencing ranged attack!

KT-7461: Thank you for the backup.

Ratchet: Everything goin' okay, KT-7461?!

KT-7461: Um, I think... Yes! Let us say, "yes"!

Ratchet: We've got some more friends arriving!

KT-7461: Ratchet! I am halfway done!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I get to spread pain and take more prisoners?!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I know! The Emperor spoils us!

KT-7461: Ratchet, keep your eye on the Nefarious' forces!

KT-7461: Almost there...

Nefarious Trooper (Male): The intruders are still here? Remove them before the Emperor finds out!

Ratchet: They just keep coming!

(When Nefarious Troopers reach KT-7461.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): There is nowhere to go, little bot!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): You should know better than to meddle in the Emperor's business, little bot!

KT-7461: How are you holding up, Ratchet?!

Ratchet: Oh, I'm great! Just waiting for this to get hard! (haha) Please don't get hard.

(Sometimes when KT-7461 is hit.)

  • That is quite painful!
  • Help me, Ratchet!
  • Ouch!
  • Get them away from me, please!
  • Ow!
  • I need some assistance!

(Upon KT-7461's health reaching 0%.) KT-7461: Oh no...

(After defeating all enemies while defending KT-7461.)
KT-7461: I am finished! The forcefield is deactivated!

(Upon reaching the Mountain Temple.)
On-screen: Mountain Temple Path

Gary: Ratchet, you found my apprentice! Well done, both of you. You're ready to enter the Mountain Temple!

Ratchet: Nice! Let's—

Gary: Well, you're emotionally ready. You do need to overcome the temple's elaborate defense system, or as we lovingly call it, the "Gauntlet of Trials Slash Doom".

KT-7461: Oh, I hate slash doom!

Gary: You're ready for it, I'm sure. Best of luck!

Gary: Ah, are those hoverboots I see? With KT-7461's guidance, you'll reach the top in no time!

Ratchet: Sounds like we gotta race to the top to reach the temple.

(Upon reaching the Mountain Temple's first shrine.)
KT-7461: Go! Follow the path as fast as you can!

(When the countdown nears the end on a Mountain Temple shrine path.)

  • KT-7461: Ratchet, hurry! We are running out of time!
  • KT-7461: The track is about to collapse!
  • Ratchet: I can make it. I can make it!
  • Ratchet: Come onnnnn...

(When the countdown reaches 0 on a Mountain Temple shrine path.)

  • KT-7461: Oh no!

(Upon crossing the first path successfully.)
KT-7461: Ah! We made it! The next shrine is just ahead.

(Upon encountering enemies on the Mountain Temple.)
KT-7461: Look out!

(Upon defeating the enemies.)
Ratchet: Alright, let's keep going.

KT-7461: Good idea.

(Upon completing the third shrine path.)
Ratchet: These trials seem kind of... dangerous?

KT-7461: They are a defense system for the temple. I suspect its builders were very... secretive.

Ratchet: I bet.

(Upon clearing all shrine paths.)
On-screen: Mountain Temple Summit

KT-7461: We completed the trials! Thank you.

Ratchet: I couldn't have done it without 'cha. Now, let's try to help the monks.

Nefarious Trooper: This fog is as annoying as those monks' perpetual optimism!

Ratchet: Sniper Bots...

KT-7461: You can use the fog to your advantage here.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): How will we find the Lombax in this? My sensors are barely functional.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Once this fog clears, the monks will show us exactly where to find the Lombax. I will make sure of it.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I am such a fool for not getting those wipers installed on my face-dome...

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I recommend we question the prisoners immediately.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): And repeat your galactic-class screwup from before? (haha) No, this time we will handle the prisoners my way.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I despise mountains. How could something be so tall without the Emperor's approval?!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): The fog... is thickening!

KT-7461: There they are! I hope no one is hurt...

(Upon being spotted by the Sniperbots.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): I see you, Lombax!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Lombax sighted!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Stay still!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I see the target!

(Upon losing the Sniperbots in the fog.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): I lost him!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): No! My sensors are not picking up anything...

Nefarious Trooper (Female): You cannot hide forever, Lombax.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Where did you gooooo?

(Upon defeating all Sniperbots at the Mountain Temple Summit.)
Ratchet: That's right! We did it! Woohoohoohoo!

KT-7461: Please, take me to that terminal so I can free the others.

KT-7461: Oh, no. A Zeta Virus. I cannot access the terminal without risking contracting it...

Ratchet: My little friend Glitch can take a look at it. Here, let me see...

(While Glitch battles the Viruses at Mountain Temple Summit.)
Glitch: Those poor monks! Okay, I just need to delete the Pods, which will clear out the infection, and free those boys for Ratchet. And that is noooo problem, because you know what you got, Glitch? This. You got this.

Glitch: Ah! It can shoot now, too?! Uh, uh, uh—no problem; I can find some cover!

Glitch: Hold on, that Pod hijacked the computer to make a shield for itself...

Glitch: I did it! It worked! I rerouted the energy away from that stupid, stupid Virus! No more shield!

Glitch: They're multiplying too fast! I gotta get to higher ground!

Glitch: Had me worried for a second.

Glitch: Yikes, I'm wide open out here! Gotta keep moving!

Glitch: Hang in there, little monks! Or... big monks, sorry! What am I doing, they can't hear me.

Glitch: Nice; was that all the Nests? (laughs) Last time wasn't a fluke after all! I am good at this!

(Upon approaching the shortcut grind cable on the mountain summit.)
Ratchet: Looks like this cable runs back to the Badlands.

(After freeing monks from the first completed temple.)
KT-7461: Brothers! I am relieved you are alright!

Monk: It is, like, so wonderful to see you, Sister KT-7461.

Ratchet: Did Nefarious's troops find the other temples yet?

Monk: Not sure, but we'll let Brother Gary know you rescued us. Good luck, Sister, and lombax.

Ratchet: One temple down, two to go.

KT-7461: I know the monks are trying to stay strong, but they are unfamiliar with the cruelty of the Emperor.

Ratchet: They'll be alright. We're here.

(While traveling to the second temple.)
Ratchet: So, KT-7461. Do you have a nickname?

KT-7461: The monks call me "sister".

Ratchet: That feels more like a title. Let's try some out. How 'bout Kaytee?

KT-7461: Uh...

Ratchet: I got it: sunshine. Your nickname, 'cause you're yellow.

KT-7461: I do not think so.

Ratchet: Kit?

KT-7461: Um...

Ratchet: We'll keep working on it.

(Ratchet and KT-7461 dialogue on the Urfdah Mesa after completing the first temple.)

  • KT-7461: How did you get here anyway? The lombaxes...
    Ratchet: Well, this guy Dr. Nefarious stole the—
    KT-7461: Doctor? An alternate dimension Nefarious...
    Ratchet: Yeah, and he, uh, has kind of taken over as Emperor here.
    KT-7461: This is worse than I thought.
  • KT-7461: Did you and Clank come to this dimension together?
    Ratchet: Yeah, but he's traveling with someone else now.
    KT-7461: A new best friend?
    Ratchet: I hope not.
    KT-7461: I did not mean he was replacing you...
    Ratchet: Right, yeah. (hehe)
  • KT-7461: May I give you advice, based on my observations of the monks?
    Ratchet: Sure, go ahead.
    KT-7461: Even if Clank does become this other person's best friend, he will still be yours. Making friends is not like cutting up a pie; there is enough to go around.
    Ratchet: Heh. I see why Gary made you his apprentice: you're pretty wise.
    KT-7461: Thank you.
  • Ratchet: Speaking of best friends, do you have one?
    KT-7461: I... no. I never have.
    Ratchet: Not even Gary?
    KT-7461: He is more like a big brother than a best friend.
    Ratchet: How 'bout this: I'll be your friend, and we'll work our way up to "best."
    KT-7461: I... do not think that is wise.
  • KT-7461: Ratchet, you should not want to be my friend. No one should.
    Ratchet: Why not?
    KT-7461: Because I am not good for others.
    Ratchet: Whaddaya mean? You're helping me.
    KT-7461: Looks can be deceiving.

(After freeing monks from the second temple.)
Monk: You saved us, Sister and Ratchet-guy! Thank you!

KT-7461: There is only one temple left!

KT-7461: One more temple... Only one more...

Ratchet: We'll find them, I promise.

(While traveling to the final temple.)
KT-7461: As I said, you should not try to give me a nickname. Or be my... my friend.

Ratchet: I think you're being too hard on yourself.

KT-7461: You do not know! We just met...

Ratchet: I know Gary trusts you. The monks like you. Maybe give the whole friendship thing a chance.

KT-7461: I... will consider it.

(After freeing monks from the third temple.)
KT-7461: I am relieved you are all safe, but now we need your help to reach the Archives!

Monk: Ahh, yeah! Let's meet up back in Monktown. We'll get everyone to send you off in style...

Gary: You made it! Thank you both for freeing my brothers.

KT-7461: Gary, we need help getting to the Archives. It is urgent.

Gary: Of course! Brothers! Let's grease some dimensional wheels!

Gary: After you! Entering the Archives takes a leap of faith, Ratchet. So you better get a running start!

(When on the track towards the Archives.)
KT-7461: Faster, Ratchet!

Ratchet: You bet!

KT-7461: This is-- fun!

KT-7461: Yes!

KT-7461: The rift!

Ratchet: Phew!

(Upon reaching the Interdimensional Archives.)
On-screen: Interdimensional Archives

KT-7461: No! They are already here! They will destroy everything!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): This place will make a formidable war machine!

KT-7461: You will do no such thing!

KT-7461: The Archives run on a Helix Generator. If we turn it on, we can get inside!

Ratchet: One Helix Generator switch-flip, coming up!

KT-7461: The knowledge in here is precious! They might damage it!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): The Emperor must have his prize!

KT-7461: Some things in here are irreplaceable. The blueprints, the Dimensional Map...

Ratchet: We gotta focus!

KT-7461: Apologies.

(After defeating all enemies at the Interdimensional Archives' first floor.)
KT-7461: Good riddance! There is a crank along the edge of this floor that will power the generator.

(Upon turning the boltcrank to power the generator.)
KT-7461: The generator is powering up! But it is still not at full capacity. We must get to the roof.

(Upon reaching the Interdimensional Archives' roof.)
Nefarious Juggernaut (1): How dare you evade the Emperor's grasp?! The Emperor demands you bow! And then go splat!

Nefarious Juggernaut (2): It is the monks we need! You are just in the way!

(Upon attempting to enter the forcefield on the roof before defeating the enemies.)
KT-7461: We cannot get inside until we power the generator!

(While battling the Nefarious Juggernauts atop the Interdimensional Archives.)
Nefarious Juggernaut: Why do you even care about the monks?! They are so... monksy!

Nefarious Juggernaut: Whoa, hey! Taking out the Emperor's appointed fists of justice is not okay!

(When both the Nefarious Juggernauts are destroyed.)
KT-7461: We cannot get inside until we power the generator!

(Upon turning the boltcrank on the Interdimensional Archives roof.)
KT-7461: The forcefield is powering down...

KT-7461: There! The Archives are now open.

Ratchet: Let's head inside!

(Upon entering the Interdimensional Archives portal.)
KT-7461: Oh good, the Dimensional Map is safe.

Ratchet: I'd know this writing anywhere. The lombaxes... they must have built this.

Ratchet: My dad was the keeper of the Dimensionator. The original one, anyway. He gave everything to keep it out of the wrong hands... heh. Sorry, dad.

KT-7461: Do you miss them? The lombaxes?

Ratchet: Kinda hard to miss someone you've never met... but, yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.

KT-7461: I understasnd... Perhaps one day you will find them.

Ratchet: Let's figure out if we can even build the Dimensionator first... can we?

KT-7461: Yes... but the forge needed to do so is located at Kedaro Station-- the most secure outpost in the galaxy.

Ratchet: Well then, let's get moving, KT-74...

KT-7461: Ratchet? I think "Kit" is my favorite.

Ratchet: Kit it is.

(Nefarious Dropships proceed to heavily bomb the Archives.)
Kit: NO!

Ratchet: We've gotta go!

Kit: We must protect the Archives!

Ratchet: There's no time!

Kit: It has been fun, Ratchet.

(Kit transforms into her large Warbot form and destroys all the attacking Dropships.)
Ratchet: (gasps) huh?

Ratchet: Woooo! That was amazing!

(Kit points her weapons at Ratchet.)
Ratchet: Kit! It's just me!

(Kit comes back to her senses and transforms back into her small form.)
Kit: I told you, I do not make a great partner.

Ratchet: Sure, that was intense, but... it was kind of awesome.

Kit: You do not understand. You are not safe around me. I was built to be a weapon. To keep the Emperor's galaxy "secure".

Kit: One night on patrol, I spotted a rebel in the Imperial Zone. So I tried to... "stop" them. That is what I was built to do. Hurt.

Kit: I am here to keep everyone safe from me. And that is why I cannot come with you.

Ratchet: Well, at least this mission worked out, huh?

Kit: Yes. I suppose it did.

Ratchet: And if I remember correctly, our promise was that if this mission didn't go badly...

Kit: You want to stay a team?

Kit: You are very strange, Ratchet.

Ratchet: I've been told that a time or two. Team?

Kit: Perhaps, just this once... Yes. I will try.

Kit: Thank you, Ratchet, for helping us.

Ratchet: Anytime. Now, let's go to Kedaro Station.

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with Gary next to the ship.)
Kit: Gary! I am, um...

Gary: Going on an adventure? I know, how exciting! I wish you both good luck, and good luck on Kedaro Station.

Ratchet: How did he know?

Kit: I wonder that all the time.

(Upon two of the four planets needed to build the Dimensionator being completed in any order and returning to your ship, a broadcast from Dr. Nefarious will play.)
Dr. Nefarious: You hear that? (laughs) That's the sound of me destroying lies! Dirty, filthy lies! They say "this dimension is unstable, we're being sucked into a formless void"! (groans) False! And if you think otherwise, I order you to throw your eyes into the local incinerator, because they are clearly malfunctioning!

Dr. Nefarious: More importantly, the lombax vandals have not "escaped". How could they if (groans) I haven't even caught them yet, huh?! You morons! Here, you want some truth?! My lombax bounty is now 27 squijillion Nefaribucks! Just look at it all! So big! So real! So totally not made up! And, it can all be yours when you catch those stupid lombaxes!

(Upon having received the Dr. Nefarious broadcast as Ratchet and Kit.)
Kit: Your Nefarious seems as obscenely awful as ours.

Ratchet: Yeah, he's... something else.

(Alternatively, upon receiving the Dr. Nefarious broadcast as Rivet and Clank.)
Clank: It seems Dr. Nefarious will stop at nothing to catch us.

Rivet: We better keep moving.

(Ratchet and Kit dialogue upon returning to the Urfdah Mesa again.)

  • Ratchet: If you don't mind me asking... what was it like working for Nefarious?
    Kit: The Emperor is very cruel and self centred. I know that now. But back then, he had me fooled just like many others. He often said I was his greatest weapon... I took pride in that. That is, until I realised what being a weapon meant.
    Ratchet: Hey, at least you realised it, right? That's not you anymore.
    Kit: No, it is not. I am here to make the universe better. Not worse.
  • Kit: So... uhm, what do you think of Savali?
    Ratchet: Well, it's beautiful! The locals are nice, too. I can see why you'd want to live here.
    Kit: Yes. What is your home like?
    Ratchet: Heh! Well, it's definitely different. But you know, kind of beautiful in its own way.
    Kit: Perhaps in the future I could see it, too.

Hunt for Lombax Lore (Optional)

A lone Monk is searching Savali for relics, and a Lombax may be the key.

(Upon activating a lombax shrine before talking to the Monk Scholar.)
On-screen: Break the Altar to Collect the Lorb

Ratchet: Wait a second, is that a... lombax shrine?

(Upon collecting a lorb before talking to the Monk Scholar.)
On-screen: Lua error in Module:Icon at line 13: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). to Listen to Lorb

Ratchet: What the heck is this thing? Maybe I should ask around, see if someone knows anything...

(Upon approaching the Monk Scholar with Kit.)
Kit: Ah, there is one of our senior archivists!

(Upon talking to the Monk Scholar.)
Monk Scholar: Whoa! Can it be? A brother lombax?

Ratchet: You know we're not related, right?

Monk Scholar: Chyeah we are; by our mutual thirst for knowledge! Check this out! A shrine the lombaxes built ages ago containing a lorb stuffed with ancient info, but only a lombax can unlock its secrets. If you could bring me three lorbs, I'll hook you up with a sweet piece of armor I dug up.

Ratchet: A lombax shrine... I'll totally help!

Monk Scholar: Radical! One last thing: shrines won't open if there are bad vibes nearby, so if there are, you'll have to clear them out.

(While near the Monk Scholar.)
Monk Scholar: Should I listen to the lorbs all at once, or do I study each one first before moving onto the next...

(While near a lombax shrine with enemies nearby.)
Ratchet: Agh, looks like I can't get that lorb until I get rid of the hostiles!

(Upon obtaining a lorb after talking with the Monk Scholar.)
Monk Scholar: You got the lorb? Niiiiice! Now you should be able to listen to whatever's recorded on it.


Forge the Dimensionator

Forging the Dimensionator will require the use of the Emperor's Rubion Forge.

On-screen: Cordelion, Kedaro Station

(Ratchet and Kit fly in over Cordelion's waters.)
Kit: This... is an ocean!

Ratchet: Pretty cool, right?

Ratchet: And just think, once we forge this thing and save the dimension, you'll have a whole universe to explore.

Kit: How are you not afraid of the future?

Kit: With all of its unknowns?

Ratchet: I do get uh...

Ratchet: You asked me on Savali if I wanted to find my family...

Ratchet: For a long time I did.

Ratchet: I mean, I really did...

Ratchet: But, the closer I got to doing that...

Ratchet: What if they're not what I expected? What if I'm not what they expected? I just--

(Kit reassuredly pats the back of Ratchet's hand and calms him down.)
Ratchet: Anyways.

Ratchet: I think we're here.

(The ship lands and Ratchet and Kit jump out.)
On-screen: Station Security Checkpoint

Kit: Kedaro Station houses the Emperor's most secret research, including the only Rubion Forge strong enough to build the Dimensionator.

Ratchet: So it's our only shot.

Ratchet: Good to know.

Enter Kedaro Station

(Upon taking the hover platform to the Station's entrance.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): Praise the Emperor! Our protein cube delivery has arrived!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): No, that is the Lombax! Praise the Emperor! And engage the lockdown!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Lockdown engaged.

Kit: The elevator is descending!

Ratchet: That better not be the only way into the station!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Backup reporting in with overwhelming force!

(Once all of the Nefarious Troopers have been destroyed.)
Ratchet: Guess we're not getting in the front door with this lockdown...

Kit: Can we look around?

Kit: There must be another way in.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): What was all that noise, my chums?

(Upon approaching the Blizon crystal.)
Kit: Oo, that is Blizon!

Kit: A common element for storing energy, but why does it look so... purple?

Ratchet: Maybe it's related to all of the dimensional chaos happening?

Kit: If that is the case, I believe hitting it will either shift us to another dimension, or cause us to implode.

Ratchet: Ahh!

Kit: Ratchet. Do you see a better option than hitting that Blizon.

(Upon hitting the Blizon crystal.)
On-screen: Kedaro Station - Dimension ???

Kit: I knew it!

Kit: The Blizon must have absorbed the excess energy released by the dimensional chaos.

Kit: We have shifted into another dimension!

Ratchet: An *abandoned* dimension, from the looks of it...

Ratchet: The elevator's here!

(While descending in the elevator.)
Kit: If it helps, Ratchet, I have never met my family either... unless you count the Emperor.

Kit: In which case, you cannot do any worse.

Ratchet: Probably not, but even if the Lombaxes are the best family ever, they could still be disappointed in me.

Kit: How? You are a hero.

Ratchet: I've hit a few bad guys, sure, but they invented so many brilliant things...

Kit: You sell yourself short.

Ratchet: Maybe. But I have a good life in my dimension, Kit, and... I don't want to risk it.

(Upon reaching the bottom of the elevator.)
On-screen: Research Division

Ratchet: Speaking of risk; if Kedaro Station exists in this dimension, do you think the Rubion Forge does too?

Kit: Possibly. But with the state of everything here, who knows if it would work.

Ratchet: Maybe our best bet then is to find some more Blizon and head back to the other dimension.

(Whilst exploring the abandoned station.)
Kit: Where is everyone?

Ratchet: Looks like this place might have a leak... or several.

Kit: And somehow, I think that is not the worst of its problems.

Find the Rubion Forge

Kit: Do you think they were researching plants here?

Ratchet: Maybe. Or something broke out of its container.

Kit: Oh.

Ratchet: Ah! Is that... an Amoeboid?

Ratchet: It *was* an Amoeboid!

Kit: Oh no.

Ratchet: They're coming out of-- jeez, they're everywhere!

Kit: Do not let them eat me!

Kit: Keep firing or they will overwhelm us!

Kit: Was that all of them?

Ratchet: Let's go with... maybe.

Kit: More of them!

Ratchet: Guess Amoeboids multiply in all dimensions!

Kit: I can hear their stomachs grumbling!

Ratchet: Door's locked. Let's keep moving.

Junk Bot: Juicy!!!

Ratchet: Gah!

Junk Bot: Sorry! Sorry, sorry! I thought you were someone else. But you are not! Haha!

Kit: (whispering) Is he okay?

Ratchet: I'm Ratchet.

Junk Bot: Oh, that is great! Hello, Ratchet! Were you looking for me? That would be great too! (oooh) Can I call you Chet?

Ratchet: No. And no. I'm, uh, looking for some blizon?

Junk Bot: Oho, I know just the place! But I lost my access arm in all of this water. Have to drain it, but how, Ratch? How?!

Ratchet: Calm down! I'll handle it...

Kit: If the room is prone to flooding, they would likely keep the pump controls somewhere high...

Drain the Flooded Room

Junk Bot: Hey, Ratcho, you did not ask for it, but my name is Junk Bot. In case you are interested. I know I am.

Ratchet: Pleasure to meet you, Junk Bot! This is Kit!

Kit: Hello!

Junk Bot: Hey Kits! So why do you two need that Blizon?

Ratchet: We're, uh, trying to get into another dimension to use their Rubion Forge.

Junk Bot: Oh, we have one here! Too bad it has not worked in forever. It could make the funnest squares!

Kit: There are no pump controls down here. Hmmm...

(Upon using the control terminal to drain the flooded room.)
Junk Bot: You did it, Ratatat!

Follow Junkbot

Junk Bot: Ah! My favourite arm! This way!

Ratchet: So is that access arm like some kind of key?

Junk Bot: If by key you mean a way to easily and safely press buttons, then yes!

Kit: What?

Junk Bot: But Blizon! Hoho! There is an elevator that will take us to one of those delightfully glowy crystals right up ahead.

(Ratchet looks into a darkened room where a large slavering creature lunges at him with the automatic door quickly closing on it, startling Ratchet and causing him to yell and fall backwards to the floor.)
Ratchet: (panting) What is that?!

Junk Bot: That... is Juice. My best friend. He tries to kill me sometimes, but he is a great listener.

Kit: He tries to kill you?

Junk Bot: If you become friends too, you can call him Juicy or Juicini or-- or JC! Oh that is a swell nickname.

(Upon reaching the elevator room.)
Junk Bot: See! Elevator! Bam! Now let me just press the button with the old access arm...

Junk Bot: No... No! My access arm! It no longer works! It-- it is just... an arm now! What kind of madness is-- Oh wait. The power is out! Haha! We just need to find a way to turn it back on.

Ratchet: Leave it to us, Junk Bot!

Power Up the Elevator

Junk Bot: Okay! I will just stay down here and watch you.

Junk Bot: Hey guys, is it spooky in here or what?! Ooooooo.

Kit: Can we trust this Junk Bot?

Ratchet: (whispering) He is a bit... eccentric, but I think so.

Junk Bot: If I recall, we usually keep our power terminals up high! For security! And exercise!

Kit: (ugh!) The Amoeboids tracked us down! They hunger!

Ratchet: Please don't multiply. Please don't multiply.

Ratchet: Noooooo!

Kit: Ratchet! The big one, the big one!

(Upon using the control terminal to restore power to the elevator.)
Ratchet: There we go!

Junk Bot: Uh, Ratchetti?! You might want to get in this elevator soon? Or now?

Follow Junkbot

(Upon entering the elevator.)
Ratchet: Phew.

Junk Bot: Well done! You totally--(agh!)

( Juice suddenly jumps down and attacks the outside of the elevator as it starts to descend.)
Ratchet: Ahh!

Kit: Ahh!!!

Junk Bot: Aw, I have never seen Juice so playful before!

Ratchet: That's playful?!

Junk Bot: Usually he just moseys around the station doing his own thing, but he seems to be actively chasing you!

Junk Bot: (ha) I am jealous!

Find the Rubion Forge

(Upon the elevator reaching the bottom.)
On-screen: Manufacturing Division

Junk Bot: There it is! My favourite Blizon in alllll of the station! I love the way it sparkles after you stare at it for six hours.

Ratchet: Well, I guess this is goodbye then. (heh) Thanks for all your help, Junk Bot.

Junk Bot: It was my pleasure, Rah-Rah and Kitty.

(Upon striking the Blizon and shifting back into Rivet's dimension.)
On-screen: Rubion Forge

Science Bot (Male): Wha?! Where did you come from?!

Ratchet: Uh, another dimension?

Science Bot (Male): Yeah, very funny. Tell George Bot he better watch his back tomorrow.

Kit: The Rubion Forge should be just ahead!

(Upon entering the Rubion Forge, Ratchet and Kit are confronted by the Junk Bot of Rivet's dimension.)
Junk Bot: What are you doing here?

Ratchet: That's actually a funny story--

Junk Bot: Was I talking to you?

Kit: You are talking to me.

Junk Bot: We are under lockdown.

Junk Bot: How did you and your *steed* get in here?

Kit: I...

Kit: am inspecting your facility.

Kit: And how white it is.

Kit: And orange.

Kit: Because I am

Kit: an *interior decorator*.

Kit: First class.

Kit: And the *Emperor* wanted this redecoration to be a surprise for you and your team.

Kit: But now

Kit: you *ruined* it.

Junk Bot: I would never do that to the Emperor... Please come in. And consider my memory banks deleted!

Ratchet: Nice save, Decorator Kit. What do we do now?

Kit: Conversing with the researchers could help decrease suspicion...

Kit: ...Or we can head straight to the Forge's controls and make the Dimensionator.

Ratchet: It looks like the Forge's controls are right up on that platform.

Forge the Dimensionator

(Science Bots at the Rubion Forge.)

  • Science Bot (Male): Shoo-be-do-do, doing science cause I do not know how to do anything else.
  • Science Bot (Male): I am not cleared to know, but our Emperor personally delivered some last week that got everyone here *quite* excited.
  • Science Bot (Male): Hmmm, Rubion Forge at 80% heat capacity... increasing seawater coolant now.
    Science Bot (Female): Power levels are fluctuating again. We may need to juice them.
  • Science Bot (Female): It was incredible. He told us this project was his greatest yet, and then he took away every one of our break periods.
  • Science Bot (Male): Forty hours until the next break? Man, today is going *so* fast.
  • Science Bot (Male): So what exactly did he want?
    Science Bot (Female): Well, for it to walk.
    Science Bot (Male): Sure. Okay.
    Science Bot (Female): Shoot lasers of unspeakable power.
    Science Bot (Male): Ooo tricky... but doable, yeah.
    Science Bot (Female): And be over a hundred stories tall.
    Science Bot (Male): Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-- sorry about that, my processor just broke haha.
  • Science Bot (Female): Using an awful lot of raritanium lately... Perhaps I should request a new shipment. Just to be safe.
    Science Bot (Male): (doh) I hope we have made the Emperor proud today.

Junk Bot: (humming happily) Deleting memory banks.

(Upon hearing all of the Science Bot's dialogue.)
Kit: Ratchet, I think we can head to the Forge now and not draw attention.

Kit: The control panel is right above that bouncing apparatus.

Ratchet: Got it.

(Upon bouncing up to the control panel platform.)
Junk Bot: Is the Emperor not happy with our color palette? But he chose it himself...

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the control panel, Kit jumps off of Ratchet's back and makes inputs to the system.)
Kit: Schematics uploaded.

Ratchet: What do we got...

Ratchet: Uh huh...

Ratchet: I see...

(Ratchet hesitantly looks back and forth between the two main panel buttons.)
Kit: Are you... *winging* this?

Ratchet: Pffft, come on.

(Ratchet nervously chooses against pressing the button marked with a skull and crossbones and presses the unmarked button. The Rubion Forge then begins badly malfunctioning and exploding.)
Junk Bot: You ran the forge with auxiliary power *only*?! The main power button was right there!

Kit: Ah, just running a stress test! Let me see, yes, everything is breaking correctly!

Ratchet: Let's get out of here before--

(Ratchet and Kit are thrown from the platform by an explosion from the forge and yell.)
Junk Bot: Get those charlatans!

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Greetings, intruders! Let us escort you to the Biology wing!

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): You would be perfect for our unethical science experiments!

Kit: Why did the Forge not work?

Ratchet: I guess it wasn't fully powered? But that other button didn't look right...

Kit: You said you were not winging this!

Ratchet: I'm not! I'm intuiting it!

Ratchet: Security's everywhere! We gotta get outta here!

Kit: What about the Dimensionator?!

Ratchet: We'll figure something out!

Escape to the Other Dimension

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Requesting further support!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I do so love it when they fight back!

Ratchet: There's nothing in this room, gotta keep moving!

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): Interior decorators?!

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): How could you fall for such a stupid--

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): they didn't even have licences!

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): I need that Lombax found immediately! If he spoils my victory any further, I'll throw you all into the Forge and make a nice mug for myself!

Emperor's Assistant (over communicator): The Rubion Forge has been destroyed, sir.

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): What?!

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): Get that Lombax! Get that Lombax!!! Get! That! Lombax!!!

Science Bot (Male): The Forge is destroyed! The Forge is destroyed!!!

Science Bot (Male): Does this count as a break?! I only have one left!

Science Bot (Female): Remember your panic training, everyone! Keep those arms flailing!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Oooo, the intruders are still alive!

Ratchet: (phew) That won't be the last of them. We need to find a way to escape.

Kit: What if we use Blizon?

Ratchet: Good call! Monster dimension sounds pretty good right about now!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Can I touch it now?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): No.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Why not?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Are you the Emperor?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): No.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I rest my case.

Ratchet: Blizon! That's our way out!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Hold this room until backup arrives!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I see the intruders!

Ratchet: Alright...

(Upon turning the bolt crank and opening the Blizon's container, the doors of the room are sealed.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): (haha!) We have them cornered now!

Ratchet: That *has* to be the last of them.

(Upon striking the Blizon crystal and shifting back into the abandoned dimension.)
On-screen: Manufacturing Division

Kit: What do we do now? That was the only Rubion Forge that could make the Dimensionator...

Ratchet: There's still one in this dimension, though...

Ratchet: Maybe we can get it working again!

Repair the Forge

Junk Bot: (ahh!) Ratch?! Kitsy?!

Ratchet: Junk Bot! What would it take to get your Rubion Forge working again?

Junk Bot: Well, there is the power issue. And with the power gone, some kind of nasty virus has infected the system. Nothing will work until it is cleared.

Ratchet: I think I have just the friend who can help with that.

(Upon pressing Triangle to send Glitch into the system.)
Ratchet: It's all yours, Glitch.

(Inside the computer system.)
On-screen: VIRUS NESTS: 7

Glitch: Game time! Wait... this dimension has Viruses too?!

On-screen: Nuke Pulse Activated!

Glitch: This is a Nuke Pulse upgrade!

Glitch: They're flying now too?! So what?! They all get deleted the same way!

Glitch: What was the training again?

Glitch: "If you delete a Virus, you can absorb the power they stole and use it to power the Nuke Pulse!"

On-screen: PULSE CHARGE: Press X To Fire

(Upon firing the Nuke Pulse for the first time.)
Glitch: Coooooooool!!!

(When shooting the shielded Virus Nests.)

  • Glitch: Agh, I can't break the shield!
  • Glitch: Shield's too thick to blast through; I'll have to go around it!
  • Glitch: Think I'm just wasting ammo on this shield.
  • Glitch: The shield won't break!
  • Glitch: Is there any way to get behind that shield?

(When shooting the Virus Nests with the Electro-Guns.)

  • Glitch: Agh, can my Blitz-Infectors do any better?
  • Glitch: My Electro-Guns can't even scratch them!
  • Glitch: Can't punch through with my Electro-Guns!
  • Glitch: These Nests are tough; maybe my Blitz-Infectors would work better.
  • Glitch: My Electro-Guns aren't working on that Nest; I gotta try something else.

On-screen: L2 Blitz-Infectors

(when the Nuke Pulse is ready to fire.)

  • Glitch: Pulse is ready, and so am I...
  • Glitch: Time to nuke these germs.
  • Glitch: Cool! Pulse weapon is ready!
  • Glitch: Payload ready!
  • Glitch: Time to squash some bugs!
  • Glitch: Pulse weapon ready to go!
  • Glitch: Weapon systems hot!
  • Glitch: Alright! Pulse is primed and ready.

(Upon firing the Nuke Pulse.)

  • Glitch: Bam! Good bye!
  • Glitch: Just a little anti-virus!
  • Glitch: (laughs) Woo!
  • Glitch: Comin' through!
  • Glitch: Duh-leted!

(Whilst shooting viruses.)

  • Glitch: Need to keep this up!
  • Glitch: Just getting started!
  • Glitch: Ha ha ha! Look at me now!
  • Glitch: Yahoo! This is fun!
  • Glitch: Try and stop me!
  • Glitch: Now THIS is a bug hunt!
  • Glitch: Ha ha! I am on a roll!

(Upon collecting health.)

  • Glitch: Feeling good now!
  • Glitch: Whoa! Needed that.
  • Glitch: Nice, nice, nice!
  • Glitch: Rebooted and ready for more!
  • Glitch: Ahhh that helps.
  • Glitch: Ready to rock!
  • Glitch: Just in time!

Glitch: They hijacked the computer's Firewall. Okay.

Glitch: But I bet they don't know I can still get through if I knock out the Pods!

On-screen: Electro-Gun Upgrade Activated!

(Upon destroying all of the Nests in the area.)
On-screen: Firewall Down!

Glitch: Yes! The computer is starting to come back online!

Glitch: Which means that Firewall should be totally clear now.

Glitch: (hahahaha!) You are *mine*.

(Upon destroying the last Nest.)
Glitch: Oh, too scared of the big bad Glitch now?! Well you should be! Cause I got the--

Glitch: Ahhh! It's a trap!

On-screen: An Ambush! Hold Off the Viruses!

Glitch: No, no, no, no, no!

On-screen: VIRUS NESTS: 2

(Upon the final Nests being destroyed.)
On-screen: Virus Infection cleared. Host Computer is back online!

Master Virus: We'll see you again soon, Glitch.

Master Virus: If your luck continues to hold. (laughs)

Glitch: Is that... the Virus?

Glitch: Someone has to stop them before they evolve even more.

Glitch: But that's not a problem here; the Rubion Forge has a clean bill of health now so you can take over, Ratchet!

(Back at the abandoned Rubion Forge.)
Ratchet: I knew you could do it, Glitch. Thank you.

Junk Bot: Great work, Ratchoo! You are all clear to power up the Forge!

Kit: How do we do that?

Junk Bot: Ah. By finding the power source!

Junk Bot: Last I saw it was down the stairs and past the pressure door, but FYI... it is a skosh spooky down there.

Find a Power Source

Junk Bot: (humming to self)

Junk Bot: (laughing to self)

(Upon reaching the bottom of the stairwell.)
On-screen: Biology Division

(Upon standing on the pressure lock and opening the several door layers.)
Ratchet: That's... a lot of door.

(Upon reaching the abandoned power room.)
Kit: This must be where they generate the Forge's power, but there is nothing here. Is Junk Bot messing with us?

Ratchet: I don't know, but if the power source really is missing... we could grab the one in the other dimension.

Kit: The one with an entire station looking for us?

Ratchet: Until we have a better solution.

Ratchet: Now, let's find us some Blizon.

(Upon entering a room with Juice's silhouetted figure eating in the corner.)
Ratchet: Is that... ?

Ratchet: It's him! It's Juice!

Kit: We need to distract him! Is there, oh gosh, is there anything we can use nearby?!

On-screen: JELLY CANISTERS: Break Jelly Canisters to distract Juice.

Kit: Ah! Try smashing that glowing canister!

(Upon breaking one of the canisters of orange liquid.)
Kit: It is full of slurpion jelly? Juice must be hungry! Quick, now is our chance to escape!

(Upon attacking Juice.)

  • Kit: Ratchet, you are just making him mad!
  • Ratchet: Ahhh! Weapons don't even faze him!
  • Kit: Stop shooting and run!

(Upon escaping from Juice through the pressure locked door.)
Ratchet: You know, for some reason the dimension where the whole station's searching for us keeps looking better and better.

Kit: At least they have the lights on there.

Ratchet: What's that sound?

Kit: Just keep moving.

Kit: Ratchet, I do not see Blizon *anywhere*.

Kit: The only place left to look is through the next blast door, but it seems very locked.

Ratchet: What if we follow those cables above us?

Ratchet: Maybe we can power down the locks.

Disable Lock 1

Kit: I think you are right.

Kit: This time.

(Upon attempting to use a control terminal to power down one of the locks.)
Computer: Error! Bio-hazard detected.

Ratchet: Huh?

Kit: Amoeboids! Not again!

(Juice begins attacking a window to try and break into the room.)
Kit: What is with the lights?

Ratchet: Ahh! He's right there!

Kit: That is... somewhat alarming.

(Upon all of the Amoeboids in the room being destroyed, Juice stops attcking the window.)
Computer: Bio-hazard resolved. Systems online.

Kit: Oh, that computer just turned on.

Kit: Can we take a look?

Kit: There is a research log! Let us watch!

Computer: Primary lock released.

Computer: Resuming playback on station log.

Junk Bot (on video log): Come here, come here! Okay, look out past the reef. I just saw it playing around and-- Look!

Junk Bot (on video log): You see it?

Junk Bot (on video log): (ohohoho) How does it swim around like-- oh! Oh is that a hello?

