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Collectibles is a menu option that is used to access a number of collectibles and associated content in Rift Apart. This allows the player to keep track of all the collectibles they have obtained, as well as to play voice recordings, or in the case of gold bolt locations, use various cheats unlocked by collecting them.

All collectibles are found on the menu, aside from CraiggerBears, and zurpstones that are only relevant to the "Help Trudi" mission.

Gold bolts

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Gold bolts are used to unlock several customizations and cheats for the player. Cheats must be turned on from the menu.

Feature Description Gold bolts required
Wrench skins Recolors wrench. Options: Default, rebel, Q-Force, wasteland, bubblegum, gold. 1
Bolt replacement Replaces bolts. Options: Default, coins, orbs, rubies, overcharge. 2
Enhanced gallery Adds new characters to gallery. 3
Hammer skins Recolors hammer. Options: Default, rebel, Q-Force, wasteland, bubblegum, gold. 4
Photo Mode pack 1 Unlocks additional Photo Mode stickers and frames. 5
RPG When active, damage numbers fly off enemies upon hitting them. 6
Ship skins pack 1 Recolors ship. Options: Default, rebel, Galactic Ranger. 7
Rendering modes pack 1 Adds filter to game. Options: None, noir, sepia, mars, home movie, newsprint, filmic, retro. 8
Music pack 1 Adds additional music to play in the jukebox at Zurkie's. 9
Photo mode pack 2 Unlocks additional Photo Mode stickers and frames. 10
Head size Changes the head size of the heroes. Options: Default, tiny, big. 11
Wrench swap pack Swaps the wrench out for a different weapon. Options: Default, goon sword, goon hammer, pirate sword, swordfish, key 12
Hammer swap pack Swaps the hammer out for a different weapon. Options: Default, goon sword, goon hammer, pirate sword, swordfish, key 13
Home run hitter Adds effect upon defeating enemies with the melee weapon (wrench or hammer). 14
Confetti craniums Curses confetti to burst from enemies' weakspots when hit. 15
Photo mode pack 3 Unlocks additional Photo Mode stickers and frames. 16
Music pack 2 Adds additional music to play in the jukebox at Zurkie's. 17
Rendering modes pack 2 Adds filter to game. Options: None, noir, sepia, mars, home movie, newsprint, filmic, retro. 18
Mirror mode Flips the world horizontally. 19
Wrench swap pack 2 Swaps the wrench out for a different weapon. Options added: Ratchet's wrench, Rivet's hammer, shovel, broom, pickaxe, skull sword. 20
Hammer swap pack 2 Swaps the hammer out for a different weapon. Options added: Ratchet's wrench, Rivet's hammer, shovel, broom, pickaxe, skull sword. 21
Ship skins 2 Recolors ship. Options added: wasteland, bubblegum. 22
Infinite health Renders the player invulnerable. 23
Infinite ammo Gives all weapons unlimited ammo (ammo will simply never count down). 24
Gold weapons Turns all weapons gold. 25


Spybots are found on locations across the game, and have a playable voice recording by Ms. Zurkon related to location's history in Rivet's dimension.

