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Ride the Grind Rail (Kalebo III) is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank found a grind rail, which led them to the Gadgetron HelpDesk's office. The HelpDesk Girl told Clank she had been following his progress, and gave him a Map-o-Matic to aid him on their mission.


Another grind rail mission in which you must dodge various static obstacles, including mines placed by bolt thieves, as well as moving trains along the rails. The trains are the most dangerous element, as they sometimes be difficult to see coming and their speed varies, making them unpredictable. Be prepared for a combination of the aforementioned obstacles when you get access to a set of three rails side by side, forcing you to switch accordingly to whatever hazard appears. You will reach the end shortly enough, but do note that there is a separate addition to the track involving a locked gate, which is unlocked by hitting three switches, and that leads to a gold bolt, but is otherwise not related to the mission.

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