Junk Bot (on video log): Wait, what are you guys doing? You are hurting it! Stop! Stop this right now! Stop--

Kit: That was Junk Bot?

Ratchet: And I think he was talking about Juice...

(Juice breaks through the window into the room and pursues Ratchet again.)
Ratchet: Let's get outta here!

Ratchet: The door's not opening!!!

Kit: The window! Try the window!

Disable Lock 2

Ratchet: Huh, this lock's controlled by a bolt crank. Guess they didn't get around to upgrading this room.

(Juice breaks into the room and pursues Ratchet again.)
Kit: Run!

Ratchet: There's no jelly canisters anywhere... but there are rifts.

Kit: Ratchet, escape Juice using the rifts!

Ratchet: I'll need to time it just right!

Computer: Secondary Lock released.

Computer: Blast Door unlocked. Fine, see if I care.

Ratchet: That's our cue!

Ratchet: How'd he get here so fast?!

Kit: There are vents everywhere...

Kit: Almost there!

(When Ratchet is spotted by Juice and pursued.)
Kit: Run!

(After escaping through the blast door.)
Ratchet: (sigh of relief) Alright.

Ratchet: If I were Blizon, where would I be...

Return to the Other Dimension

(Upon releasing a pressure locked door to the seafloor, the room is immediately flooded.)
Ratchet: Uh oh.

Ratchet: whoa, whoa, whoa!

Kit: Ratchet! Are you okay?!

Ratchet: Yeah!

Ratchet: Luckily my O2 filtrator still works. Hadn't tested it in years...

On-screen: Fennessy Trench - 300 meters

Kit: Ratchet.

Kit: I have been thinking about what you said earlier about the Lombaxes.

Kit: And risking a good life.

Kit: I had a good life on Savali.

Kit: It was peaceful, quiet, even joyful.

Kit: So when you asked to become partners, I did not want to risk things either... but I am glad I did.

Ratchet: Thanks, Kit.

Ratchet: That means a lot.

Ratchet: But I'm just not sure it's...

Kit: It is okay.

Kit: Now I can be the one who believes in you.

On-screen: Right analog stick to Aim at Mag Surface, Circle to Mag Jump to Mag Surface

Kit: Toxic crabs scuttling towards us!

Kit: Up ahead, an airlock!

(Upon passing through the airlock.)
Ratchet: Okay...

Ratchet: Phew...

(Juice jumps from the ceiling and pursues Ratchet again.)
Ratchet: Gah! Come on!

(Ratchet strikes the Blizon crystal and shifts back into Rivet's dimension.)

Find Power Source

On-screen: Bioharvesting Division

(Upon opening Ms. Zurkon's vendor.)
Ms. Zurkon: You two want some new gear?

Ms. Zurkon: I got a special discount at 100 fathoms.

Ratchet: Ms. Zurkon? What are you doing here?

Ms. Zurkon: If Zurkon Jr. wants to study existential economics at Bogon University, then by goodness I will make sure we can afford it.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Oh if I see those "decorators" again, I shall hit them with BAM! POW! WHAMMAJAMMA!

Kit: There is an increased magnetic field here...

Kit: The power source must be nearby!

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Impossible. Those "decorators" did not just disappear.

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): Guard the power source! We will not be surprised again.

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Should we search for the decorators?

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): And leave the power source unguarded? The Emperor would be homicidally disgusted.

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Of course, but I am concerned about the mischief those charlatans can get up to with free reign over our station.

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): What sort of mischief?

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(1): Oo--what if they stole my authentic printed signature from the Emperor?

Nefarious Trooper (Male)(2): If that is your concern, do not fret; I am sure His Gloriousness would let you purchase a new one.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I have found the decorators!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): We shall decorate the floor with them!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Code red. All forces, please report to the Containment Sector.

(After all of the Nefarious Troopers in the area are destroyed, Ratchet spots a familiar creature in a containment field having it's bioelectricity forcibly extracted.)
Ratchet: The power source... is Juice?!

Kit: We...

Kit: We should free him!

Kit: Look at what they put him through! No wonder he is so angry.

Ratchet: But he--

Kit: Ratchet, if we do not give him a chance, who will?

Ratchet: Yeah... (stammering)

Ratchet: You're right.

Ratchet: We'll just have to find another power source... if we survive that long.

Free Juice

(Whilst turning the bolt crank to deactivate the containment field.)
Ratchet: We come in peace, big guy...

(The field is deactivated and Juice smashes out of his chamber.)
Ratchet: Is that a happy hiss or an angry hiss?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Capture the Power Source! It was not scheduled to have hope today!

Ratchet: He's helping us?! He's helping us!!! Man, that's a relief...

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Containment Team in danger. Requesting additional-- oh just send everyone!

Ratchet: We've got incoming, Juice! If you can even understand me.

(Three Nefarious Juggernauts known as the "Elite Security Detail" enter the room and fight Ratchet and Juice.)
Ratchet: Finally bringing in the big guns, huh?

Ratchet: Oh that's a lot of big guns.

(Upon the three Nefarious Juggernauts being destroyed by Ratchet and Juice.)
Ratchet: Hey Juice, you wouldn't happen to know another way to power up the Rubion Forge, would you?

Kit: Does he want us to... follow him?

Follow Juice

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): All teams eliminated.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Power Source jeopardised.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Boooooo.

(Juice smashes a container housing a Blizon crystal in the next room.)
Kit: The Blizon...

Kit: He wants to come with us!

Ratchet: Anyplace is better than here, right? Maybe he can help us power the Forge after all.

Return to the Forge

(Upon striking the Blizon and shifting back to the abandoned dimension again.)
On-screen: Manufacturing Division

Ratchet: Still with us, Juice?

Kit: Come on, the Rubion Forge is upstairs.

(In the Forge, the abandoned dimension's Juice is threateningly advancing on Junk Bot.)
Junk Bot: Come on, JC! It is me, good old JB! (laughs nervously)

(Juice roars at Junk Bot, causing him to scream and propelling him away. Rivet's dimension's Juice jumps into the room and the two Juices size eachother up. After being initially hostile they become friendly with eachother while Junk Bot grogily stands himself up again.)
Ratchet: Wow.

(Rivet's dimension's Juice gestures to the abandoned dimension's Juice and the two use their bioelectricity together to power up the Forge.)
Computer: Power restored to maximum level.

(Ratchet and Kit quickly jump up to the Forge's control panel and Kit makes inputs to the system.)
Kit: Schematics uploaded.

(Ratchet this time presses the main panel button marked with the skull and crossbones, activating the Forge.)
Ratchet: Did it work?

(Junk Bot happily laughs whilst petting the two now friendly Juices. Kit jumps into the Forge and emerges with the newly built Dimensionator, presenting it to Ratchet.)
Ratchet: Wooooo! Yes! We did it, Kit!

Ratchet: You *are* a good partner.

Junk Bot: (laughs happily) Here is to new friends!

Ratchet: Looks like we just need to get back to our ship now.

Return to the Surface

Junk Bot: Oh this elevator can take you right back to the surface, no problem. Come back soon, Ratches and Kittles!

Ratchet: Thanks and will do, uh... Junky.

Junk Bot: How did he come up with Junky?

Junk Bot: I really need to step up my nickname game, oh man.

Junk Bot: Good bye, Junk Bot. Hello, Junky!

(During the ascending elevator before having completed both Blizar Prime and Torren IV as Rivet.)
Kit: We did it, Ratchet! We built the Dimensionator!

Ratchet: Yeah... I guess we did, huh!

Ratchet: (hey) Being a team isn't so bad, after all!

Kit: We have not saved the dimensions yet.

Ratchet: But we will!

Ratchet: We'll have to set a course for Zurkie's so we can meet up with Rivet and Clank when they're done.

(During the ascending elevator if having already completed both Blizar Prime and Torren IV as Rivet.)
Ratchet (Talking to Clank and Rivet over communicator): Clank, Rivet! We built the Dimensionator!

Rivet (over communicator): No way!

Rivet (over communicator): Wait, we--?

Clank (over communicator): I knew you could do it!

Clank (over communicator): We have obtained the Phase Quartz, as well!

Rivet (over communicator): Yeah, uh-- Meet us at Zurkie's so we can build this thing!

(Included in both instances after the preceding dialogue.) Kit: Oh... How do I meet... someone?

Ratchet: What are you talking about? You met me, and that went great.

Kit: I fell off the Archives in front of you.

Kit: And screamed.

Kit: A lot.

Ratchet: True...

Ratchet: I dunno, just be friendly and open.

Ratchet: And don't overthink it.

Kit: Don't overthink it... Okay.

(Upon striking the Blizon crystal to shift back to Rivet's dimension.)
On-screen: Station Security Checkpoint

(Upon returning to the now destroyed Rubion Forge again.) Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): How could you let that Lombax escape?!

Dr. Nefarious (over hologram): They were here! Right here and you aggggghhhh!

(Upon returning to the abandoned dimension's Rubion Forge again.)
Junk Bot: Ratchettski! Kitters! Oh welcome back! How are you two doing?

Ratchet: Not too bad, Junky.

Kit: How about yourself?

Junk Bot: Oh you know me! Too blessed to be stressed!

Blizar Prime

Find Phase Quartz

In order to power the Dimensionator, Rivet and Clank must acquire Phase Quartz, a rare crystal that can only be found in the Blizar Mines.

Rivet: On Sargasso, you said you gave Ratchet the Dimensionator so that he could find the other lombaxes... I never thought I'd meet one of us, much less find our "home"—if you can even call it that. Do you really think it would work?

Clank: No.

Rivet: No?

Rivet: No....

On-screen: Blizar Prime, Blizon Mines

Search for Phase Quartz

On-screen: Landing Pad?

Rivet: What happened here?

Clank: I am uncertain.

On-screen: X to Jump

(Upon jumping in zero gravity.)
Rivet: Wh-wh-whoa!

Clank: (chuckles) Now that was exhilarating!

(Upon attempting to open the destroyed door from Rivet's dimension.)
Clank: We must find phase quartz... but I do not know how it could have survived this.

Rivet: Looks a little busted.

Clank: We must find another way.

(Upon standing near the blizon crystal.)
Clank: That crystal is a substance called Blizon. Try using your hammer on it.

On-screen: Square to Strike Blizon Crystal

Rivet: You really think I should smack it?

Clank: I believe you secretly want to.

(Upon hitting the first blizon crystal and shifting to the intact dimension.)
Clank: The blizon appears to have stored energy from the dimensional rifts.

Rivet: Whoa. Another dimension... is this your Blizar?

Clank: No, but we can find intact phase quartz here! We should seek out the miners.

On-screen: BLIZON: Blizon, when struck, allows Rivet to swap dimensions.

(Upon walking on the landing pad.)
Rivet: Nice landing pad. Wish my dimension had one.

(Upon encountering toxic crabs near the landing pad.)
Facility V.I.: Indigenous creatures detected—lockdown initiated.

Clank: Facility lockdown? Oh, that cannot be good.

Rivet: Let's worry about the toxic crabs first!

(Upon defeating the toxic crabs, a mild tremor occurs.)
Rivet: Uh, what was that?

Clank: Seismic activity, perhaps caused by the crumbling barriers between dimensions.

Rivet: I was afraid you'd say that.

On-screen: Welcome Center

(A dimensional explosion occurs ahead inside the welcome center.)
Facility V.I.: Facility Damage Warning: Safety Lockdown Engaged.

Override the Lockdown

Clank: We need to reach the other side of that window to activate the lockdown release.

Rivet: Another dimensional thing?

Clank: Yes, the instability is worsening.

Clank: Probably why mining operations are offline.

On-screen: Square to Strike Blizon Crystal

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal inside to return to Rivet's dimension.)
Mysterious Stranger: Haven't you punished me enough, you stupid universe?! No job, no phase quartz, no planet! What else do you want, huh?! My mind?! Fine, take it!

Rivet: If it helps, I just found out there's another dimension where Blizar's still intact, so—

Mysterious Stranger: Still intact?! How do you—?! Of course; the blizon! If the planet hasn't been destroyed yet...

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Find the lombax and the tiny robot!

Rivet: Who was that? Do you know what she was talking about?

Clank: She must be a survivor of... whatever happened here.

Rivet: Alright. We need another blizon crystal.

(Upon stepping on the mag surface.)
On-screen: Right analog stick to Aim at Mag Surface, Circle to Mag Jump to Mag Surface

(Upon encountering the Nefarious Troopers at the end of the mag surface.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): Our spy was correct! Destroy the lombax, in the name of our emperor!

Clank: Nefarious Troopers. We must get past them and find a way back to the intact dimension.

(Alternatively, upon encountering the Nefarious Troopers at the end of the mag surface, if having already first been to Savali as Ratchet.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Lombax located! Engaging!

Rivet: Oh, come on!

(After defeating the Nefarious Troopers.)
Rivet: Got 'em. So how are we gonna *get* the phase quartz?

Clank: We should speak to a miner or engineer in the intact dimension.

(Upon approaching the blizon crystal on the end of the mag surface path.)
Mysterious Stranger: I need to find the-- *static*! They need to know-- *static*!

Rivet: She's broadcasting to anyone who will listen...

Clank: We can look into it after we obtain the phase quartz.

Rivet: Gotta find another Blizon crystal somewhere.

Clank: There must be another Blizon crystal nearby.

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal and returning to the intact dimension.)
Facility V.I.: This area is currently on lockdown. Please vacate the facility at your earliest and safest convenience. Thank you, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

Facility V.I.: Caution! Our Blizon is being affected by unstable rifts in the universe. Please do not panic, and form a single-file line at all food stalls. Thank you, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

Rivet: (ugh!) We're locked in.

Clank: Perhaps we can reset the lock.

Rivet: Need an override switch.

Clank: We must find an override.

(Upon using the terminal inside the facility.)
Rivet: Ah ha! Got it.

Head to the Mining Hub

Facility V.I.: Lockdown reset. Thank you, and have a safe, rule-following, blazin' Blizar day.

(Upon leaving the facility through the opened exit.)
On-screen: Worker Transport

Clank: Seismic activity has destroyed the bridge.

Rivet: Guess we're going the long way around.

(Whilst fighting lava puffoids on the route.)
Clank: Across the lava, a mining platform!

Rivet: Kinda busy right now, Bolts!

Rivet: Lava puffoids are kinda cute. When they're not trying to gnaw your ankles.

Clank: Which is never.

(Once all of the lava puffoids are defeated.)
Clank: Nicely handled.

Clank: Now we should get up to the ridge.

Rivet: Any guesses on who that person was in my dimension? The stranger?

Clank: I encountered no one like that in my dimension's Blizar.

(Upon reaching the platform along the path, several goons on hoverbikes fly out of a rift.)
Goon-4-Less (1): Bro, where are we?!

Goon-4-Less (2): Who cares?! Grab the lombax!

Rivet: Ugh, more Goons-4-Less?!

Goon-4-Less: Their most elite division: The VROOM GOONS!

Clank: (chuckles) Really?

Goon-4-Less: Need more backup, bro!

Rivet: You *just* figured that out?!

Clank: Incoming.

Clank: These "bros" always travel in herds.

(After robomutts are deployed.)
Goon-4-Less: How do you like these robomutts?!

Rivet: Honestly? Kinda cute.

(After defeating the Goons-4-Less.)
Rivet: Vroom Goons might be elite, but not as elite as us.

(Upon stepping on the lift toward the mining hub.)
Facility V.I.: Please keep your hands and feet inside, and avoid the insta-death lava bubbling all around you! Thank you, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

Rivet: Thanks for the help, Bolts... Not really used to it.

Clank: We will need a way to mine the phase quartz. Hm. Perhaps the giant drill...

Rivet: Let's find someone who can point us to it.

(Upon reaching the mining hub.)
On-screen: Mining Hub

Clank: Ah, this is the mining hub. Perhaps someone here can direct us to the drill. The chief engineer's survey station should be nearby...

Rivet: You're just full of fun facts, huh?

Clank: Indeed. For example, the average miner spends 72 percent of their life underground.

Rivet: Whoa, really?

Clank: No, but I would hate to bore you by running out of trivia.

Find the Chief Engineer

Clank: Hmm. These individuals appear as confused as we are.

Rivet: Earthquakes, lockdowns, interdimensional rifts. Can't really blame 'em, but we need that drill.

Rivet: We should hurry. Whatever happened to Blizar in my dimension, this one could be next.

Facility V.I.: Welcome to BLIZAR! We are currently on lockdown due to INTERDIMENSIONAL CHAOS that is WORSENING BY THE SECOND. Thank you, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

(Upon striking a blizon crystal and shifting back to Rivet's dimension on an optional path to a gold bolt.)
Mysterious Stranger: *static* ...first earthquakes, and we thought, okay, lockdown. IT WASN'T ENOUGH! *static*

Mysterious Stranger: *static* ...try to warn them but does anyone listen to me, no!

Mysterious Stranger: SERIOUSLY! THIS IS A BIG DEAL! It completely...*static*

Mysterious Stranger: How hard is it to pick up a *static*... and LISTEN?! No one LISTENS anymore!

(When near the building housing the lift to the survey station in the mining hub.)
Clank: I believe we are close to the survey station. The decorations here are slightly more colorful than in my dimension...

Rivet: Bolts, focus.

Clank: Oh uh, sorry.

(When approaching the lift towards the chief engineer's survey station.)
Site Supervisor: You lookin' for the chief engineer? Use that safety lift to get to the site.

Rivet: Uh, thanks.

(While on the lift towards the chief engineer.)
On-screen: Old Mining Site

Clank: The dimensional damage seems to be getting worse!

Rivet: It's kinda pretty... in a deadly, terrifying way.

(Upon approaching the survey station.)
Rivet: There! That must be the Chief Engineer!

(Upon reaching the survey station.)
On-screen: Survey Station

Rivet: There! That must be the chief engineer!

(Upon reaching the chief engineer.)
Rivet: Hello?

Chief Engineer: Do you hear that?

Rivet: No?

Chief Engineer: Voices. Haven't been hearing them for too long, but wherever the purple is, they are too. First the quakes and the blizon, now this...

Rivet: I don't hear anything... except someone asking if you'll be drilling for Phase Quartz soon?

Chief Engineer: Not until I determine what's going on. For all we know, this whole drill site is haunted. That's why I sent my science bots out to scan the purple.

Rivet: And?

Chief Engineer: I have to pick them up. When I know it's safe...

Rivet: (sighs)

Locate the Science Bots

Rivet: Why wait? I'll find the bots and bring them back here safe and sound.

Clank: These bots have intercepted a message from your dimension - perhaps it is from that person we encountered.

Rivet: Hopefully they can help us figure out what happened there, and prevent it here. Let's go.

(On an optional side path by the survey station to obtain the Q-Force boots armor pod.)
Rivet: Um. I'm sorry you and Ratchet were seperated.

Clank: Oh, well I should have foreseen something going wrong.

Clank: The Dimensionator was too powerful to show off in public.

(Upon leaving the station.)
Chief Engineer (over communicator): Testing, testing comms. The bots would've followed the paths marked by the survey rods. I'm sure they're listening in on the purple...

Clank: The tremors are increasing in frequency and size.

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Safety first. Try not to trip, slip, or break anything.

Rivet: Was it too much to ask that we be able to find phase quartz without dodging earthquakes and lava?

Rivet: If I were a science bot, where would I be...

(Upon approaching the southwest area with the first science bot.)
On-screen: Rich Blizon Deposit

Chief Engineer (over communicator): There, one of my bots is up there! It's... oh, sweet B.O.B.

(Upon approaching B.O.B.)
Science Bot B.O.B.: Greetings! We are in the gravest of dangers! Follow, be quick!

Rivet: Uh, okay.

Science Bot B.O.B.: Please come!! Oh goodness, oh no...

Science Bot B.O.B.: Hurry, hurry! Scorched fur smells awful!!

Science Bot B.O.B.: The Blizon! Strike, strike now!

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal on B.O.B.'s path.)
Mysterious Stranger: *static* Finally, a decent connection. I need to warn you about *static*, very DANGEROUS! *static*

Rivet: That could describe almost anything on this planet.

Clank: Indeed. We should be cautious.

(Upon returning to the intact dimension and completing the path.)
Science Bot B.O.B.: I am overheating! If only I could sweat! I must flee!

Chief Engineer (over communicator): I'll ping her so she comes back to me. Looks like she picked up an audio file; I'll start cleaning it up.

Chief Engineer (over communicator): There's an old research lab ahead. If I know J.I.M., that's where he'd head first.

Rivet: J.I.M.? Oh, right, another bot. On it.

(Upon reaching the western area with the second science bot.)
On-screen: Research Facility

Goon-4-Less (1): Robomutts're out investigating that signal we picked up.

Goon-4-Less (2): Augh, come on! What's taking 'em so long?!

(Upon engaging the Goons-4-Less.)
Goon-4-Less: Whoa! Sneak attack!

(After defeating all of the goons.)
Rivet: You want to give up yet?! It'd be great if you did!

(Ahead of Rivet a blizon crystal inside of a glass chamber explodes.)
Rivet: Whoa, that was close!

(Further in, Rivet spots J.I.M. in a room behind glass.) Rivet: Behind the safety glass.

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal within the lab.)
Mysterious Stranger: *static* STOP AND LISTEN *static* is damaged *static* and will destroy *static* YOU DON'T NEED IT THAT BADLY! *static*

Clank: Perhaps she is talking about the safety protocols. I know I find red tape constricting.

Rivet: Makes as much sense as anything.

(Upon reaching J.I.M.)
Science Bot J.I.M.: Identified: non-hostile entity. Hello. Are you my new best friend?

Rivet: Uh, no? You should head back to the chief engineer.

Science Bot J.I.M.: Friendship request: denied. Sad noises. Returning to chief engineer.

Rivet: Aw...

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Stop fussing, J.I.M. Hopefully he picked up interdimensional messages and didn't get distracted trying to find friends.

(At the cavern entrance.)
Science Bot J.I.M.: Identified: hostile entity. Hello. Are you my new best friend?

Goon-4-Less: You see something over there? Must've gone into that cave...

(Upon engaging the goons.)
Goon-4-Less: That's not a bro, that's the Lombax!

Rivet: Yep, STILL me!

(Once all of the goons are defeated.)
Rivet: Bros zero, non...bros... I've lost count.

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal towards the final science bot.)
Clank: Are you always suspicious that anyone you meet worked for Emperor Nefarious?

Rivet: Pretty much everyone I meet DOES work for Emperor Nefarious.

(Upon hitting the blizon crystal at the end of the path back to the intact dimension.)
Chief Engineer (over communicator): Drill platforms. Well, defunct ones. A million percent sure rifts opened over here - you'll definitely find the bots.

(Upon reaching the northwest area with the third science bot.)
On-screen: Abandoned Site

Rivet: Okay, I see the bot over on that platform on the right... past the broken bridge.

Clank: There must be a way to reach it.

(Upon traveling back to Rivet's dimension and reaching the bot platform before moving the Blizon crystal across.)
Clank: We have reached the bot platform, but the functional bot is in the intact dimension.

Rivet: Right. We're missing something...

(When using the hammercrank to move the crane holding the Blizon crystal.)
Rivet: OH! The crane moved the crystal!

Clank: This may bring us one step closer to reaching the bot.

(Upon reaching the bot platform when the blizon crystal has been moved there.)
Mysterious Stranger: *static* dimensional something or other *static* *static* really ruined the safety record *static* *static* Days left to retire... *static*

(Upon reaching S.A.M.)

Return to Chief Engineer

Science Bot S.A.M.: Engaging: charming accent. Yeehaw, what're y'all doin' here?! Returnin' to chief engineer with important message!

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Oh, S.A.M., always trying to find herself. One step closer to figuring out this message.

Chief Engineer (over communicator): That's all of 'em! Thanks; come back to my survey station, let's see what the lil bots picked up from *the other side.*

(Upon returning to the chief engineer with all science bots found.)

Eliminate the Infestation

Facility V.I.: Proximity Warning - hazardous lifeforms detected - facility security lockdown engaged.

Chief Engineer: Don't worry, don't worry. I designed this security system myself. Uh, er, except that motion trackers are saying they're INSIDE the house. Er, room? Oh, duh, me. The ceiling! I always forget to look up...

(A displaced Nefarious Juggernaut jumps out of a rift in the room.)
Chief Engineer: What the heck is that thing?!

Nefarious Juggernaut: Location: unknown. Lifeforms: unknown. Protocol: DESTROY!

Rivet: A gift from my dimension to yours. Now I'm gonna reduce it to scrap metal!

(When lava puffoids arrive.)
Chief Engineer: How am I supposed to unlock the secrets of a shattered dimension when these fish keep crashing my mining site?!

(After defeating all enemies in the lab.)
Facility V.I.: Native lifeforms no longer detected. Security walls disarmed. Thank you, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

Chief Engineer: Phew. Okay, minor setback, gonna take a little longer to decode this message. But you guys can use the drill. J.I.M.'ll take you there.

Follow J.I.M.

Science Bot J.I.M.: Hello. Are you my new best friend?

Rivet: Uh, sure?

Science Bot J.I.M.: Happy noises! I will take you to our phase quartz-extracting drill, in the name of friendship.

(Upon returning to the lift back to the mining hub, a dimensional anomaly appears at the hydraulic pump.)
Rivet: Whoa! That can't be good...

Clank: That dimensional anomaly is identical to the one we saw on Sargasso.

Rivet: Good, that means you can deal with it.

Science Bot J.I.M.: As your best friend, I must warn you that dimensional integrity could have affected the drill.

Rivet: What's that mean?

Science Bot J.I.M.: As your best friend, I do not want you to worry, so I will not expound at this time. Instead, impromptu music! (happy beeping and whistling)

Chief Engineer: I can't authorize drill usage until the blockage in that tube is cleared.

Science Bot J.I.M.: We should go for karaoke after this. Do you like karaoke, best friend? I will dislike it if you dislike it.

Repair the Anomaly

(Upon approaching the elevator in the mining hub.)
Elevator Supervisor: Sorry, I'd love to take you for a ride, but I can't run the elevator without a little grease in its gears.

Clank: It appears your grease tube is blocked by a dimensional anomaly.

Elevator Supervisor: Yeah, it's a real humdinger of a clog, isn't it?

Elevator Supervisor: If you can fix the tube, I can reward you wiiiith: an elevator ride! (heh) With authorisation!

Rivet: You ready to fix another dimensional mess?

Clank: Leave it to me.

(Upon approaching the anomaly.)
On-screen: Hydraulic Pump

Science Bot J.I.M.: This is where I must leave you in body, but never in spirit. Goodbye, best friend!

Rivet: Bye, J.I.M. Gonna miss that little guy.

Clank: Oddly enough, so am I.

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #1

(Upon entering the anomaly as Clank.)

  • (If the player has visited Savali as Ratchet.)
    Gary: Clank! I just saw Ratchet! On Savali!
    Clank: You did? How is he?
    Gary: Great! Thinner, than I imagined, but appropriately heroic.
  • (If the player has not yet visited Savali.)
    Gary: Clank! You made it! I was starting to worry!
    Clank: Were you waiting for me?
    Gary: Only a few minutes, but it's okay. I used the time to (??).

Gary: But, I digress. Your possibilities are waiting for you to guide them to the Meta-Terminal.

(When there are still Sphere left to find in the area.)

  • I hope I'm not interrupting your process, but I think there are more Spheres left to find.
  • If I may offer one thought: perhaps it would be beneficial to explore the area for more Spheres.
  • I'm not an expert, but I think there may be more Spheres nearby.
  • Are you sure you've found all the Spheres?

SKIPPING PUZZLE Clank discovers that Gary's father is an old friend of his and Ratchet's: the Plumber!

Clank realises that he has begun to trust Rivet... and that she's starting to trust him too.

Clank repairs the Anomaly, and receives some parting words of advice from Gary: confidence is the key to not getting caught up in the details.

Clank: My possibilities cannot pass through with that much wind. Is there some way I can weigh them down?

(Upon obtaining the Heavy Sphere.)
Gary: Ah, that's a Heavy Sphere! It will weigh down any object it touches... which, sounds rather obvious when you say it out loud, heh.

Clank: So what *is* in that book of yours?

Gary: Oh, ah, the most up-to-date collection of knowledge in the universe... as catalogued by my father.

Clank: And who is that?

Gary: I believe you know him as the Plumber?

Clank: *He* is your father? What is he doing now?

Gary: Taking his first vacation... ever. So he left me in charge, and I'm trying my best, but it's a lot to live up to even when the universe isn't in danger. (chuckles)

(After using the second Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: I am certainly "down" with this.

Clank: So, how did you get the title "Prophet"?

Gary: Ah, I actually didn't choose the name. It was given to me by the Savali Monks after I helped them decipher some of their Archives.

Clank: What does that mean?

Gary: Oh, just a lot of pointing and saying stuff, like, "That's a Blargian phone book, that's a Kerchu tooth, that's a Terraklon love poem..."

(Upon approaching the blockade to the Meta-Terminal.)
Clank: Hmm. I am blocked. I think that saw can help clear the path.

(Upon creating a path to the first Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: Oh my! I have to write this down because that was incredible, Clank! Only two more to go!

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #1

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #2

(Upon entering the second room of the section.)
Gary: How are things going with Rivet?

Clank: Well enough. She hacked my brain and saw my memories.

Gary: Is that what you kids are doing these days? I'm so out of touch.

Clank: It is interesting; for being dimensional counterparts, Ratchet and Rivet have surprising differences. Ratchet never had any wariness of robots when he met me, yet Rivet does.

Gary: Maybe your dimension is the outlier? Maybe all the other Ratchets don't like robots in their dimensions either.

Clank: Hmmm...

(Upon obtaining the Lift Sphere.)
Clank: This should give me a lift.

(Upon obtaining the Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: A good way to weigh things down.

On-screen: X and X in air to Double Jump

(Upon obtaining the speed sphere in the room.)
Clank: My possibilities are a visual representation of my mind trying to understand dimensionality. And the more I help them find their way, the more I will understand and be able to fix... everything.

(Upon creating a path to the second Meta-Terminal while the saw still blocks it.)
Clank: That saw is blocking the path. If I could just find a way to lower it...

(Upon creating a clear path to the second Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: Oh, nice! I never thought to use the Sphere like that...

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #2

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #3

(Upon entering the third room of the section.)
Gary: Is there anything about Ratchet and Rivet that's the same?

Clank: They... are both very quick to take action. Unlike me; I always get so caught up in the details.

Gary: And you wish you were better about that?

Clank: Not *all* the time, but it would be nice to not have to worry so much.

(Upon obtaining the Heavy Sphere in the room.)
Clank: A concentrated ball of boosted gravity. Amazing!

(Upon obtaining the Lift Sphere in the room.)
Clank: Things are looking up now.

Clank: This feels lighter than air.

(After obtaining the Speed Sphere in the room.)
Clank: Shifting into high gear.

Gary: Ah, Clank! I think I know how to help you with your "getting caught up in the details" problem: you just gotta be confident!

Clank: What do you mean?

Gary: If there's one thing I've learned from my father, it's that acting like you know what you're doing can get you everywhere in life. That, and carrying a plunger.

(Upon creating a path to the third Meta-Terminal.)
Gary: Ahhh! The Blizar anomaly has been fixed! Great job, Clank!

Clank: Thank you!

Gary: No, thank you! And remember: confidence is the key!

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #3

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

Unclog the Lube Tube

(Upon returning after fixing the anomaly.)
Rivet: Now we can deal with the clog.

(Upon approaching the hammercrank by the tube.)
Tube Supervisor: Er, yeah. I sent the top minds on the team to fix the tube, and they... got stuck.

(Upon fixing the clog in the tube.)
Tube Supervisor: That did it! Hydraulics supply restored!

Clank: With that fixed, we should now be able to use that elevator.

Rivet: Time to drill for some phase quartz.

Access the Drill

(Upon using the elevator to the drill.)
Rivet: Almost there. Use the drill, get our phase quartz, repair the Dimensionator.

Clank: In case I do not get another chance to say it, thank you.

Rivet: Don't get mushy on me now, Bolts. We're not done yet.

On-screen: Drill Receiving

Rivet: Hey look, the bro squad is back!

(Upon reaching the grindrail in front of the drill.)
Clank: I cannot help thinking...

Rivet: What?

Clank: We still do not know what happened to your dimension's Blizar.

Rivet: We will soon. Then we can stop it from happening in this dimension.

Grind to the Drill

(While grinding the rail to the drill.)
Clank: Jump to the side!

Rivet: Uh, nowhere to go!

Mysterious Stranger: (static) ...try to warn them, but does anyone listen to me? No!

Rivet: Warn? About what?

Mysterious Stranger: Seriously! This is a big deal! It completely... (static)

Rivet: Are these the messages that the Chief Engineer is hearing?

Clank: We are fast approaching the main drill!

(Upon landing on the drill.)
On-screen: The Drill

Rivet: Wow. It's been my lifelong dream to operate a drill a hundred times bigger than me.

Clank: Really? That is very specific.

Rivet: Specific goals are achievable goals.

Drill for Phase Quartz

Clank: We should locate the crank to operate the drill.

(Upon turning the hammercrank and activating the drill.)
Chief Engineer (over communicator): Lombax, robot, brilliant news! I decoded the message from BEYOND! Listen:

Mysterious Stranger: Finally, good reception. Listen: DO NOT TURN ON THE DRILL! The rifts damaged it: the drill destroyed our Blizar!

Rivet: What?! But we just turned it on!

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Oh, uh... TAKE COVER! Lockdown engaged! I can try a remote shutdown? Oh boy, ohhhh bad, oh jeez...

Rivet: Stupid freaking drill!

Clank: I thought you loved giant machinery?

Rivet: I've had a change of heart!

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Our network keeps faltering. I knew I should've upgraded to faster service!

(When phase quartz appears.)
On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Hammer

Clank: Phase quartz! Suspended in the drill beam!

Rivet: I'll knock it out with my hammer!


(Striking the phase quartz causes Rivet and Clank to shift back to Rivet's dimension again, where it is knocked into the air and caught by her.)
Rivet: Yes!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): There! Capture them and take whatever they are carrying!

Rivet: Oh, you guys...

Clank: We must return to the other dimension quickly!

Return to the Other Dimension

(After defeating the Nefarious Troopers.)
Clank: That is the last of them!

Rivet: There's gotta be a way back around here.

Stop the Drill!

(After striking a Blizon crystal and returning to the drill in the intact dimension.)
Chief Engineer (over communicator): Bad news, everybody: I can't shut down the drill! I forgot to update to tools 4.331. Prepare for sweet death, and have a blazin' Blizar day.

Rivet: We are NOT gonna die! Blazing or otherwise!

Clank: What is your plan?

Rivet: That dropship. It's big AND heavy.

Clank: And full of fuel! It is perilously close to becoming a bomb.

Rivet: OR, if we crash it into the drill, we could dislodge it and stop the planet from shattering!

Chief Engineer (over communicator): Normally I'd say that's against protocol, but this a pre-post-apocalypse world we live in, so go for it.

Clank: Then... brace for impact!

Science Bot J.I.M. (over communicator): Hello! It is your best friend, J.I.M.! Please do not die, as I deleted my sad noises suite as soon as we became best friends!

Clank: NOT NOW, J.I.M.!

Science Bot J.I.M. (over communicator): I wish I had a sad noise to play.

(Upon destroying the dropship, it crashes into the drill, disloadging the mining laser and causing it to almost hit Rivet. In the confusion Clank and the phase quartz both hit the floor.)
Rivet and Clank: (screams)

Clank: Rivet!

(Clank motions for Rivet to get the phase quartz, but the drill's laser fires off again in the path of them both. Rivet narrowly dives and chooses to save Clank, while the phase quartz is smashed to pieces by the laser.)
Rivet: (screams)

Clank: Oh no...

Rivet: Well, maybe it's not as bad as it...

(Rivet picks up the smashed pieces of the phase quartz.)
Rivet: I know this is gonna sound totally weird, but... the morts used to tell me legends about someone on Torren IV called... "The Fixer". "If it's broke, the Fixer'll fix it!"

Clank: Then I suppose we should see if the legends are true.

On-screen: New Destinations Logged Into Ship

Rivet: I can't believe we saved Blizar! How about we fix up this phase quartz and save the universe?! Alright, Bolts. Let's go find the Fixer.

Clank: If you are right, and the Fixer is able to repair the phase quartz-- we will have achieved the impossible.

Rivet: The Morts always spoke so fondly of him. And trust me, they're terrible liars.

Clank: Then perhaps we still stand a chance of saving the dimensions.

Find the Missing Chef (Optional)

Chef Tulio left for Honey Ridge and has yet to return.

(Crystal Miners in the Mining Hub waiting for their meals.)

  • Crystal Miner (Male): How long's this gonna take? My break's almost over!
  • Crystal Miner (Male): It's not safe to work on an empty stomach!
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Why can't anything go right today?
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Awww, I'm starving.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Agggh, I'd kill for some honey...
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Four more hours 'til lunch break. I don't know if I'm gonna make it...
  • Crystal Miner (Male): No I'm trying not to panic, I could just use something to settle my stomach. Anything.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Sorry, I can't think I'm too hungry.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Oh hey, hey. You got that honey?
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Man, I'm starvin'...
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Is the food coming or what?
  • Crystal Miner (Female): What I wouldn't give for some honey right now...
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Excuse me, I am feeling weak, I don't know if I can do anymore work.
  • Crystal Miner (Female): I wish I had honey and I would eat it with my face.
  • Crystal Miner (Female): I am soo hungry!
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Yee haw! Honey time!
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Last time I had somethin' to eat, I thought, "I'm never gonna eat again", so I ate everything I saw.

On-screen: Honey Road

Respond to the Call

Sous Chef: 'Scuse me! (uh) If you're going that way, could you look around for Chef Tulio?

Sous Chef: She, ah, she was 'sposed to be back with ingredients an hour ago. Don't know if she's hurt.

Rivet: Sure, I can keep an eye out.

Sous Chef: Appreciate it! These miners have had a rough time today so we're gonna cook up a storm to help! ...if Tulio ever gets back here.

Sous Chef: Did something actually happen to her this time?

Sous Chef: If she's not coming back, maybe I could use some of my recipes for once...

Sous Chef: Food will be served shortly! Chef Tulio thanks you for your patience!

Sous Chef: Come on, where is she? I can't stall these guys forever...

Clank: Hmm, I am picking up a radio transmission...