Log name Log description Transcript
Nefarious City The unofficial history of Nefarious City Nefarious City. It has been ten years since Corson V fell and this rotten place arose out of the ashes like a blargian pimple. The Emperor promised peace and order, but all Ms. Zurkon got was oppression and slightly cheaper consumer electronics. Travel to other worlds has been heavily restricted, along with civil liberties and public cryin', but with all the bleakness and despair and hideous architecture, there is one grace note: this is where the Resistance was born.
Sargasso The resilient history of Sargasso Sargasso; the land that time forgot. Or rather, the land the Emperor took one look at, and could not forget fast enough. Full of acidic swamps, primordial beasts, and bugs—lots of bugs, the Emperor quickly decided that there were better ways to spend his time than conquerin' this mudball. The gelatonium outpost once belonged to the kerchu tribe, but they were wiped out when they accidentally misspelled the Emperor's name on their tax returns. Since then, the morts have moved in and salvaged what they could. Officially, they remain neutral in the galactic conflict, but unfortunately rumours have arisen that they have been harboring a key member of the Resistance in secret...
Zurkie's The hospitable history of Zurkie's Floatin' in the debris of what used to be Scarstu—thank you, Emperor Nefarious—Zurkie's is a family-run rest-stop for galactic travellers who wish to remain off the grid. With refuellin' platforms and a full-service restaurant, this establishment caters to smugglers, pirates, resistance members, and anyone else wishing to try the best flurgberry pie this side of Zanifar. Finally, the recent dimensional crisis has brought some unexpected changes to the establishment, but when your clientele is largely comprised of criminals and freedom fighters, havin' your dining room in another dimension is quite a perk.
Savali The ancient history of Savali Savali is home to a handful of monks that reside in the ruins of an ancient lombax outpost. It is rumoured they are the descendents of Bogon Galaxy pilgrims who chose to devote themselves to dimensional knowledge and revitalising yoga, rather than body building and bounty hunting like the other members of their species. With the lombaxes long gone, they are also the keepers of their most treasured secrets such as advanced knowledge of dimensionality, and a really good Snivelakian bean hummus recipe! Oooooo!
Blizar Prime The concerning history of Blizar Prime Blizar Prime is a regongo-level mining operation, known as the galaxy's main source of blizon crystals. Integrated in high-energy capacitors, this material was once prevalent in computers, starships, and woopinators. These days, however, the rare ore is mostly shipped to the Emperor's research facility on Cordelion for various dark projects. Speakin' of which, when the dimensional crisis broke out earlier today, communication with the miners went silent, and their shipments to the empire were missed. So Ms. Zurkon thinks that maybe Blizar might not be the safest place to be right now.
Molonoth Gulch The treasured history of Molonoth Gultch Yes indeedy, Molonoth Gultch is the largest scrapyard in the galaxy. Once an arena for titanic robot deathmatches and full contact poetry slams, this area became a well of highly-sought-after ancient ore and rare technology. While the Emperor shows little interest in these outdated parts, the vullards have managed a fairly stable business salvagin' the bones of these classic warriors. Or at least they did until the pirates began to loot them on a regular basis.
Kedaro Station The rumoured history of Kedaro Station They say it takes tremendous pressure to create diamonds so what better place to set up an experimental forge than the crushing depths of Cordelion's boundless oceans. Kedaro Station is one of the Emperor's most secure facilities, using a classified energy source to power its Rubion Forge, which can manipulate the strongest metals while crafting the most delicate circuitry. With a workshop like that, it is no wonder that this facility is the rumoured birthplace of all the Emperor's battle mechs, armour, and espresso machines.
Ardolis The enterprising history of Ardolis Ardolis, the not-so-secret home base of the pirates, is a bastion for robots who wish to live a life of adventure, freedom, and morally-ambiguous deeds. But that sort of life can be an expensive one so the pirates have also waded into the trecherous waters of "brandin" and "target markets" by creatin' their very own theme park! Have you ever wanted to be a pirate for a day? You can! ...If you can survive the pirate trials. Its success has been mixed, but the pirates have still flourished in recent years thanks to their mysterious captain, who has somehow managed to stay one step ahead of Emperor Nefarious and his efforts to utterly destroy them.
Zordoom Prison The unpleasant history of Zordoom Prison Perpetually wracked by storms, Viceron is home to the most feared prison in the galaxy: Zordoom. Prior to the rise of Emperor Nefarious, it was filled with murderers, despots, and monsters. Now it is packed to the brim with suspected resistance members, actual resistance members, and anyone who may have looked at the Emperor in a funny way. Overcrowdin' has also become a serious issue recently, but the warden claims to have a bold new strategy: reformin' prisoners... With a gauntlet of crushing pistons.
The Zurkon Family The heartwarming history of the Zurkon Family My dear Zurkie is known for bein' a calm and peace-lovin' individual, committed to servin' anyone and everyone. But what most patrons do not realise is that our family used to be elite synthoid weapons. Zurkie himself conducted whole symphonies of pain, crushin' his foes with ease. But as he sat amidst the ruins of Scarstu, ponderin' the mass extinction he wrought upon its people, he realised that he could kill anything... Except hunger and thirst. So he laid down his blaster and built a place where he could try to slay those feelings on a daily basis. Oh, so inspirin'. Ms. Zurkon, on the other hand, built a tidy side-business sellin' and modifyin' weapons for those still hungry for violence, while their beloved son Jr. set up a battle arena for those still thirsty for pain.


