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Trophy data
Sartorial Steel
Acquire a piece of armor Bronze
Does This Make My Tail Look Big?
Acquire and equip head, torso, and leg armor Silver

Armor is a collectible in Rift Apart that also serves as a gameplay mechanic. Unlike armor in previous games, armor in Rift Apart is primarily cosmetic, customizing the appearance of Ratchet and Rivet based on one of the sets. Collecting a full set of armor will in most cases grant a permanently available bonus. If Ratchet or Rivet are wearing a helmet that covers their mouth, their voice will be muffled.

There are thirteen sets of armor found throughout Rift Apart, of which each set has three pieces: helmet, chest, and boots. A mix of these pieces can be used together without requiring the entire set to be completed. Most pieces are found in optional pocket dimensions. Eight of these armor sets provide a collection bonus, such as reducing damage taken from certain enemy types, or increasing raritanium or bolts earned by a percentage.

Though the pre-order bonus for Rift Apart will grant some sets of armor for free at the start of the game, it will not grant their collection bonuses.

Acquiring one piece of armor unlocks the bronze trophy Sartorial Steel; acquiring and equipping a piece of head, torso, and leg armor unlocks the silver trophy Does This Make My Tail Look Big?.

Armor pieces

Armor piece Available in Location Set
Robot mask Acquired in pocket dimension 22-54-97. Nefarious City, Corson V Robot disguise
Ranger space helmet Acquired in pocket dimension 65-31-99. Outpost L51, Sargasso Galactic Ranger
Ranger tactical pants Acquired for collecting 10 zurpstones during "Help Trudi".
Robot disguise boots Acquired in pocket dimension 729-2210-01. Robot disguise
Robot disguise chest Acquired in pocket dimension 731-71-86.
Q-Force cowl Acquired in pocket dimension 78-89-50. Zurkie's, Scarstu Debris Field Q-Force
Robot pirate boots Acquired for completing "Welcoming Committee" in the battleplex. Robot pirate
Carbonox Advanced boots Acquired for completing "A Grunthor Named Sue" in the battleplex. Carbonox Advanced armor
Carbonox Advanced chest Acquired for completing "Revenge of the Seekerpede" in the battleplex.
Carbonox Advanced helmet Acquired for completing "Twice as Nice" in the battleplex.
Wasteland leg armor Acquired during "Hunt for Lombax Lore". Urfdah Mesa, Savali Wasteland gear
Wasteland chest armor
Wasteland helmet armor
Rogue chest plate Found on a floating platform on the northeast side of the map. The platform will flee Ratchet on approach; to obtain it, use the hoverboots and boost towards it, cutting corners on its path, and latch onto it with the Omniglove. Robot pirate
Praetorian greaves Acquired in pocket dimension 4-11-81. Lombax Praetorian
Hero's mask Acquired in pocket dimension 43-63-08. Captain Starshield
Speed pants Located in the intact dimension in the north. After taking the taxi from the mining hub to the west section, head north to find a blizon crystal by a few small islands. Hit it and follow a path to a crytal on the end of the path to return to the intact dimension, where the armor piece is found. Blizon Mines, Blizar Prime Q-Force
Ranger tactical vest Acquired in pocket dimension 87-84-20. Galactic Ranger
Praetorian helm Acquired in pocket dimension 66-66-67. Molonoth Gulch, Torren IV Lombax Praetorian
Hero's suit Acquired in pocket dimension 08-08-08. Kedaro Station, Cordelion Captain Starshield
Pirate helmet Acquired during "Rescue Captain Quantum". Pirate Base, Ardolis Robot pirate
Hero's leggings Acquired in pocket dimension 21-66-72. Captain Starshield
Action vest Acquired during "Rescue Everyone from Zordoom Prison". Zordoom Prison, Viceron Q-Force
Praetorian plate Acquired in pocket dimension 32-34-99. Lombax Praetorian

Armor sets

Armor set Armor pieces Full collection bonus Based on
Galactic Ranger Ranger space helmet
Ranger tactical vest
Ranger tactical pants
Melee damage increased by 20.0%. The Galactic Rangers as they appeared in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) and the Ratchet & Clank (2016 movie).
Robot pirate Pirate helmet
Rogue chest plate
Buccaneer breaches
Damage from pirates reduced by 20.0%. The space pirates, first appearing in Tools of Destruction.
Carbonox Advanced armor Carbonox Advanced helmet
Carbonox Advanced chest
Carbonox Advanced boots
+20.0% Bolts Gained The carbonox armor from Going Commando.
Robot disguise Robot mask
Robot disguise chest
Robot disguise boots
Damage from Nefarious enemies decreased by 20.0%. The disguise used by Rivet in the Rift Apart opening scene.
Lombax Praetorian Praetorian helm
Praetorian plate
Praetorian greaves
+20.0% Raritanium earned. The Lombax Praetorian Guard, mentioned first in A Crack in Time.
Q-Force Q-Force cowl
Action vest
Speed pants
Damage from Goons-4-Less decreased by 20.0%. Uniform for the Q-Force, first seen in Up Your Arsenal.
Captain Starshield Hero's mask
Hero's suit
Hero's leggings
+20.0% XP gained. Captain Starshield from Deadlocked.
Wasteland gear Wasteland helmet
Wasteland chest armor
Wasteland leg armor
Damage from indigenous creatures decreased by 20.0%. New armor concept.
Hacker Hacker mask
Hacker top
Hacker pants
N/A New armor concept.
Rebellion Hacker mask
Hacker top
Hacker pants
N/A The Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.
Android Cranial processor
Power core
N/A New armor concept (resembles Rivet's robotic arm).
Android Royal helmet
Nefarious chest
Imperial greaves
N/A Emperor Nefarious designs.
Scavenger Scavenger's mask
Scavenger's top
Scavenger's pants
N/A New armor concept (vaguely resembles vullards).
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