Chef Tulio (over communicator): You there! With the fuzz and the ears!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): How would you like to help create our galaxy's next food dish of the century?

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Don't answer, it's rhetorical. Just make your way up to Crystal Ridge, and we shall get started.

Clank: Chef Tulio, I presume?

Clank: She sounds unhurt... I wonder what has been keeping her from returning to the miners.

Enter the Wasp Caverns

Goon-4-Less (1): Marcus!?!

Goon-4-Less (1): Yo, anyone see him?

Goon-4-Less (2): What's that noise?

Goon-4-Less (1): Bugs! Ew, ew, ew, it touched me! Getitoff, bro, getitoff!!!

Rivet: There... Pretty sure we can reach Crystal Ridge through this cavern.

On-screen: Wasp Caverns

Cross the Chasm

Clank: Oh... my.

(Upon striking a Blizon crystal and shifting back to Rivet's dimension.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): The Lombax has been spotted in the caverns! Wonderful!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): We must find the Lombax, in the name of our adoring Emperor!

Exit the Wasp Caverns

(Upon shifting back to the intact dimension again.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): I see the culinary life calls to you too!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): There should be quarry jumpers nearby that can help you get up here.

Talk to Chef Tulio

Chef Tulio: Come! Come!

Chef Tulio: I am Chef Tulio, and like all great artists, I can only create beauty when I'm suffering.

Rivet: Okay...

Chef Tulio: To make my greatest dish yet, I must harvest the Sirangian Honey below us, with this VAC-U-SUK.

Chef Tulio: But doing so requires my full attention, so I'll need someone to defend me from those allergic to brilliance.

Chef Tulio: If you wish to be a part of culinary history, start the extraction sequence with that hammercrank.

Defend VAC-U-SUK

Rivet: So what's the dish?

Chef Tulio: There's been a lack of suffering lately so I do not know yet, but it will come soon. I can feel it.

(Upon turning the hammercrank and starting the extraction sequence.)
Chef Tulio: Now, it will take a moment for the machine to warm up, so be on the lookout for interlopers.

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Ha! Here they come on the left!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Use the button on that side to activate my trap!

(Upon jumping on the left button and activating the fire trap for the incoming lava puffoids.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): Splendid!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): I could not abide by the stench of pesticides, so I thought why not go back to my roots: BARBECUE!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Ha, they're coming from the right!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Activate the trap on the right! Before they damage the VAC-U-SUK and scare away my muse!

(Upon jumping on the right button and activating the fire trap for the incoming lava puffoids.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): Delicious! The traps protect the VAC-U-SUK, but they take time to reset.

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Can't have them overheating, can we?

Chef Tulio (over communicator): And that's my preamble, or as we like to say in the culinary world: the appetiser.

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Now, it's time for the main course!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): It begins! Ahahahahahaha!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Here they come! Defend me while I dig deep for my inspiration!

(Once the wave of toxic crabs and lava puffoids are defeated.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): Marvellous! Yes, I can feel an idea coming to me... A sirangian honey-glazed... puffoid! Ha!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): But what drink do we pair it with... I need more. More inspiration. More honey!

Rivet: Just think of those hungry miners, Rivet. They need this.

(Once the wave of toxic crabs, lava puffoids and fendersax wasps are defeated.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): Magnificent! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): The drink shall be a... zurpified magma mead! Ha! Ha!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): But, those miners deserve a dessert too...

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Which means, we need to suffer. One. Last. Time!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Let the final extraction commence!

Goon-4-Less: Whoa, do you smell that, bros?! It's so... honeylicious!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Don't let those sweaty meatheads touch the VAC-U-SUK! Our masterpiece is almost complete!

(Once the final wave of toxic crabs, lava puffoids, fendersax wasps and Goons are defeated.)
Chef Tulio (over communicator): Eureka!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): The dessert shall be an upside-down Snagglebeast honey mousse!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Ohhhhhh yes.

Chef Tulio: So much suffering... but now my imagination has woken from its slumber. Ahaha!

Chef Tulio: This Honey smorgasbord will be *beautiful*.

Rivet: What suffering? You didn't do anything!

Chef Tulio: Thank you for your assistance.

Chef Tulio: Perhaps this will inspire you to make your own art one day.

On-screen: RYNO SPYBOT +1

(If damage is done to the VAC-U-SUK from enemies during the extraction sequence.)
On-screen: Pump is Taking Damage!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): No, the honey is starting to curdle! Don't let the VAC-U-SUK take anymore damage!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): Get them away from the VAC-U-SUK!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): The VAC-U-SUK! The VAC-U-SUK!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): I can't concentrate while they're damaging my VAC-U-SUK!

Chef Tulio (over communicator): They're ruining our honey!

Take the Lift Back

Rivet: I'm just happy those miners are finally going to get some grub.

Rivet: Now how do I get back to them... Oh, that securi-taxi should do the trick.

(Whilst on the securi-taxi lift back to the mining hub.)
Rivet: All this food talk makes me wonder, bolts; who's the better cook, you or Ratchet?

Clank: Oh, it is never a competition.

Rivet: Aw, it's you, isn't it. I knew it.

(Sous Chef at the mining hub after helping Chef Tulio.)

Sous Chef
  • Hey, Lombax! I don't know what you did, but thank you, thank you, thank you for getting Chef Tulio "inspired" again!
  • I don't want to make a big thing of it, but I come up with my recipes by... throwing things in a pot and cooking them.
  • I'm definitely asking for that raise now.
  • Tulio came up with all of these? Huh... How about that.

(Crystal miners at the mining hub after helping Chef Tulio.)

  • Crystal Miner (Male): Let the honey flow!
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Pour it in my mouth! Pour it in my mouth!
  • Crystal Miner (Male): I can smell it! Oh *man*.
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Honey's got what miners need!

Torren IV

Mend the Broken Phase Quartz

Rivet and Clank seek the assistance of the legendary Fixer who is said to fix all things.

On-screen: Torren IV, Molonoth Gultch

(While flying in to Molonoth Gultch in their ship.)
Clank: At least this mission will be a straightforward one.

Rivet : Hah. I dunno about your dimension, but out here, things never go according to plan. Improvisation is a skill you learn very fast.

Clank: I also have a talent for improvisation.

Rivet: Well, I can't wait to see you in action.

(Upon Rivet and Clank landing and exiting the ship.)
On-screen: The Outskirts

Rivet: Let's get some Phase Quartz repaired. I hope the Fixer is as good as the Morts say he is.

Clank: Yes... I hope so, too.

Find the Fixer

(Upon reaching the bridge to Little Junktown.)
Clank: The bridge seems to be... out of commission.

Rivet: Bet it was a raid. Places like this usually have to fend for themselves against bandits. Or pirates.

Rivet: Maybe one of the vullards in town knows where to find him. They're very, uhm... knowledgeable about the area.

Clank: I hope they are more hospitable than the vullards in my dimension.

(Upon entering Little Junktown.)
On-screen: Little Junktown

Clank: Pardon me, does anyone here know where we can find the Fixer?

Rivet: Guess they're being cautious.

(While walking through Little Junktown.)
Rivet: If I were a Fixer, where would I be...

Clank: Fixing things, I suspect.

(Hiding Vullards in Little Junktown and Little Junktown Adjacent.)

  • Vullard (Male): Oh, hello stranger! Can't talk! Gotta fortify before the next raid. Haha.
  • Vullard (Female): Get away! I don't care about your stupid honey! Only junk! And my mom, but mostly junk!
  • Vullard (Male): Sorry, nothing personal! I just spy on unannounced guests as a rule.
  • Vullard (Male): Yeah, hi! Unless you have some of that primo junk, I'm not letting you in.
  • Vullard (Female): Are you the mailman? Just leave the junk outside, thank you.
  • Vullard (Female): Please, hurt me all you want, just leave the junk out of this!

(Upon passing through the right side of town.)
On-screen: Little Junktown Adjacent

(Upon descending the mag ramp in Little Junktown Adjacent to Spike's Grotto, containing raritanium and a Spybot.)
On-screen: Spike's Grotto

(Upon reaching the vullard at the end of Little Junktown.)
Vullard (Male): New tourists?! Oh, welcome to the *jewel* of our galaxy! Please enjoy yourselves! Did you know Molonoth means paradise in junkish?

Rivet: Hm. Is the Fixer on this planet?

Vullard (Male): He most definitely is! Great guy. The best. And *single*, if either of you are interested.

Clank: We were told that he can fix phase quartz.

Vullard (Male): Phase quartz, blaze quartz, *any* quartz, any *thing*!

Vullard (Male): But, uh... we've been having trouble with pirates, so we asked him to help, because, you know, he's a big guy, but after a few days of totally crushing them, he just, uh... broke.

Rivet. Hm.

Clank: Perhaps we could fix him?

Vullard (Male): You two look like you could straighten him out in a Molonoth minute! But the path to him was destroyed in the last pirate raid, so you'll need a Hurlshot!

Vullard (Male): Oh! And I saw one in the smelting pits further ahead! Lucky you!

Recover the Hurlshot from the Smelting Pit

(Upon viewing the Fixer.)
Rivet: A Hurlshot's gonna get us across that chasm? It's huge!

Clank: Yes... and I am not thrilled about the name either, but we must find one at the smelting pits.

(While heading towards the Hurlshot.)
Rivet: So, after this, are... you and Ratchet going to the lombax dimension?

Clank: It is possible. But... Ratchet is uncertain. Perhaps he is afraid that—

Rivet: Wait, afraid? Why afraid?

Clank: It is... complicated.

Rivet: Huh. Well, hey, if he doesn't wanna go, I will.

(Vullard at the end of Little Junktown.)
Vullard (Male): If you do get the Fixer back up and running, point him my way! I've got some *primo* junk with his name on it.

(Upon approaching the grind rail toward the smelting pits.)
Rivet: There are the smelting pits across the canyon.

Clank: But... there is no way to reach it.

Rivet: Heh. Time to improvise.

(While using the grind rail toward the smelting pits.)
Rivet: Junk incoming!

Clank: Watch out!

Rivet: Broken rail ahead!

Rivet: Better jump!

Rivet: Here comes another one!

Clank: A smelting pit is a curious place for a Hurlshot to be.

Rivet: I'm guessing it has something to do with them all getting recalled recently. Something about fractured spines?

Clank: Oh dear.

Rivet: Smooth!

Rivet: There's a rift!

(Rivet collects a gold bolt after rift tethering to another rail.)
Rivet: How about that, huh?

Clank: Very impressive.

Rivet: Outta our way!

Clank: That was unpleasant!

Clank: They keep coming!

Rivet: Here comes a jump!

Clank: Oh dear! This rail system seems exceedingly dangerous.

Rivet: Just hang on. It goes straight to the smelting pits.

Clank: I am afraid we may end up *in* a smelting pit.

(Upon reaching the end of the grind rail and landing on the junk transport.)

  • Whew. Made it!
  • Piece. Of. Cake!
  • (disgusted groan) Ah, now that's a smell!

(Upon reaching the smelting pits, the robot space pirates begin invading.)
Pierre: Ahahahahaha!

Rivet: Oh no.

Pirate (Male)(1): Avast, ahoy, yo-ho yo-ho! Our time has finally come!

Pirate (Male)(2): Let us plunder like mad, and go break bad, for the Fixer is all but done!

(The female pirate points out the Hurlshot being suspended by a crane.)
Pirate (Female): Look here mateys, this looks useful! In fact, I've a notion that it be crucial!

Pierre: It seems fate has brought us together again, ma petite Rivet.

Rivet: Guess fate really loves seeing you get your butt kicked, Pierre.

Pierre: Ahhhhrrrrrrr... Yoo-hoo, pirate mateys, attack!

(During the battle at the smelting pit.)
On-screen: Smelting Pit

On-screen: SHIELDED ENEMIES: Shields are tough. Use indirect weaponry to get around them.

Clank: Oh dear, the Pirates are raiding for scrap.

Rivet: We can't let them get that Hurlshot!

Clank: Perhaps it would be worth using the high ground here.

Rivet: Good idea!

Pirate (Male): Shield's UP, mateys!

Rivet: Dah... shields?! Looks like we're gonna have to get creative!

Pirate (Male): Our first mate be right! All hands get to plunderin' and scallwaggery!

Pirate (Female): Any scurvy dog who gets between me and me treasure will be sent to the briny deep!

Pirate (Male): Grab anything that shines, twinkles, glimmers, and shimmers! Grab it all!

Pirate (Male): The smell of junk be stingin' me nose! But stinky treasure still be treasure!

Pierre (over communicator): I adore the way you fight, Rivet, but you should have seen the Fixer. Such power! But alas, he broke!

Rivet: Did you talk him to death or what?

Pierre (over communicator): I would love to take the credit, but no, the cause of the Fixer's brokenness is a mystery to me. I will enjoy his absence, however!

(After defeating all of the pirates at the smelting pit.)
Rivet: That's all of them. Let's get that Hurlshot down.

Clank: There must be a way to get that Hurlshot from the crane.

Rivet: Just gotta use that hammercrank and the Hurlshot's ours!

(Upon turning the hammercrank and obtaining the Hurlshot.)
Rivet: We've got the Hurlshot! Now we just have to get across that pirate-filled chasm and find the Fixer!

Return with the Hurlshot

On-screen: Press and Hold L1 to Use Hurlshot

On-screen: Hold L1 to build up speed, then release!

(After using the first Hurlshot target.)
Rivet: Whoa!

Rivet: Ugh, my spine!

Pirate (Female): 'Tis a mistake to get between pirates and their plunderin'! Brace yourselves!

Rivet: We're pinned down!

Clank: If Molonoth is mostly junk, what are they hoping to loot here?

Rivet: Where better to find buried treasure than on a junk planet?

(After using the second Hurlshot target.)
On-screen: Junkheap Heights

Pirate (Female)(1): The Lombax be scuttlin' our mates! Give her no quarter!

Pirate (Female)(2): So she be fixin' to meet the same fate as the Fixer? We be happy to oblige!

Pierre (over communicator): (laughs) So tenacious! Je t'adore! Our looting was so boring until you arrived, so merci for livening things up!

Rivet: Yeah, yeah, keep laughing, Pierre.

Clank: More? How many pirates does Pierre have?

Rivet: Maybe the Fixer will help finish them off!

Rivet: Then again, we seem to be doing pretty well on our own.

(After using the third Hurlshot target towards a pirate ship.)
Pirate (Female): Hark! We've been boarded! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Clank: Incoming!

Pierre (over communicator): Your penchant for meddling is most annoying, Rivet! Why must you always get in my way?

Rivet: Did you ever think you're the one getting in *my* way?

Pierre (over communicator): Ha! I am afraid *I* am the protagonist of this story! Alle alle alle-y, everyone!

(After defeating all pirates on the ship.)
Pierre (over communicator): Are you getting tired, Rivet? Perhaps you would like a *new* dance partner!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): (laughs)

Clank: Are we going to, um... dance?

Rivet: No we are not!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): Come here, shark bait!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): Ha! Tiny thing aren't ya!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): There be no plank for ye to walk here! Yer end lies with me!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): This is what ye get for trying to steal what is ours!

Rivet: What's *yours*?! Ha!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): It be a fool's quest to look for the Fixer! I shall save ye the trouble!

(Upon "Wee" Roger's health reaching 20%.)
Rivet: We're wearing him down!

Marauder ("Wee" Roger): Yer not going to scuttle me!

(After defeating the Marauder on the ship.)
Pierre: (gasps, growls) Hark my hearties, our command ship is lost! Destroy it now, we'll eat the... the... expenses!

Pirate (Male): Are ye sure?!

Pierre: Ouiiiiiii!

Pirate (Male): (frustrated groan)

Clank: I suggest we abandon ship!

Rivet: Suggestion noted!

Rivet: Ahhhh!

On-screen: Little Junktown

Reboot the Fixer

Rivet: Nice one, Bolts! Whew... I'd be happy if I never saw a pirate again.

Clank: We can now use the Hurlshot to reach the Fixer.

(After using the Hurlshot from Little Junktown.)
On-screen: Mech Graveyard

Rivet: Gotta admit, the Fixer being a giant robot is not what I expected.

Clank: Perhaps when he is not fighting pirates he is a gentle giant.

Rivet: Not my experience with big robots, but, we'll see.

(Upon using the Hurlshot from the Mech Graveyard.)
Rivet: Almost there!

Pirate (Male): The Lombax! Pierre says they be fixin' to fix the Fixer! So fix them a quick death!

Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): Yer gonna pay for makin' us scuttle our own ship! Cut 'em down, mateys!

Pirate (Male): The lombax is gettin' too close to the Fixer! Blow her down!

Clank: You could attack from a different angle by tethering to those rifts!

Rivet: Got some solid cover here, and it looks like I could flank them from the sides, too...

Pirate: Aharrr! Did ye think ye could get away so easily?

Rivet: Keep'em coming, Pierre! I'm just waiting for you to come down and fight me yourself!

Pierre (over communicator): (laughs) I should have known scuttling you fools would be too easy! For it is a fool's errand to fix the Fixer!

Rivet: Were you saying something, Pierre? I stopped listening.

Pierre (over communicator): HOW will I go on without my greatest foe?! (sobs)

Rivet: Good thing you'll never have to find out!

(After defeating the group of pirates.)
Pirate (Male): Stop them from reaching the Fixer or our plunderin' be over!

Pierre (over communicator): You and your adorable, sassy backpack stand no chance!

Clank: Sassy backpack? (chuckles)

Rivet: You guys aren't very good at this!

Pierre (over communicator): Do not lump me into their failure! I am merely the face of the operation!

(Once all of the pirates in the area are defeated.)
Clank: Perhaps now Pierre will take the hint.

Rivet: Speaking from experience, he won't.

(Upon encountering the Marauder "Not-So-Wee" Roger.)
Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): The Fixer be done for, and so shall ye!

Rivet: Can't stop now! Not when we're this close to the Fixer!

Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): I be honored to blast ye meself! Yer scraggly neck will pester Pierre no more!

Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): Yer tail will be a fine swab for our decks!

Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): Pierre will give me a big bloomin' hat for this!

(Upon "Not-So-Wee" Roger's health reaching 75%, four shield pirates will arrive.)

(Upon "Not-So-Wee" Roger's health reaching 30%.)
Rivet: Had enough yet?

Marauder ("Not-So-Wee" Roger): Nevarrrrrr!

(After defeating the Marauder.)
Clank: What if... the phase quartz cannot be fixed?

Rivet: Then we're in deep trouble, but there's no point in worrying about it now.

Pierre (over loudspeaker): Agh, I am both frustrated and excited! Run up the colors and signal the others! We must uh, stop them before they reach the Fixer!

Pierre (over loudspeaker): Aghhhhhhh! Regroup with the others! We are going to attack as one and FINISH THIS!

(Upon reaching the Fixer.)
Clank: How exactly will we fix the Fixer?

Rivet: Hm, I guess we have to turn him on first.

Clank: Was he turned off because he was broken?

(Upon approaching the hammercrank for the Fixer.)
Rivet: Huh. This must be the Fixer's "On" switch.

(After using the hammercrank and activating the Fixer.)
Rivet: Hello? Are you, um, okay?

The Fixer: No. I am broken! As is everything. Nothing can be fixed.

(The Fixer fires a large laser at the incoming pirates and destroys one of their ships.)
Clank: Oh my.

The Fixer: Nothing!

(The Fixer then starts attacking Rivet and she attempts to escape via grindrail.)


Rivet: At least the pirates are taken care of!

Clank: Please focus on the grinding!

Rivet: He's bringing the whole place down!

Clank: Junk ahead!

The Fixer: Fixing is a vain and fleeting measure. Destruction is our natural state.

Rivet: What is he, the Breaker now?!

The Fixer: I see a fellow broken one. You must accept your brokenness!

Clank: Is he... talking about me?

Rivet: Because of your arm? Don't listen to him, Bolts! If you're "broken", so am I! And I think we're pretty awesome!

On-screen: Abandoned Mines

Rivet: Do you have any ideas? Because I'm having a hard time thinking while running away from a GIANT, HOMICIDAL ROBOT!

Clank: I am working on it!

Clank: I believe we are going in circles... That rift may be our way out!

Rivet: The mine's collapsing - great!

The Fixer: To mend is to enlighten, but I am not deserving of enlightenment! I have no wisdom!

Clank: Wisdom, hmm... I may have an idea.

Rivet: I'm all ears!

Rivet: Aah!

The Fixer: I am broken. I cannot fix. I cannot be fixed.

Rivet: Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall!

Rivet: Whoa!

Clank: Oh dear!

Rivet: Can everything stop falling apart, please!?!

Rivet and Clank: (screams)

(Upon reaching the end of the set piece, the Fixer catches Rivet in his hand and attempts to crush her.)
Rivet: (struggles, groans)

Clank: I am fixed!

Rivet: What are you doing?

Clank: Improvising.

Clank: I may be different than I was, but you helped me realize I am still Clank.

The Fixer: I... am quite relieved.

Rivet: (sighs)

The Fixer: When the vullards asked me to protect them, it opened my eyes to a great many broken things. So very many.

Clank: And you became distressed...

The Fixer: But being able to fix another, to see that all is not lost...

The Fixer: How can I ever repay you both?

(Clank holds out the smashed pieces of the phase quartz.)
Clank: Can you fix this?

(The Fixer shoots a beam from his eye at the pieces and fuses them back together.)
Clank: Thank you.

The Fixer: You just gave an old giant robot the gift of hope. It should be I who is thanking you!

On-screen: New Destinations Logged Into Ship

Rivet: Whew! Let's get back to the ship, shall we?

Clank: Yes. Oh I hope Ratchet had an easier time building a new Dimensionator.

Rivet: So, are we gonna talk about you rescuing me back there?

Clank: I did?

Rivet: You did. Looks like you're a natural even in my dimension.

Clank: I... thank you, Rivet.

(Sometimes upon approaching the Vullard at the end of Little Junktown next to the Fixer.)

Vullard (Male)
  • So you got the big guy back! Did you tell him about my primo junk? What'd he say? Actually don't worry about it, I'll tell him.
  • The pirates are gone! I was junking some junk when I heard this KABOOM, and when I looked up, the pirates were leaving! Wow!
  • Now that the pirate mess is over, I can focus on the mess I love: juuuuuunk.
  • So glad there are no pirates stomping around, smushing the more delicate salvage pieces...
  • Do I open with the primo junk? Or save it? "Hey Fixer, welcome back. Can I interest you in some... *junk*?"
  • Lucky me those pirates aren't junk connoisseurs. I had a nice piece out when they raided us and they walked right past it!
  • Next time I talk to the Fixer, I'll give him what for. What? Junk! For? More than you paid me last time!

(Sometimes upon approaching the Fixer at the end of Little Junktown.)

The Fixer

(Upon passing the vullards in Little Junktown after the mission is complete.)

  • Vullard (Female): The wasps are getting hungrier these days.
  • Vullard (Male): The Fixer's back?! Oh my junk. Oh my junk!
  • Vullard (Female): Thanks for fixing our Fixer! I'd shake your hand, but I got some junk that needs counting, if you know what I mean!
  • Vullard (Female): Oh, thank you, for a second there I thought I was gonna have to dump and run.
  • Vullard (Female): If you have a problem with me, sure, I understand. But the junk is innocent!
  • Vullard (Male): How's the junk? Is it okay? It is safe?
  • Vullard (Male): Gotta say, not a fan of Pirates!
  • Vullard (Female): Don't judge us based on today, Molonoth's usually chill this time of year!
  • Vullard (Female): Come to me my sweet, sweet junk.
  • Vullard (Male): I knew they'd come back. None can resist the seductive powers of Molonoth's junk.
  • Vullard (Male): Just a little more junk and I'll finally be able to afford that lake house in Big Junktown.
  • Vullard (Female): What's happenin'?
  • Vullard (Female): Hey hi!
  • Vullard (Female): Well hey there!
  • Vullard (Male): Good day to you!
  • Vullard (Male): Well hello!
  • Vullard (Male): What is up?
  • Vullard (Male): I'm something of a connoisseur of junk... an undiscovered one. People always fail to recognise genius...
  • Vullard (Male): Mmm, uh, uh can junk ever be considered art? No, the real question is: can art ever aspire to be as useful as junk?
  • Vullard (Male): (sighs) Sometimes I wish I could keep it all for myself, but junk is meant to be shared.

(Upon Rivet reaching the end of the path to the Fixer again.)

  • Uh oh. Guess we can't grind to get back...
  • Can't go back the way we came the first time. Too bad.
  • No more grind rail. Oh well.
  • A teleporter, nice!

Zurkie's 2

Build the Dimensionator

The Lombaxes combine the Phase Quartz with the newly built Dimensionator to save the omniverse.

On-screen: Scarstu Debris Field, Zurkie's

Meet Ratchet in Zurkie's

(Whilst Rivet is landing her ship.)
Rivet (to herself): "Hi Ratchet, I'm Rivet. Nice to meet you!" mmm...

Clank: What are you doing?

Rivet: Nothing! Just-- thinking about building the Dimensionator and saving the universes.

Clank: Are you nervous about meeting Ratchet?

Rivet: Whaaa...? Yeah. A little.

Clank: (laughs) He is friendly. I promise.

Clank: And, once we build the Dimensionator, he will help us find Dr. Nefarious.

Rivet: (sighs) Right. Guess our adventure's coming to an end, Bolts.

Rivet: You two and *Dr.* Nefarious will be back in your own dimension in no time.

(Inside the weapons confiscation room, Ratchet and Kit wait with their backs to Rivet when she enters. Kit spots her and gasps, then hurriedly taps Ratchet's arm to turn around.)
Ratchet: What's--? Hey!

Rivet: Hey--

Rivet: Yes, uhm... Hi!

Rivet: Uhm, I have Clank...

(Rivet bashfully takes Clank off of her back and holds him to show Ratchet. Ratchet then spots Clank's missing right arm.)
Ratchet: Oh, pal...

Clank: I am fine, Ratchet. In fact, I am beginning to like my new look.

Rivet: For the record, I found him like this.

Ratchet: C'mon, I knew you wouldn't hurt Clank. Pretty sure you're ME, after all.

Rivet: Wait, what makes you so sure you're not me?!

Ratchet: (nervously chuckles) Well, I mean come on! I, uh--

Rivet: --you've got nothin'.

Ratchet: Yeah, I got nothing.

(Kit meets Clank and flicks his head antennae to which they both laugh similarly together.)
Ratchet: Oh! Sorry, Rivet, this is--

Kit: Kit.

Kit: I have been looking forward to meeting you.

Rivet: (unsure) Uh, me too--

(Ratchet nudges a nervous Kit on to meet Rivet. Rivet and Kit clumsily can't decide on how to greet eachother and eventually settle on a simple fist bump.)
Clank: I suppose it is time to fix this mess.

(Ratchet puts Clank on his back, then takes out the Dimensionator and Rivet the Phase Quartz. They then all head towards the entrance to the Gastropub. Just before opening the door, Clank motions Rivet towards Kit. Rivet understands and points to her back.)
Rivet: Do you want to, uh--

(Kit looks surprised and excitedly runs up to hop onto Rivet's back, then happily gives a thumbs up to Clank alongside her. When the door snaps open however several Nefarious Troopers are waiting for them and point their weapons at the Lombaxes. Ratchet and Rivet put up their arms and are forced to surrender. A Trooper comes up behind them and nudges them both forward with it's weapons.)
Ratchet: Hey! Rivet: Hey!

(The Emperor's Assistant snatches the Dimensionator away from Ratchet and holds out her hand expectantly to Rivet. Rivet then reluctantly and angrily hands over the Phase Quartz to the Assistant.)
Emperor's Assistant: (cheerily) Thank you.

(Zurkie is seen being held up by a Nefarious Trooper's weapons, while Dr. Nefarious walks out into view. The Assistant then presents both the Dimensionator and Phase Quartz to him.)
Ratchet: (angrily) Dr. Nefarious.

Dr. Nefarious: Does this dimension love me or what?!

(Dr. Nefarious loads the Phase Quartz into the new Dimensionator.)
Dr. Nefarious: My problems deliver themselves RIGHT to me.

Rivet: How many times you beat this guy?

Ratchet: Clearly not enough.

Rivet: ...Can I try?

Ratchet: Be my guest.

(The Lombaxes both nod to eachother and Ratchet surprise attacks the Troopers behind them with his wrench while Rivet runs ahead and tackles Dr. Nefarious through a window into the Battleplex.)
Dr. Nefarious: What are you doiiiinnnng?!

Defeat Dr. Nefarious

Zurkon Jr.: The crowd's blood is boiling in anticipation as the one, the only, Emperor Nefarious enters the arena!!!

Rivet: Ready, Kit?

Kit: Ready!

Dr. Nefarious: ANOTHER Lombax?! Ha! Good thing I don't lose in this dimension!

Rivet: We'll see about that!

(Upon Dr. Nefarious' health reaching 80%, he takes out the Dimensionator.)
Dr. Nefarious: You think you're so tough... Let's TURN UP THE HEAT!

(Rivet and Kit are suddenly sucked into a rift to the intact Blizar Prime and grind on the elevated mining rails.)
Rivet: (yells)

Dr. Nefarious: Why must Lombaxes be as adaptable as they are insufferable?!

(Dr. Nefarious opens a rift and drops a Troglosaur onto the rails ahead of Rivet, sending her into a freefall towards the magma.)
Dr. Nefarious: Just FALL already and let me enjoy my reign!

Kit: This is not looking good.

Rivet: I've got it covered! I'm totally fine!

(Rivet catches herself on a Hurlshot target and launches herself onto the roof of the Survey Station, where she continues her battle with Dr. Nefarious.)
Rivet: What did you do with the Emperor?

Dr. Nefarious: I never met the guy! ...because I AM HIM!

Rivet: Yep, definitely buying that!

(Upon Dr. Nefarious' health reaching 65%.)
Dr. Nefarious: I will not let you OR Ratchet OR Clank or-- WHOEVER that is on your back, take my new found glory away from me!

Sargasso 2

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Savali 2

Regroup at Zurkie's

The heroes regroup to formulate a plan to take down the Nefariouses for good.

(Ratchet or Rivet select Scarstu Debris Field from the ship's map screen.)

(Ratchet and Clank or Rivet and Kit flying through space in their ship towards Zurkie's when a Nefarious news broadcast plays.)
Emperor's Assistant: And now for a message from your Emperor!

Emperor Nefarious: My people.

Emperor Nefarious: I did it.

Emperor Nefarious: At long last.

Emperor Nefarious: The pirates are vanquished.

Emperor Nefarious: The Resistance is broken.

Emperor Nefarious: And this galaxy is finally mine!

Emperor Nefarious: That's it? Where's the joy? The bliss? The murderous enlightenment? Why don't I feel any different?!

Dr. Nefarious: Because you equated happiness with success, and now that you've achieved it, life is meaningless?

Emperor Nefarious: What could you possibly know about success you...

Emperor Nefarious: That's it!

Emperor Nefarious: I haven't really won yet.

Emperor Nefarious: There are still so many other dimensions waiting to be conquered...

Dr. Nefarious: Good luck finding them. It took me years just to figure out the coordinates for this one.

Emperor Nefarious: That's because you forgot the first rule of road tripping.

Emperor Nefarious: Always bring a map.

Clank: A map...

Clank: The Dimensional Map!

Ratchet: In the Archives! He's going to Savali!

Ratchet: You catch all that, Rivet?

Rivet (over communicator): Got it! We'll meet you there!

Find the Dimensional Map Before the Emperor

Team Nefarious plans to conquer every dimension in existence using the dimensional map!

(Ratchet flying to planet Savali)
On-screen: Savali, Urfdah Mesa

Ratchet: No way...

Clank: It must be Nefarious.

Clank: The Archives held the Dimensional Map, correct?

Ratchet: Yeah....

Ratchet: Rivet, Kit. Emperor Nefarious destroyed the Archives.

Ratchet: We're gonna check inside, and see if he got the map.

Get to the Archives

Kit (over communicator): The Archives... have been destroyed? Where is Gary?

Ratchet: I'm not sure.

Clank: Nefarious forces ahead.

(Ratchet encountering Nefarious Troopers on Savali.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): We knew he would come!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): You are NOT allowed near the Archives, intruder!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): The Emperor will NOT be pleased if anyone gets inside!

(Upon approaching the Archives.)
Ratchet: The emperor's gotta be heading for the Archives. We have to get there fi--.

(Undead Goons begin emerging from rifts in the ground.)
Clank: He's overusing the Dimensionator. The boundaries between the universes are coming undone...

Ratchet: So now we've got... bone goons?

Clank: Bone goons.

Clank: Of course we do.

(During combat with the bone goons.)
Ratchet: Is it just me, or are these guys creepy?

Clank: Incredibly disturbing.

(Upon destroying all the bone goons.)
Ratchet: Hey guys—I think the dead are rising down here!

Rivet (over communicator): I'm sorry, what?!

Clank: Hurry Ratchet, we must get to the Archives!

Ratchet: We've got it covered don't worry about it bye!

Ratchet: We need to use that rift to get inside of the Archives.

Clank: I hope the Emperor has not found the map.

(Upon approaching the entrance to the Archives.)
Ratchet: That rift will take us inside, come on!

(Upon entering the Archives)
Ratchet: Oh, no.

(Clank activates his communicator.)
Ratchet: Rivet, the dimensional map's gone.

(Rivet and Kit in their ship listen to Ratchet.)
Ratchet (over communicator): The emperor must've gotten here first.

Rivet: We're coming up on his flagship. We'll get it back.

(Kit looks distraught at the ruined Archives.)
Kit: Are Gary and the monks safe?

Ratchet (over communicator): We'll find them.

Ratchet (over communicator): Good luck up there.

(Rivet's ship flies towards the emperor's flagship.)

Search Emperor Nefarious' ship

(Inside the flagship)
Kit: Based on the structural norms of the emperor's ships,

Kit: we should find high-value assets on the upper level.

Rivet: Let's hope the map's up there.

(Upon Rivet entering the ship's main chamber.)
On-screen: Emperor Nefarious' Flagship

(Rivet activates the elevator and it begins to ascend.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): Huh... The Lombax! How did you get here?

Rivet: Your security's terrible!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Flagship, progress report!

Nefarious Trooper (Female) (over loudspeaker): Oh, oh, your greatness! Apologies, the army of undead has hampered our progress!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I warned you over-using that Dimensionator would cause problems...

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Problems? Never. This is a flourish to mark the occasion.

(Upon encountering more Nefarious Troopers.)
Rivet: We're here for the flagship tour. We don't need a ticket, right?

Nefarious Trooper (Male): SEIZE THEM!

(After Rivet destroys the Nefarious Troopers.)
Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Eeehehe! We must scour the remaining archives!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Think of the treasures within:

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): weapons of unimaginable power,

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): lost episodes of Lance and Janice-!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Ahh those baubles are useless!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): The map is all we need;

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): the rest can burn.

Rivet (Talking to Ratchet over communicator): Wait--does that mean he has the map already or...?

Rivet (Talking to Ratchet over communicator): Ratchet, are you seeing anything from Quantum's helmet?

Ratchet (over communicator): Nothing useful.

Kit: He has to be here. We just need to keep moving.

(Rivet activates another elevator and it begins to ascend.)
Nefarious Juggernaut: You made a big mistake boarding this ship.

Rivet: I was just gonna take it for a quick joyride!

Nefarious Juggernaut: NEVER!! For the Emperor!

(After beating the Juggernaut, Rivet sneaks up on the emperor's turned command center chair.)
Rivet: Emperor Nefarious. I've been waiting for this...

(Kit jumps off Rivet's back. She then notices Gary's headdress behind the chair and his audible snoring.)
Kit: WAIT!

(Kit presses a button on a console which deactivates Gary's wrist restraints, whilst Rivet spins the chair around, revealing him having just awakened.)
Rivet: Huh!?

(Gary painfully stretches.)
Gary: AH! It's you.

Gary: I hoped you'd find me- ahh, sorry, coming back to one's body mid-meditation, that smarts.

Kit: What are you doing here?

Gary: The Emperor captured me after he discovered I'd hidden the dimensional map in an anomaly.

Rivet: So he doesn't have it yet.

Gary: No, but he's opening rifts willy-nilly to get to it. It's only a matter of time before he's successful.

(Kit activates her communicator.)
Rivet: Ratchet.

(Ratchet travelling away from the ruined Archives.)
Rivet (over communicator): Good news, and bad news.

Rivet (over communicator): Bad news: The emperor's not here. Good news: we're with Gary.

Rivet (over communicator): He says the map's hidden inside a dimensional anomaly.

Gary (over communicator): In the catacombs. You can get down there by activating the Excavation Towers.

Kit (over communicator): You can activate them via nearby pressure locks.

Activate the Machinery

Kit (over communicator): When a tower's beacon switches from red to green, it is working.

(Upon approaching the first pressure plate.)
Clank: One of the pressure plates.

(Upon Ratchet activating the first pressure plate)
Ratchet: Think it's turning on. Let's find another.

(More bone goons appear out of rifts in the ground.)
Ratchet: Oh hey, our creepy undead friends are back.

Clank: I really do not like the clicking sounds they make.

Rivet (over communicator): We're getting off this ship. Let's go, Gary.

Gary (over communicator): Oh! Yes,

Gary (over communicator): good idea.

Rivet (over communicator): We'll meet you guys in the catacombs.

(Whilst Ratchet is fighting bone goons.)
Clank: Ohh, if I had nightmares, Bone Goons would make a regular appearance.

(Upon Ratchet activating the second pressure plate.)
Ratchet: That's another turned on.

Ratchet: Good thing Nefarious doesn't have a map to help him find the map.

Clank: Only one remaining.

Rivet (over communicator): I thought you said this was the way out.

Kit (over communicator): It appears to be the lower engine room.

Kit (over communicator): The layout of this ship is odd.

Rivet (over communicator): (Sighs) Would it have killed Nefarious to hang a big neon "exit" sign?

(Upon Ratchet activating the third and final pressure plate, the Excavation machine's laser breaks open a path leading underground.)
Ratchet: We did it! Catacombs, here we come;

Ratchet: never thought I'd say that.

Rivet (over communicator): You didn't take a do-no-violence vow didja, Gary?

Gary (over communicator): Unfortunately...

Kit (over communicator): That is alright.

Kit (over communicator): We will defend you.

Ratchet: Guess we have to go down, huh?