A Lorb

All lorbs are found on Savali, and have a playable voice recording of a lombax named Mags about the history of the Dimensionator.

Some of the lombax writing on the lorbs can be be translated to saying "For Honor".

Archive log Name Transcript
I Asking the Impossible So I had a weird meeting this morning. Kaden came in—apparently the Council liked my mapping work on Savali enough that they want me to expand it. By mapping every dimension. In existence... Yeah that might be impossible.
II Who Needs Sleep? Okay, I thought about it over lunch—I don't think it's that impossible. I'll just need the Dimensionator, which Kaden loaned me, a year and three weeks, which has already been approved, and to never sleep again. Work starts tomorrow!
III The First Dimension Mapped my first dimension today! Pretty standard stuff, except the colors there were so vivid, like, whoa. And there were these creatures; one of them even looked like a lombax, but he had smaller ears, a mask, and a cane, and... I think he was pulling some kind of heist? Whatever it was, it looked cool.
IV So Many Stories Second dimension down. Not as colorful as the first one, but the creatures were definitely stranger. Their bodies were made out of all these old relics, but they could break apart and still... be alive. It was so wild, and now I wish I had asked Kaden for more time. I just wanna learn the stories of all these dimensions.
V Time Management Third dimension was... cubes. Really, really smart cubes. Don't know what else to say there. Except that I might have to stop doing these for every dimension I visit 'cause there's a little bit less than an infinite amount left, and I could've mapped 32 in the time since I started talking. Okay bye.
VI Good News / Bad News Good news: mapping's going well. Bad news: apparently not well enough because Kaden just asked me to go faster. Wouldn't say why, but he sounded stressed so I let it go. Faster. Okay. Like it's that easy... Well good thing I stopped doing those recordings—wait, I'm doing one now. Aww.
VII Live Commentary I know I was going to stop doing these recordings, but I can carve out some time every once in a while. 'Cause I'm a genius. Dimension 31x7. Not super different from home, but there were these creatures... One was firing a gun and spinning himself around every other second while the other hung out on his shoulder doing live commentary... I wanted to hang out with them so badly.
VIII One Size Fits All I finally figured out a way to map even faster! Kaden might kill me, but listen: instead of all the cranking and pulling a trigger to use the Dimensionator, I just converted the whole thing into a helmet that runs on voice commands. I mean, he can't argue with the results! And if he does... I'll just complain about it here.
IX A Pleasant Feeling Dimension 242y8. Quite possibly the cutest dimension I've ever seen. The inhabitants were all made out of wool, I think, they could literally make anything, and there was a really pleasant voice following me around everywhere. It was incredible, and what's even better: I think I'm finally close to mapping my last dimension!
X Wooooooooo! So tomorrow I'm going to sleep in for an hour because I'm done, baby! I mapped every single dimension in existence! Wooooooooooooo! Oh, I can't wait to see Kaden's face when I give him the Map... And tell him that I'll be going back to all those dimensions soon. There's still so much I can learn!
XI The Reason Uh, I found out why Kaden has been so stressed lately. Something bad's going on... bad enough that we need to hide as many lombaxes as we can. And I guess all of my mapping work was to help find the perfect dimension for us to hide in. Sooo yeah... Hope I didn't screw anything up.
XII This Is Not Farewell This is my final recording. If you're listening to this, that means you didn't make it to the new dimension with us, and I'm so sorry. We're trying hard to get everyone now, but our race is scattered across so many dimensions, it's... This is not farewell. I left a copy of my Dimensional Map in the Archives, and I marked down where we're all going. I wish I could have left you a Dimensionator too, but, heh, I'm only one lombax. I hope you find your way back to us, and if you do, please look me up. The name's Mags, and I'd love to hear your story.

Behind the scenes

In the lorbs' archive lobs, the dimensions described in log entries III, IV, V, VII, and IX refer to PlayStation Studios properties Sly Cooper, Knack, I.Q.: Intelligent Qube, Jak and Daxter, and LittleBigPlanet.

Mags' description of Jak and Daxter's world as Jak "firing a gun and spinning himself around every other second" refers to a common combo in the game in which players can jump + spin + shoot to fire their weapon in a circle around them.