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Return to the garage is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After Clank crash landed on Veldin, Ratchet drove over to pick him up. Seeing that Clank was in need of repairs, Ratchet took him back to the garage to fix him.


In this first area, head towards a cliff with a floating green metal object in the sky in the gap between the next cliff. This is a versa-target, and used for Ratchet's Swingshot. To use the Swingshot to cross the gap between them, jump towards it, and hold Circle to cross the gap and jump to the next platform. Here, find the Combuster lying around. This is a long ranged blaster weapon with 40 ammo, useful in most situations at this stage, though it begins with a slow rate of fire and relatively low damage, though it can be improved with upgrades later.

Either hold Triangle to open quick select and select the Combuster icon on the left, or use Left on the direction pad, to equip the Combuster, and hold L2 then aim at the green button on the door across. Fire at the button to open the door, then once the door opens to reveal another button in the top right, aim and fire at this to extend the bridge and cross to the next area.

Across here, you will find a blarg trooper which have not seen you yet. These enemies fire ranged but slow laser attacks at you which you should dodge, and are relatively weak and will go down quickly. Kill the blarg trooper with the Combuster, making sure to pick up ammo from crates as you are low, then Swingshot across the destroyed bridge. Defeat the blarg troopers here and the ones that spawn from the blarg armored transport ship, and proceed forward, using the Swingshot across two versa-targets to cross the chasm and reach ground. While fighting, make sure to hold L2 to aim and strafe. While holding L2, jump in either direction to flip, allowing you to dodge the lasers.

Across here, you will find a blarg armored transport firing at you (which Clank remarks is the Model X6Z, also known as "The Dropship of Death"), which fires rapid fire lasers and is deadly, though you can take cover behind one of four rocks to take no damage. Use the Fusion Grenade and the Combuster to destroy it, making sure to jump to dodge its lasers whenever you run out of cover to fire, then use the Swingshot across to the area in front of the garage.

Outside the garage, a horde of blarg troopers are patrolling. Head below and fight the enemies outside. Along with blarg troopers, blarg armored transports will arrive spawning warbots, ranged enemies which are slightly more durable than blarg troopers. When the dropship attacks, fight the warbots and troopers first while dodging the dropship by strafing and jumping, before aiming fire at the dropship. In the area behind the garage are several crates with ammo and nanotech in case you are low. Try to keep the fight here, so you can take cover behind any rocks and debris, and easily restock on nanotech and ammo. Once all enemies are defeated, Ratchet will inform Grim that it is safe, and the garage opens. Enter to complete the mission, at which point a cutscene will play, and you will arrive on Novalis.

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