Clank: I am ready when you are.

Access the Catacombs

(Upon reaching the entrance to the catacombs.)
Ratchet: Alright, let's get down into the catacombs!

(Upon approaching the optional door containing a Gold Bolt.)
Ratchet: Oh man, that door's console is infected with viruses.

Ratchet: I bet Glitch can help us see what's inside, though!

(Upon using the bolt crank to open the entrance to the catacombs.)
On-screen: Ancient Aqueducts

Travel to the Anomaly

(Close in on a dimensional anomaly in the distance.)
Ratchet: Whoa-- is that the anomaly?

Clank: It is.

Clank: This place is...

Ratchet: ...huge.

Clank: If you can get us there, I will be able to get inside and find that map.

(Upon entering a rift to another area of the aqueducts.)
Ratchet (Talking to Gary over communicator): Uh, Gary, did we take a wrong turn?

Ratchet (Talking to Gary over communicator): We're in a giant tube that smells like the underbelly of a Snagglebeast.

Gary (over communicator): The aqueducts. There should be a trail of goo that leads to the catacombs.

Gary (over communicator): It's a bi-product of- oh, it's not important.

Ratchet: The... goo. Right.

(When straying from the intended path.)
Clank: We must stay on course!

Ratchet: Follow the goo, follow the goo...

(When following the intended path.)
Clank: We are getting closer!

Ratchet: Come on, come on, almost there...

(When Bone Goons are in the Speetle's pathway.)
Ratchet: Excuse us!

Clank: Just drive through them, Ratchet!

(Upon reaching the end.)
Clank: We made it!

Monk: Greetings, wayfarers.

Ratchet: Hey, it's the monks!

Defend the Monks

(Upon Ratchet entering the anomaly's chamber)
Monk: We found the rift to their dimension and came to seal it. If you hold them off...

Ratchet: We're on it.

(An Undead Grunthor and several Bone Goons emerge from rifts in the ground at the center of the chamber.)
Clank: Holy (bleep)...

Ratchet: You said it, pal!

(While Ratchet is fighting the Undead Grunthor and Bone Goons.)
Ratchet: We gotta keep them away from the monks!

Clank: If it means we will never have to see a bone goon again, I am happy to assist.

Ratchet: Can't let the Bone Goons stop the monks!

Clank: Ratchet! We must protect the monks!

Ratchet: You're right; the clicking is super creepy.

Clank: It has completely ruined percussion instruments for me.

Clank: I. Do not like. BONE CREATURES.

Ratchet: Yeah NOPE! Not a fan!

(Once all of the undead enemies are defeated.)
Ratchet: Okay, back to being un-un-dead.

Monk: The rift is closed.

Monk: Thank you, wayfarers.

Clank: We must proceed to the anomaly.

Ratchet: Gotta go. Stay safe, guys!

Get the Map

Rivet (over communicator): Ratchet, Clank, we're planetside. Find the map yet?

Clank: I will retrieve the map as quickly as I can.

Rivet (over communicator): You've got this, Bolts. We'll meet you down there.

Kit (over communicator): We did not see the emperor on our way out;

Kit (over communicator): I am afraid he is already underground.

Ratchet: Oh, no...

(Repeated) Clank: We must proceed to the anomaly.

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #1

(Inside the anomaly.)
Clank: Do not worry, Clank. You have done this before.

Clank: And now you are talking in the second person like Ratchet does when he is stressed.

Clank: Oh my...

Clank: Oh, no matter.

Clank: Just take things one step at a time like Gary said.

Clank: Fix the Anomaly, then grab the Dimensional Map.

(Upon obtaining an Electric Sphere.)
Clank: Absolutely electric.

(Upon obtaining a Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: A concentrated ball of boosted gravity. Amazing!

(Upon obtaining another Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: Things are about to get pretty heavy.

Clank: Why am I so nervous about this Anomaly...

Clank: Because the dimensions are close to completely collapsing

Clank: and ending all life as I know it.

Clank: Yes,

Clank: that is a perfectly valid reason to be nervous.

(Upon obtaining another Electric Sphere.)
Clank: I know they are not real,

Clank: but I feel like I should thank my Possibilities for helping me learn about dimensionality.

Clank: Thank you... um... Clanks.

(When putting a non-Electric Sphere in a generator.)
On-screen: Generators only work with a corresponding patch type!

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #1

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #2

Clank: This knowledge...

Clank: I feel like I am finally close to understanding everything...

Clank: and knowing how to save the dimensions!

(Upon obtaining a Lift Sphere.)
Clank: This should lighten things up.

Clank: Hiding the Dimensional Map in an Anomaly is... quite ingenious. Well done, Gary.

(Upon obtaining a Speed Sphere.)
Clank: This will speed things up a bit.

Clank: Shifting into high gear.

(Upon obtaining a Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: Oh, this is a heavy one.

(Upon obtaining another Lift Sphere.)
Clank: If the Emperor gets ahold of the Dimensional Map, he could spread his terror wherever he pleased...

Clank: He could take over everything.

(Upon completing the puzzle.)
Clank: Oh, thank goodness.

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #2

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal #3

Clank: This may be it.

Clank: The final puzzle.

Clank: The knowledge is tickling the back of my mind.

(Upon obtaining a Lift Sphere.)
Clank: This is where Ratchet would tell himself to take a deep breath...

Clank: I must keep in mind that I have gotten this far, and statistically speaking, I am just as likely to succeed now.

(Upon obtaining an Electric Sphere.)
Clank: Free energy How nice.

Clank: This should keep the energy up.

(Upon obtaining a Heavy Sphere.)
Clank: I have accomplished a great deal since arriving in this dimension...

Clank: I will continue to do so.

Clank: This Anomaly will not stop me.

(After travelling through an electric current.)
Clank: I can do this. I will do this.

(Upon obtaining a Speed Sphere.)
Clank: I will make this quick.

(After travelling through another electric current.)
Clank: We will have to fight the Emperor again no matter what...

Clank: but he will not catch us by surprise this time.

(Upon obtaining a Lift Sphere.)
Clank: This feels lighter than air.

(Upon completing the puzzle.)
Clank: I...

Clank: I know how to stop the Cataclysm.

Clank: I know how to stop the Cataclysm!

Clank: And we are about to get the Dimensional Map too;

Clank: oh, things are finally going our way!

Exit through the Meta-Terminal #3

On-screen: Press Circle to Teleport to Exit

(Clank reawakens on Ratchet's back with the anomaly repaired and the Dimensional Map floats into his hand.)
Clank: Ratchet, I--!

Emperor Nefarious: ...did it!

(The view pans around revealing Emperor Nefarious holding Ratchet up by the throat.)
Emperor Nefarious: Horray! Now, hand it here so I don't have to send your friend's head to Torren IV.

(Clank reluctantly hands the map over to Dr. Nefarious. The Emperor then opens a rift and drops Ratchet and Clank into it.)
Emperor Nefarious: Don't worry, I'll be hosting a viewing party of my victories in Zordoom Prison! Hahaha!

(Rivet and Kit arrive.)
Rivet: Come on, Kit! We gotta--

(The Emperor plugs the Dimensional Map into the Dimensionator and a resulting shockwave knocks Rivet down.)
Kit: Run.

Rivet: Run? This is our last chance to stop him!

(Kit sadly turns away from Rivet.)
Kit: Sorry.

(Kit runs to the middle of the room and Rivet attempts to run after her. Rivet then stops and sees Kit transform into her warbot form.)
Rivet: No.

Rivet: You.

(Rivet falls over backwards in shock, experiences phantom pain while wincing at her robot arm and angrily looks back to Kit.)
Rivet: It was you.

(Kit sadly turns away from Rivet again and runs towards Emperor Nefarious, shooting the Dimensionator out of his hand.)
Emperor Nefarious: Ah!

(The Emperor sees Kit running towards him with her wrist mounted missile launchers both aimed at him.)
Emperor Nefarious: What are YOU doing here?!

(The Emperor cowers in fear whilst a rift is opened behind Kit and sucks her into it, with the Emperor left looking confused. It's then revealed Dr. Nefarious used the Dimensionator and saved the Emperor's life. The Emperor then snatches back the Dimensionator from him, opens a rift and roughly pushes him inside before jumping in himself. Rivet looks at the scene before her in despair whilst holding her robot arm then despondently throws it to the ground.)

(Over looking the Urfdah Mesa, Rivet is seen returning to her ship looking greatly pained. She activates her ship and leaves the planet.)

Zordoom Prison

Rescue Everyone from Zordoom Prison

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Find the Others

(Over the stormy seas of planet Viceron, Rivet is determinedly seen flying her ship and low-key lands on the outskirts of Zordoom Prison.)
On-screen: The Boneyard

Rivet: Hey, Zordoom.

Rivet: Been a while.

Rivet: Hopefully there aren't any guards out here.

Rivet: The processing centre should be just up ahead...

Rivet: Please still be there, you guys.

Rivet: Getting close to the prison. It's all starting to come back to me.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Prisoner Disposals in Sector Sixteen have been postponed to celebrate PETE-18's birthday.

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Please do not burst into song upon seeing PETE-18; he has caused enough disruption as it is.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Reactor efficiency optimal.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): SB-TOM-42 and SB-CARL-39, please report to disposal.

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Yes, Tom, that means you.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): PATROL T-49, report to East Wing.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): SB units LEE-04 and ZAID-76, you were due to the scrapyard four hours ago.

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Are you not wearing the hat we gave you for your five-year anniversaries?

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): How inconsiderate.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Food Distribution cancelled-

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Prisoners are encouraged to ration their protein paste.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Units are recording a scrapyard disturbance. Security Patrol 119, please investigate.

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Bring a broom.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Cell Block W-86 scheduled for random inspection.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Despite water cooler rumours,

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Prisoner 4323 has not escaped. Please desist from searching for her and return to your stations.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Prisoners F19 and D12, please desist from holding hands during your transfer. It lowers staff morale.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Kraken Protocol engaged in Sector Four. Please work around the flailing tentacles.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Decontamination of Prisoner 4734 is now complete. That was a real stinker. Sector Twenty-Two, prepare for transfer.

(Upon approaching the leaving scrap bot.)
Scrap Bot: Ahh... All done!

Scrap Bot: Process complete - proceeding to next assignment.

Scrap Bot: (Hehehehe) I am feeling rather... scrappy today.

Scrap Bot: Ooo...perhaps I will make a scrap sculpture for our Emperor. He would like that.

(Upon swingshotting up to Centre's back entrance.)
On-screen: Disposal Centre IG-29

(Upon approaching scanner.)
Rivet: Gotta dash through that scanner--please don't trigger an alarm.

(Upon dashing through scanner.)
Rivet: The Processing Centre - that has to be where Ratchet and Clank are being held...

Rivet: and Kit.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I WILL ensure disposal schedule remains on time. Zordoom must be spotless for his highness.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Ugh, what is leaking from this crate? It smells like... like... well, contain it!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Every time I cross something off my list, the warden adds five more tasks! We need to have a serious talk about "people management."

Nefarious Trooper (Male): I MUST ensure these crates are tightly sealed for disposal. The Emperor hates a mess!

(Upon engaging the patrolling Nefarious Troopers.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): Intruder?! I will destroy you and finally impress my Emperor!

(Upon destroying all of the Nefarious Troopers.)
Rivet: Whew, no alarms. Now to find a way over to that Processing Centre.

On-screen: Impound Hangers

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Agh, scrapping ships. This is what dreams are made of. And shaking the Emperor's claw, that too.

(Upon engaging the Nefarious Trooper.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): You are not re-usable waste! Get her!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Who knew there were this many pirate ships in the galaxy, let alone ready to be disposed?

(Upon engaging the Nefarious Troopers.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): Intruder! Allow us to convert you to scrap!

(Upon rift tethering to platform.)
Rivet: Almost to Processing...

Rivet: The rifts are really getting worse out here.

On-screen: Processing Centre

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Who authorized the platform re-alignment?!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Unknown - investigating.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Supervisor Protocol Active - Following up on Task Order.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Why do you always expect ME to keep track of the satellite platforms?

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Report!

(Upon approaching Processing Centre.)
Rivet: Security gate. That's new. Gonna have to improvise.

(Upon approaching Processing Centre entrance.)
Rivet: Since when do they lock the Processing Centre? Ugh... There has to be another way in.

(Upon engaging the Nefarious Troopers.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): The rebel Lombax! She cannot leave!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): You must be after our priority prisoners! Time to join them.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): I DO love responding to a disturbance!

(Upon destroying the Nefarious Troopers.)
Rivet: Phew... Close one. Think, Rivet... there has to be another way inside.

(Upon swingshotting over the water, Kraken tentacles flail at Rivet.)
Rivet: Huh? Bubbles? Shouldn't you be in Ardolis?!

(Upon scaling the Processing Centre and reaching the entrance to the vents.)
Rivet: That fan doesn't look all that sturdy...

On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Hammer and Break Fans

(Upon entering the vents.)
Rivet: Almost there. C'mon guys, please still be down here...

Nefarious Trooper (Male #1): I LOVE processing prisoners.

Nefarious Trooper (Male #2): Oooh yes. Disappearing those who have inconvenienced our Emperor is my GREATEST achievement.

Nefarious Trooper (Male #1): I was responsible for processing that vile "Phantom".

Nefarious Trooper (Male #2): Well I processed that "Clank" bot who was a priority prisoner.

Nefarious Trooper (Male #1): Why must you always try and outdo me?

(Upon pressing Triangle to look through the vents and seeing Clank in captivity.)
Rivet: There's Clank! But I don't see Ratchet...

(Upon pressing Triangle to look through the vents and seeing the Goons-4-Less in their cell.)
Goon-4-Less #1: Bro, this bounty ain't worth it. We've gotta break outta here...

Goon-4-Less #2: Dude, your biceps would never fit through that...

Goon-4-Less #1: Whoa, you mean it? Thanks.

(Upon exiting the vents.)
On-screen': Holding Cells

Rivet: Where are you guys...

(Upon pressing Triangle to check the cell of Amoeboids.)
Rivet: Definitely not Clank...

Goon-4-Less: Augh, this is total torture.

(Upon pressing Triangle to check the cell of Goons-4-Less.)
Goon-4-Less: Yo, we decided to like, stop killing you. Mind lettin' us out?

Rivet: Shhh.

Goon-4-Less: She's thinkin' about it!

(Upon pressing Triangle to check the cell of robot citizens.)
Rivet: Have you seen someone that looks like me? No? Ugh...

(Upon pressing Triangle to check the cell of robot Space Pirates.)
Pirate: You'd best not be after me booty...

Rivet: Not a chance.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Prioritise the Lombax prisoner and the Warbot.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Send the smaller robot to incineration where it cannot cause any more trouble.

Phantom: Rivet! They're about to incinerate your robot friend!

Clank: Rivet?!

Rivet: I've got you, Bolts!

Quantum: The crank, right there!

(Upon turning the hammercrank and deactivating the cells.)
Phantom: They just sent your friends that way. If you need back-up...

Rivet: Take care of them...

Rivet: and thanks.

Quantum: We'll take it from here!

(Rivet runs to Clank and puts him on her back.)
Rivet: You scared me. I'd let you rest, but we don't have a lot of time...

Free Ratchet and Kit

Clank: You got here quickly. Thank you.

Clank: They took Ratchet and Kit through that door... something about Maximum security.

Rivet: We'll catch up to them. And, um-- I'm glad you're alright, Clank.

Clank: You, too.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): The robot has escaped?! Decontamination lockdown initiated.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): An unclean prisoner?! Allow us to sterilise you with deadly force.

Rivet: Ahg... We don't have time!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): This is MY prisoner. I am your ruler!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): And no one will escape my grasp.

(Upon seeing Ratchet and Kit's VIP cell.)
Rivet: Look, there they are!

(Upon Ratchet and Kit's cell being moved via crane platform.)
Clank: And there they go...

(Once all of the Nefarious Troopers are destroyed.)
Clank: The transfer centre is open. We can get to Ratchet and Kit's cell through there.

Clank: This is even more chaotic than Savali.

Rivet: Sorry I left you behind back there, bolts.

Rivet: Things got... complicated.

Clank: I understand.

Clank: There was a lot of chaos--

Rivet: No, uhm... Yeah. That.

On-screen: Prisoner Transfer Centre

Rivet: That's... a lot of prisoners.

Clank: Oh my, they must be everyone who has ever crossed the Emperor...

Transfer Guard (Nefarious Trooper): Hello prisoner! Please return to your cell for your evening torture!

Rivet: Get out of the way!

Transfer Guard (Nefarious Trooper): I will NEVER bow to an enemy of our Emperor.

Transfer Supervisor (Nefarious Trooper): Everyone! Let us guard our PRIZED priority prisoners!

Clank: Priority-- that must mean Ratchet and Kit.

Rivet: We can't let them get any deeper into the prison.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): What do you mean there's a disturbance? Where are my priority prisoners?!

Rivet: They deactivated the bridge.

Clank: They must have manual controls as back-up.

(Upon turning the hammercrank and activating the bridge.)
Transfer Manager (Nefarious Juggernaut): Exciting! Escapees to teach a lesson!

Rivet: Not. Right. NOW!

Clank: Umm, I do not mean to rush you-- but Ratchet and Kit are about to be moved...!

On-screen: Transfer Platform Alpha

(Once the Transfer Manager is destroyed.)
Clank: Ratchet, we are coming!

Rivet: Okay, let's get 'em!

Clank: Hurry, tether onto their cell!

(Upon tethering onto the cell, it begins it's transfer.)
Rivet: No, no--!

Ratchet: Rivet?!

Ratchet: Clank!

Ratchet: How did you-?!

Rivet: I know my way around! Are you okay?!

Ratchet: We're fine! Trying to escape...somehow.

Rivet: Don't worry, we'll get you out of here.

Ratchet: I'll try to-- whoaa!

Follow Ratchet's Cell

On-screen: South Entrance

Clank: Kit must be very worried about all of this.

Rivet: Something like that... Look, bolts. I'll be honest...

Rivet: Kit is the Warbot who took off my arm.

Clank: Oh dear. Um, I--

Rivet: Yeah. Anyway, that's what's wrong.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Someone go investigate the Processing Center! Now!

On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Hammer

Clank: You may be able to use your hammer to override the locks.

(Upon entering main cell block.)
Rivet: There's the cell!

Rivet: C'mon, we can't lose sight of their cell.

Clank: I will keep an eye on it!

Rivet: Don't worry, bolts. We'll save them.

Clank: Right. You fight, I will search for a way forward!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Prisoner detected. No decontamination or transfer protocols found.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Decontamination highly recommended, though.

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Prisoner in hall without a hall pass! Scolding with deadly force!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Responding to disturbance. Feeling quite disturbed!

Clank: We cannot allow them to get taken any deeper into the prison!

Rivet: We won't!

On-screen: West Wing - V.I.P.

Ratchet: Wasn't sure you'd actually make it!

Rivet: Don't thank us yet.

Rivet: We need to power down these cells...

Rivet: (Sighs) Which means a visit to the Warden's Office.

Shut Down the Reactor

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Did you hear about the disturbance in Processing? I was informed it may have been...(disgusted shiver) A Lombax.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): How exciting! Another to add to the Emperor's prized collection of dissenters!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): We must celebrate after our shift by volunteering to work more!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Is that-- It is! The Lombax!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Delighted to engage!

(Upon destroying all of the Nefarious Troopers.)
Rivet: That door to the back there should lead to a loading platform.

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the robot citizen in his cell.)
Citizen: If the Emperor thinks I should be here, I deserve to be here.

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to the Goon-4-Less in his cell.)
Goon-4-Less: Get us outta here!

Goon-4-Less: I know we messed-up, but we're like... real sorry now!

Rivet: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Goon-4-Less: How 'bout this- we'll totally owe you one!

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the alien civilian in their cell.)
Civilian: It's okay, it's okay. Just breathe... What is that smell?

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the Mort with the chirping Pterafoid Flyer in his cell.)
Mort: Ooo I'm tellin' yah, with your powerful jaws and my know how, we'll be outta here in no time!

Mort: Ohh I hear your point, but I raise you with my confidence in your skills!

Mort: Alright, alright, we'll focus on building your confidence first.

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the crystal miner in his cell.)
Crystal Miner: I'm not meant to be here - I've got so many more crystals to mine.

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the monk his his cell.)
Monk: (Chants "ooooom" in a meditative trance five times)

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the other crystal miner in his cell.)
Crystal Miner: This establishment does NOT live up to our building codes.

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the Vullard in his cell.)
Vullard: Ooo, there's no junk here?! How am I supposed to liven up this place?

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the other monk his his cell.)
Monk: (Chants "ooooom" in a meditative trance five times)

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to the robot Space Pirates in their cell.)
Pirate: Ay, they be planning a jail break! We can help!

Rivet: Hang tight.

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to the Morts with the Gold Bolt in their cell.)
Mort: Ohh hey there, Rivet! Dontcha worry about us, we've got a plan to get us outta here!

Rivet: Mort?! How did you--?!

Mort: Ooh got caught out a couple days ago. That's what we get for breakin' curfew, eh? (laughs).

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the other robot citizen in his cell.)
Citizen: (Sighs) I should have just lied and said his song was good...

Citizen: Curse my respect of the art...

(Upon approaching floating platforms.)
Rivet: There-- that's the Warden's Office.

Rivet: Just have to use these platforms to get closer and go from there.

Clank: Be careful... that is a long way down.

(Whilst traversing the platforms.)
Clank: I should have realised how impacted you were by what happened with Kit.

Clank: Do you think you could ever forgive her? Perhaps you should.

Rivet: ...I don't know. But that won't stop me from saving her.

(Upon completing traversing the platforms.)
Rivet: Through that open access hatch.

Rivet: Almost there.

On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Hammer and Break Fans

On-screen: The Warden's Office

(Upon seeing Rivet, the Assistant fearfully seals herself inside an energy barrier.)
Emperor's Assistant: Oh! Please do not hurt me, I am only following the Emperor's orders!

Rivet: Just stay out of my way!

(Upon pressing Triangle to interact with the computer system.)
Emperor's Assistant (automated voice over loudspeaker): Emergency shut down initiated!

(The power to all the cells shuts down and the main reactor begins going critical. The Assistant escapes the office.)
Emperor's Assistant (automated voice over loudspeaker): Re-routing power to the VIP section!

(Rivet looks at a monitor showing Ratchet and Kit's cell.)
Rivet: Ratchet's in a "VIP" cell, isn't he?

Clank: (Sighs) Yes.

(Nefarious Troopers begin breaking into the office to attack Rivet.)

Return to the V.I.P. Section

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): You are a fool for underestimating me! Witness my power!

(The Nefarious Troopers smash the windows to get into the office.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): (Groans) My favourite window!

(Upon destroying some of the Nefarious Troopers.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): What?

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): No matter...

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): I have an endless supply of troopers waiting to do MY bidding.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Attention: Riot in Progress - reinforcement Capacities at 56% and dwindling.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): What, what, whaaaat?!?

(Upon destroying more of the Nefarious Troopers.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): You have not even begun to truly witness the vast and unforgiving strength of my leadership!

Clank: We have seen enough!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Not until I say so!

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Reinforcement Capacities at 42%.

Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): East Wing has fallen into prisoner control.

Rivet: But not the "VIP" section.

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Maximum security power at dangerous levels. Systems malfuntioning.

(Upon destroying all Nefarious Troopers in the area.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Send in everything - ANYTHING!

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Local Reinforcements unavailable. Engaging emergency warp-in protocol.

(Once the remaining Nefarious Troopers are destroyed.)
(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Security Forces depleted.

Clank: We need to return to Ratchet and Kit before it is too late.

Rivet: Yeah. Just have to get out of here first.

Clank: The office is sealed.

Clank: How do we get out?

Rivet: Maybe that window leads somewhere...

Don't Lose Ratchet

(On the other side of an energy barrier, two Goons are seen bullying a Nefarious Trooper and playing Keep Away with him and his Lasertrooper body.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): Return me to my body at once!

Goon-4-Less #1: Haha - go fetch. Hahaha.

(After throwing the Trooper over a ledge, one of the Goons jumps after him and the other turns to talk to Rivet.)
Goon-4-Less #2: No fur balls allowed...

(The Goon shoots a panel on the wall to disable the barrier, letting Rivet back into the V.I.P. section.)
Goon-4-Less #2: (Laughs) Kidding, we're cool.

Goon-4-Less #2: Let's get some Rec Time, fellas!

Clank: It would appear we have new allies.

On-screen: West Wing - V.I.P.

(During the prison riot, Ratchet and Kit's cell starts being transported again.)
Rivet: They're moving his cell again?! And to Maximum security...

Clank: I will start developing a Plan B.

Rivet: Catch-up to their cell faster before they're locked away in the depths of prison indefinitely?

Clank: ...or, a Plan C, perhaps.

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Attention, our Priority Prisoners are on track to their permanent home in the darkest depths of our prison! Ha ha ha!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Return to your cell at once.

Pirate (Male): Not a chance! It's time to dance!

Clank: Keep that cell in sight.

(Upon the platform Rivet is on collapsing.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Stop that Lombax! Do not let her escape! WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO ME?!?

Rivet: We'll need to find a way back up!

Clank: Perhaps we can use that rift tether to get us up to that platform.

(Upon rift tethering across the area.)
Goon-4-Less: Fall in line, my dudes! Gotta assist the Lombax!

Pirate (Male): Our swords be at your side! We fight and win, no lie!

Rivet: Up ahead - we can jump to that Maximum Security Platform from there.

Rivet: That console - if we override it, maybe we can slow them down!

Goon-4-Less: Dangit, you said this was the right direction!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Return to your cells or you will be banned from Weight Room Access for 10 cycles.

Goon-4-Less: He can't kill us all - ATTACK!

(When the Nefarious Juggernaut the Goons were fighting is destroyed.)
Goon-4-Less: Go on ahead! We've got you covered.

Rivet: FINALLY! We're going to get you out of here. There has to be a way to stop your cell or...

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Priority Transfer Initiated.

(The elevator begins to descend.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): I will not allow you to escape the Emperor's glorious punishment... MY glorious punishment!

On-screen: Maximum Security

Ratchet: Alright, how are we gonna escape? I've tried everything... Kit, any ideas?

Rivet: Come on, Kit, say something!

Kit: I have no ideas. I--

Rivet: Really? Because--

Ratchet: Rivet...

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Warning: Riot in progress- Giggle Gas Protocol Activated.

Ratchet: Ooooh no. The room is filling with gas!

Rivet: Hold your breath!

(The elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft. Ratchet and Kit's cell is moved again.)
Ratchet: Whoa, whoa, whoaaaa.

Clank: RATCHET! Quickly, get us out of here!

On-screen: Hold L2 and Square to Throw Hammer

Clank: Hit those buttons to open the door!

(Upon hitting the two buttons and opening the door.)
On-screen: Hold L1 and Press L2 Repeatedly to Accelerate

(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Giggle Gas Protocol ineffective - increasing gas levels. (laughs) Oh no.

On-screen: 20 seconds countdown

Rivet: (laughs) They're -- they're sealing off-- the area! (laughs)

Clank: Rivet, BOOST!

On-screen: 20 seconds countdown

Rivet: Hey, (laughs) it's all falling apart! (Laughs) Just like the dimensions! (laughs)

Clank: Focus!

On-screen: 20 seconds countdown

Rivet: (laughs) I thought Kit was my friend but she's a liar liar pants on fire. (laughs)

Clank: She seems to deeply regret it! Now keep moving!

Rivet: Maaaybbeee. (laughs)

On-screen: 20 second countdown

Rivet: (laughs) Ooooh power failure. (laughs) Spooooky. (laughs)

Clank: Quickly, move! Before they restore it!

On-screen: 20 second countdown

Rivet: (laughs) We're not gonna make it...

Clank: Tether onto that rift!

Rivet: (laughs)

Clank: I hope you are alright, we cannot slow down now.

On-screen: Backup Generator

Clank: Their cell!

Clank: It went outside!

Rivet: Argh!

Clank: There - quickly, we must slingshot onto that evacuation platform.

On-screen: Emergency Evacuation Platforms

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): Reinforcements are on their way - ooh, and there they are. You will NEVER escape! NEVER!

Rivet: Oh come on. Now?!

Survive to Save Ratchet and Kit

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Priority Transfer Activating - prepping cell for emergency evacuation.

Clank: If they get away, we may lose them entirely!

Rivet: Going as fast as I can - there's some troopers here who REALLY want to see them go.

Rivet: Great - now they're sending in dropships too?

Clank: Ratchet and Kit must be quite valuable.

(Upon destroying some of the Troopers.)
Nefarious Trooper (Female): We could use some support, Troopers!

Rivet: Gotta hurry before their back-up arrives.

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Reinforcements on site - who needs more help?!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): The Priority Transfer is in danger of failure! More help is necessary!

Rivet: How many troopers do these guys have?!

Clank: Too many.

(Upon destroying all of the Nefarious Troopers in the area.)
Rivet: I think that was all of them.

Clank: Not quite!

(Upon destroying the Royal Guard Escorts.)
Clank: Quickly, use that crank to pull the cell back toward us!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): You... you will NEVER escape!

Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): This place is surrounded and your friend is being lifted away... there is NOTHING you can do about it now!

(Upon taking too long to turn Ratchet and Kit's cell back.)

(Upon Rivet turning the hammercrank to turn the cell around.)
Emperor's Assistant (over loudspeaker): ... wait. You can not do that! YOU-- You! You! You can not fire me! I QUIT!

(The cell crashes open onto the platform, finally freeing Ratchet and Kit. Phantom flies in piloting Rivet's ship and lands.)
Phantom: Someone call for back-up?!

(Ratchet and Rivet are both happy to see him. Ratchet turns to talk to Rivet.)
Ratchet: Thanks for the save. Kit, are you...?

Rivet: Give us a minute.

(Clank motions to Ratchet to give Rivet and Kit privacy to talk. Ratchet takes Clank off Rivet's back.)
Ratchet: We'll meet you at the ship.

(Rivet nods with a gloomy expression and attempts to speak to a despondent Kit.)
Rivet: Clank told me I should try to forgive you...

Rivet: I uhm...

Kit: I am going back to Savali.

Kit: I never should have--

Rivet: Wait, you're just gonna hide again? Now?

Kit: I am very-- truly, I am sorry, Rivet.

Kit: For everything.

Kit: I--

Kit: I am not a good partner...

(Rivet's tone changes to aghast frustration at Kit's attitude.)
Rivet: Well-- maybe you could be!

Rivet: If you'd stopped to help me that night instead of running away, things could have been different.

Rivet: Or if you just told the truth! Maybe...

(Kit becomes distressed at Rivet's abrasiveness.)
Kit: Why do none of you understand?! I am broken. I will always BE broken!

Rivet: Fine.

Rivet: Go hide.

Rivet: WE have a universe to save...Universes. Whatever.

Rivet: I don't need a partner, anyway.

(For a moment Rivet mournfully looks back in Kit's direction but reaffirms her frustrated mix of emotions and heads back to the ship with Ratchet, Clank and Phantom.)
Ratchet: Wait, where's Kit?

Rivet: She's not coming.

Ratchet: But...

(Kit turns back around and watches the ship leave the planet.)

Zurkie's 3

(Rivet flies her ship with Ratchet, Clank and Phantom to Zurkie's and lands. She walks on ahead still feeling frustrated at her current mental state while Ratchet tries to talk to her.)
Ratchet: Kit should be here.

Rivet: She didn't want to be.

Ratchet: Only because she thinks she's dangerous!

(Rivet turns around to Ratchet and lashes out at him.)
Rivet: And maybe she is!

Ratchet: So you're just gonna give up on her? Because you're afraid?

Rivet: Says the big hero who's too scared to look for the other Lombaxes?!

Rivet: At least my fear makes sense!

(Ratchet and Rivet both stop themselves from continuing and apologize together.)
Ratchet: Sorry, I-- Rivet: Sorry, I--

Ratchet: Sorry. Rivet: Sorry.

(Ratchet signals Phantom that they're ready to go. Phantom gives a friendly thumbs up to them and they walk towards Zurkie's.)

(Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and Phantom enter the Gastropub and are greeted by a Mort.)
Mort (Female): You're all okay! Oh, thank goodness, we were so worried!

(Rivet and the Mort exchange a fist bump.)
Rivet: They can't stop us that easily.

(Across the Gastropub, Quantum is standing at the bar and calling out to the new arrivals.)
Quantum: What took you all so long?

Quantum: Hey, I think I know how we can find the Emperor!

Quantum: When you're ready to take the fight to him, come talk to me!

Plan the Final Assault

It's time to stop the Emperor once and for all.

Talk to Quantum for the Final Showdown

(Upon exiting the Gastropub into the weapons confiscation room.)
Citizen: Do not forget your weapons: you will need 'em to kick the Emperor's patooty!

(When leaving Zurkie's through the tunnel.)
Rivet: Good thing we're ending this now. I don't think the dimensions can take much more.

Rivet: Yeah... I am officially done with purple.

(When approaching Phantom.)(1)
Rivet: Hey Phantom. Thanks for bailing us out back on Zordoom.

Phantom: You can always count on me to be in the right spot when duty calls.

Phantom: I call it my Phantom Sense.

Rivet: Right, well um... I appreciate it.

(When approaching Phantom.)(2)
Rivet: If we actually beat the Nefarii... do you know what you're going to do afterward?

Phantom: Disappear.

Phantom: If there's no Emperor, there's no Resistance, and if there's no Resistance, there's no Phantom.

Rivet: Oh, well I hope you'll still drop me a line once in a while.

(When approaching Phantom.)(3)
Phantom: Look at them, totally oblivious that the fate of reality is about to be decided.

(When approaching Phantom.)(4)
Phantom: Is Zurkie going to bring my check or what?

(When approaching Phantom.)(5)
Phantom: Whatever happens, you've made the Resistance proud, Rivet.

(When approaching the Mort and Ms. Fungal.)(1)
Ms. Fungal: How do ya keep yourself motivated, Mort?

Mort (Female): Oh you know, I just focus on whatever's in front of me.

Mort (Female): And a fresh glass of lemonade doesn't hurt either.

(When approaching the Mort and Ms. Fungal.)(2)
Mort (Female): All this adventurin' and such sure does poop a Mort out...

Ms. Fungal: Tell me about it.

(When approaching the Mort and Ms. Fungal.)(3)
Mort (Female): So what do you do for fun when you're... not Ms. Fun-Gal?

Ms. Fungal: Well, since you asked... in my free time I've been working on a degree in aroma therapy.

Mort (Female): I knew it!

(When approaching Ratchet and Clank.)(1)
Clank: After some consideration, I believe this is our most dangerous adventure yet.

Ratchet: (laughs) I wish we didn't keep saying that.

(When approaching Ratchet and Clank.)(2)
Ratchet: Here we are again, buddy.

Ratchet: We just can't stop landing in tight spots, huh?

Clank: It would appear so, but there is no one else I would rather be in such a dire situation with.

(When approaching Ratchet and Clank.)(3)
Ratchet: Did you want to order something?

Clank: No, thank you.

Clank: I am... reflecting on what is ahead.

(When approaching Gary.)(1)
Gary: Rivet!

Gary: Thank you again for rescuing me.

Gary: Glad I can be a part of this little rabble-rousing group!

(When approaching Gary.)(2)
Gary: Such a wide assortment of people here, and in such good spirits!

Gary: I'd hardly know the dimensions were in jeopardy!

(When approaching Gary.)(3)
Gary: I should check if my books have anything to say about this...

(When approaching Pierre.)(1)
Pierre: Well, well, well. We meet again, Rivet.

Rivet: Are you going to start any trouble here?

Pierre: Yes... that would be exciting, no?

Pierre: But alas, my troublesome days are behind me for I have retired to a life of frivolity and living beyond my means.

(When approaching Pierre.)(2)
Pierre: (Referring to Quantum) This gentleman next to me looks so familiar...

(When approaching Pierre.)(3)
Pierre: You know, I have always wanted to get into gastronomy.

Pierre: Pierre le Fer, chef extraordinaire.

(When approaching Pierre.)(4)
Pierre: Ah! Garçon! Your fizziest drink, please, with your bendiest straw!

(When approaching Pierre.)(5)
Pierre: (Referring to Quantum) Rivet. You wouldn't happen to know this tall drink of grog next to me, would you?

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Quantum.)(1)
Rivet: So how do we find the Emperor?

Quantum: Before I say; are you sure you're ready?

Quantum: There's no turning back after this.

On-screen: ARE YOU READY? The final showdown is at hand! This is your last chance to acquire armour and collectibles before the end of the story. Are you sure you want to continue? X YES, READY TO GO Circle NOT YET

(Upon selecting Circle NOT YET.)
Quantum: Take your time!

Quantum: If we don't do this right...

Quantum: Actually, I don't want to think about it.

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Quantum.)(2)
Quantum: You're looking strong, Rivet. A proper hero!

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Quantum.)(3)
Quantum: Oh boy, look at where you've ended up, Quantum...

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Quantum.)(4)
Quantum: So... how would Qwark handle this...

(Upon selecting X YES, READY TO GO.)
Quantum: Okay, okay.. we have to draw him out, so I was thinking I'd disguise myself as a *robot*, but with a really big--

(Quantum is interrupted when the power dims and the Emperor's insignia appears on all the monitors and a broadcast from him begins.)
Emperor Nefarious (over broadcast): Do you know what that sound is?

Emperor Nefarious (over broadcast): Is it fear?

Emperor Nefarious (over broadcast): Hope?

Emperor Nefarious (over broadcast): The slow inevitability of death? No, it's me. (laughs)

(The Emperor appears on screen on the deck of a warship in orbit of Corson V.)
Emperor Nefarious: Winning.

Emperor Nefarious: "What else is new," you say. Oh, quite right, but *you* are only a part of *one* dimension.

Emperor Nefarious: What about the rest?

Emperor Nefarious: Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but I think *everyone* deserves a little subjugation.

(The view zooms out to reveal the Emperor has a large fleet of warships prepared for invasion.)
Emperor Nefarious: So, to celebrate such a momentous occasion, I'd like to honor the good Doctor who inspired this journey in the first place.

(The Emperor hands Dr. Nefarious a glass of Champagne and clinks it with his own.)
Emperor Nefarious: By invading his home dimension *personally*.

(Dr. Nefarious spits out his Champagne in shock.)
Dr. Nefarious: What?!

(The Emperor grabs the Dimensionator from Dr. Nefarious and roughly shoves him to the ground.)
Emperor Nefarious: My first stop: Megalopolis.

Emperor Nefarious: Or, as I like to think of it, *New* Nefarious City.

(The Emperor winds the Dimensionator and creates a huge rift to Ratchet and Clank's dimension and laughs as his armies advance into it.)

(Ratchet watches the broadcast from Zurkie's looking dismayed until Rivet puts her hand on his shoulder.)
Rivet: When do we leave?

(They turn around to see their many allies ready to help them in the fight.)
Ratchet: Right now.

(Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and all their allies' ships are seen flying through the huge rift to Megalopolis.)

Megalopolis 2

(Ratchet and Clank fly in and find Corson V resembling it's counterpart in Rivet's dimension with Nefarious Tower standing at the heart of the city and the Emperor's insignia brandished on many of the buildings.)
Ratchet: Are we... home?

Clank: I am afraid so.

Defeat the Emperor

It all ends here. Ratchet, Rivet, and Clank must work together to stop Emperor Nefarious's pandimensional conquest.

Join the Fight

On-screen: Midtown Mall

(Fleeing civilians.)

  • (Male) Get away!
  • (Male) Maybe it's safe here?
  • (Male) This is the last time I try and go out.
  • (Male) Hide!
  • (Male) I've lost my suitcase!
  • (Male) I've gotta get out of here!
  • (Female) Go, go!
  • (Female) Not stickin' around for this!
  • (Female) Oh no, here they come!
  • (Female) Quick, find somewhere to hide!
  • (Female) What is going ON?
  • (Female) I can't believe this is happening.
  • (Female) Is the sky... breaking?
  • (Female) Now I'm definitely going to miss my train!

Clank: The Emperor is truly turning our dimension into his own...

Rivet (over communicator): Nefarious is just up ahead!

Rivet (over communicator): If you guys distract him, I can try and grab the Dimensionator from above!

Ratchet (Talking to Rivet over communicator): We'll meet you there!

Ratchet: We have to get the Dimensionator away from Nefarious!

Clank: The Emperor must be stopped before he causes the dimensions to fully collapse!

Clank: If we do not stop the Emperor, he will obliterate EVERY dimension.

Ratchet: Nefarious is going to destroy our dimension, we have to stop him!

(Upon gliding down to the area where the Goons are fighting Nefarious Troopers.)
Goon-4-Less: Hey furry dude! Your friend tell you? We're team Lombax now!

Goon-4-Less: CHAAA!!

Goon-4-Less: Gotta get rid of those snipers so we can join the party!

Ratchet: You hear that, pal? Let's take out some snipers!

Eliminate the Snipers

On-screen: Snipers Remaining: 4

Ratchet (Talking to Rivet over communicator): Rivet! How's it looking up there?!

Rivet (over communicator): Not great! But I'm with--!

Pierre (over communicator): Oh oh, is it Ratchet?! Tell him of my ADMIRABLE heroics!

Rivet (over communicator): (sighs) We got you covered. Hurry and get that Dimensionator!

Goon-4-Less: YO! Check out Ratchet and Clank!

Goon-4-Less: Watch for sniper fire!

Goon-4-Less: These snipers are bumming me out, man!

Pirate (Male)(1): Captain What! The bilge land rat!

Pirate (Male)(2): We heard our homes be under attack!

Pirate (Male)(1): So the pirates be here to steal it all back!

Clank: Nefarious cannot be far, we must keep moving!

Ratchet: The Nefariouses are just up ahead!

(Upon destroying a Nefarious Sniperbot.)
Ratchet: Sniper down!

On-screen: Snipers Remaining: 3

On-screen: Snipers Remaining: 2

On-screen: Snipers Remaining: 1

Clank: There is one more sniper!

Ratchet: Alright! Looks like the sky's clear of snipers. Let's move!

Battle the Emperor's Forces

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Requesting back up!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): Back, friends! Back!

Goon-4-Less: Ain't nothin' that can stop us now!

Nefarious Trooper (Male): There are too many! Retreat to the Emperor!

Nefarious Trooper (Female): Fall back so we can take our final stand before our glorious Emperor!

(Upon all of the Nefarious Troopers in the area being destroyed.)
Goon-4-Less: We got 'em! Up top, bro!

Pirate (Male): Incredible as always are we!

Reach the Nefariouses

(The Emperor is seen wildy firing the Dimensionator whilst laughing alongside a disgruntled Dr. Nefarious.)
Civilian (Male): Ratchet and Clank!

Civilian (Female): They're here!

Emperor Nefarious: (gasps) YOU are the heroes of this dimension?! That is hilarious.

Ratchet: You got lucky last time, Nefarious..es.

Emperor Nefarious: This calls for a SPECIAL sort of annihilation.

Emperor Nefarious: I have been looking for an excuse to wear my new suit.

(The Emperor opens a rift and both him and the Doctor disappear into it. Rivet then flies over Ratchet's head riding Trudi.)
Rivet: Where did he--?!

Rivet: --go.

On-screen: Midtown Skyway

Rivet: What's your move, Nefarious...

Investigate the Disturbance

Pierre (over loudspeaker): There! Up ahead!

Rivet: Is that-- a rift? Or...?

Rivet: Ratchet! We need your help, Nefarious just--!

(A giant mech in the form of Emperor Nefarious emerges from a large rift and roars. Rivet is sent hurling off of Trudi and into a rift, landing on a rooftop park area in sight of the mech. The mech's arm emerges from a rift in front of Rivet and fires a sweeping laser attack.)

Fight the Emperor's Power Suit

Rivet: Whoa-- where am--? WHOA!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Rivet? You... are no longer in exile?!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): What has gotten INTO you lately?! Ha! I was so used to you being dull!

Rivet (to the Goons): Come on, we have to fight this thing!

(Upon attacking the monitor on the mech's arm.)
Rivet (to the Goons): Fire at those monitors!

Goon-4-Less: You heard her! Take out the arms!

Quantum (over communicator): Rivet! You will never guess--!

Rivet: Quantum?! What are--?!

Ratchet (over communicator): We've got a plan! Just hold him off a little longer!

Rivet: Right! Sure!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Haha! What do you think of my new look? Ha!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I call it my power suit. I rarely have an occasion to break it out!

Rivet: I guess your funeral's as good a time as any!

Rivet: Come on, just have to weaken his stupid (ugh!) power suit.

(Upon the Imperial "Power Suit" reaching 75% health.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Ah! (laughing frantically) You really think you stand a chance...

(Pierre and the Space Pirates arrive and give Rivet a lift.)
Pierre: Come, there is a battle to be won!

(Ratchet, Clank, Quantum and Qwark fly alongside Rivet and the pirates towards the Power Suit on a ship loaded with explosives.)
Ratchet: You've got this, Quantum!

Quantum: Emperor Nefarious, your campaign of destruction, cruelty, and wanton snobbery is over! ...How's that?

Captain Qwark: I have goosebumps! (shivers)

Ratchet: You nailed it.

Ratchet: Now jump!

(Quantum and Qwark both jump onto the pirate's ship and Ratchet steers the kamikaze ship towards the Power Suit's head.)
Emperor Nefarious: Oh, YOU....

(Ratchet jumps off the ship just before impact and it explodes into the Suit's head. He lands on some dimensionally displaced pirate structures and continues the fight against the Suit with the Space Pirates.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): (laughs) This dimension really thinks it will get the best of me. (hmm)

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): How about I "retire" their heroes.

Ratchet: It's still working!? This is not good...

Ratchet (to the Space Pirates): Everyone, shoot those monitors!

(The Power Suit's head continuously appears out of closeby rifts and shoots energy attacks from it's eyes and mouth at Ratchet.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): (laughs) THIS is how you get your dimension to respect you!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Unconventional, perhaps...

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): ...But effective!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): And lacking in artistry, imagination, elegance--

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): (angry grumbling) This is MY DIMENSION TO RULE!

(Upon Ratchet attacking the monitors on the Power Suit's eyes and arm.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): You think you're clever, don't you?

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I WILL win.

Goon-4-Less: Whoa! Check out the size of that head!

Clank: Keep firing, Ratchet!

Ratchet (to the Space Pirates): You heard him, everyone!

Pirate (Female): The Lombax is ferocious...

Pirate (Female): ...against the foul Emperor, atrocious!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Look upon my magnificent work and despair.

Ratchet (to the Space Pirates): Don't let him distract you!

Pirate (Male): I've seen bigger monsters than ye out at sea!

Ratchet (to the Space Pirates): Keep shooting, we can't stop now!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Why won't you just BOW!?

(Upon the Imperial "Power Suit" reaching 50% health.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): This is becoming CONSIDERABLY less amusing!

Clank: Keep firing at the monitors!

Rivet (over communicator): Are you all okay?!

Ratchet: (hehe) Yep! Just fighting a Nefarious the size of his ego!

Rivet (over communicator): We're getting close, hang in there!

(Upon the Imperial "Power Suit" reaching 25% health.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): NO!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): No, no, no, no, NO!

Ratchet: You're looking hurt, Nefarious!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): You are on my last nerve!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): This holds not even a CANDLE against the battles I have won...

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): COUNTLESS victories.

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Your dimension *will* be another in my trophy case.

(Upon the Imperial "Power Suit" reaching 0% health.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): What have you done!?

Clank: Ratchet...

(Ratchet and Clank are sucked into a rift and land in a floating debris field near the flailing Power Suit.)
On-screen: Dimensional Debris Field

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): MY EYES!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Why--?! I can't see!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I want my suit fully back online NOW.

Rivet (over communicator): Ratchet, Gary and the monks think they can help!

Rivet (over communicator): Get as close to Nefarious as you can, I'll draw fire!

Enter the Power Suit

Gary: Over here! I can get you into Nefarious's heart... as in, the robot's...

Gary: Just hurry!

Ratchet: Thank you!

(Gary and the monks stabilize a rift on the Suit's chest. Ratchet then uses a Hurlshot to launch himself inside.)

Destroy the Heart

On-screen: Heart Chamber

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 6/6

Clank: There! The heart!

Clank: If we destroy it, we can take down his mech entirely!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I think someone is inside of your... power suit.

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Get. Them. OUT.

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Troopers, go! Defend the heart!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): I will send every weaselly, ungrateful citizen of this dimension into the darkest, most remote pits of reality to suffer in ways their TINY minds could NEVER begin to comprehend!

(Upon the Heart's health reaching 50%.)
Ratchet: It's working!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Why will they not just... SUBMIT?!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): SEE?!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): THIS is why my dimension is hard to take over!

Dr. Nefarious (over loudspeaker): It's not because of ME.

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): THAT remains to be seen.

(Upon the Heart's health reaching 20%.)
Clank: You have nearly done it, Ratchet!

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 5/6

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 4/6

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 3/6

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 2/6

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 1/6

On-screen: Heart Nodes: 0/6

(Upon all of the Nodes being destroyed, the Heart's shell is broken and the core is exposed.)
Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): Eh... NO!

Emperor Nefarious (over loudspeaker): My suit... it's FAILING?!

Clank: Keep firing, Ratchet!

(The Heart's unstable core emits a deadly plasma arc that sweeps through the Chamber. At 65% health it emits two arcs.)

(Upon the Heart's health reaching 0%.)
Ratchet: (hahaha) Got him!

(The Heart begins going critical and is on the cusp of exploding.)
Ratchet: Gary, I could use an exit!

(A rift stabilzes and Ratchet jumps through it. On a nearby rooftop Rivet watches the Power Suit begin to collapse.)
Rivet: Ratchet? Clank?!

Ratchet (over communicator): We got thrown to the other side of the city!

Ratchet (over communicator): Hold him off as long as you can!

(The Suit finally collapses onto the rooftop in front of Rivet. Dr. Nefarious pulls himself out of the wreckage onto the Suit's head whilst brandishing the Dimensionator and holds it up in triumphant laughter. The Emperor quickly cuts him off however and savagely punches him in the face, knocking him off of the Suit's head and taking the Dimensionator back for himself again. The Emperor then turns his attention towards Rivet.)
Emperor Nefarious: You think YOU can defeat me?!

Emperor Nefarious: I will bring in ALL of my armies, ALL of my followers... you WILL bow before me!

(The Emperor begins wildy firing the Dimensionator, creating several rifts in the sky.)
Rivet: He's going to destroy the dimensions...

(Thousands of Nefarious Troopers pour out of the rifts, laughing and surround Rivet. Just as they are about to attack, several missiles from the sky blast them. Rivet looks around in startled confusion, then sees the source in the sky.)
Rivet: Kit?

(Kit quickly flies down and performs a landing punch onto a Nefarious Juggernaut, before turning to Rivet.)
Kit: You were right.

Kit: I can not run away anymore.

Rivet: I can't let you do this alone.

(Kit nods to Rivet and accepts her help in the battle.)
Emperor Nefarious: YOU!

Kit: I will hold back his army. Take him down.

Defeat the Emperor

On-screen: Midtown Atrium

Kit: Do not stop! I will hold them back as long as I can!

Emperor Nefarious: Ah ha! They all love me... YOU all LOVE ME!

Emperor Nefarious: I am the destined Emperor of this dimension... of-- of every dimension!

Emperor Nefarious: Hahaha!

Emperor Nefarious: This isn't NEAR over!

Emperor Nefarious: You've never defeated me before, and this time will be NO DIFFERENT.

Rivet: Enough, Nefarious! You're tearing reality apart! If you don't stop...!

Emperor Nefarious: Ahh... Oh NO! The thankless, uninspiring dimensions are collapsing?!

Emperor Nefarious: Oh, how COULD I?!

(Upon the Emperor landing a hit on Rivet.)
Emperor Nefarious: Look at me! Behold the awesome power of your one, true leader!

Emperor Nefarious: I will be the END of you!

Emperor Nefarious: You will not make a fool of me!

Emperor Nefarious: GIVE UP ALREADY.

Emperor Nefarious: (Laughs frantically)

(Upon the Emperor's health reaching 55%, he flies to hide behind the Power Suit's head and sends more Nefarious Troopers through rifts to fight Rivet.)
Rivet: You're done for, Nefarious! Now everyone can finally see you for what you really are!

Emperor Nefarious: Come my Troopers! Let's *show* them who I "really" am!

Rivet: Kit, I could use a hand!

Kit: Get... BACK!

Rivet: Thanks for the save!

Emperor Nefarious: Back after all this time just to betray your Emperor, KT-7416?!

Kit: My name is KIT and you are NOT my Emperor.

Emperor Nefarious: Oh, Rivet and "Kit"! How utterly CHARMING.

(Upon the Emperor's health reaching 35%, he calls in a Nefarious Juggernaut to assist him.)
Emperor Nefarious: Destroy the rebel Warbot! Do not let it near me!

Rivet: Kit! Heavy incoming!

(Upon the Nefarious Juggernaut being destroyed.)
Kit: Got it!

Emperor Nefarious: (laughs) This isn't nearly the end of me. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

(Upon the Emperor's health reaching 5%, he flies to hide behind the Power Suit's head again and sends many more Nefarious Troopers through rifts to fight Rivet.)
Emperor Nefarious: Eliminate them! Now, now, NOW!

Rivet: More troopers flanking!

Kit: We can wipe them out together!

Rivet: Let's show 'em how it's done!

Kit: I will not let you win!

Rivet: Up ahead!

Kit: His armies are mine!

Rivet: Whoa, nice one!

(Upon all of the Nefarious Troopers being destroyed by Rivet and Kit.)
Emperor Nefarious: Where are my TROOPERS?!

Emperor Nefarious: Come, my loyalists, every one of you!

Emperor Nefarious: Come together to fight for your beloved Emperor!

(The Emperor opens a rift but all that emerges is some fish flopping onto the ground, whilst a kazoo cover of the Nefarious theme plays.)
Emperor Nefarious: They're all...gone? HELLO?! No one?!

Kit: No one.

Rivet: Nope.

Emperor Nefarious: ENOUGH! I will collapse EVERY dimension into nothingness!

(Kit holds out her hand for Rivet to throw her up to the Emperor.)
Kit: He is overclocking the Dimensionator!

Kit: Hurry, I can get you up to him!

Emperor Nefarious: A vapid, empty void! SAY GOODBYE!

Emperor Nefarious: (laughs) I REFUSE to be a footnote in history. I-- I AM history!

Kit: Rivet! We are running out of time!

Kit: Please, Rivet! I need your help!

(Upon taking too long to have Kit throw Rivet.)

(Upon pressing X to jump onto Kit's hand, Rivet is thrown through the air towards the Emperor.)
Rivet: This is the part where YOU lose!

(Rivet strikes the Emperor with a powerful blow to the face with her hammer, knocking him flying onto the head of the wrecked Power Suit. The Dimensionator is launched into the air and as it falls is caught by Ratchet riding a pirate ship with Quantum and Pierre. As the Emperor almost falls from the Suit's head, Ratchet shoots a rift under him but he is able to pull himself back up before getting sucked in.)
Emperor Nefarious: You really thought you had me.

(Ratchet turns to Clank, who rings a large bell on the pirate ship which calls a large kraken tentacle to emerge from the rift and grabs the Emperor.)
Emperor Nefarious: Get OFF of me, you loathsome... (struggling)

(The Emperor manages to grab onto a ledge and stops himself from being pulled in. Dr. Nefarious then confronts the Emperor and stands over him.)
Emperor Nefarious: Please we-- we can win this together!

Dr. Nefarious: What do YOU know about winning?

(Dr. nefarious kicks the Emperor's hand off of the ledge and he screams as he is pulled into the rift by the kraken tentacle. The rift closes and Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and Kit reunite in celebration. Dr. Nefarious leaps into the air in his own celebration but slips off the head of the Power Suit, which falls over ontop of him and pins him to the ground.)
Dr. Nefarious: What?!

Rivet (to Ratchet and Clank): You two really are a couple of hot shots.

Ratchet: Look who's talking!

(Upon again noticing the dimensional chaos around them, Ratchet holds the Dimensionator down for Clank to use.)
Ratchet: Ready to fix this, pal?

Clank: I would love nothing more.

(Clank inputs commands into the Dimensionator and his eyes turn purple. A bright light shines from the Dimensionator and the dimensional chaos throughout Megalopolis begins to vanish. Qwark, Quantum and Pierre watch with their arms around eachother, while the Goons and Morts clink their drink glasses together in celebration. Phantom and Skidd exchange a high five with eachother and Gary closes his father's book looking content that the dimensions have been saved, while Nefarious Tower disappears from the city and the last of the damage is finally repaired.)

(Kit sits on the edge of the Midtown Atrium with Rivet sitting on her shoulder.)
Rivet: Hey-- I'm sorry for what I said before. You're my friend, and-- thank you. For coming back.

(Kit holds out her hand to Rivet.)
Kit: Team?

(Rivet happily shakes Kit's finger.)
Rivet: Team.

(Ratchet walks up behind Rivet and Kit holding Clank.)
Ratchet: I guess it's time to go home, huh?

(Rivet slides down Kit's arm and lands by Ratchet.)
Rivet: Yeah.

Rivet: Our dimension could use a couple heroes right about now.

Ratchet: Well...

Ratchet: How would you two feel about making a pit stop on the way?

Rivet: Where're we headed?

Ratchet: I think you know.

(Kit is seen looking excited at this notion, while fireworks are shot into the sky, exploding into the shapes of Ratchet, Clank, Rivet and Kit.)
Kit: Is that... us?

Clank: (laughs)

End Credits

(Ending credits message.)

(During the ending credits crawl, Emperor Nefarious's duet song with Dr. Nefarious; "Join Me at the Top" plays.)

Emperor Nefarious: Alone at last

Emperor Nefarious: Stuck at the top

Emperor Nefarious: If I ever lost

Emperor Nefarious: I think I'd just drop

Emperor Nefarious: My never-ending story of success

Emperor Nefarious: Is a lonely refrain

Emperor Nefarious: So I've one request

Emperor Nefarious: Join me at the top (Why don't cha)

Emperor Nefarious: Join me where the stars all shine and

Emperor Nefarious: Join me at the top (Why won't cha)

Emperor Nefarious: Join me, let our powers combine

Emperor Nefarious: You know I can't resist a diddy

Emperor Nefarious: So join me- oh, wait, well- what a pity

Emperor Nefarious: Looks like I forgot!

Dr. Nefarious: They can't come up!

Emperor Nefarious: Cause I'm everything you're not!

Dr. Nefarious: Nope!

Emperor Nefarious: Ha!

Dr. Nefarious: Ha!

Emperor Nefarious: Hahhh

Emperor Nefarious: That's PRETTY good...

Dr. Nefarious: It's pretty good...

Emperor Nefarious: I said that's pretty good!

Dr. Nefarious: Oh, it's wonderful!

Emperor Nefarious: Look at me

Emperor Nefarious: And my flawless schemes

Emperor Nefarious: The kind you would never dream up

Emperor Nefarious: In your dreamiest of dreams!

Emperor Nefarious: Aren't you so lucky

Emperor Nefarious: To have me to revere

Emperor Nefarious: Your flawless yet lawless

Emperor Nefarious: Emperor right here

Emperor Nefarious: Join me at the top (Why don't cha)

Emperor Nefarious: Join me where the stars all shine

Emperor Nefarious: And I will never flop (no I won't!)

Emperor Nefarious: Just join me, go on, fall in line

Emperor Nefarious: And no one's given me good reason

Emperor Nefarious: To stop my usual power seizin'

Emperor Nefarious: Join me at this spot!

Emperor Nefarious: Uhp-- forgot!

Emperor Nefarious: I'm everything you're not!

Emperor Nefarious: Who am I?

Dr. Nefarious: OUR greatness?

Emperor Nefarious: And who are you?

Dr. Nefarious: Wait, wait I'm not gonna say this...

Emperor Nefarious: You're no good without me!

Emperor Nefarious: How dare you ever doubt me!

Emperor Nefarious: Now listen as the Doctor sings the case!

Dr. Nefarious: They'd join you at the top!

Emperor Nefarious: Yes they would!

Dr. Nefarious: They'd join you where the stars all shine

Emperor Nefarious: And boy I'm so freakin' hot!

Dr. Nefarious: You're scalding...

Emperor Nefarious: I should have them up

Dr. Nefarious: But you will not!

Emperor Nefarious: It's all kinds of rad

Dr. Nefarious: And hilarious!

Emperor Nefarious: To be all big and bad

Dr. Nefarious: And Nefarious!

Emperor Nefarious: So join me on my plot!

Dr. Nefarious: Nevermind, forgot...

Emperor Nefarious: I'm everything you're not!

Dr. Nefarious: Nefarious on top!

Emperor Nefarious and Dr. Nefarious: (laughing)

(After the ending credits.)
On-screen: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE MAIN STORY! You have unlocked Challenge Mode! Keep all of your weapons and play through a harder version of the game to get new weapon upgrades and earn more bolts with the Bolt Multiplier! Create a new Challenge Mode playthrough at any time from the Title Menu. Would you like to go back in time before the final fight to finish any remaining activities or exit to the Title Menu?

On-screen: Return to Zurkie's Before the Final Fight

On-screen: Continue to the Title Menu to Begin a Challenge Mode Playthrough


Vendor dialogue

Mrs. Zurkon

(Sometimes while near Mrs. Zurkon.)

Mrs. Zurkon
  • Forty-six, forty-four, forty... forty... (ohhh)
  • (Ha ha ha) Mrs. Zurkon has been waiting for this one!
  • There has got to be another box of these somewhere...
  • Mrs. Zurkon could have sworn this order would not be in till next week...
  • Back again? Good.
  • Mrs. Zurkon is glad you have returned.
  • Hello again.
  • Greetings, Lombax.

(Sometimes upon opening.)

Mrs. Zurkon
  • Mrs. Zurkon has many fine options for you.
  • Never go planet-hopping without ample supplies.
  • Ready to purchase, or just staying on top of the trends?
  • You cannot go wrong with this stock.
  • Mrs. Zurkon is eager to see your selection.

(Sometimes upon purchasing a weapon.)

Mrs. Zurkon
  • That one will look amazing in your arsenal.
  • Excellent choice.
  • Mrs. Zurkon was betting you would pick that one.
  • You have a good eye.

(Sometimes upon closing.)

Mrs. Zurkon
  • Until next time.
  • Mrs. Zurkon will be here.
  • Farewell.
  • Mrs. Zurkon will see you back soon.

(Upon meeting Mrs. Zurkon for the first time again in Challenge Mode.)
Mrs. Zurkon: Ratchet, my favourite customer, you now have access to the omega line of weapons. Verrrry exclusive. Enjoy omega destruction.

Ms. Zurkon

(Sometimes while near Ms. Zurkon.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Well, if it isn't my favorite customer.
  • Trust me darlin', you will want the upgrades I have got for you!
  • Ms. Zurkon's is the highest-rated weapon vendor in all the galaxy! Five stars, y'all!
  • Here to buy, I hope?
  • How've you been, darlin'?
  • Hey honey!
  • Oh! Look who it is!
  • Welcome back!
  • Now, what can Ms. Zurkon do for you?
  • Yoo-hoo! Hey there!
  • Pleasure to see you!
  • Look who the cat dragged in.
  • Welcome to Ms. Zurkon's!
  • Long time no see.
  • Don't be shy folks! Come on over!
  • Looking for some heat? Ms. Zurkon's has the hottest weapons around!
  • Oh I assure you, we are open!
  • From blasters to bombs, rockets to rifles, we got it all honey!
  • Come to Ms. Zurkon's for all your weapon needs!
  • We pride ourselves on top tier service! The customer is always right! Except when they are not.
  • Come closer and have a look at the merchandise! I don't bite!
  • We have armaments of all kinds! If it goes boom, we got it!

(Sometimes while near Ms. Zurkon when enemies are nearby.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • (Closed) Gotta close up!
  • (Closed) Yikes! Be back soon!
  • (Closed) Well I guess it is closing time!
  • (Closed) I cannot push my wares in these conditions!
  • (Closed) Sorry hon', but ths is bad for business!
  • (Closed) That is my cue, be back soon!
  • (Closed) Y'all come back when the shooting stops!
  • (Closed) Uh-oh! I am too old for this!
  • (reopened) Oh My stars that was exciting!
  • (reopened) We are back open and ready to sell some hardware!
  • (reopened) Ooh-whee. Glad that is over.
  • (reopened) Ms. Zurkon is back in business! Come on over!
  • (reopened) Yoo hoo! Back open for business folks!

(Sometimes upon opening.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Take your time, sweetie.
  • Welcome, sugar! Feel free to browse.
  • You know it is quality when you buy from Ms. Zurkon.
  • You break it, you buy it!
  • Let me know when you find something you like!
  • All sales are final, honey.
  • Let Ms. Zurkon make you a deal.
  • You here for weapons or ammo? I'm betting both!
  • Thanks for choosing Ms. Zurkon's!

(Sometimes upon refilling ammo.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Oh-ee! We're packing heat now!
  • Plenty more where that came from!
  • Be careful where you put those, hon.
  • You sure you bought enough?
  • Nothing sweeter than the smell of gunpowder.
  • Tell them Ms. Zurkon sends her love!
  • Lock and load!
  • Lookey here. Ms. Zurkon loves turning bolts into bullets!
  • I know you will find good use for those!
  • Take comfort in a full clip cutie!

(Sometimes upon hovering over an available weapon with enough bolts to purchase.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Go on, pumpkin, you got the bolts!
  • Buy it while you can, sweetcheeks!
  • I know those bolts are burning a hole in your pocket!
  • Ooo-weee! That one is so, oh, hot right now!
  • Go on. You know you want it!
  • Feels good to have a pocket full of bolts, huh honey?
  • Go ahead suge, that is a great deal!
  • You got the bolts, sugar! Treat yourself!
  • Looks like you got enough for that beauty!
  • Oh I got all the time in the world for paying customers!

(Sometimes upon selecting an available weapon without enough bolts to purchase.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Just a little outta your price range, sugar.
  • Maybe something a bit more... affordable?
  • Maybe try something more in your price range.
  • Ooh, not enough bolts.
  • Well, come back with more bolts, and then we'll talk.
  • I'll just save it for when you've got enough bolts.
  • That one's on the expensive side.
  • Oh, I hate to say it sugar, but you're too broke for this one.
  • Oh, sweet-pea. No need to get into debt over a weapon!
  • Put it on your wishlist!
  • Ooh, that'll cost a liiittle more than you've got.
  • Sorry, sweetie, but you can't afford that one.

(Sometimes upon hovering over a weapon yet to be available.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • That one gonna be a doozy!
  • I cannot wait to sell you that one!
  • Y'all come back soon for that one!
  • That one is coming real soon, hon!
  • Sneaking a little peeky peek are we?
  • You will definitely wanna come back for that!
  • I will let you know when I get these in!

(When on the Purchase tab and upgrades are available.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Looks like upgrades are in your future!

(Sometimes upon purchasing a raritanium upgrade.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Always worth the cost, to keep your weapons in tip-top shape.
  • You unlocked it, sugar!

(Sometimes upon purchasing a raritanium upgrade chain.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • I just love seeing my little ladies reach their full potential!
  • We make a great team!
  • That is gonna have a real kick to it!
  • Bigger and better than ever!
  • Slick tune up sugar!
  • You are cooking with gas now hon!
  • Great chain! Come back for more!
  • A good upgrade always gets me fired up!
  • Make'em jealous honey.
  • That is a mighty fine upgrade you got there!
  • Now that is what I call an upgrade chain!
  • Evening the playing field are we?
  • That will make 'em hurt.
  • Whoo-wee that is a fine looking tune up.
  • New and improved! Woo!

(Sometimes upon hovering over a weapon with all upgrades unlocked at its current level.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Gotta blast some more baddies before you can upgrade that one!
  • Come on back for upgrades when you level that up!
  • Sorry, no open cells here.
  • You need to unlock some more cells before you can make an upgrade, sweetie.
  • Level this bad gal up for access to more upgrades!
  • Oh, out of upgrades? Levelling up a weapon will unlock more cells!
  • Oh sorry, no upgrade cells available at the moment.
  • Raising a weapon's level will unlock more cells.

(Upon attempting to purchase a raritanium upgrade already unlocked.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • You uh, you picked that one up already!
  • No need to buy that again.
  • You already made that upgrade, silly!
  • Bless your heart. You already own that one.

(Sometimes upon hovering over a weapon with open cells and usable raritanium in your inventory.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Looks like you got some open cells and the raritanium to match!
  • You look like you could use a weapon upgrade!
  • Go ahead, upgrade that!
  • Treat yourself to an upgrade! You earned it!
  • More power is always a good thing!
  • That one is just begging for an upgrade!
  • Upgrades ready! Are you?
  • Boost that bad boy!
  • Enhancements incoming!

(Sometimes upon unlocking a special upgrade.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Oh my stars! That is a good one!
  • I do like the sight of that.
  • That is one mighty fine enhancement!
  • Nice mod, huh?
  • Now that is gonna pack a punch!
  • That is a popular one!
  • Nothing better than a deadly upgrade!

(Sometimes upon starting an upgrade chain.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • I love kicking off a new upgrade chain!
  • I can not wait to see where this goes!
  • Hoo-wee! Let the upgrades commence!
  • Great start! Where to next?
  • Get that chain going, hon!
  • Upgrade time!

(Sometimes upon hovering on the menus without enough bolts to buy available weapons.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • You just browsing or what?
  • Come on back when you got bolts to spend.
  • Sorry hon, I do not take credit.
  • You need bolts if you wanna buy something, sweet pea.

(When possessing enough bolts to buy new weapons.)(1)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Call from Ms. Zurkon! You got enough bolts to buy yourself a brand new weapon. Stop on by anytime!

(When possessing enough bolts to buy new weapons.)(2)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Hello there! Just callin' to let you know you can afford a new weapon from Ms. Zurkon! Ooooo!

(When possessing enough bolts to buy new weapons.)(3)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Salutations from Ms. Zurkon! Some very *affordable* new weapons are in stock right now! Come on by soon!

(When possessing raritanium for upgrading weapons.)(1)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Hello, howdy and hi! Fancy an upgrade? Come see Ms. Zurkon and spend that raritanium!

(When possessing raritanium for upgrading weapons.)(2)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Ring ring! Looks like *someone* has enough raritanium for an upgrade! Stop on by Ms. Zurkon's soon, you hear!

(When possessing raritanium for upgrading weapons.)(3)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Howdy! Hope I am not interruptin', but you know Ms. Zurkon will upgrade your weapons for all that raritanium, right?

(After first obtaining a spybot.)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): You found a Resistance Spybot! Hoo-wee! They contain intel on different planets, and plans for a secret weapon if you collect enough of them.

(Upon collecting all 10 spybots for the RYNO 8.) Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Looks like you recovered *all* the Spybots, sugar! See me soon and I can use their intel to build you the ultimate weapon: a RYNO!

(Upon fully upgrading a Weapon's final form or Omega version.)
Blast Pistol and Ω Blast Pistol
Ms. Zurkon: Oh that is practically *bursting* with power now!

Shatterblast and Ω Shatterblast
Ms. Zurkon: You really know how to invest in your bombs!

Executor and Ω Executor
Ms. Zurkon: Now that is some next-level enforcement!

Large Negatron Collider and Ω Large Negatron Collider
Ms. Zurkon: I think you just turned a nega-tron into a posi-tron. (ahahahahahoho)

Void Reactor and Ω Void Reactor
Ms. Zurkon: Why, look at that! A true master of the void!

Cold Front and Ω Cold Front
Ms. Zurkon: Your enemies have never felt c-c-c-cold like this!

Doom Blades and Ω Doom Blades
Ms. Zurkon: If your enemies thought the buzzin' was annoying before, just wait... ahahaha!

Toxiary Sprinkler and Ω Toxiary Sprinkler
Ms. Zurkon: I think that I shall never see, a weapon as lovely as a topiar-y.

Wreckochet and Ω Wreckochet
Ms. Zurkon: I just love it when explosions are added to the mix!

Drillpack and Ω Drillpack
Ms. Zurkon: You will be diggin' deeper, farther, faster with that baby now!

Lightning Strike and Ω Lightning Strike
Ms. Zurkon: Forget catchin' lightning in a bottle; you just caught a whole storm!

Apocalypse Glove and Ω Apocalypse Glove
Ms. Zurkon: You can never have enough doom if I do say so myself!

Blackhole Vortex and Ω Blackhole Vortex
Ms. Zurkon: You know how nothin' can escape a black hole? Well now nobody can escape you!

Migraine and Ω Migraine
Ms. Zurkon: Oh you are gonna use that for all sorts of long-distance mischief, huh?

Ms. Fungal and Ω Ms. Fungal
Ms. Zurkon: It truly does not get more fun than that!

Bomb Voyage and Ω Bomb Voyage
Ms. Zurkon:

Peacmaker and Ω Peacemaker
Ms. Zurkon: (Ohohoho) It is rainin' rockets today!

Pixelizer HD and Ω Pixelizer HD
Ms. Zurkon: Ooo, your violence cannot get more vintage than that!

Heavy Bouncer and Ω Heavy Bouncer
Ms. Zurkon: You are gonna be *b-b-bouncin'* with joy using that upgraded beaut.

Ms. Zurkon: Oh, my oh my, now that is what I call a tool of destruction!

(Sometimes upon closing.)

Ms. Zurkon
  • Buh-bye, now!
  • See you next time!
  • Glad to be of service.
  • I do hate to see ya go, sugar.
  • You all come back real soon now!
  • Leaving so soon?
  • Happy to help, hon.
  • Thanks for shopping, cutie pie!
  • You will be missed, sweet thing!
  • Make sure to tell your friends now!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Ω Blast Pistol is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Just got a shipment of Burst Pistols! Lucky you!

(Upon purchasing the Ω Blast Pistol.)
Ms. Zurkon: Mm-mm! A Burst Pistol! Nice choice!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Shatterbomb or Ω Shatterblast is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: We got Shatterbombs! The latest and greatest way to blow your foes to bits!

(Upon purchasing the Shatterbomb or Ω Shatterblast.)
Ms. Zurkon: Ooh hoo-hoo! Time to blow up some bad guys!

(Upon opening the vendor when The Enforcer or Ω Executor is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Need something with a oh! Kick? Check out our new Enforcers!

(Upon purchasing The Enforcer or Ω Executor.)
Ms. Zurkon: Double the barrels, double the fun!

(Upon opening the vendor when Mr. Fungi or Ω Ms. Fungal is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: You wanna bring the party to every fight? Mr. Fungi is the weapon for you!

(Upon purchasing Mr. Fungi or Ω Ms. Fungal.)
Ms. Zurkon: You are really gonna be the life of the party now!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Negatron Collider or Ω Large Negatron Collider is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Need a beam that will not quit? Check out the Negatron Collider to tear through whatever you put in front of it!

(Upon purchasing the Negatron Collider or Ω Large Negatron Collider.)
Ms. Zurkon: That collider will change your life, I do declare!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Topiary Sprinkler or Ω Toxiary Sprinkler is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Topiary Sprinklers just came in! Time to put that green thumb to work!

(Upon purchasing the Topiary Sprinkler or Ω Toxiary Sprinkler.)
Ms. Zurkon: Time to turn some foes into ferns!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Ricochet or Ω Wreckochet is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Enemies not gettin' the point? Hit them over and over again with the Ricochet!

(Upon purchasing the Ricochet or Ω Wreckochet.)
Ms. Zurkon: The gift that keeps on giving! As long as you keep pulling the trigger that is.

(Upon opening the vendor when the Lightning Rod or Ω Lightning Strike is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Want to make your enemies go bzzzt!? Grab the Lightnin' Rod!

(Upon purchasing the Lightning Rod or Ω Lightning Strike.)
Ms. Zurkon: You will love the reactions you get with that electrifying beaut!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Drillhound or Ω Drillpack is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Ever dreamed of tunnelling straight to your enemies? Make the dream a reality with the drillhound!

(Upon purchasing the Drillhound or Ω Drillpack.)
Ms. Zurkon: Get ready to dig your way to victory, sugar.

(Upon purchasing the Cold Snap or Ω Cold Front.)
Ms. Zurkon: I prefer my enemies on the rocks too!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Glove of Doom or Ω Apocalypse Glove is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: The Glove of Doom is now available! Need I say more?

(Upon purchasing the Glove of Doom or Ω Apocalypse Glove.)
Ms. Zurkon: You are going to love these little rascals!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Void Repulser or Ω Void Reactor is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Shields do not get enough love. Give the Void Repulser some sugar, and watch as it blocks and returns fire!!

(Upon purchasing the Void Repulser or Ω Void Reactor.)
Ms. Zurkon: You got your defense and your offense all in one right there!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Buzz Blades or Ω Doom Blades is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Fancy a shave? Buzz Blades are now in stock!

(Upon purchasing the Buzz Blades or Ω Doom Blades.)
Ms. Zurkon: Now make sure to keep those blades sharp, sweet pea!

(Upon purchasing the Blackhole Storm or Ω Blackhole Vortex.)
Ms. Zurkon: This beauty fires faster than a Speetle in a prairie fire! Runs just as hot too.

(Upon purchasing the Headhunter or Ω Migraine.)
Ms. Zurkon: Oo you are gonna set some sharpshooting records with that one!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Bombardier or Ω Bomb Voyage is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Make an entrance with the Bombardier; guaranteed for an explosive good time!

(Upon purchasing the Bombardier or Ω Bomb Voyage.)
Ms. Zurkon:

(Upon opening the vendor when the Warmonger or Ω Peacemaker is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Warmongers are ready for purchase! Oh, I loooove me a rocket launcher!

(Upon purchasing the Warmonger or Ω Peacemaker.)
Ms. Zurkon: Enjoy that Warmonger, sugar! Your enemies certainly will not!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Pixelizer or Ω Pixelizer HD is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: Retro is back and so are our patented Pixelizers!

(Upon purchasing the Pixelizer or Ω Pixelizer HD.)
Ms. Zurkon: The Pixelizer is finally yours!

(Upon opening the vendor when the Bouncer or Ω Heavy Bouncer is first in stock.)
Ms. Zurkon: We got Bouncers, primed and ready to blow!

(Upon purchasing the Bouncer or Ω Heavy Bouncer.)
Ms. Zurkon: You are going to love those! Bouncers are a bona fide classic!

(Upon opening the vendor when the RYNO 8 is first in stock after collecting all 10 Spybots.)
Ms. Zurkon: The ultimate weapon is here, and it is all thanks to you, honey!

(Upon purchasing the RYNO 8 or Ω RYNO .)
Ms. Zurkon: The RYNO 8 is a personal favourite; I am sure you will end up feeling the same!

Weapon previews


Zurkon Jr.: Say, you know what is better than watching explosives? Throwing them with your bare freaking hands! Pull the fire trigger halfway to visualise your aim, or if you are in a hurry, pull it all the way to let them fly. Shatterbomb? More like shatter boo-ya-ya!

The Enforcer

Zurkon Jr.: Chh chh. BOOM! That is the sound of pure power. And THE ENFORCER! With its two barrels of sweet, sweet destruction. You can pull the fire trigger halfway to shoot one barrel, and if you are feeling confident, pull it all the way to SHOOT BOTH! BOOM!

Mr. Fungi

Zurkon Jr.: Ah, the only weapon who has destroyed Little Zurkon's enemies *and* performed at his last birthday party! Mr. Fungi! Just throw him out and he will strike your enemies so hard they will *have* to deal with his antics... Which is the perfect time for you to join in on the fun!

Negatron Collider

Zurkon Jr.: Legends tell of a weapon that contains energy so powerful, a beam of it will obliterate enemies with the mere press of a button, and it is called... THE NEGATRON COLLIDER-ER-ER-ER-ER-ER! Obliterate your enemies in a row or sweep your Collider through the crowd!!! The energy to blast away evil is in your hands!

Topiary Sprinkler

Zurkon Jr.: Ah, who doesn't love a day in the sun... ROOTING YOUR ENEMIES INTO THE GROUND WITH THE TOPIARY SPRINKLER?! Spawn a turret that (sprinkler noises) warps your foes into defenseless, trimmable hedges!


Zurkon Jr.: Who's so cute? THE DRILLHOUND! OUR FINEST BREED OF WEAPON. Pull the fire trigger halfway to lock this BURROWING, ADORABLE ROCKET LAUNCHER ONTO YOUR FILTHY TARGET. PULL IT FULLY TO LAUNCH! Upgrade to lock on to *EVEN MORE* TARGETS!!! (laughs)


Zurkon Jr.: Ah, the RICOCHET! Pull the fire trigger to SHOOT IT AT YOUR USELESS ENEMY!!! Huh? Oh, OH MY! And then... it will POP BACK UP NEXT TO THEM?! THEN WHAT?! Pull the fire trigger to hit them again and again AND AGAIN!! (gun noises) BOO! BOO! BOO! BOO! BOO! BOO! PING! PING! PING!

Lightning Rod

Zurkon Jr.: Say, is that... thunder I hear? Rain? NO, it's THE— LIGHTNING ROD! Finish them to send the lightning toward their *TROUBLESOME TEAMMATES*!!! Upgrade the Lightning Rod to charge up an even greater, more horrific STORM OF PAIN! (electric noises) Zzzzap!

Glove of Doom

Zurkon Jr.: Say hello to your little friends in... The Glove of Doom! Ha! Hahahahaha! Tiny but vicious, hungry, and focused, they will follow you wherever you go!! Pull the fire trigger halfway to aim, and fully to deploy your lovably fierce army of ankle biters!!! (gnashing noises)

Void Repulser

Zurkon Jr.: Shields are boring. It is one of the facts of life. But, what if a shield could shoot back? Yeah? Yeah? Sweet, right?! Right?! Enter the Void Repulser! Pull the fire trigger halfway to shield yourself, and pull it all the way to shoot a short-range, wide spread blast of sweetness! SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!! ..Ness.

Buzz Blades


Cold Snap

Zurkon Jr.: (shivering noises) Is it cold in here or is it just--? The Cold Snap! Shoot it at your foes to freeze them into solid, unyielding blocks of ice! Watch as they helplessly slip and slide around! TAKING MORE DAMAGE AND LOOKING RIDICULOUS!

Blackhole Storm

Zurkon Jr.: What is best in life? Love? Friendship? No, it is riddling your enemies with hundreds of bullets OVER AND OVER AGAIN! The Blackhole Storm takes a second to spin up, but when it does... (laughs)


Zurkon Jr.: The Warmonger! A weapon whose destructive capability is matched only by it's simplicity. Pull the fire trigger, it shoots a rocket. Pull it again, it shoots another rocket. Ah, but what happens if you fire a third time?! It shoots another rocket! KABOOM! (laughs)


Zurkon Jr.: Don't you JUST HATE when your enemies are hiding off in the distance? WELL STOP HATING AND START AIMING WITH THE HEADHUNTER! Pull the aim trigger halfway to get in realllll close, pull it fully to sloooow down... And pull the fire trigger to remove your enemies' heads from their shoulders! AH YEAH!


Zurkon Jr.: Oh please, someone help! There are so many enemies! HAVE NO FEAR, LITTLE ZURKON HAS THE BOMBARDIER! Rain disaster on your enemies with merely a pull of your fire trigger! THE BOMBARDIER WILL SOAR OVER THE BATTLEFIELD AND... (laughs) You know the rest.


Zurkon Jr.: What better way to DESTROY your enemy than to BLOW THEM INTO 16-BIT WITH THE PIXELIZER?! (laughs) Turn them into retro blocks... Then knock them ALLL THE WAY DOWN! (laughs)


Zurkon Jr.: Behold The Bouncer! It may *look* like your everyday grenade launcher sitting in your father's closet, but BEHOLD AGAIN! Once a grenade explodes, it spawns smaller grenades that bounce towards your enemies before exploding even more!


Zurkon Jr.: The RYNO. The greatest instrument of mayhem this universe will ever know. Until the next one gets made... Just pull the fire trigger to rip open a hole to another dimension! What will come out? Little Zurkon is not telling! (laughs) ...Little Zurkon doesn't really know.

Ship dialogue

(Upon selecting a destination as Rivet to another Rivet planet.)

  • Let's do this!
  • Feeling good about this one.
  • Dialled in, let's go!
  • And blast off!
  • Works for me!

(Upon selecting a destination as Ratchet to another Ratchet planet.)

  • Let's punch it!
  • Good to go!
  • Looks good to me!
  • Time for a change of scenery.
  • Here we go!

(Upon selecting a destination as Rivet to a Ratchet planet.)

  • Hope all's well with Ratchet...
  • What's Ratchet doing right now...
  • I hope Ratchet's staying out of trouble...
  • Bet Ratchet's got everything handled right now...

(Upon selecting a destination as Ratchet to a Rivet planet.)

  • Hm, what's going on with Rivet?
  • I wonder how Rivet's doing...
  • Hope everything's good on Rivet's end...

(When hovering over a planet to select it, as Rivet.)

  • (Nefarious City when Ratchet has not completed the "Search the Factory" optional mission.)
    Rivet: I forget, did Ratchet grab that Spybot yet?
  • (Zurkie's when Battleplex Cups are available.)(1)
    Rivet: Let's hit the Arena; my weapons could use some levelling up!
  • (Zurkie's when Battleplex Cups are available.)(2)
    Rivet: The Arena's got some rewards with my name on them!
  • (Sargasso when the "Help Trudi" optional mission is available.)
    Rivet: I haven't forgotten about you, Trudi.
  • (Savali when "Find the Dimensionator Blueprints" is available.)
    Rivet: Let's hope Ratchet finds that prophet soon.
  • (Savali when Ratchet has not completed the "Hunt for Lombax Lore" optional mission.)
    Rivet: I've heard of a Monk looking for Lombaxes on Savali. I wonder if Ratchet found him yet?
  • (Blizar Prime when "Find Phase Quartz" is available.)
    Rivet: Phase Quartz, here we come!
  • (Blizar Prime when Rivet has not completed the "Find the Missing Chef" optional mission.)(1)
    Rivet: Looks like the Miner's head chef is missing. Bet someone at the hub knows something.
  • (Blizar Prime when Rivet has not completed the "Find the Missing Chef" optional mission.)(2)
    Rivet: Hold on, Miners. Food's coming.
  • (Torren IV when "Mend the Broken Phase Quartz" is available.)
    Rivet: The Fixer better be ready to fix some phase quartz.
  • (Cordelion when "Forge the Dimensionator" is available.)
    Rivet: If anyone can build a new Dimensionator, it's Ratchet!
  • (Zurkie's when "Build the Dimensionator" is available.)
    Rivet: Okay. Let's fix the dimensions.
  • (Savali when "Find the Dimensional Map Before the Emperor" is available.)
    Rivet: Go get the Dimensional Map, Ratchet and Clank! Kit and I will be there soon!

(When hovering over a planet to select it, as Ratchet.)

  • (Nefarious City when Ratchet has not completed the "Search the Factory" optional mission.)(1)
    Ratchet: I saw some Troopers heading towards the Factory; what are they lookin' for?
  • (Nefarious City when Ratchet has not completed the "Search the Factory" optional mission.)(2)
    Ratchet: Ms. Zurkon's still waiting for me to find that Spybot...
  • (Savali when "Find the Dimensionator Blueprints" is available.)
    Ratchet: Time to find this Prophet.
  • (Savali when Ratchet has not completed the "Hunt for Lombax Lore" optional mission.)(1)
    Ratchet: I think I saw a lone monk in the Badlands... What's his deal?
  • (Savali when Ratchet has not completed the "Hunt for Lombax Lore" optional mission.)(2)
    Ratchet: Still got some Lombax Lorbs left to find!
  • (Cordelion when "Forge the Dimensionator" is available.)
    Ratchet: Let's build us a Dimensionator.
  • (Sargasso when the "Help Trudi" optional mission is available.)
    Ratchet: Rivet needs to find some Zurpstones? Good luck.
  • (Zurkie's when Battleplex Cups are available.)(1)
    Ratchet: If Rivet heads into the Arena, she can level up our weapons!
  • (Zurkie's when Battleplex Cups are available.)(2)
    Ratchet: I bet Rivet could earn some nice rewards if she fought in the Arena now...
  • (Blizar Prime when "Find Phase Quartz" is available.)
    Ratchet: That phase quartz is all yours, Rivet and Clank!
  • (Blizar Prime when Rivet has not completed the "Find the Missing Chef" optional mission.)(1)
    Ratchet: Blizon, Phase Quartz, Raritanium... What else can be found there?
  • (Blizar Prime when Rivet has not completed the "Find the Missing Chef" optional mission.)(2)
    Ratchet: Did Rivet and Clank help feed those Miners yet?
  • (Torren IV when "Mend the Broken Phase Quartz" is available.)
    Ratchet: Hope Rivet and Clank can fix that phase quartz.
  • (Zurkie's when "Build the Dimensionator" is available.)
    Ratchet: Guess it's time to fix the dimensions!
  • (Savali when "Find the Dimensional Map Before the Emperor" is available.)
    Ratchet: We gotta grab the Dimensional Map before the Emperor does!.

NPC dialogue

(Refers to dialogue not tied to a mission.)


(Randomly while near the train stop by Mrs. Zurkon.)

Station Announcer
  • Welcome to Megalopolis! Please watch your step as you exit.
  • Now arriving, 387 from Molonoth.
  • Have a nice day!
  • Last call for service to Savali on platform three.

Nefarious City

(Passing by citizens generally.)

  • There are so many troopers around. I guess that is why Nefarious City is so safe.
  • Are these purple tear things... normal?
  • We are so lucky to live in Nefarious City! It truly is the center of the universe!
  • Too bad our glorious leader is away. What will we ever do without him?
  • The buildings! The lights! The smells! I love Nefarious City.
  • Holes in the sky, just what I needed today.
  • I love our magnificent ruler. I love our magnificent ruler.
  • This city has everything!
  • What are these cracks in the sky? I am sure the Emperor will sort them out!
  • Did I turn the lights off before I left? Now I am going to be thinking about that all day...
  • Oh great. Holes in the sky, just what I needed today.
  • It is just like the Emperor said. The tallest tower in the galaxy.
  • I wonder what the view is like from the top of the tower? I guess I'll never know...
  • Another amazing day serving Emperor Nefarious.
  • I could really use a break. I wonder if the spa has any openings.
  • Where to next? The spa? The bazaar?
  • I miss the Emperor. I hope he returns soon!
  • No, no I am late to work... The Emperor is going to kill me.
  • Everyone here looks so happy... I guess.
  • Another mandatory shift at the factory? Oh joy.
  • Now, where did I put that map?
  • How long has it been since I've eaten...
  • That tower is such an eyesore. Just a reminder of who is in charge.

(While around the Nefarious City Bazaar.)

Nefarious City PA
  • Already have an Emperor Nefarious statuette in every room? Consider our new weather-resistant model for balconies and patios.
  • Shoplifting is not permitted. Perpetrators will be sent to Zordoom Prison for immediate rehabilitation.
  • To better serve you, Emperor Nefarious collects purchasing data on all his subjects. Are you sure your cart is full?
  • The Emperor wants you to know that he sees you. Always. Also, any attempts to evade sensors will result in immediate detention.
  • Do not fear that sensation of cold scrutiny washing over your body. It is only our Emperor's unyielding love for you.
  • The Emperor thanks you for your unwavering devotion. Long live the Emperor.
  • Behold the Emperor's marvelous tower, the tallest building in the known universe. Fun fact: The previous record holder is currently hurtling towards a black hole.
  • Please report any suspicious Resistance activity to the nearest security personnel. Or else.
  • Take comfort in knowing the Emperor rules all from his glorious tower. And remember, he is watching.
  • Have you thanked your Emperor today? If not, now would be an excellent time.
  • 100% of the proceeds from your purchases today, go directly to His Supreme Excellency. Thank you for shopping!

(Citizens near the Nefarious City Bazaar.)

  • Citizen (1): You think those purple rifts are a Resistance plot? I hope the Emperor will keep us safe!
    Citizen (2): Down with the Resistance, long live the Emperor!
    Citizen (1): Unless the Emperor created them to strike back at those miscreants. Or maybe the rifts are a punishment for us citizens providing insufficient loyalty.
    Citizen (2): Down with us, three cheers for the Emperor!
  • Citizen: Get yer knick-knacks, yer baubles, yer tchotchkes right here!
  • Citizen: Oh... Another strike on my record? The Emperor will now allow this... I am done for.
  • Citizen: Hey, fuzzy, before I report you, want to buy something?
  • Citizen: Buy something, mister?
  • Citizen (1): The Emperor says we are war with the Resistance.
    Citizen (2): I thought we were at war with the Blarg?
    Citizen (1): No, we have always been at war with the Resistance! You must have missed your weekly reprogramming!
  • Citizen: Spare a Nef Buck, sir? I cannot go back to work until I repair this busted servo...
  • Citizen: I should stop by the Emperor's statue later. It has been too long since I gave thanks to our glorious ruler.

(Passing citizens in the Nefarious City Bazaar after the blimp is destroyed.)

  • Citizen (Male): That blimp hack was quite a joke by our Emperor, was it not? I mean, he almost had me going there!
  • Citizen (Male): Ohh, was that explosion what they call performance art? It was so... symbolic.
  • Citizen (Female): I did not know there were going to be fireworks tonight! Gollllly!

(Passing citizens near the rooftops.)

  • Citizen: Annnnnd thirteen hours in line! Hot dog, that is a new record!

(Passing citizens near Ms. Zurkon at the rooftops.)

  • Citizen (1): Did you try the drinks?! You could get them all for one percent of your yearly salary!
    Citizen (2): Seriously? Oh, we gotta come back sometime.
  • Citizen (1): Man oh man, those jets really go into the nexus of my sisterboard.
    Citizen (2): Another amazing day serving Emperor Nefarious.
  • Citizen (1): Will the Emperor ever know how much he means to me?
    Citizen (2): One day.

(While citizens are in danger.)

  • Quick, this way!
  • We must get out of here!
  • Oh no! I have to go!
  • Get away!
  • We must get out of here!
  • The Emperor will not be pleased!
  • This is dangerous!
  • Too much excitement for me!
  • I need to hide!
  • Just my luck!
  • I am out of here!
  • AH! Look out!
  • Oh no, the resistance is here!
  • Find somewhere to hide! Anywhere!
  • I have to get out of here!
  • An enemy of the Emperor! No!

(Upon returning to Nefarious City again after escaping in the royal starship.)
Ratchet: Let's just hope that Dr. Nefarious didn't expect me to come back so soon...

(Upon returning to the Nefarious bazaar again after escaping in the royal starship.)
Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): If anyone encounters someone trying to impersonate the Emperor, who is me, do *not* talk to them!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Don't even look at them! Just destroy them, okay? Destroy them right in the face!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Hello, it's the emperor again.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): (emotionally) I just wanted to say that... being the emperor is everything I ever wished for and... I've never been so happy.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): I hope you're all not too attached to the giant statues of me everywhere.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): I mean, you should be, but today I'm ordering every one redone.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Because they don't quite capture my... nefariousness.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Starting tomorrow, I'd like every single one of you to tell me five reasons why I'm the greatest emperor who's ever emperor'd.

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Actually, let's make it an even hundred. Thank you!

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): (haha!) My assistant just told me that there's no one named Captain Qwark in this dimension! (hahahahaaa!)

Dr. Nefarious (over PA loudspeaker): Isn't that wonderful?! (laughs) That stupid, idiotic name means *nothing* here?! (laughs)

(Upon returning to the Nefarious bazaar and having not completed the "Search the Factory" optional mission yet.)(1)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Hey sugar! I forgot to mention earlier; I hid a spybot in the factory for our Resistance friends. Maybe you could pick it up?

Ratchet: A Resistance Spybot? Sounds useful... Could be worth a look.

(Upon returning to the Nefarious bazaar and having not completed the "Search the Factory" optional mission yet.)(2)
Ms. Zurkon (over communicator): Hey honey! Do not forget about that spybot I mentioned earlier. It is stashed in the factory and I know the Resistance will appreciate it.

(On a return visit to the hacked console in Nefarious Plaza.)
Ratchet: Looks like that console's security protocols have been upgraded.

Ratchet: Guess I won't be going back to the Tower anytime soon.

(On a return visit with Kit after exiting the ship.)
Kit: I have not been back here since... a long time ago.

Ratchet: I'm with you every step of the way.

(On a return visit with Clank after exiting the ship.)
Clank: Ah, now I can finally experience this city without the threat of being kidnapped.

(On a return visit with Kit whilst looking at the giant Emperor Nefarious statue in Nefarious Plaza.)
Kit: The Emperor...

Ratchet: What's he like?

Kit: Charmingly monstrous.

(On a return visit with Clank whilst looking at the giant Emperor Nefarious statue in Nefarious Plaza.)
Clank: That statue is bigger than the entire Hall of Villainy.

(On a return visit with Kit to Club Nefarious.)
Kit: How has the music gotten *worse* here?

(On a return visit with Clank to Club Nefarious.)
Clank: Hmm, what a fascinating rhythm.


(Passing morts in the factory.)(1)
Mort (1): Ahh, those purple thingies in the sky—you ever seen anything like'em before?

Mort (2): Not since those fireworks at Mort's going-away party, but they didn't last more than five hours.

Mort (1): True. What a fun couple of days that was.

(Passing morts in the factory.)(2)
Mort (Female): Hope Mort's been keeping the pressure locks clean.

Mort (Female): Those Grunthors sure do love relieving themselves on 'em.

(Passing morts in the factory.)(3)
Mort (Female): It's about time to do another sweep for Speetle nests inside the factory.

Mort (Female): Little scamps get everywhere!

(Passing morts in the factory.)(4)
Mort (Female): Hmm, we've got so much Gelatonium waste around here, there's gotta be a way to reuse it...

(Passing morts in the factory.)(5)
Mort (Female): Is it break time yet?

(Upon approaching the Zurpstone mission giving Mort after collecting all 60 Zurpstones.)(1)
Mort (Male): Trudi sure had fun collectin' those Zurpstones with ya!

Mort (Male): She hasn't been this excited since that time you two snuck into Big Mort's game night!

(Upon approaching the Zurpstone mission giving Mort after collecting all 60 Zurpstones.)(2)
Mort (Male): Well hey there, Rivet! How ya goin'?

(Upon approaching the Zurpstone mission giving Mort after collecting all 60 Zurpstones.)(3)
Mort (Male): Ah Thank ya again for findin' all those Zurpstones! Trudi and I couldn't have asked for a better pal.

(Passing mort in the factory after stopping the Emperor's invasion.)
Mort (Female): The Emperor better think twice about stirring up trouble here again.

Mort (Female): I'll have to swap my Nice Hat for my Stern Hat!

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Maynard, the Morts' helper bot.)(1)
Rivet: How's it floatin', Maynard?

(Upon pressing Triangle to talk to Maynard, the Morts' helper bot.)(2)
Rivet: Hey, Maynard.

(Upon Rivet approaching Trudi at one of her perches.)(1)
Rivet: Hey Trudi, ready to fly?

(Upon Rivet approaching Trudi at one of her perches.)(2)
Rivet: There she is!

(Leaving Pocket Dimension 65-31-99 via speeding Speetle.)
Rivet: Woooooooooo!


(People at the refueling depot.)(Zurkie's 1)

  • Pirate (Female): Why must I always sing of grog when I dream of grandeur far beyond the simplest act of self-indulgence? What of the pirates who long for the finer things in life...
  • Mort (Female): Three limes, a dash of rigatonium-- no, no. FOUR limes.
    Rivet: (hehe) Mort's limeade recipe's sloooowly coming along.
  • Mort (Female): So she jumped up and walloped that Seekerpede so hard the whole darn thing came crashin' down!
    Mort (Male): Oh ya?
    Mort (Female): Ya! And then she picked up that little fella and stuck him on her back.
    Mort (Male): Oh the little shiny fella? He's so polite.
    Mort (Female): That's what I said!
  • Mort (Male): Hey, didja hear what happened here last week? Big Mort tried to go fight in the arena!
    Mort (Female): No! Again?
    Mort (Male): They almost got away with it too! Shaved their whole body head to toe so nobody would recognise them.
    Mort (Female): Really? What happened?
    Mort (Male): They got a cold! (laughs)
  • Vullard (Male)(1): I just bought eighteen pounds of scrap from the Pirates. VERY rare.
    Vullard (Male)(2): Ooo, didn't they... heh, are those trinkets they stole from your heap a week ago?
    Vullard (Male)(1): I-- psh, no! I wouldn't have spent all of my savings on MY own stuff! (nervous laughter)

(People at the refueling depot.)(Zurkie's 2)

  • Mort (Male): Eight limes. One lemon. Six half teaspoons of salt...
    Rivet: You tried to add extra water?
    Mort (Male): (oh!) Two cups of water...
  • Mort (Male): What'd you think of that message from the Emperor earlier?
    Mort (Female): Whole lotta nothin'!
    Mort (Male): Dontcha think he sounds funny, though?
    Mort (Female): He's always sounded funny.
    Mort (Male): (laughs) Funnier than usual, then (eh?).
    Mort (Female): Nahhhh, I wouldn't go that far.
  • Mort (Female): How's Big Mort doin' anyway?
    Mort (Male): Stuck in bed under a heap of blankets, poor thing.
    Mort (Female): Ya know... I shaved all my hair off too once.
    Mort (Male): Really?
    Mort (Female): During school. There was a Mort; I was in liberal arts, they were in woodworking. Ya know how it goes.
    Mort (Male): Say no Mort!

(Upon entering the weapons confiscation room and being greeted by the robot citizen at the counter.)

  • Citizen: Welcome to Zurkie's, your newly Intradimensional Gastropub and Battleplex.
  • Citizen: Thanks for coming to Zurkie's! Let us GO!

(Passing normal patrons in the gastropub.)

Pub Patron
  • Hmm... Should I get a Pink Nebula or the Cosmic Cooler?
  • Feels good to finally get out of the city.
  • Oooh, it's almost happy hour.
  • Nothing like a nice hot cuppa after a long voyage.
  • Yeah, I'm kind of a regular here...
  • One quick drink, then it's back to bounty huntin'.
  • I gotta get in that arena.
  • Oooookay. Think it's about time I get back to my dimension...
  • They should convert the arena to a gym. With a sauna. Ooo...
  • Been a while since I was on shore leave. Time for a little romance and revelry.
  • Ahh, nice to have me feet on solid ground.
  • Kind of a haul to get out here, but it's worth it!
  • One day the boss will pick me to fight in the arena. Ahh one day...
  • Well, it's a good thing Zurkie accepts credit.
  • Next time, I pick the pub...
  • It's too bad Zurkie's is a violence free zone. Lot of nice vessels around, just waitin' to be commandeered.
  • The stars look so much brighter off-planet.
  • Wish this place had a karaoke night...
  • Work hard, play hard. Am I right?
  • (humming idly)
  • Ahh sure, you see a pile of useless junk, I see a pile of bolts waiting to line my pockets.
  • Hey, even I need to take a load off now and then.
  • Ooo I wonder what the special is today...
  • Lovely day, huh?
  • What kind of scallywag puts gum under a table?
  • This place is great! Five stars for sure.
  • I should get Mort a souvenir. Like a key chain...
  • Time to let loose.
  • Ohh I didn't leave a tip! Should I say something?
  • Ahh.. it's so nice to be out of the house for once.
  • Wow she set a new record? I am impressed.
  • Been all over the galaxy. Seen it all, I have.
  • Zurkie's is the best.
  • Man, what time is it?
  • Oo, the next arena fight should be startin' soon.
  • Wow, Zurkie's is really crowded these days.
  • I need a drink. (ugh) Maybe two.
  • Guess I should start mingling.
  • BOGO huh? Good thing it's cheat day.
  • I can't wait to see who's in the arena today.
  • Feels good to get outta the swamp.
  • Oh.. Nice place.
  • Alright, time to settle up.
  • Oh for the love of Mort. I forgot my Zurkie's punch card again!
  • Feels good to chill out and take a break.
  • Those purple rift things look dangerous.
  • Time for another drink!
  • I wonder what ol' Mort's cooking up for supper...

(Passing normal patrons in the gastropub.)(Zurkie's 1)

Pub Patron
  • After that stunt he pulled, that Phantom guy is in for a world of trouble.
  • Ohh I could use a hot drink. Something herbal maybe, to deal with the post-arena-brawl stress...
  • Oh jeez, I hope there's still seats open in the battleplex.
  • Aww, why are there Pirates in my favourite booth?
  • Zurkon Jr. is... intense, to say the least.
  • Things are crazy out there. I'm sure glad Zurkie's is still open.
  • I heard the Emperor's back already. He is the worst...
  • I wonder if the pirates are recruiting?
  • It's so hard to relax with the boss around...

(Passing normal patrons in the gastropub.)(Zurkie's 2)

Pub Patron
  • Ah, it's been nice and quiet at the Gelatonium Factory lately without all those Goons hanging around.
  • I have a cousin who works there. Says the whole lab is built underwater!
  • Wow, Zurkon Jr. is really uppin' the ante in the arena huh?
  • Ha! Rivet really wiped the floor with Pierre's crew in the arena the other day.
  • (agh) I can not believe someone beat my high score. So many bolts down the drain...
  • Looks like the resistance is really stepping up their game.
  • Maybe I should open up a gastropub and battleplex of my own.

(Passing normal patrons in the gastropub.)(Zurkie's 3)

Pub Patron
  • I thought it was impossible to break out of Zordoom.
  • Should I order two scoops... Heck, why not three; we got quite a scrap coming up.
  • Rivet and the gang look pretty stressed... Maybe it's time to bust out these 'ol fuzz huggers.
  • Hope my cousin made it out of Zordoom ok... He owes me a lot of bolts.
  • Is this it? Is it finally happening?
  • One thing's for sure, when the dust settles there's gonna be a lot of scrap ripe for the picking.
  • I hope this is all over soon. Those rifts are just getting worse and worse!
  • Is that... Quantum? It's about time he showed up to help.
  • Glad I got a solid crew to watch me back in times like these.
  • Who is that handsome guy by the bar?
  • Uh, moral support. Yeah. That is how I can help. Moral support.
  • Doh, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna get my act together. NO MORE Zordoom for me!
  • Pierre is back? Uh... time to close my tab...

(Randomly at one of the patron tables.)(1)
Civilian: I think you gave me the wrong drink.

Zurkon Jr.: Little Zurkon does not make mistakes.

Zurkon Jr.: Tipping is not required but Zurkon Jr. Would *strongly* suggest it.

(Randomly at one of the patron tables.)(2)
Zurkon Jr.: Unfortunately Moy Doy and Clatchky will not be performing tonight.

Zurkon Jr.: You'll receive one free drink and novelty straw instead. Sit down!

Civilian: Dang it! I'm never gonna see them live now...

(Randomly at one of the patron tables.)(3)
Zurkon Jr.: Would you like more ice? Or... or to turn ENEMIES into ice?!

Zurkon Jr.: Please sign up to fight in the arena.

Civilian: No thanks! Still got enough from your last refill...

(Randomly at one of the patron tables.)(4)
Zurkon Jr.: Can Little Zurkon top you off? There are no specials!

Civilian: Uh I'm good, thanks.

(Passing Zurkon Jr. in the gastropub.)

Zurkon Jr.
  • Welcome to Zurkie's, can I take your order?
  • Someone want to enter the arena?! Anyone?! Not that I care!
  • Today's specials are Toxic Crab Rangoons, Savory Puffoid Hand Pies, and Blizarian Honey Fried Fritters. Chef needs an extra half hour for the Savory Puffoid Hand Pies...
  • Are you going to order or not?! Ahem. Sorry.
  • Yes. It's right there. On the menu. Amoeboid snot rocket. Yes.
  • Ya done with that?
  • Ooo, Morts' Lemonade is on special today?! You're ordering it.
  • Emperor Nefarious.. more like Emperor Jerk!
  • No tip?!
  • Hey! Drink or leave!
  • Ms. Zurkon gave me my first blaster when I was just a wee, little robot.
  • Why is everyone here CORDIAL?! Can't someone FIGHT? You! Tell him he's ugly! ARGUE! ARGUE!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.. pay your bill, I gotta go!
  • Ya through with that? You look a little bloated.
  • Ya gonna finish that or are you just gonna spit in it all day?
  • Uh.. you're done.
  • Let's get this order out! Table forty's in a hurry!
  • Let's go! Closin' time!
  • I don't need an allowance, Dad. I need an allowance of PAIN.
  • The bathroom is that way. Watch your mouth!
  • "I am not violent anymore" I wish mom ran the gastropub.


(Approaching a monk on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Ratchet: Hello again.
    Monk (1): All right. You've returned, bro!
  • Monk (1): I am glad to see you return.
  • Monk (1): (So) Much to do... while trying to retain mindfulness...

(Approaching a monk on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Monk (2): Hello again, wayfarer.
  • Monk (2): Oh, man, I prefer when things are less exciting around here.

(Approaching a monk on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Ratchet: Hi there, good to see you.
    Monk (3): I am glad you have decided to return.

(Approaching a monk on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Monk (4): Wayfarer, it is good to see you again.

(Approaching a monk on a return visit to Monk Town after the Zordoom breakout.)

  • Ratchet: Hey, have you seen Kit anywhere?
    Monk (5): Not yet! She hasn't returned from her big adventure... I hope she's alright.
    Ratchet: Yeah, me too.

(Approaching the monk scholar on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Monk Scholar: Your stay should be more relaxing this time.
  • Monk Scholar: Restoration is well under way.
  • Monk Scholar: Perhaps we could design everything to be spherical this time...

(Approaching Gary on a return visit to Monk Town.)

  • Ratchet: Hi, happy to be back.
    Gary: Ratchet, always a pleasure!
  • Gary: I hope you have time to relax by the springs. So rejuvenating.
  • Gary: You're always welcome here.
  • Gary: Hello!
  • Gary: Always good to see you.

(After looking out at the Urfdah Mesa for some seconds from a Monk Town balcony.)
Ratchet: Wow. I wish Talwyn was here to see this.

(Upon approaching the outpost monk scholar after having found and traded all 12 Lorbs.

  • Monk Scholar: I hope those Lorbs brought you as much happiness as they did me, Brother Lombax. Because it was a lot.
  • Monk Scholar: The Brothers and I are going to be poring over these Lorbs for a while. We might have to push calisthenics to every other day.
  • Monk Scholar: Best of luck to you, Brother Lombax! I wish you good health, good vibes, and good times.

(Upon approaching the displaced robot citizens, lounging by the springs.)
Citizen: I know I should go home, but... why?

Ratchet: Do what makes you happy!

(Upon jumping into the springs.)
Ratchet: Ahhhhhhhhh.

Blizar Prime

(Passing crystal miners after the drill is destroyed.)

  • Crystal Miner (Male): Oh, I just have... double the tasks I expected. They just HAD to blow up the drill...
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Hooray, we get to work again, tra la.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Ehh... Now I don't have an excuse to miss that party next week...
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Basking in this deadline extension. BASKING.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Wonder how J.I.M. bot's doing. I should get lunch with that guy.
  • Crystal Miner (Male): Kinda liked being paid to stand around waiting to be rescued...
  • Crystal Miner (Female): My task list... I could not afford to lose all that time to purple clouds...
  • Crystal Miner (Female): The efficiency drop could be solved if I rework the wiring to the... the... the thingy.
  • Crystal Miner (Female): Can't believe our drill exploded and I STILL gotta work today.

(Upon encountering Science Bot S.A.M. at the mining hub after the drill is destroyed.)
Science Bot S.A.M.: Engaging: charming accent. Howdy, good t'see ya!

(Upon encountering Science Bot B.O.B. at the mining hub after the drill is destroyed.)
Science Bot B.O.B.: Oh, apologies and greetings.

(Upon encountering Science Bot J.I.M. at the mining hub after the drill is destroyed.)

  • Science Bot J.I.M.: Identified: best friend!
    Science Bot J.I.M.: Hello!
    Science Bot J.I.M.: Happy noises!
    Rivet: Hehe.. Hi, J.I.M.
  • Science Bot J.I.M.: Everyone is much nicer now that you saved the planet, best friend.
    Science Bot J.I.M.: So many new friends!
    Science Bot J.I.M.: Not to replace you, of course.
  • Science Bot J.I.M.: I am composing a new song! It is called: the Best Friend Song.
    Science Bot J.I.M.: (off-tune beeping)
  • Science Bot J.I.M.: I bought you a cake to celebrate our friendship, but one of the miners ate it.
    Science Bot J.I.M.: Sad noises.
  • Science Bot J.I.M.: Sad noises.
    Science Bot J.I.M.: Goodbye.
  • Science Bot J.I.M.: Hello, best friend!

(Upon returning to the chief engineer at the mining hub after the drill is destroyed.)

  • Chief Engineer: Good to see you, Lombax slash drill engineer.
  • Chief Engineer: Oh hello.
    Chief Engineer: Sorry, I'm busy here.
  • Chief Engineer: Thank you again for your help.
    Chief Engineer: I mean, there were some terrifying bits, but eventually you helped.
    Rivet: Heh, glad it all worked out.
  • Chief Engineer: The possibilities of interdimensional communication are limitless. Limitless!

(On the Hydraulic Pump platform after the drill is stopped.)

  • Crystal Miner (Male): Did you get to that task I assigned you yet?
    Crystal Miner (Female): We just got everything back online! You need that today?
    Crystal Miner (Male): Pal, I need it yesterday.

(In the Mining Hub after the drill is stopped.)

  • Crystal Miner (Female): What if we all just didn't work? You know, said the purple clouds thing stressed us out too much?
    Crystal Miner (Male): You don't look stressed. You don't even have bags under your eyes.
    Crystal Miner (Female): I could draw some on. For the cause.

(Near the lift to the survey station after the drill is stopped.)

  • Crystal Miner (Male)(1): I thought you had vacation this week.
    Crystal Miner (Male)(2): No one else knows how to fix the finely tuned drill bit.
    Crystal Miner (Male)(1): I think Elaine knows..
    Crystal Miner (Male)(2): NO. No. Let me have this.
    Crystal Miner (Male)(1): Ooookay.

Torren IV

(Upon returning to the planet and Rivet exiting her ship.)

  • Wonder what the Fixer's working on.
  • Hey, it's the Fixer!
  • Hi Fixer! Eh... He looks busy.

(Vullards in Little Junktown after the pirate raid is stopped and The Fixer is repaired.)

  • Vullard (Female): Come to me my sweet, sweet junk.
  • Vullard (Female): Don't judge us based on today, Molonoth's usually chill this time of year!
  • Vullard (Male)(1): I'm something of a connoisseur of junk... an undiscovered one. People always fail to recognise genius...
  • Vullard (Male)(1): Mmm, uh, uh can junk ever be considered art? No, the real question is: can art ever aspire to be as useful as junk?
  • Vullard (Male)(1): (sighs) Sometimes I wish I could keep it all for myself, but junk is meant to be shared.
  • Vullard (Male)(2): So you got the big guy back! Did you tell him about my primo junk? What'd he say? Actually don't worry about it, I'll tell him.
  • Vullard (Male)(2): The pirates are gone! I was junking some junk when I heard this KABOOM and when I looked up the pirates were leaving! Wow!
  • Vullard (Male)(2): Now that the pirate mess is over, I can focus on the mess I love: juuuuuunk.
  • Vullard (Male)(2): So glad there are no pirates stomping around, smushing the more delicate salvage pieces...
  • Vullard (Male)(2): Do I open with the primo junk? Or save it? "Hey Fixer, welcome back. Can I interest you in some... junk?"
  • Vullard (Male)(2): Lucky me those pirates aren't junk connoisseurs. I had a nice piece out when they raided us and they walked right past it!
  • Vullard (Male)(2): Next time I talk to the Fixer, I'll give him what for. What? Junk! For? More than you paid me last time!

(Upon approaching The Fixer in Little Junkdown.)

The Fixer

(Rivet riding the grindrail to the smelting pits.)

  • Junk incoming!
  • Broken rail ahead!
  • Better jump!
  • Here comes another one!
  • Smooth!
  • Here comes a jump!

(Upon reaching the end of the grind rail and landing on the junk transport.)

  • Whew. Made it!
  • Piece. Of. Cake!
  • (disgusted groan) Ah, now that's a smell!

(Upon Rivet reaching the end of the path to the Fixer again.)

  • Uh oh. Guess we can't grind to get back...
  • Can't go back the way we came the first time. Too bad.
  • No more grind rail. Oh well.
  • A teleporter, nice!


(Upon approaching Junk Bot in Rivet's dimension after the Dimensionator has been forged.)
Junk Bot: You?! Please, just stop... decorating.

(Science bots at the destroyed Rubion Forge.)

  • Science Bot (Male): If I made a break for it, would anyone stop me?
  • Science Bot (Female): Rubion Forge destroyed, power source gone, station in tatters... Maybe now I can finally pitch my dubstep waterpark idea.

(Upon engaging Nefarious Troopers after the Dimensionator has been forged.)
Nefarious Trooper (Male): The interior decorators have returned?!

(Upon approaching the two Juices on a return trip to the abandoned dimension.)
Ratchet: Aw, hey Juice! Hope you're enjoying the good life. And same to you, other Juice!

(Upon approaching Junk Bot on a return trip with Clank to the abandoned dimension.)

  • Junk Bot: Hey Ratchet! Oh! Who is your friend?
    Clank: Hello! I am Clank.
    Junk Bot: Clankothy! Wow, you look just like my good pal Kithena.
    Clank: I hmm, huh... get that a lot.


(After the mission to save Captain Quantum.)
Pirate (Male) (over loudspeaker): Ardolis be closed today! In memory of our dearly departed Captain Quantum!

(Upon looking through the telescope to where Pierre was being held after the mission to save Captain Quantum.)

  • Ratchet: Do you think that was the first time the Pirates have tried to execute Pierre?
    Clank: No. No I do not.
    Ratchet: Yeah. Same.

(Upon landing on Poacher's Pier with the caged Speetles.)
Clank: It appears the base of Skull Mountain is just past those wrecked ships.

(After Glitch has released the Gold Bolt from the dispensing machine in the second pirate trials room.)
Ratchet: That was all you, Glitch!

(Upon returning to the entrance of the pirate trial theme park.)
Pirate (Female): Again? Really?


(Prison V.I. announcement.)
Prison V.I. (over loudspeaker): Maximum security power at dangerous levels. Systems malfuntioning.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, Rivet wondering aloud to herself.)
Rivet: I wonder if Kit made it back to Savali.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after Rivet destroys the Nefarious Troopers in the Warden's Office.)
Rivet: I wonder how long Kit worked for the Emperor...? (Stop) Stop. She left. She's not like them.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after Rivet destroys the Nefarious Sniperbot in the main prison.)
Rivet: Guess they don't play propaganda in here anymore.

Rivet: Maybe the Emperor finally got tired of the sound of his own voice? (pft) Yeah right.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after Rivet destroys the Nefarious Troopers at the Prison's South Entrance.)
Rivet: Nefarious is just wandering around out there with the Dimensionator and the map...We're going to stop him this time. For good.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after killing the Horny Toads at the Boneyard landing platform.)
Rivet: You'd think coming back here would start to feel less... bad eventually.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after destroying the Nefarious Troopers at the Impound Hangers.)
Rivet: There's gotta be some more bolts around here somewhere. Mama needs some new weaponry.

(On a return visit to Zordoom, after destroying the Nefarious Troopers at the Processing Centre.)
Rivet: Heh. Last time I broke out of this place was with Angela... Haven't seen her in a looong time.

Arena dialogue

(Sometimes upon landing a hit in the arena when Clank is there.)

  • The crowd enjoyed that one!
  • Zurkon Jr. cannot argue with that!

(Sometimes upon landing a hit in the arena when Kit is there.)

  • Ooh, did Zurkon Jr. see that?
  • Woo! Go Rivet, go!

(During a numbered enemies challenge, when only 5 enemies remain.)
Zurkon Jr.: Five, count them, five more enemies to extinguish!

(Upon attempting to hit the Mangler.)

Zurkon Jr.
  • (laughs) The Mangler? Take damage? Never!
  • My brilliant Mangler cannot be damaged, scratched, or even dinged. That is the Zurkon promise!

Bronze Cup (Optional)

Become the bronze champion for bolts and prizes.

Boomstick Blast

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Welcome fans and fiends! Tonight, Little Zurkon will put Rivet to the ultimate test! How will she fare... battling with only an Enforcer!


(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Can you reach the end of my treacherous track without falling off your stead?! (laughs)

(Upon entering the first portal.)
Zurkon Jr.: Can our lombax handle something more deadly? Say, the bone-melting acid swamps of... Sargasso?!

(Upon entering the second portal.)
Zurkon Jr.: How is Little Zurkon meant to run an arena of doom with no ability to control dimensions?!

(Upon entering the third portal.)
Zurkon Jr.: And finally... Little Zurkon ushers our champion to...!

(Upon entering the fourth portal.)
Zurkon Jr.: The bone-melting, face-searing, acid swamps of... Sargasso!

(Upon entering the sixth portal.)
Zurkon Jr.: A change is being made to my plans of doom!

A Grunthor Named Sue

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Ten squllion years ago, she ruled as queen of the swamps! Give a fiendish welcome... to Sue!

(When Sue enters battle.)
Zurkon Jr.: Tonight, she is... queen of our arena! And she is deadly serious about protecting her kingdom!

Silver Cup (Optional)

Become the silver champion for bolts and prizes.

The Mangling

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: As the dust settled from the Destructapalooza on planet Kragg, Little Zurkon spotted the remains of our star in the junk heap... Meet: The Mangler—reborn! (laughs)

(Upon reaching wave 2.)
Zurkon Jr.: My Mangler! Behold her new, improved, miraculously devastating power!

(Upon reaching wave 3.)
Zurkon Jr.: Oooh, is our Mangler hungry?! Have more power!

(Upon reaching wave 4.)
Zurkon Jr.: Overriding power limiters! Nothing can hold you back now!

(Upon reaching wave 5.)
Zurkon Jr.: Go Mangler! Rip, tear, shred!

Ka-boomstick Blast

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Fiends! Let us celebrate a mutual adoration for explosions! Chaos! And... violence! Utilize your missiles, lombax! Utilize! (laughs)

(Upon reaching wave 2.)
Zurkon Jr.: "Look at us! Here to serve our glorious majesty who does not care about us at all!" The establishment has no place in my arena!

(Upon reaching wave 4.)
Zurkon Jr.: Watch as Little Zurkon lowers the central bouncy vent in a mere three seconds...

Pest Control

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: That poisonous gas was supposed to kill all of these... (trembles) bugs! Exterminate their disgusting, overly complicated bodies!

(Upon defeating 10 enemies.)
Rivet: (coughs) Can we (coughs) maybe turn it down a little?!

Zurkon Jr.: And risk the aesthetic?! Not even for you, my friend! Not even for you!

Freezer Pop

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Little Zurkon unwinds with ASMR? Did you know that? But!... Little Zurkon's only trigger is the sound of frozen gelatinous aliens being oblierated with hammers, so... freeze and smash!

(Upon completing the challenge for the first time.)
On-screen: You got the Box Breaker! X then Square to destroy crates in a larger radius.

Revenge of the Seekerpede

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: My fiends! For your amusement: the biomechanical father of the famed Seekerpede of Sargasso... Scolo! Cheer for this mad dad!

Gold Cup (Optional)

Become the gold champion for bolts and prizes.

Manglers Are Forever

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: (laughs) Little Zurkon has returned from the lab with... The Mangler! Do not call it a comeback... but a resurrection! Featuring special guests from the void itself!

(Upon reaching wave 2.)
Zurkon Jr.: Faster, faster!

(Upon reaching wave 3.)
Zurkon Jr.: (laughs) Yes... I am increasing the power of the Mangler! Increasing!

(Upon reaching wave 4.)
Zurkon Jr.: Go Mangler! Rip, tear, shred!

(Upon reaching wave 5.)
Zurkon Jr.: Watch as the Mangler grows in strength, before your very eyes!

LOL, That's Random

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: All true fiends are masters of thinking on their feet! So... every five kills Little Zurkon will swap your weapon for a new one!

(Sometimes upon reaching five kills.)

Zurkon Jr.
  • Swap!
  • Weapon swap time!
  • Swap! (laughs)

A Good Time to Zoom

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: My fiends! Watch as we test the Lombax's sharp shooting sniper skills. Make these... "Troopers"... dance!!! From a distance!!! (laughs)

(Upon reaching wave 2.)
Zurkon Jr.: Oh, if it isn't the Emperor's lackeys! Aren't you missing your boot licking appointment?!

Vroom Around

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Be-cycled goons have requested to join us tonight, my fiends! And Little Zurkon has matched their gravity for added amusement! Let us see how you stand against them... (laughs)!

Twice as Nice

(Upon beginning the challenge.)
Zurkon Jr.: Little Zurkon craves heartwarming and blood gushing redemption arcs! (laughs) Welcome back... Scolo! Win, you loser, win!

(When Scolo falls to half health.)
Zurkon Jr.: Cheer, fiends, scream with me! (laughs) Why-why aren't you screaming with me? Huh?

(After Sue is defeated.)
Zurkon Jr.: And Sue predictably went down! (laughs) And... Scolo is back in? A twist!

Optional Pocket dimension dialogue

(Upon obtaining the Armor Pod in a pocket dimension as Ratchet.)

  • Annnnnd I think that covers everything here. Nice!
  • Looks like I'm done here, but that was fun! ...as much as dimensions breaking apart can be fun, heh.
  • Guess that's all there is to find here... except the exit.

(Upon obtaining the Armor Pod in a pocket dimension as Rivet.)

  • Oooo I love the look of that. Now where's the exit?
  • Done and done. Woo!
  • Prettyyyy sure that was everything so I should probably get back to the mission.

Nefarious City pocket dimension

(Upon approaching the entrance to pocket dimension 22-54-97.)

  • Ratchet: Was this caused by the dimensionator exploding?
  • Ratchet: Are those cracks in the dimension?
  • Ratchet: Is that... leading somewhere?
  • Ratchet: This looks like damage to the dimension...
  • Ratchet: That can't be good...
  • Ratchet: Did the dimensionator do this?
  • Ratchet: More cracks in the dimension...

(Upon entering pocket dimension 22-54-97.)
Ratchet: Huh... Now I know what happened to the parade floats.

(Upon jumping on the parade floats.)
Ratchet: Looks like I gotta bounce.

(Upon jumping on the Clank parade float.)
Ratchet: Miss you, buddy!

Goon-4-Less: Aww, we must've took a wrong turn at that last rift.

Goon-4-Less: The Lombax! The not-inflated one!

Sargasso pocket dimensions

(Upon entering pocket dimension 729-2110-01.)
Rivet: That's... a lot of explosives. Better be careful.

Goon-4-Less: Stuck in a void filled with explosives; I can't believe my horoscope was actually right.

Goon-4-Less: The Lombax?! Woo, my luck's startin' to change!

(Upon entering pocket dimension 731-71-86.)
Rivet: Somebody must be missing a lot of crates.

Rivet: If I'm careful, I bet I could carve out a path.

Goon-4-Less: Yooooo?! Anyone out there?!

Goon-4-Less: I'm like trapped outside of space and time with nothing to nosh! My gains are fading!

Zurkie's pocket dimension

(Upon entering pocket dimension 78-89-50.)
Rivet: Looks like those hover pads are on the fritz.

Savali pocket dimensions

(Upon entering pocket dimension 4-11-81.)
Ratchet: Sooo... just don't fall. No problem.

(Upon entering pocket dimension 43-63-08.)
Ratchet: Well.. it doesn't look *that* impossible...

Blizar Prime pocket dimension

(Upon entering pocket dimension 87-84-20.)
Rivet: Hold on-- How are those Robo-Mutts 'floating'?

(Upon hitting the console revealing the path of platforms.)
Rivet: A Cam-o-Matic Cloaking Field generator! Fancy.

Torren IV pocket dimension

(Upon approaching the entrance to pocket dimension 66-66-67.)
Rivet: Another pocket dimension - what do you think? Might be fun?

Clank: I can be persuaded.

(Upon entering pocket dimension 66-66-67.)
Rivet: Ugh, that smell is so... (bleh!)

Rivet: Maybe it's time for one last Speetle ride...

(Upon exiting pocket dimension 66-66-67.)
Rivet: Yup, still weird.

Clank: Weird, but fascinating.

Rivet: Okay, now onto the Fixer!

Cordelion pocket dimension

(Upon entering pocket dimension 08-08-08.)
Ratchet: For some reason all these emergency rafts don't make me feel much safer...

Ardolis pocket dimension

(Upon entering pocket dimension 21-66-72.)
Ratchet: Did these Versa-Targets all get sucked in from the same place? Or did they come from different-- ow, my brain's already hurting.

Viceron pocket dimension

(Upon entering pocket dimension 32-34-99.)
Rivet: What do you even call a group of Speetles? A vroom? A whoosh? A whizz?

Rivet: (Hehe) Whizz.

Enemy dialogue


(Sometimes while patrolling.)

  • I've been thinking about trying a new detox...
  • Oh yeah, can't wait to get this sesh started.
  • I'm so cut my glutes have glutes.
  • Anyone wanna watch me flex my pecs?
  • (ah yeah) Soon as we finish this bounty, it's leg day.
  • Dude, I'm so pumped right now bro!
  • Dude, I had a dream about the Lombax last night... I seriously need a break.
  • No pain, no gain...
  • Augh, definitely shoulda stretched this morning.
  • (ah yeah) I look good. (haha) Don't I look good?
  • Feelin' ready to ATTACK a workout.
  • Rest days are for the weak.
  • Bro, your delts are looking sick.
  • All this waiting around is killing my gains.
  • I'm hittin' the beach SOON as I get this bounty money.
  • This is already too much cardio for me bro.
  • Pumping iron, hunting bounties. Life is good.
  • Gotta improve my macros today.
  • Bro, I am itching for a lifting sesh.

(Sometimes upon encountering Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • Glad I stretched!
  • Oh, man! You're gonna get shredded.
  • You're about to get wrecked.
  • That's not a bro, that's the lombax!
  • Furry alert!
  • Aimed and ready, bro.
  • C'mon. Let's flex on this fuzzball! Ha!
  • Lombax over here!
  • Got a furry in range!
  • Dawg, it's the Lombax!
  • There's the fuzzball!
  • Yo! The Lombax!
  • You crashed the wrong party, bro!
  • Locked on the Lombax!
  • There, the Lombax!
  • You're about to pay my gym bill!
  • I'm prepped for this.
  • We got the goal in sight!

(Sometimes during battle.)

  • Quit movin', bro!
  • Don't you move, Lombax!
  • You're my new goals!
  • Time to use the big guns!
  • Don't be a wimp, bro!
  • Yeah! Breaking a sweat now!
  • This is just a warm up!
  • The pain train is coming!
  • Coming at ya!
  • Point me at the lombax, my dude!
  • Just give up now, chump!
  • Get blasted, punk!
  • This'll teach you!
  • Hey! No flinching!
  • Get ready for some fur-fetti!
  • Bruh, I’m gonna shoot it! Haha!
  • Let’s pulverize this lombax!
  • Better watch yourself!
  • Yeah, I'm as strong as I look!
  • Time to bulk up!
  • I HATE cardio bunnies!
  • I'm gonna mash you into a shake!
  • Ha ha! You're in for it now!
  • We got this dudes!
  • You think you can beat me? Hah!
  • You are SO getting clobbered!
  • Time to max out!
  • Step up or step off!
  • It's over for you!
  • Let the shenanigainz begin!
  • Get crushed!
  • You're going down!
  • Time to get wrecked.
  • You're not ready for this, bro!
  • Been training for this!
  • Come at me, bro! Come at me!
  • You're getting smashed!
  • I am so amped right now!
  • Bring it on, scrawny!
  • We got this, bros!
  • You don't stand a chance, bro!
  • Pew pew time!
  • Watch how hard I pull this trigger!
  • Here it comes!
  • Firing shots!
  • Better say uncle!
  • Can't stop won't stop!
  • Oh man! You're gonna get shredded.
  • Let's get this runt!
  • Hey! Hold still, furry!
  • Feeling pumped!
  • Firing on the Lombax!
  • Lombax went full range of motion.
  • Lombax in my sights!
  • I'm all muscle!
  • How'd you get that dexterity?
  • We're gonna crush you!
  • You scared, Lombax?
  • How's my form, bros!?
  • You know this is gonna hurt, right!?
  • (Zoom Goon) Tossing a 'nade!
  • (Zoom Goon) Grenade time!
  • (Zoom Goon) Catch this, fuzzball!
  • (Zoom Goon) Eat this, Lombax!
  • (Zoom Goon) Ha ha, don't singe your fur!
  • (Zoom Goon) Nade out!
  • (Zoom Goon) Bombs away! Hehe.
  • (Zoom Goon) It's BOOM time!

(Sometimes upon landing a hit.)

  • Bruh, you're done!
  • We're just getting started!
  • That was all me.
  • Did that hurt? Ha ha!
  • How are you still standing!?
  • You can't dodge this, bro.
  • More where that came from!
  • That was sick, dawg.
  • I'm gonna get you shredded.
  • That's a hit dogs!
  • Your pains are my gains!
  • Ha! You see that bros?!
  • Nailed it.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Worked hard for that.
  • Sorry not sorry.
  • Man, I'm good!
  • No guns necessary!
  • You'll feel that tomorrow!
  • Bet that hurt!
  • Ha! Must suck to be weak!
  • Ah ya! You're done!
  • Got' em!
  • I went hard!
  • Didn't need help on that one!
  • That'll ruffle your fur!
  • Better tap out!
  • It's over for you!
  • Get hit!
  • You can take five anytime, bruh!
  • You're going down!

(Sometimes upon defeating Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • No more gains for you, dude.
  • Ha ha ha! Fail!
  • Crushed it.
  • Tough break, bruh.
  • Contract complete, bro.

(Sometimes after taking damage.)

  • That was a cheap shot!
  • Fuzzball hit me!
  • That hurt, my dude!
  • The fuzzball made a hit!
  • I need an upgrade, my dudes.
  • That's not chill, dude!
  • Oh. Payback's comin', bro!
  • Shouldn't have skipped leg day!
  • You hit me!
  • Better tap out!
  • You're tougher than you look.
  • Won't happen again!
  • Feeling sore now.
  • The pain is real.
  • Gotta stretch that one out!
  • Think I pulled a hammy...
  • Totally not cool, bro!
  • You got lucky, Lombax.
  • Oh, that stings!
  • That's too much!
  • That one hurt bro!
  • I'm gonna need a recovery day!
  • You got me there! Heheh.
  • Awe, come on!
  • Bro! No!
  • Dang, that gun's harsh!
  • Don't do that again! Okay?
  • (Okay) That hurts!
  • Dude, the Lombax got me!
  • Whoa! Did not see that coming!
  • Not cool, dude!
  • Can't take much more of this!
  • Better watch yourself!
  • Get jacked or die tryin'!
  • Lucky shot, fuzzball.
  • Oh! That hurt, my dude!
  • Just a bruise!
  • Oh it's on now!
  • The Lombax got one of us!

(Sometimes when using the rift tether during combat.)

  • Target lost bros!
  • Little bro just vanished!
  • The Lombax is gone!
  • Did yall see that!?
  • They won't get far bros!
  • He's running dawgs!
  • I lost the Lombax!
  • Lost track of 'em!
  • You see that bro?
  • They just disappeared!
  • Where'd they go!?
  • What the!?
  • Where'd you go, Lombax!?
  • Whoa!
  • Where's the target!?
  • Come back here!
  • Lost sight of him!
  • What is that thing?
  • Where'd the Lombax go!?

(Sometimes upon Ratchet or Rivet firing a weapon with no ammo.)

  • Not so tough without ammo!
  • You low on ammo, fuzzy dude?
  • Aww, didn't bring enough bullets?
  • They got no ammo!
  • Lombax's got an empty ammo tank!
  • What's wrong? Out of ammo? Haha!
  • They low on ammo, bro!
  • Looks like you need bullets!
  • Lombax is out, get 'em!
  • Dawg, they runnin' out of ammo! Haha!

(Sometimes when a nearby explosive crate is triggered.)

  • Uh watch the tank dude!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Burst Pistol.)

  • Cute gun, little lombax!
  • Shots fired!
  • Watch the burst bros!
  • Getting shot up dudes!
  • Watch it, bros!
  • Dude! One bullet's enough!
  • Fuzzy's firin' shots!
  • Bullets incoming!
  • That thing packs a punch!
  • You ain't gonna blast me!
  • Lombax is rollin' with bullets!
  • Those things sting!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Shatterbomb.)

  • Here it comes!
  • Look out for the shards!
  • Shatterbombs!
  • Hey! Watch where you throw those, dude!
  • I didn't prep for shards dude!
  • I'm not cool with explosives, bro!
  • I don't wanna get THAT shredded!
  • Whoa, shards incoming!
  • They're chucking Shatterbombs!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Enforcer.)

  • Not fair, you barely gotta aim!
  • Fuzzball's got an Enforcer!
  • Keep your distance, dudes!
  • Drop that shotgun!

(Sometimes when attacked with Mr.Fungi.)

  • What is this goop?!
  • Oh man, this stuff stinks!
  • I'm not feeling so good, bros!
  • This stuff is nasty!
  • Not my kinda party, bro!
  • Can't party, I'm working!
  • Who is this guy?!
  • Watch the spores bros!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Topiary Sprinkler.)

  • No, I hate vegetables!
  • Why can't I-dude, I'm a plant?!
  • Aww...come on!
  • Pro tip: Don't get wet!
  • It is not time for my cooldown!
  • Bros, get away from that sprinkler!
  • That water ain't right, bro!
  • No! Gotta stay dry!
  • I... can't lift!
  • Hey, no splashing!
  • Ahh uh oh! Trapped in a tree!
  • Ah, whoa! The Lombax has a green thumb!
  • Watch the sprinkler!
  • Incoming Topiary Turret!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Negatron Collider.)

  • Watch the beam!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Ricochet.)

  • Yo that things annoying!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Lightning Rod.)

  • Lightning strikes incoming!
  • Oh, that stings!
  • Lightning ain't cool, bro!
  • That juice ain't worth it!
  • Don't let 'em lock on to you!
  • Don't get zapped!
  • Run, my dudes!
  • Here comes sparky!
  • Watch the sparks!
  • Don't get zapped, dudes!
  • You ain't shocking no one, Lombax!
  • Naw, I got enough energy already!
  • That looks intense!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Drillhound.)

  • It's digging deep, bros!
  • Fan out, bros!
  • I can't see it!
  • That doesn't look good!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Cold Snap.)

  • Dang, that's cold.
  • Dude. That's cold, bruh!
  • Thaw me out, man!
  • Def not feelin' these frosty vibes!
  • Hard pass on the frost bite!
  • I did not sign up for this!
  • Burrr, bro.
  • Serious freezer burn!
  • Cold move, Lombax.
  • Watch for frost dudes!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Void Repulser.)

  • I'm gonna tear that shield down!
  • Can't block these guns, uh!
  • Get past that shield, bros!
  • Ha! Trying to hide?
  • You can't hide behind that thing forever!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Buzz Blades.)

  • Lombax has got Buzz Blades!
  • Dicers incoming!
  • Are those serrated!?
  • Youch! Those sting!
  • Those cut deep!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Blackhole Storm.)

  • Still can't beat our guns, aw yeah!
  • How much ammo you got?!
  • Keep your heads down!
  • Now that's high intensity!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Headhunter.)

  • Dare you to come closer, Lombax!
  • Heads down, bros!
  • Afraid of a fair fight?!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Bombardier.)

  • Drone overhead!
  • It's raining rockets!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Pixelizer.)

  • Blocky as heck, bro.
  • What the?! Uncool dude!
  • Whoa. Retro vibes, dawg.
  • Ahh! They pixelized ya boy!
  • Feelin' pretty low-res right now.
  • Watch that Pixelizer!
  • What did you do to me!?
  • Whyyyy!?
  • I'm fraggin' out, bro.
  • I HATE Pixelizers!
  • You're fraggin' up my zone!
  • Now that's a downgrade.

(Sometimes when attacked with the Bouncer.)

  • Look out! Bouncer!
  • Lombax is using a Bouncer!
  • Take cover, bros!
  • Explosives incoming!

(Sometimes when attacked with the RYNO 8.)

  • Are you seeing this, bros?!
  • Where's this junk coming from?!
  • Ah man, not more rifts!
  • Look out my dudes!
  • Keep your heads up, bros!
  • Where can I get one of those!?
  • Man, I HATE all this dimensional stuff!
  • Uh, what's happening dudes?!
  • Ain't down with these rifts!
  • Whoa! Watch your heads, bros!
  • It's raining junk!

Nefarious Troopers

(Sometimes while patrolling.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Who has two arms and loves patrolling? All of us!
  • I am so proud to be a part of our Emperor's glorious vision!
  • We are so lucky to have such a clever and malevolent ruler!
  • What a lovely day to serve Emperor Nefarious!
  • I can not wait to dismember yet another enemy of my beloved Emperor.
  • Every day I get to vanquish an enemy of our beloved Emperor is the best day of my life!
  • Soon we will weed out the resistance once and for all!
  • You know what they say: happy Emperor, happy trooper!
  • Another day, another chance to please the Emperor with my unconditional loyalty!
  • Feels so good to be a part of something bigger!
  • Nothing like total robot domination to brighten your day!
  • Death, destruction, domination. Ha, I love my job!
  • I must remember to polish my statue of Emperor Nefarious later. It is still covered in blood!
  • On a scale of one to ten, I am the luckiest trooper in the battalion!
  • What a beautiful place this is! I hope I am not forced to destroy it.
  • How rude of me, I have not killed a thing today!
  • Another beautiful day to quash a rebellion.
  • Patrolling for rebels is one of my favourite activities! Second only to crushing them...
  • Hmm, I do not believe I have thanked Emperor Nefarious today!

(Sometimes upon engaging Ratchet or Rivet.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Terribly sorry, but I have to destroy you now!
  • I will get you next time!
  • Ready yourself, lombax!
  • Requesting back up!
  • Pardon me, but you cannot be here while still breathing!
  • Watch out! A rebel is among us!
  • A dissenter! Alerting all active units!
  • Organic threat spotted!
  • Please allow me to restrain you.
  • It is time for your defeat, I hope you do not mind!
  • Resistance is not permitted!
  • Unauthorised squishy detected!
  • Do not worry, I am here to help end your life! Will it not be great?!
  • Look out, friends!
  • Moving in, friends! Keep your distance, friends!
  • Your Resistance ends here!
  • Defeat can be awesome, too! You will see!
  • You are not permitted to defend yourself!
  • You WILL learn to behave!
  • You will not stop us!
  • Rehabilitation incoming!
  • It is time for you to give up, rebel!
  • Your resistance is unwelcome!
  • An intruder!
  • Happy to help you exit existence!
  • This fight to your inevitable demise is going to be SO exciting!
  • Lombax located! Engaging!
  • This isn't punishment. It's an opportunity!
  • An intruder! Something fun!
  • Are you ready to surrender?
  • Lombax downrange.
  • Squishy downrange!
  • Do not move, squishy!
  • Surrender while you still can, rebel!
  • Defiance is unacceptable, Lombax!
  • Taking a shot!
  • Brace for impact, please!
  • I have it in my sights!
  • Time to join your rebel friends in utter annihilation!
  • Preparing to fire!
  • The less you resist, the bigger your cage will be!
  • I do not want to hurt you. BUT I WILL.
  • Your freedom is unacceptable!
  • This will only hurt for a moment!
  • We only wish to help you, Lombax!
  • You are going to love this!
  • Ah, nothing like the smell of death in the morning!
  • Stay still!
  • Firing now!
  • Dissent is not permitted!
  • Prepare to be quashed, rebel!
  • You WILL learn to love the Emperor.
  • We will prevail!
  • Locked on!
  • I can not wait to present you to our magnificent Emperor!
  • I will make this shot count!
  • Commencing ranged attack!
  • Firing shots!
  • Time for some fun-doctrination!
  • You are going to love your new cage!
  • I hope you enjoy this pummelling as much as I will!
  • We will be such great friends once you accept absolute domination!
  • Another agitator to round up! Lucky me!
  • How dare you defy our Emperor!
  • For the Emperor!
  • This will stop you!
  • Making friends is great!
  • Hello there! Allow me to assist in your transition to imprisonment!
  • A detractor in our midst!
  • We are only trying to help!
  • Pardon me, but you cannot be here!
  • Look! A lesser being in need of re-education!
  • My sensors detect a deviant!
  • You are welcome!
  • The rebel Lombax!
  • Halt, rebel agitator!
  • Try NOT moving!
  • I'll get you yet, rebel!
  • Stay still, rebel!
  • Stop moving!
  • Halt agitator!
  • I am still coming to end you!
  • Running from your problems is not productive!
  • I am trying to help you!
  • This rebellion will be fruitless!
  • Opening fire!
  • Please stand still!
  • I can not allow you to meddle in the Emperor's affairs!
  • I spot a rebel in need of capture!
  • Stop evading my assistance!
  • Time for you to quit!
  • Please cooperate.
  • Please hold still!
  • Firing on the squishy!
  • Please allow me to restrain you.
  • The Emperor requires your cooperation.
  • Do not be ungrateful!
  • This will be a blast!
  • You will enjoy this!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Stay still squishy!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Pardon my reach!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) This will teach you!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Commencing thrashing!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Prepare to be quashed, rebel!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Let me give you a hand!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Prepare to be pummelled!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) You can not evade us forever!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Here I come, Lombax!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Prepare for a lesson!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Please, remain where you are.
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Squishing the squishy!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Pain is imminent!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Moving in, friends!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Take this!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Approaching the target!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Need a helping hand!?
  • (Nefarious Slugger) You can not dodge kindness!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Happy to crush you!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) It is a pleasure to beat you!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Closing in!
  • (Nefarious Slugger) Please accept this pummelling.
  • (Nefarious Sniperbot) Sorry I missed you.
  • (Nefarious Sniperbot) Please play fair!

(Sometimes upon landing a hit.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Have you had enough?!
  • You are losing!
  • Your pain brings me such joy!
  • Embrace your demise!
  • That was thrilling!
  • Did that hurt?
  • Attack on target!
  • I got it!
  • Direct hit!
  • Rehabilitation is not easy!
  • Are you ready to surrender?
  • You will not last!
  • I have damaged the rebel!
  • Happy to help!
  • Time to give up squishy!
  • I enjoy your pain!
  • I damaged the outlaw!
  • Consider that a warning!
  • Do not give up just yet!
  • For the Emperor!

(Sometimes upon defeating Ratchet or Rivet.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • No need to thank me!
  • The pleasure was all mine!
  • The Emperor will be thrilled!
  • That was fun!
  • I hope you learned something from this!
  • Glad to help, squishy!
  • Join your friends in the afterlife!
  • What a wonderful deletion!
  • Thank you for your swift demise!
  • The Emperor will be so proud!
  • Goodbye forever!
  • See you never, squishy!
  • I am glad to have been of service.
  • You are welcome!
  • You are soooo dead.
  • Thank you for your assistance in this matter!

(Sometimes after taking damage.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Just a scrape!
  • Still in one piece!
  • No need to be so rough!
  • I remain functional!
  • I assume you didn't mean to do that.
  • You will regret that!
  • That one would have hurt.
  • Another mark for your record!
  • How barbaric!
  • Please stop!
  • A minor setback.
  • Please refrain from further transgressions.
  • We lost another!
  • They can be replaced.
  • Another life given for the Emperor.
  • Another loyal servant down.
  • Try that wih me!
  • They perished doing what they loved.
  • The Emperor will not be happy!
  • I am still intact!
  • Well that was rude!
  • Please watch where you point that!
  • You are not permitted to defend yourself!
  • That was not pleasant.
  • We do not experience pain!
  • I will recover.
  • I will not be stopped.
  • You will pay for that!
  • Weapons are not permitted!
  • System recovering.
  • It is fighting back!
  • That will not stop me!
  • I will not go down so easily!
  • That will be your last transgression!
  • Thank you, but no thank you!
  • They served well!
  • You will not stop us!
  • Only a dent!
  • Assault will get you nowhere.
  • That can be repaired.
  • Further aggression will not be tolerated!
  • I will endure.
  • This will not stop me!
  • Excuse me, but resistance is not permitted!
  • That shot will be your last!
  • You cannot stop the Emperor's will.
  • You will not stop me so easily.
  • Your hostility is unwelcome!
  • Is that really necessary?
  • This is why squishies must be destroyed!
  • It is fighting back!
  • Your resistance is unwelcome!
  • Do not do that again!
  • I will have to get that painted over.
  • That will leave a mark.
  • That was unkind!
  • I WILL retaliate.
  • How dare you attack servants of the Emperor!
  • You have barely made a scratch!
  • I just had that exoplate shined!

(Sometimes when using the rift tether during combat.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Dimensional anomaly detected!
  • The rebel is retreating!
  • Lost sight of the squishy!
  • Target lost!
  • I will find you!
  • This does not compute!
  • I have lost the target!
  • You will not escape!
  • Please come back!
  • Where are you going!?
  • The Lombax is teleporting!

(Sometimes upon Ratchet or Rivet firing a weapon with no ammo.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • The rebel's weapon is empty!
  • The squishy has few bullets remaining!
  • It has little ammo left!
  • The squishy's gun will soon be empty!
  • Attack the squishy while it lacks ammo!
  • The Lombax is low on ammo!
  • It's out of ammo!
  • Quickly, it's low on ammo!
  • They are out of ammunition!
  • The organic's ammunition is low!
  • Out of bullets, rebel?
  • The squishy has little ammunition!
  • We are incapable of running out of ammo. Unlike YOU.
  • Underprepared are we?
  • It is low on ammo - attack now!
  • Your gun will soon cease to function! Too bad.

(Sometimes after being ejected from a main body.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • I am still coming!
  • I am still coming to end you!
  • I'm still coming!
  • I do not need arms to lead you to your doom!
  • Did you think that would stop me?
  • This is not over yet!
  • Thanks for missing anything vital!
  • CPU still intact!
  • You cannot stop me, rebel!
  • Decapitation only stops organics!
  • I am not so easily deterred.
  • I remain functional!
  • Thank you for leaving my CPU in one piece!
  • Great job not defeating me!
  • Your existence can still be forfeit!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Burst Pistol.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • The squishy is armed!
  • Hand over the pistol, please!
  • Drop the pistol squishy!
  • Shots incoming!
  • I do not require additional input ports.
  • Spread out Troopers!
  • Ceasefire squishy!
  • Wow, that is highly powerful.
  • Troops, beware gunfire!
  • Engage the safety immediately, Lombax!
  • My frame has been pierced!
  • Drop it, squishy!
  • Take cover, friends!
  • The target is unlawfully armed!
  • You should not be armed, Lombax!
  • The Lombax has an illegal weapon!
  • Squishies are not permitted pistols!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Shatterbomb.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Incoming grenades!
  • Shatterbombs incoming!
  • Surrender the grenades, Lombax!
  • Avoid the shrapnel, friends!
  • Look out Troopers!!
  • The squishy is deploying Shatterbombs!
  • Watch where you throw those, rebel!
  • Shatterbombs are not permitted!
  • Grenades are quite unnecessary.

(Sometimes when attacked with the Enforcer.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Unregistered Enforcer!
  • Keep your distance, friends!
  • Give up the shotgun squishy!
  • Put down the shotgun immediately!
  • Watch for secondary shots!
  • Approach the target with caution!
  • Enforcer!
  • Is that really necessary?
  • Avoid close contact with the Lombax!
  • That shot will be your last!
  • Stay back squishy!
  • Avoid the spread, Troopers!
  • Drop the shotgun rebel!
  • The Lombax has an Enforcer!

(Sometimes after being attacked by Mr. Fungi.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Resistance is not "fun"!
  • Do not let the fungus distract you, troopers!
  • I will not be stopped by a fungus!
  • Spores incoming!
  • Organic projectiles!? How nauseating!
  • This party will soon be over!
  • This is NOT fun!
  • The mushroom has joined the rebels!
  • You will end this party IMMEDIATELY!
  • Rebel fungus among us!
  • Please refrain, fungus!
  • I would NOT call this a party.
  • Cease this assault, fungus!
  • Watch for spores, friends!
  • You will not stop us, mushroom!
  • Unregulated fun is not permitted!
  • Do you have a permit for this party?
  • Disgusting!
  • Halt, fungal based lifeform!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Lightning Rod.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Shock therapy will not stop me!
  • Guard your fuses, friends!
  • Lightning Rod!
  • Unregulated voltage is not permitted!
  • Drop the Lightning Rod, Lombax!
  • My resistors are strong, rebel!
  • Spread out, friends!
  • Lightning strikes imminent!
  • Do not get caught in the current!
  • The rebel has a Lightning Rod!
  • Lightning rounds!
  • Watch your capacitors, Troopers!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Negatron Collider.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • The rebel has acquired a Collider!
  • Watch that Collider, friends!
  • Rebel energy cannon!
  • Troopers, disperse!
  • Hostile energy beam detected.
  • Evade the blast at all costs!
  • Do not rely on cover, friends!
  • Avoid the line of fire!
  • Please, watch where you are aiming!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Ricochet.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Please stop immediately!
  • Drop the Ricochet, Lombax!
  • Rebound incoming!
  • Dings and dents will not stop me!
  • That was quite brutal!
  • Halt this abuse, rebel!
  • Stop this futile assault!
  • Watch that Ricochet, friends!
  • It is locked on to me!
  • What is that device, Lombax?!
  • How dare you!
  • You will regret that, squishy!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Drillhound.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Detonation imminent!
  • Keep your eyes on the ground, friends!
  • Watch for the breach!
  • Tunnelling rocket inbound!
  • Subterranean missile approaching!
  • It is tunnelling towards us!
  • Brace yourselves, friends!!
  • Run if you can, friends!
  • Torpedo below!
  • Prepare for the blast!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Warmonger.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Where did you acquire that Warmonger, squishy!?
  • The organic has rockets!
  • Spread out, friends!
  • Drop the heavy weapon!
  • Relinquish the Warmonger!
  • Heavy ordinance incoming!
  • Watch the rebel's Warmonger!
  • Avoid the squishy's rockets!
  • Troopers, be wary of rockets!
  • Someone seize that Warmonger!
  • Those rockets will damage my sensors!
  • Rockets detected!

(Sometimes after taking damage from the Pixelizer.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • I am glitching out.
  • What version am I running?
  • How embarrassing...
  • My ones and zeros are showing.
  • Now running a previous operating system.
  • The squishy is utilising a Pixelizer!
  • My programming is in error.
  • I have been pixelized!?
  • This is not normal...
  • I feel rather last-gen.
  • I require an upgrade.
  • Relinquish the Pixelizer.
  • This cannot be the proper code.
  • I feel quite binary.
  • I have downloaded a bug.

(Sometimes when attacked with the Blackhole Storm.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Drop the heavy weapon!
  • Prepare for automatic fire!
  • Supressing fire inbound!
  • Find cover, friends!
  • Incoming singularities!
  • Cease and desist, rebel!
  • Do not let the rebel pin you down!
  • Please cease fire, rebel!
  • Relinquish the heavy weapon, Lombax!
  • Do not retreat, Troopers!
  • Automatic fire incoming!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Topiary Sprinkler.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • I am so embarrassed right now!
  • This is truly humiliating.
  • Gross! Gross! Get it off me!
  • I hate flowers!
  • Do not let it splash you!
  • Do not remember me like this!
  • Watch the sprinkler, friends!
  • Intrusive organics detected.
  • Hand over the sprinklers squishy!
  • My rotors are jamming!
  • This bramble will NOT stop me!
  • Don't get wet, friends!
  • This can not be!
  • Overtaken by shrubbery!
  • No! Overtaken by organics!
  • I can not move!
  • Don't let it douse you!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Cold Snap.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • I am frozen. Why am I frozen?!
  • Gears seizing!
  • Please relinquish the launcher!
  • Ice bombs inbound!
  • Processors slowing.
  • Ambient temperatures dropping.
  • The squishy is deploying close range weaponry.
  • Watch for ice!
  • Antifreeze needed!
  • I am unable to move!
  • I cannot help you in this state!
  • Is this what winter feels like?
  • We will not tolerate this abuse!
  • No need to be so rough!
  • Condensation building!
  • My circuits are numb.
  • I would appreciate some assistance!
  • The Lombax has a blaster!
  • Internal temperatures critically low.
  • Frost weapon spotted!
  • Frozen projectiles incoming.
  • This is a chilling sensation...
  • Processors slowing.
  • Please, thaw me immediately!
  • Please relinquish the launcher!
  • The squishy is ice cold!
  • Incoming frozen munitions!
  • I have been fridged!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Buzz Blades.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Buzz Blades incoming!
  • Those look sharp!
  • Bladed projectiles incoming!
  • You are not an authorised carpenter!
  • Edged weapons are so primitive.
  • Relinquish the Buzz Blades!
  • That does not look safe!
  • Rotary weapon spotted!
  • You almost scratched my frame!
  • Sharp edges incoming!
  • Evade deflections if possible!
  • The squishy is using Buzz Blades!
  • Avoid the ricochet!
  • Please watch where you point that!
  • Rapid fire inbound!
  • Beware of rebounding projectiles!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Void Repulser.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • The squishy is shielding itself!
  • Brace yourselves, friends!!
  • The Lombax is blocking our shots!
  • Watch for return fire!
  • A temporary inconvenience.
  • A shield!?
  • How dare you block the Emperor's love!
  • We will not be deterred!
  • You cannot block ALL our shots!
  • That will not last forever!
  • That shield will not save you!
  • Please put down the shield!
  • Prepare for the backfire friends!
  • You can not hide, Lombax!
  • Drop the shield rebel!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Glove of Doom.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Regroup, Troops!
  • Mouths are for lesser beings!
  • Don't let them get too close!
  • Avoid the blasts!
  • They bite!
  • Please get in line little ones!
  • The rebel is not your friend!
  • Robot-on-robot violence will not be tolerated.
  • Agents of Doom!
  • How dare you betray the Emperor!
  • You are on the wrong team, little bots!
  • Explosions imminent!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Bouncer.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Watch the rebel's explosives!
  • Watch for Bouncers, Troopers!
  • Prepare for detonations!
  • Bouncers on the field!
  • Bouncers!
  • Shots from afar!
  • Fan out, friends!
  • Explosives will not save you!
  • Watch for auxiliary detonations!
  • Incoming Bouncers!
  • Spread out!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Bombardier.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • How cowardly!
  • Aerial bombs incoming!
  • Prepare for incoming blasts!
  • Eyes to the skies, friends!
  • We will not retreat!
  • Watch out for the drone!
  • Run if you can, friends!
  • Missiles above us!
  • Regroup, Troops!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Headhunter.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Do not lose your heads, friends!
  • Close in on them!
  • Sniper fire!
  • The Lombax is firing on us!
  • Long range weapon spotted!
  • Rebel sniper!
  • Duck, friends!
  • We are in the rebel's sights!
  • Find cover, friends!
  • Rebel fire incoming!
  • Sniper rifle spotted!
  • Relinquish the rifle, Lombax!
  • Look out, Troopers!

(Sometimes when attacked with the RYNO 8.)

Nefarious Trooper
  • Above us, troopers!
  • RYNO on the field!
  • Incoming debris!
  • Where did that come from!?
  • The rebel is opening rifts!
  • Evade the debris, Troopers!
  • Watch your heads, friends!
  • The Lombax has a RYNO!
  • Anomaly detected!
  • Rifts above!
  • How is this happening?!

Nefarious Juggernaut

(Sometimes upon encountering Ratchet or Rivet.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • Halt rebel agitator!
  • I spot a tiny rebel!
  • Prepare for rehabilitation!
  • I have located the rebel!

(Sometimes when sitting idle.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • I must find a defector to punish soon. The Emperor's quotas are quite grueling...
  • Stay alert. You must not be taken by surprise. Not like last time...
  • Today is a great day to serve the Emperor. As is everyday!
  • I love being on patrol. The resistance does not rest, neither shall I!
  • Long live the Emperor, may he reign in perpetuity.
  • I can not wait for a chance to prove myself to His Excellency.
  • I strive to be a shining example of the Emperor's ideals.
  • I am always happy to help! Especially when violence is required.
  • I never get tired of guard duty. Or any duty for that matter.
  • Enforcing the Emperor's authority is not just my job. It is my passion!

(Sometimes upon firing it's laser.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • Laser sweep commencing!
  • Firing laser now. Smile! (laughs)
  • Your existence is no longer permitted, rebel!
  • Say "all hail the Emperor". Say it!
  • Enjoy this deadly laser, rebel!
  • Resistance is not permitted!
  • Death ray activated!
  • Prepare for incineration!
  • Bow to the Emperor's will!
  • Give up while you still can, Lombax!
  • Learn your place, tiny rebel!
  • Commencing energy blast!
  • You will not disrupt the Emperor's vision!
  • Your reform will be painful. You are welcome!
  • You dare defy our Emperor!?
  • You will see the light soon!
  • I love pacifying tiny rebels!
  • This will singe your fur!
  • Engaging energy beam!

(Sometimes when its laser is dodged.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • You were lucky this time!

(Sometimes when damaging Ratchet or Rivet.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • The rebel is wounded!
  • The Lombax is hurt!
  • That is how we deal with dissent!

(Sometimes upon firing its missiles.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • This will put you in your place!
  • I have you now!
  • Quashing the agitator!
  • You have nowhere to run!
  • Missile systems engaged! Good luck.
  • Rocket barrage commencing. Enjoy!
  • Special delivery from the Emperor!
  • Prepare to be ameliorated!
  • Your demise will be so much fun!
  • These rockets will teach you!
  • I am here to spread the Emperor's love! With rockets!
  • Your futile resistance is adorable!
  • Death from above. My favourite!
  • Remain still, rebel!
  • You will LOVE subjugation. I promise!
  • Missiles locked on!
  • I only wish the best for you... in death!
  • Target acquired! Goodbye, Lombax!
  • Enjoy your last breath, squishy!
  • The Emperor sends his love!
  • Please stand still!
  • This will quash your pathetic rebellion!
  • Surrender now, tiny rebel!

(Sometimes upon performing it's leap attack.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • I am closing in on you, rebel!
  • Prepare for the Emperor's glorious embrace!
  • Surrender or die!
  • You will not stop the Emperor's vision!
  • This is for your own good!
  • I will crush you for your defiance!
  • Brace for impact, Lombax!
  • Commencing pummelling!
  • You will not escape me!
  • I am coming for you!
  • Give up now, puny rebel!
  • Do not fret! I am here to end you!
  • Prepare to be squashed, puny rebel!

(Sometimes upon being paralyzed.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) My gears... are seizing!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) Motor functions...suspended!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) Enjoy this while it lasts, rebel!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) I... can not move!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) Free me from this organic prison!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) I do not appreciate this, tiny Lombax!
  • (Cold Snap) I can not move!
  • (Cold Snap) You will regret this, rebel!
  • (Cold Snap) Please release me, rebel! Or else!
  • (Cold Snap) I have been... frozen!?
  • (Cold Snap) I will be free soon enough!
  • (Cold Snap) You will pay for this!

(Sometimes after taking damage.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • I have felt worse!
  • I do not appreciate resistance, lombax!
  • Do not try that again, rebel!
  • Pain will not deter me!
  • You will regret this insolence, rebel!
  • The Emperor will hear of this!
  • You can not stop me!
  • How dare you!
  • A temporary setback!
  • So much aggression from one so small!
  • You will regret that!

(Upon defeating Ratchet or Rivet.)

Nefarious Juggernaut
  • Another dissenter eliminated!
  • Goodbye, Lombax!
  • Nice try, rebel!
  • A pathetic attempt!
  • Happy to assist in your demise!
  • Happy to be of service!
  • Rebellion quashed.

Space pirates

(Sometimes while patrolling.)

  • Pirate (Male): Some grand adventure this is...
  • Pirate (Male): I ought to swab the poop deck.
  • Pirate (Male): I pity those unable to enjoy a pirate's life. Oh well, more shares for me.
  • Pirate (Male): It'd be a nice day to fish.
  • Pirate (Male): Plunder's been scarce lately. Hope we find an easy mark soon.
  • Pirate (Male): I should write to me ma!
  • Pirate (Male): Nothin' like sailin' the seven systems, with only the stars to guide ye.
  • Pirate (Male): I became a pirate for action, not patrols!
  • Pirate (Male): My cutlass needs sharpenin'. Blasted thing's duller than a troglosaur.
  • Pirate (Male): I dare not boast, but I do believe fortune is on me side today.
  • Pirate (Female): Can't wait to leave port. I need me some action.
  • Pirate (Female): I hope the boss finds us a new mark soon. My pockets got nothing but sand in 'em.
  • Pirate (Female): Shiver me timbers I'm bored...
  • Pirate (Female): I hate being lookout. My eyes ain't what they used to be.
  • Pirate (Female): Being on patrol sure beats loadin' cannons.
  • Pirate (Female): Ain't had a good fight in days. Me sword's getting rusty.
  • Pirate (Female): My legs are getting tired with all this roving.
  • Pirate (Female): Need me a new pair of boots. These got more holes in 'em then Blargian cheese.
  • Pirate (Female): What should I spend me loot on? Hmm a new hat maybe?
  • Pirate (Female): One day I'll have me own ship... And a crew that don't sing off-key.

(Sometimes while engaging Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • Let's show this Lombax what for!
  • You're mine now!
  • I got 'em now!
  • Don't try and flee!
  • Avast there, Lombax!
  • Ahoy mateys, we got an interloper!
  • After 'em, mates!
  • After 'em, mateys!
  • Ready your sword!
  • Ready your arms!
  • Ha, ye be in for it now!
  • Watch your flank!
  • I spot a foe!
  • I'll put ye to the sword!
  • We've got 'em flanked fore and aft!
  • Blunderbuss on deck!
  • Firin' on the landlubber!
  • Prepare for a broadside!
  • Dodge this, yellowbelly!
  • Taking a shot!
  • Harr, looky here! An intruder is near!
  • Ye won't get away this time!
  • Firing now!
  • Put 'em to the sword!
  • It's time for ye to quit!
  • Ye got the spine of a jellyfish!
  • You're about to make my day!
  • Drown this scallywag!
  • Have at thee, landlubber!
  • Execute this scurvy dog!
  • Close in on 'em!
  • 'Twill be your end, landlubber!
  • Ha, ye be in for it now!
  • Show 'em what for!
  • All hands on deck!
  • Yer booty's ours!
  • Prepare to meet your fate!
  • The briny depths await ye!
  • Let's sink this bilge rat!
  • You'll be walking the plank soon!
  • You're done for!
  • I got 'em in me crosshairs!
  • Got 'em in me sights!
  • I'm locked on to ye!
  • Fire in the hole!
  • Don't ye move!
  • En garde, bilge rat!
  • Here I come, rapscallion!
  • I see the fear in yer eyes!
  • Wipe'em out!
  • What's that in sight? A foe?!
  • That all ye can muster!?
  • I can keep this up all day!
  • All hands on deck, it's time to wreck!
  • Quit your squirming!
  • Avast ye scurvy Lombax!
  • I'll split ye in two!
  • Here comes a flogging!
  • Ye be a quick one!
  • Give up now, squishy!
  • Ye can't get away that easy!
  • Stand and fight coward!
  • You're messing with the wrong pirate!
  • Prepare for me blade!
  • Ye can't hit me!
  • I'll end ye!
  • Ye be in deep waters now, Lombax!
  • Blow the Lombax down!
  • Charging in chums!
  • Don't ye move again!
  • Have at thee, Lombax!
  • Stay still, cur!
  • Throw this landlubber in the brig!
  • Taste steel!
  • Drop your anchor squishy!
  • Yaharr! Let 'em have it!
  • I'll gut ye!
  • Charrrrge!
  • Ye won't last long!
  • Ha! We got a lively one!
  • Big mistake!
  • Fancy footwork aye?
  • C'mon, are ye scared?!
  • You'll get no quarter, knave!
  • Yer not fit to swab our decks!
  • Yer in over yer head, friend!
  • Give up now!
  • Wake up gang, we got an intruder!
  • Knives out, me mateys!
  • Have at thee, landlubber!
  • Nowhere to go, Lombax!
  • Your time has come!
  • Bilge rat in me sights!
  • To arms crew!
  • I'll hack ye in twain!
  • Hit the deck, cur!
  • A scoundrel in our midst!
  • You're in for it now, scallywag!
  • Ha! I was hoping for a fight!
  • Hack and slash!
  • I got a knave in me sights!
  • Show a leg, mateys!
  • I'm chargin' in!
  • Here I come, Lombax!
  • Give up while ye can!
  • No quarter!
  • Shall we cross swords, Lombax!?
  • I be coming for ya, bilge rat!
  • They're on the move!
  • Ye think your fast!?
  • You'll be meeting the end of me sword soon!
  • Don't be afraid, I only want to kill ye!
  • I'll get this welp!
  • Closing in me hearties!
  • My cutlass is ready for ye!
  • Ye can't run from me!
  • Stop moving miscreant!
  • I'll sink ye for good!
  • Slash 'em to bits!
  • Well look what the wind blew in!

(Sometimes upon landing a hit.)

  • They can't take much more!
  • We're just getting started!
  • Ye won't get away this time.
  • Ha! I got ye now!
  • How'd ye like that!?
  • Aww. Need a bandage, do ya?
  • C'mon mateys! Just a few more shots!
  • I landed a hit!
  • The scoundrel's hurt!
  • Hahaharrrr! Felt that one, did ye?!
  • 'Twon't be long now!
  • Too easy!
  • That was too easy!
  • Say hello to the fishies for me!
  • Aw, did that hurt?
  • Get up while ye can!
  • Oh, did that 'urt?
  • Ye need to work on yer sea legs!

(Sometimes upon defeating Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • That was easy!
  • Bye, bye scallywag!
  • Ye got off easy!
  • For the captain!
  • Not even close, Lombax!
  • Plunder and pillage!
  • We swabbed the deck with ya!
  • To the fathoms below with ye!
  • Scuttled ya did we?
  • Pints on me, mateys!
  • Never got your sea legs?
  • Enjoy the briny depths!
  • Grogs all around!
  • Ye messed with the wrong pirate!

(Sometimes after taking damage.)

  • No pain, no gain!
  • Need more than that to take me down!
  • You'll need more than that to sink me, matey!
  • Ye won't make shark bait out of me!
  • Lucky shot!
  • Oof! That one hurt!
  • You'll be sorry for that one!
  • Yarrr, lucky hit!
  • Yarrr, I be hit!
  • I be hurtin', mateys!
  • Agh, try that again! I dare ye!
  • A fine blow indeed!
  • That shook me timbers!
  • 'Twas a lucky shot!
  • Arrr, ye dare?!
  • Arrrgh, that hurt!
  • I'm hit, don't worry! 'Tis time for fury!
  • Don't ye try that again!
  • That's a pain that'll linger!
  • That one stung.
  • How dare ye!
  • Ye got me!?
  • They got a lock on me!
  • I ain't done with ye yet!
  • I'm hit, me hearties!
  • I've taken worse!
  • I've been hit!
  • Tis but a scratch!
  • Down but not out!
  • I'm still standin'!

(Sometimes when using the rift tether during combat.)

  • Where'd ye go squishy!?
  • They disappeared!
  • Where'd ye run off to?
  • Avast ye craven!
  • Come back here!
  • Shiver me timbers!?
  • What the!?
  • Deserting are we?
  • I lost the Lombax!
  • Come back here coward!
  • I lost sight of 'em!
  • Ye won't escape squishy!
  • What manner of witchcraft was that!?
  • Don't lose 'em, mateys!

(Sometimes after blocking damage with a shield.)

  • Keep tryin', bilge rat!
  • You won't be hittin' me so easy, lombax!
  • Ha! Nice try!
  • That all ya got?
  • Ha Har! You're wastin' ammo!
  • Keep shootin'!
  • That won't do ye any good!
  • Ye won't stop me, Lombax!
  • Ha! Pitiful.
  • I'm still comin'!
  • Ye be testin' me patience now!
  • A futile effort, Lombax!
  • I can do this all day!
  • Quit while ye can!
  • Ye won't get past MY shield!
  • Can't hit me!
  • That won't stop me!
  • My shield be strong!
  • That all ye can muster!?
  • Ha! Nice try.
  • Watch me back buckos!
  • How long can ye keep that up!?
  • Don't back down ya swabs!

(Sometimes upon Ratchet or Rivet firing a weapon with no ammo.)

  • The bilge rat's out of ammo!
  • They're firin' dry!
  • Attack while the Lombax reloads!
  • Looks like ye need ammo!
  • Ye can't shoot without ammo!
  • Ha ha! Ye need more bullets?
  • You're all out of ammo!
  • Charge while the scoundrel's empty!

(Sometimes when attacked with the wrench/hammer.)

  • That's a funny looking sword!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Burst Pistol.)

  • The Lombax is firing at us!
  • Ya can't keep firin' forever!
  • Dive for cover swabs!
  • Take some cover!
  • Watch for rapid fire!
  • Drop the pistol!
  • Shots fired!
  • Find cover, mateys!
  • Don't get hit!
  • Slugs inbound!
  • Don't let 'em blast ye!
  • Taking fire, I am!
  • The scamp's got a Burst Pistol!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Shatterbomb.)

  • Shatterbombs overhead!
  • Heads down lads!
  • Watch the enemy's volley!
  • Surrender the bombs!
  • Take cover!
  • Those shards be sharp!
  • Grenades inbound!
  • The knave's using bombs!
  • Watch the scoundrel's shatterbombs!
  • Explosives incoming!
  • They're throwing grenades!
  • Ye throw like a flabberfish!

(Sometimes after being attacked by Mr. Fungi.)

  • Knock it off, toadstool!
  • The mushroom won't shut up!
  • 'Tis a funny looking thing!
  • Fungus on deck!
  • You'll pay for that, mushroom!
  • This ain't what I call fun!
  • It's got me in its sights
  • The shroom got me, mates!
  • The spores, they burn!
  • You will pay for that, fungus!
  • Feelin' a bit squeamish, mates!
  • Too many spores!
  • This stuff is foul!
  • Uhh! Putrid things!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Enforcer.)

  • Don't let 'em blast ye!
  • I'll plunder that Enforcer from ya soon!
  • Watch for hail-shot!
  • Enforcer on deck!
  • Keep your distance!
  • Don't let 'em get too close!
  • The scallywag's got an Enforcer!
  • Watch your broadsides mates!
  • Careful, they got a shotgun!
  • Look at the spread on that thing!
  • Blunderbuss on deck!
  • Avoid the buckshot!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Topiary Sprinkler.)

  • They turned me into a shrub!
  • I'm all tied up here!
  • Feeling... a bit... green!
  • I can't move, mates!
  • I'm rooted deep!
  • Free me!
  • I'm...a bush!?
  • Watch the turrets, mates!
  • I ain't no fern, cur!
  • Arg! I hate Topiary turrets...
  • The scallywag's deployin' Topiary turrets!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Negatron Collider.)

  • Enemy cannon on deck!
  • Avoid the stream!
  • The swab's got a hand-cannon!
  • Negatron beams, incomin'!
  • That thing packs a wallop!
  • Stay out the stream, buckos!
  • Watch the Collider!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Ricochet.)

  • Watch that Ricochet!
  • Try that again ye wretch!
  • You'll suffer for that, bilge rat!
  • Ricochet on the wind!
  • Someone stop 'em!
  • I'm still comin' for ye!
  • Don't ye dare pull that trigger again!
  • You'll pay for that!
  • Hey! Drop it, Lombax!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Drillhound.)

  • Land-shark heading this way!
  • Drillhound approachin'!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Lightning Rod.)

  • That one stung!
  • A wee shock don't scare me!
  • Don't let 'em get a lock on ye!
  • We're in for a shock mates!
  • Stay grounded me hearties!
  • Ye won't be jolting me!
  • Scatter!
  • I should've worn me rubber booties!
  • They be trying to zap us!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Cold Snap.)

  • I'm... chilled to the bone!
  • Someone melt this block-o-ice!
  • Arrrr...
  • I can't... feel... me fingers!
  • Frostbite don't scare me!
  • I'll throw ye in the brig for this!
  • I'm...an iceberg!
  • Beware the blast!
  • Shiver... me timbers that's cold!
  • Ye won't be freezing me!
  • Thaw me out!
  • That looks frigid!
  • Freeze bombs incomin'!
  • Shiver... Me... Timbers...
  • I can handle a bit of cold!
  • Me gears are fa-fa-frosted!
  • Ye...will...pay for this!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Void Repulser.)

  • Don't waste your ammo, buckos!
  • Flank the coward!
  • Tryin' to hide are we?
  • Nice shield, cur!
  • Are ye afraid of a fight?!
  • Let's break that blockade!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Glove of Doom.)

  • Don't let 'em bite ye!
  • They're comin' for us!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Buzz Blades.)

  • Buzz Blades in the air!
  • Buzz Blades coming at us!
  • Look out for the blades!
  • We're on the choppin' block now!
  • These things sting!
  • I'll teach ye how to slice and dice!
  • Arrr! It be only a scratch!
  • Buzz Blades!
  • Those blades be quick!
  • These blades got a bite to 'em!
  • You'll pay with your life, wretch!
  • Rapid fire headed our way!
  • Get ye some cover, mateys!
  • Don't let 'em lock on to ya!
  • Get behind something!
  • Take cover!
  • Keep your heads down mates!
  • That thing fires fast!
  • Watch for rapid firrre!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Blackhole Storm.)

  • Keep your heads down mates!
  • How many rounds ya got, Lombax!?
  • How long can ye keep that up!?
  • Bringing out the big guns are we!?
  • It'll overheat soon!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Warmonger.)

  • Rockets! Hit the deck!
  • Rockets ho!
  • Watch the Warmonger!
  • Lombax is bringin' out the big guns!
  • Rockets coming in fast!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Headhunter.)

  • Blimey! Watch your noggins!
  • Look out mates!
  • Too afraid to fight face to face, eh?
  • Come closer, Lombax!
  • The cur is firing from afar!
  • Sniper down range!
  • Too scared to fight close?!
  • Take cover mates!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Bombardier.)

  • Bombs ahoy!

(Sometimes when attacked with the Pixelizer.)

  • Pixelizer!?
  • Don't get pixelized, mates!
  • I've been pixelized!
  • This don't feel right!
  • Stay back, me mateys!
  • Blimey!
  • What did ye do to me!?

(Sometimes after being attacked with the RYNO 8.)

  • Rifts overhead!
  • What kinda RYNO is that!?
  • Watch for falling junk!
  • Where's this flotsam comin' from!?
  • Run lads, run!
  • The Lombax be messing with rifts!
  • RYNO on deck!
  • Is that really necessary!?
  • It's rainin' salvage!
  • They're tossin' rubbish at us!
  • That don't look safe!


(Sometimes upon encountering Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • Enemy in my sights!
  • Give no quarter, mates!
  • Run while you can, Lombax!
  • We got a live one here!
  • Prepare for a beating, Lombax!
  • Ye don't stand a chance!
  • Train your guns this way, crew!
  • Aren't ye a wee little thing!

(Sometimes during battle.)

  • Train ye eyes this way, mates!
  • I ain't accepting surrender!
  • I'll be out of here soon!
  • I'm gonna be scrapin' ya off my boot!
  • Bombs ahoy!
  • Shots away!
  • You'll be done soon!
  • Stand still and say goodbye!
  • Time's up, puny!
  • Prepare yourself, cur!
  • I will blast ye to pieces!
  • I'll blast ye to bits!
  • Firing main guns!
  • Ye be barely worth my time!
  • Ye don't stand a chance!
  • Time to meet your maker!
  • I almost feel sorry for ya!
  • Firing volley!
  • I never miss!
  • You will not survive this!
  • Ya ain't getting away from me!
  • Ha ha! Ye be a paltry foe!
  • Ha! This'll be over quick!
  • Firing another round!
  • I'll make quick work of you, tiny!
  • I'm locked on to ye, Lombax!
  • Ye won't make it out of this one!
  • We'll be swabbing ye off the deck soon!
  • He he. Don't ye move little one!
  • I'm in the mood to squish a scallywag!

(Sometimes upon being paralyzed.)

  • (Topiary Sprinkler) I'll crush you for this!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) I can't move!
  • (Topiary Sprinkler) I won't be trapped for long, Lombax!

(Sometimes after taking damage.)

  • Argh! I'll make you pay for that!
  • Ha! You gotta do better than that!
  • That won't happen again!
  • I can take it!
  • Ye hit hard for a wee whelp!
  • Almost felt that one!
  • That won't be stoppin' me!
  • Don't get cocky, bilge rat!
  • Ha! A feeble attempt!
  • Nice shot, but you'll regret it!
  • I'm gonna enjoy ending you!
  • Finally, a worthy opponent!
  • I barely felt that!
  • Har har har! Is that all ye got!?
  • Try that again, Lombax!
  • Nah, just a scratch!

(Sometimes upon landing a hit.)

  • Ha ha! I landed a hit!
  • Ha ha ha! That was just a taste!
  • That one almost ended ye!
  • Ha! I got ye!
  • This is too easy, Lombax!
  • You'll be done soon!
  • How'd ye survive that?!
  • Have I hurt ye, little cur?

(Upon defeating Ratchet or Rivet.)

  • Ye ain't so tough after all.
  • I thought ye'd be tougher.
  • Never mess with a pirate.
  • Ha! Take that!
  • Who's next!?
  • Didn't stand a chance!
  • Victory!
  • Ye be wise to stay down!

Mr. Fungi and Ms. Fungal

(Sometimes upon deploying Mr. Fungi.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Oh we're gonna have fun!
  • The fun never stops... the fun never stops.
  • No guns, only puns!
  • Mr. Fungi loves having fun even when he doesn't want to!
  • It's me, Mr. Fungi! And I'm here to blow this party up!
  • Let's have some fun!
  • It's time for this fungus to start up this... rumpus and...
  • I was still on break, but okay!
  • I hate you all.
  • The fun never stops! The fun never stops!
  • Again? I mean, "hey! Let's jam, jam, jam it up!"
  • The fun never stops! The fun never stops...
  • Let's have some fun.
  • The fun never stops! THE FUN NEVER STOPS!
  • We're fighting now? Okay.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

(Sometimes upon deploying Ms. Fungal.)

Ms. Fungal
  • *HI!* HI HI! HI!
  • Did someone say the F word?
  • Wooooo! Let's do this!
  • Haha! Nothing stops the Fun Fam!
  • Are you hoggin' all the fun for yourself?
  • Y'all buyin' tickets for the fun show?
  • I'm all about three things: fun, fun, and FUN!
  • Fungal and Fungi are here to get funnnnnky!
  • SUP!
  • Finally!
  • *Now* the fun has arrived!

(Sometimes while Mr. Fungi is following Ratchet or Rivet idly.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Shraboom!
  • I love my job...
  • You want more? Ha!

(Sometimes while Mr. Fungi is attacking.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Enjoy.
  • Do I need to say something?
  • Fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.
  • Am I growing on you yet?
  • Fun, fun, fun!
  • Don't make me chase you.
  • Take this fun! Take it!
  • I'm fun... you're done!
  • Please don't move.
  • Wooooo!
  • The fun! Never! Stops!
  • Woo! Woo! Woooooo!

(Sometimes while Ms. Fungal is attacking.)

Ms. Fungal
  • Oh yeah, oh yeahhhhh!
  • Pew pew! Pew pew pew pew pew pew!
  • Have some fun, it's good for ya!
  • Isn't this fun?!
  • I'm giving you this fun for free!
  • Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!
  • (Cackles with delirious happiness.) Pew pew! Pew pew!
  • Ya feeling the fun? DO YA FEEL IT?
  • Did I do good? You know I did!

(Sometimes while Mr. Fungi is attacking Goons-4-Less.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Piece of advice: you dudes should charge more.
  • You look like you know how to party!
  • What's fun, bro?
  • Think fast, dawg!
  • I'm Mr. Fungi, not Mr. Fun-Dude!
  • Bro! Bro! Bro!

(Sometimes while Mr. Fungi is attacking Nefarious Troopers.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Enough about the Emperor!
  • The Emperor still owes me money!
  • I can do an affected voice too!
  • If the Emperor wants to hire me, he can ask me himself!
  • Is the Emperor paying you to plug him this much?
  • That's the best the Emperor's got?

(Sometimes while Mr. Fungi is attacking space pirates.)

Mr. Fungi
  • Arrrrr we havin' fun yet?
  • Fungi has come for ye!
  • Business be shroomin'!
  • Arrr I can't think of any pirate puns!
  • I be here to plunder your fun!

(Sometimes when Mr. Fungi quits.)

Mr. Fungi
  • I need to lie down.
  • Sweet release!
  • That's enough fun for one day.
  • I'm done!
  • Mr. Fungi needs a time out.
  • I love my job...
  • Fun's over!
  • Until next time!
  • You want more? Ha!
  • That's it!

(Sometimes when Ms. Fungal quits.)

Ms. Fungal
  • Laters!
  • And now I return to the funderground! See ya!
  • It's been fun!
  • Now that's how you have fun!
  • Be honest - was that fun or what?
  • Next time just ask for Fun-Gal!
  • Funtil next time!
  • Ok, buh-bye!
  • You're welcome!
  • Well *I* had fun!


(Upon Rivet returning to her ship with Zurkie's Battleplex Cups unfinished.)

Zurkon Jr. (over communicator)
  • Hello! Do you hunger for bolts, Lombax? The Bronze Cup awaits you!
  • Bolts! Prizes! Pain! The Gold Cup has it all and waits for you!

(Sometimes when Ratchet's attack is blocked by a pirate's shield.)

  • Can't get past these shields!
  • Need to get past that shield.
  • Gotta get around these shields.
  • These shields are blocking my shots.
  • These shields are tough!

(Sometimes when Rivet's attack is blocked by a pirate's shield.)

  • Again with the shields?
  • They're blocking my shots.
  • Gah, I can't stand these shields!
  • Gotta get around that shield.
  • Need to try something else.

(Sometimes upon reaching low health as Ratchet.)

  • Need some nanotech...
  • Just need to find some nanotech.
  • I'm really hurting.
  • Time to find some nanotech.
  • Need to heal up.
  • Not feeling my best.
  • I'm hurtin'; need nanotech.
  • Gotta find some nanotech.
  • I could use some nanotech.
  • Gotta keep my eyes open for some nanotech.
  • Gotta get patched up.

(Sometimes upon taking damage as Ratchet.)

  • Back off, already!
  • Yeouch!
  • Not gonna stop me!
  • Shake it off, Ratchet.
  • Okay. That hurt!
  • Should've seen that coming!
  • Had about enough of you!
  • Can't take much more of this!
  • I've seen worse!
  • Not gonna lie... that one hurt!

(Sometimes upon reaching low health as Rivet.)

  • Gotta heal up.
  • Need to find some nanotech.
  • Gotta patch up.
  • Gotta keep my eyes open for some nanotech.
  • I could use some nanotech.

(Sometimes upon taking damage as Rivet.)

  • Payback's comin'!
  • Ugh, singed fur!
  • That'll leave another cool scar!
  • Gotta be more careful.
  • Hey! Lay off!
  • That one hurt!
  • Ow! C'mon!
  • Can't say I enjoyed that!
  • Lucky shot!
  • Ugh! That hurt!

(Sometimes upon reaching low health when Clank is present.)

  • Are you alright?
  • You are in need of nanotech.
  • Best to avoid hits like that.
  • Be careful!
  • There must be nanotech somewhere.
  • You have taken a hit.
  • We must keep our eyes open for nanotech.
  • That looked rather painful.
  • You are looking worse for wear.
  • Attempt to avoid injury going forward.
  • Perhaps some healing is in order.
  • You should heal before proceeding.

(Sometimes upon reaching low health when Kit is present.)

  • Hmm, you could use some nanotech.
  • You do not look well.
  • We should address those bruises.
  • You could use some healing.
  • Some nanotech may be in order.
  • Nanotech would fix those injuries.
  • We should locate some nanotech.

(Sometimes when Rivet pauses and resumes a character's dialogue.)

  • (Pause) Hold that thought.
  • (Pause) Annnnd pause.
  • (Pause) Sorry, one sec!
  • (Resume) Anyway...

(Sometimes when trying to fire a weapon with no ammo as Ratchet.)

  • I could use some ammo!
  • This one's empty!
  • Gotta find some ammo!
  • Need ammo. Like, a lot!
  • Ammo's running on empty!
  • Ammo's short!
  • Ammo's run dry!
  • No ammo left!

(Sometimes when trying to fire a weapon with no ammo as Rivet.)

  • Better watch my ammo!
  • Need more ammo!
  • Can't fire on empty!
  • Ammo shortage!
  • Short on ammo!
  • Ammo's down!
  • All out!
  • I'm empty!
  • Gotta find ammo.

(Sometimes upon finding a collectible as Ratchet.)

  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Well, look at that!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Nice!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Whoa!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Alright!
  • (Gold Bolt) Great find!
  • (Gold Bolt) Almost missed this one.
  • (Gold Bolt) How'd this get here?
  • (Gold Bolt) Love these things!
  • (Gold Bolt) Can't get past me!
  • (Gold Bolt) Don't mind if I do.
  • (Gold Bolt) Found ya!
  • (Gold Bolt) Bonus!
  • (Gold Bolt) I'll take it!
  • (Gold Bolt) Gotcha!

(Sometimes upon finding a collectible as Rivet.)

  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) So cool!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Wow!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Whoa!
  • (Spybot/Armor Pod) Yes!
  • (Gold Bolt) So shiny...
  • (Gold Bolt) Hello, gorgeous.
  • (Gold Bolt) Oh yeah, I'm good!
  • (Gold Bolt) Thought you could hide from me did ya?
  • (Gold Bolt) Yoink!
  • (Gold Bolt) Nice!
  • (Gold Bolt) Can't hide from me!
  • (Gold Bolt) I found one!

(Sometimes upon finding a collectible when Clank is present.)

  • (Gold Bolt) This was quite well hidden.
  • (Gold Bolt) Where are you going to put that?
  • (Gold Bolt) Yes, yes, well done.
  • (Gold Bolt) This should be of use.
  • (Gold Bolt) How did this get here?
  • (Gold Bolt) Excellent find.
  • (Gold Bolt) Another gold bolt acquired.
  • (Gold Bolt) A fine addition to our collection.

(Sometimes upon finding a collectible when Kit is present.)

  • (Gold Bolt) That looks useful.
  • (Gold Bolt) How many of these are there?
  • (Gold Bolt) Nice find!
  • (Gold Bolt) How did you spot that?
  • (Gold Bolt) Oh, my favourite color!
  • (Gold Bolt) This is quite a find!
  • (Gold Bolt) Someone left *this* lying around?
  • (Gold Bolt) But what does it screw into?